Passport & Visa Requirements for Bermuda Travel

Passport for Bermuda Visit 
These days citizens of all countries must carry valid passport for entry into Bermuda. This is irrespective of cruise or air travel. Earlier photo ID cards were accepted as an alternative to passport from nationals of some counties like the US, but no longer so. 
Return or Onward Air Tickets 
If you are traveling to Bermuda by air, you must carry a return ticket if you are returning to the same place you came from. If you are making an onward travel to some other country, you must show an onward ticket. You won't be allowed entry into Bermuda if you land up with a one way ticket to Bermuda. Tickets can be e-tickets or itinerary issued by the airline having Booking Reference Number and clearly showing your next destination and departure date & time. If you are making an onward travel to another country, you should also have a valid visa for that country if your nationality so requires. Failing any of the above, you won't be allowed entry into Bermuda. 
Bermuda Entry Visa - No longer required 
Effective March 1, 2014, Bermuda Department of Immigration has made a change in visa requirements. Earlier all Visa Controlled Nationals including tourists, business visitors and work permit holders required to get a separate Bermuda Entry Visa from British Embassies in their respective countries. This requirement of separate Bermuda entry visa has been now abolished for all countries, for both cruise as well as air travel to Bermuda. 
But there are other requirements to be met depending on your nationality. So read the following section carefully: 
If you are a national of USA, UK or Canada, you do not require any kind of visa to enter Bermuda irrespective of whether you are a tourist, business visitor or a work permit holder going on a job. You are all set to go once you have a valid passport and return tickets (note that U.S. passport cards are not acceptable in air travel). 
However nationals of all other countries will require a multiple entry transit visa for USA, UK or Canada (as applicable depending on one's route). This is because such nationals will need to finally return to their home country through US, UK or Canada. This visa is known as Multi Re-Entry Visa (MRV) which ensures that a visitor is able to leave Bermuda, and return to his/her own country via US, UK or Canada (as the case may be). 
So nationals who require and have valid MRV (Multi Re-Entry Visa for US, UK or Canada) can now visit Bermuda without requiring any separate visa for Bermuda or visa waiver. So tourists, persons on business and work permit holders from such countries (including who were earlier Visa Controlled Nationals) now do not need a separate entry visa for Bermuda. However the following conditions must be met by them: 
1) One must show the MRV on arrival in Bermuda which must be valid for minimum 45 days beyond the date of departure or expiry of work permit (as applicable); 
2) Passport should be valid for minimum 45 days from the date of departure from Bermuda or expiry of work permit (as the case may be). Note that this requirement of minimum 45 days passport validity applies only for nationals requiring and holding MRV. For others (i.e. nationals of US, UK and Canada) one only needs to have a passport valid till the return journey is completed; 
3) The traveler must have valid return or onward tickets. 
Clarification - Air travel through US or UK to Bermuda 
Update June 2014: Several visitors have asked me if a multi re-entry transit visa for US or UK is still required if a foreign national (other than of US, UK or Canada) is flying through New York or Gatwick, and boarding a connecting flight to Bermuda without stepping into the US or UK soil, and then returns home the same way. The answer is... Yes it is still required. I had asked the following question to the Chief Immigration Officer of Bermuda Dr. Danette Ming to clarify the matter... 
Q. "If a foreign national from a country (say Dubai) flies directly to Gatwick (London) and takes a connecting flight from Gatwick to Bermuda, and returns to Dubai by the same route, will he still require a Multi Re-entry Transit visa for UK to enter Bermuda? It's a case of onward and through journey to Bermuda without visiting UK and same way back. A similar such case can be when one flies to Bermuda through New York without visiting US. 
A. "What is the person's nationality?" 
Q. "One is an Egyptian and the other is a national of Philippine." 
A. "Multi re-entry visas are still required." 
Expatriates, Spouses and Dependants 
If a dependant or a non-Bermudian spouse of a Bermudian is arriving in Bermuda to take up residence, then the 45 days validity of MRV is not required. Because his/her stay in the island is considered permanent in nature. 
At the time of renewal of work permits for expatriates already working in Bermuda, the MRV (if applicable) must be valid through the period for which the renewal is requested. Otherwise the new work permit will not be issued by Department of Immigration. 
Some more important points to note 
  • Before you can enter Bermuda, you need to fill up a couple of forms -  
  • 1) Immigration form where you need to mention the country you are coming from, next destination, address in Bermuda, passport details etc, and 
    2) Customs form where you need to declared items you are bringing in, particularly the ones which are not allowed or dutiable. Go through Bermuda Custom Duty to know about what and how much you can bring. 
  • Bermuda these days insist on passport including for children of all ages. Also a passport is more useful in case you need help from your embassy or consulate. Additionally, if you choose to travel elsewhere from Bermuda or decide to stay for a longer period of time, a passport becomes a necessity. 
  • If you are a permanent resident of US and do not hold US Passport, you will need to show proof of right of abode in the US on arrival. Acceptable documents as proof includes: 
    1) Permanent Residence Card, or 
    2) Original certificate of U.S. naturalization, or  
    3) Original certificate of U.S. citizenship.  
    Additionally a government issued photo ID is required for ages above 16. 
  • If you are a permanent resident of UK and do not hold UK Passport, then you need to show proof that no limit has been placed on your stay in the UK. 
  • If you are a permanent resident of Canada and do not hold Canadian Passport, then you will need to show proof of right of abode in Canada (i.e. the Permanent Resident Card) on arrival. 
  • Married women who are traveling under their married name but whose identification is under their maiden name should also carry their marriage certificate or a certified copy. 
  • Since January 23, 2007 all persons including US citizens travelling by air between the USA and a place such as Canada, Central/South America, the Caribbean or Bermuda are required to present a valid passport when entering or re-entering USA. Passport Cards are not accepted for air travel. 
    Contact Info for further Information 
    Bermuda Department of Immigration 
    Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM12 
    Immigration Hotline: (441) 296-5202 
    Immigration Office Hours: 8:30am to 5pm. 
    Chief Immigration Officer 
    Dr. Danette Ming 
    Email:; Phone: (441)295-5151, Ext. 1444 
    Personal Services, Visas, Status 
    Marita Grimes 
    Email:; Phone:  441-295-5151 Ext 1393 
    Countries that required Bermuda visa prior to March 2014 
    The nationals of following countries once required separate Bermuda Entry Visa until end of February 2014 when the new immigration act came into effect (however visa exemptions already came into effect for some countries like India, Russia and China by May 2012): 
    Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, China (People’s Republic of), Columbia, Congo (Brazaville), Congo (Kinsasha), Croatia, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Cyprus (northern part), Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea (Republic of), Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Malawi, Moldova (Republic of), Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Authorities, Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia (Republic of), Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Soviet Union (former), Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkish Rep of N Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia (former Soc. Fed. Rep. of), Zimbabwe. 
    NOTE: Immigration laws & regulations are subject to change. While the information above is correct at the time of writing this page, you may check the website of Bermuda Department of Immigration for all current updates. 
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    Viewer's Reviews & Comments 
    Rana Datta (October 2014) 
    Hi Raj, I'm an Indian citizen but living and working in Toronto at this work permit ends on 28th Feb 2016. Please note that, I'm not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada yet. My passport is due for renewal in March 2017. I do have multiple entry US visa as well (which expires on 2021). Do I need a visa to enter Bermuda if I travel by air or my multiple entry US Business visa and Canadian work permit would allow me to get in. Thanks 
    Raj (, September 2014) 
    Hi, as long as you have a valid passport and your visa allows you to return to your port of origin, it should be fine. Suggest that you take an official confirmation from Bermuda Department of Immigration. 
    Chandrakant A Naik (September 2014) 
    Dear Sir, I am an Indian citizen having UK visa ( C-type, Business) issued on 05/05/14 up to 05/11/2014 for 180 days. I intend to visit Bermuda from 26/10/2014 to 28/10/2014. Please advise whether above mentioned visa can be used for my subject tour. thanks in advance for your kind help. 
    Raj (, September 2014) 
    Your passport and multiple entry UK visa must be valid for at least 45 days from the date of departure from Bermuda. Your visa does not satisfy this condition and therefore you won't be allowed entry into Bermuda with this visa. 
    Rhandy Boucicuat (August 2014) 
    I am planning on going on a cruise departing from New York, US and I wanted to know if I needed a Bermuda visa. I have my US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and I have a Haitian Passort (Haiti). 
    Raj (, August 2014) 
    Your PRC should be fine to visit Bermuda. All Bermuda Immigration cares for is whether you can go back to the US or the country you are coming from. Check with Bermuda Immigration for official confirmation. 
    S Martin (June 2014) 
    Hi, I am a US citizen, but my husband is only a permanent resident of the United States. He holds a Lebanese passport, as he is a Lebanese citizen. We live in Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S. and we want to go on a cruise from the U.S to Bermuda and back (7 days). Does he need a Visa or just his green/resident card and government I.D./Driver's License. Thanks 
    Raj (, June 2014) 
    Hi, As per the recent guidelines from Bermuda Immigration, nobody requires separate visa for Bermuda as long as one has multiple entry visa for US, UK or Canada. So if your husband has a permanent resident card of US, that is equivalent to multiple entry US visa, and won't require any visa for Bermuda.  
    Patricia Bobbwilliams (June 2014) 
    Hi I am planing to take my mom to a six days cruise to Bermuda she have a permanent resident card from the united state, does she need a visa for the cruise? 
    Raj (, June 2014) 
    No, she doesn't need a separate visa for Bermuda. 
    Vijay (June 2014) 
    Raj, I am an Indian citizen living in USA on H1B & my wife is on H4. We are planning cruise to Bermuda and just want to check if we both need Bermuda tourist visa . 
    Raj (, June 2014) 
    As long as you have a valid multi entry US visa, that should be enough. There is no need for separate Bermuda entry visa. 
    Dian Sari (June 2014) 
    Hi Raj, I am Indonesian citizen/passport holder living in Indonesia. I plan to visit Bermuda, I am trying to get information about Visa entry, and how to reach Bermuda from Jakarta, Indonesia. Totally blank. 
    1. Where to apply Visa Bermuda? British Embassy or USA Embassy? I don't want to visit to those countries only transit may be. Is all the requirements of Visa Bermuda depend on USA Visa (which I hate so much and so unclear of rejection reason - Traumatic!)? I heard it is only Multiple Re-Entry Visa of USA just because the Flight transit USA. 
    2. I don't find Indonesia in the list of Visa Controlled Nationality? what does it mean? Sorry for so naive questions. Thank you for explanation. 
    Raj (, June 2014) 
    Hi Dian, There is no longer any visa controlled nation for Bermuda. All you need is a multiple entry transit visa for USA or UK. That you should get easily because it's a transit visa. Bermuda itself does not require any entry visa once you show the transit visa for USA/UK and a valid passport on arrival. 
    Winnie (June 2014) 
    Is a visa needed for taking a cruise to Bermuda from NY? The person is a Chinese Passport holder and have a multi re entry visa into USA. Thank you 
    Raj (, June 2014) 
    Not required. 
    Russell Fariñas (March 2014) 
    Hi Raj, my boyfriend is inviting me to Bermuda for a short vacation. I just got back from the states and stayed there for 5months. I have a multiple entry to the US for 10years. I wont be able to go back soon though to the US until 5months. So we decided to meet somewhere and he thought Bermuda would be a nice place for us to meet. How and what are the requirements of a Filipino Citizen who would want to travel to Bermuda? Thanks, your help would be highly appreciated. 
    Raj (, March 2014) 
    Hi, If you pass through US, you won't need anything else other than your passport because you already have multiple entry US visa. If you pass through UK, then you will need multiple entry transit UK visa as well. Effective March 1st 2014, there is no separate Bermuda Entry Visa required for anybody  
    Ava Anklesaria (February 2014) 
    Dear Raj, I seek help regarding travel to Bermuda. I am an Indian national with a valid passport [valid 3months to time of departure June 01 2014] and a multiple entry US work visa [valid up to Aug 2016]. I have already booked a trip to Bermuda this coming weekend based on information on their website which states that Indian nationals do not need visas and that 6 month validity on the passport is not required. However there doesn't seem to be any clear guidelines on this, and I am worried I may not be able to go on the trip. Please let me know where I can find accurate information regarding this issue. Regards 
    Raj (, February 2014) 
    Hi, There is no further accurate information on this matter anywhere. In fact to my question Bermuda's immigration officer wasn't absolutely clear on this although she mentioned that Bermuda doesn't generally have 6 months passport validity restriction. I'm guessing you are in the U.S now (which you haven't mentioned by the way). Even if Bermuda doesn't have this restriction, US immigration is likely to have such restriction. So how do you expect to leave or return? After all you are not a US citizen. Almost all international travel requires minimum 6 months of passport validity irrespective of visa validity. You will be taking a big chance in my view. I would cancel by bookings and renew my passport before I plan such trip. 
    Sushmita Bhandari (January 2014) 
    Hello. My parents are Nepalese citizen and they are planning to travel with us on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to Bermuda from New York and will be back to New York. It is a 5 days cruise. They have valid Nepalese Passport and 5 year multi entry visa to US as well as return ticket to Nepal in June 2014. Do they need to apply for Bermuda visa at British Embassy or can they get visa once they board the cruise ship. Nepal falls under countries requiring entry visa category. Thanks! 
    Raj (, January 2014) 
    Hi, the crew on board the ship can handle visa requirements on arrival at Bermuda. Your parents won't need to separately apply for Bermuda visas. Talk to the cruise line. 
    Trish (January 2014) 
    Good day, I am a Jamaican citizen and holder of a Jamaican passport. I visit Bermuda at least twice per year to have meetings with my suppliers. In the past I would apply for a visitors visa from the UK embassy/vpBermuda embassy that would take a long while to be granted, however on my last trip I was told by the immigration office that as long as I have a valid USA multiple entry visa I do not require a visitors visa from Bermuda to travel to Bermuda. Are you aware of this and could you explain for me please, I am due to make a trip soon and would like to try this option, but really do not want to get turned back. Looking forward to your response, thanks in advance. 
    Raj (, January 2014) 
    Hi, Jamaican nationals require Bermuda Visitors Visa for entry to Bermuda. Additionally a multiple entry transit UK or USA visa is required (depending on your route of travel). The only exception that I know... when you take a return cruise from USA to Bermuda, you don't need a separate Bermuda Visa as the crew on board can arrange the Bermuda visa on arrival at the port. You will still require the US multiple entry visa though. 
    Gian Dilawari (October 2013) 
    Hi Raj, My sister-in-law is visiting USA and has a 5 years visitor's visa. Does she need visa to visit Bermuda? We had purchased tickets for Nov 15, 2013. Please let us know if there is any hope and where to get visa from, since there is no Embassy or Consulate from Bermuda in USA? Passportandvisa website says she does not need visa but all other sites 
    says that she needs visa. Thanks 
    Raj (, October 2013) 
    If she travels to Bermuda by air, she will require a tourist visa. By cruise she won't as the crew on board arranges that while in port. But she is unlikely to get any cruise around that time. Bermuda doesn't have consulate of their own. They operate through British Embassies. So ask her to contact the nearest British Embassy/Consulate. 
    Nadija (August 2013) 
    Thank you so very much for the information on this site! You have done an absolutely wonderful job as I wanted to know about the visa requirement when visiting Bermuda on round trip cruise from New York. If it wasn't for your site I would have been lost! Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work!! 
    Aydan Sharff (August 2013) 
    Hi Raj, I had a great cruise vacation to Bermuda. Loved the beaches. Definitely want to go again. Want to let you know how visa issue worked out for my friend with Turkish passport with us visa.  when we were checking in to the ship at dockyard, she was told that when we dock at Bermuda, Bermuda immigration people come on the ship, meet foreign passport holders in a room on the ship and issue visas. For Turkish citizens it is 25 dollars. It took 30 minutes. Then we were able to leave the ship problem. 
    Karina Moskaleva (August 2013) 
    Hello. My mom whom is Russian citizen will travel with us on Norwegian Cruise Line to Bermuda from Boston and will be back to Boston. It is 7 days cruise. Should she have any kind of visa to Bermuda/ Thanks a lot. 
    Raj (, August 2013) 
    Hi, The crew on board the ship can apparently arrange for visa waivers once you reach Bermuda and therefore your mother need not apply for a Bermuda visa. However do reconfirm this with the cruise line and also refer to the "Cruise Travelers" section for further information. 
    Nitin Sardana (July 2013) 
    My sister, with family, is coming to the US with valid multiple entry US visa. They want to go to Bermuda in cruise. Do they need Bermuda visa? Will they be allowed to come to US when coming back from Bermuda cruise. 
    Raj (, July 2013) 
    With multiple entry US visa, Indians do not need separate visa for Bermuda. Yes, they will be allowed to re-enter US after the cruise. 
    Aydan Sharff (July 2013) 
    Hi Raj, I am Turkish citizen holding multiple entry tourist visa to the USA and purchased a cruise to Bermuda with Royal Caribbean. Do I have to get visa or can I get a waiver. it is a five day cruise with two days on Bermuda. Thanks 
    Raj (, July 2013) 
    Hi, Citizens of Turkey require tourist visa to enter Bermuda. 
    Partricia Pett (June 2013) 
    I hold a current UK passport which is due to run out February 2014. I am intending to visit Bermuda direct from UK on 16th August 2013 for a maximum of 5 days. Does my passport allow me to enter Bermuda with slightly less than 6 months still valid, or do I need to renew my passport before my trip? 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, although Bermuda does not seem to require a 6 months validity, I would suggest that you renew your passport before the trip and avoid any potential problems. 
    Husain S Ibrahaim (June 2013) 
    Hi Sir, My name is Husain. I have Kuwaiti Passport. I'm currently a student at the US (in Philadelphia) with a valid US visa. Do I need to apply for a visa to visit Bermuda? If so, Where should I go to apply? How long it take to get a visa? Thanks a lot. 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, yes Kuwaiti nationals require tourist visa to visit Bermuda. You should apply at the nearest British Embassy. They can also tell you about visa processing time. 
    Carol Rampersad (June 2013) 
    Good day, I am Trinidad citizen. I would like to visit Bermuda on holidays. I was told that I need a USA visa because the flights enters the USA before landing in Bermuda. I was now told that even thou I have my USA visa, it is still difficult to enter Bermuda. I was told that there are people waiting 5yrs to enter Bermuda and they are married. Can you tell me if I can enter Bermuda freely? Thank you and god bless. 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, If you enter Bermuda via USA, then you will require multiple entry US transit Visa. The list of countries that require Bermuda tourist entry visa (as published by Bermuda's Department of Immigration) does not include Trinidad. So I would assume that as a Trinidad citizen you will not require a separate entry visa for Bermuda if you are visiting the island as a tourist. You seem to have been misinformed about waiting time to enter Bermuda. There is no such issues with any nationals. For official clarifications, please contact Bermuda Department of Immigration. 
    Regina Miller (May 2013) 
    Taking mother on trip to Bermuda. She has brazilian passport but is permanent resident of US. The passport spells her first name josephina and is spelled with a ph and on the permanent resident card it is josefina with an f. It has been this way since 1968 and although we have never had a problem while traveling, I want to see if this will be a problem in Bermuda. I don't know who to contact. Thanks 
    Raj (, May 2013) 
    While I do not anticipate any problems either, please contact Bermuda Department Of Immigration for official clarification: 
    Email (Personal Services Manager): 
    Email (Chief Immigration Officer): 
    Afril Abarca (April 2013) 
    Hi there Mr Raj, I really appreciate all your info here, my boyfriend and I are planning to marry in Brazil, because my boyfriend is half Brazilian (yet he chose to be Bermudian national (still living/ working in Bermuda) and I am a Filipina. Are we allowed Sir to marry in Brazil and use our marriage license for me to enter Bermuda with out visa, even I am only a Philippine passport holder spouse married to him. Or still I need to have spouse visa before entering Bermuda from Brazil. Thanks so much. 
    Raj (, April 2013) 
    Hi, You can surely get married anywhere including Brazil and produce the certificate of marriage. But by Marrying a Bermudian you do not automatically become a Bermudian. You will need to live with him in Bermuda for at least 10 years to apply for a citizenship. So it means that you will still need to get a spouse visa to live in Bermuda, and your marriage certificate will help in getting that. You can not enter Bermuda without a Visa. However, do write to Bermuda Department of Immigration and reconfirm. 
    Adrian Duran (April 2013) 
    Greetings, I am Adrian Duran, Filipino Citizen, currently living and working in Haiti. We would like to visit Bermuda and see a very close Bermudian friend, Mr. Phillip Rego, founder of Feed my Lambs Ministry here in Haiti. Can I go to Bermuda with only US tourist visa or do I need to apply for a Bermuda tourist visa? they only have British consulate here in Haiti and it was hard to contact them. Thank you for any assistance, we will be forever grateful.. Kindest Regards 
    Raj (, April 2013) 
    Hi, As a citizen of Philippines, you will need a tourist visa for Bermuda. You will need to apply for Bermuda visa at the nearest British Embassy/Consulate. Since you will transit through USA, you will also need multiple entry transit or tourist visa for USA. 
    Guy Wong (April 2013) 
    Does a cruise passenger visiting Bermuda need any sort of VISA? Will cruise in July 2013. The passenger is from island of Mauritius ( Republic) visiting family in Canada and has Multiple entries for Canada as well as USA. Can you please advise. Thank you very much. 
    Raj (, April 2013) 
    Hi, Visa requirement has no bearing with mode of travel like cruise or flight. Required travel documents will be checked at all entry points of Bermuda. However, I don't see Mauritius figuring in the list of countries requiring visa for Bermuda. So Citizens of Mauritius won't require a visa provided they have multiple entry visa for Canada, US or UK where they arrive from, which complies with your case. Please reconfirm this with the nearest British Embassy. 
    Kumar (April 2013) 
    Hi Mr. Raj, I am Kumar from India. I have a Bermuda work permit till Jan 2014. As per your article (Effective May 1, 2012 Bermuda entry visa requirement for Russia, India and China has been eliminated). But my Bermudian company says I should apply for Bermuda entry visa and U.K transit visa. I applied for both UK transit visa and Bermuda entry visa. My application was refused. I applied for visitors in transit visa. Can you tell me what's my mistake. And please tell me what should I do next. Thanks in advance 
    Raj (, April 2013) 
    Hi, Bermuda visa waiver is for Indian tourists and not for persons on work permit. You will require UK transit visa (if your are traveling through UK) and an appropriate Bermuda visa. First visit the nearest British Embassy or their agent, show your work permit and find out what kind of Bermuda visa (type, validity period etc) will you need. Make your application accordingly. Your employer in Bermuda may need to help in the matter and send you/embassy letters to help with the visa. Good luck! 
    Dauline Fernandes (March 2013) 
    I am an Indian citizen holding US business visa. Can I travel to Bermuda in that case without a Bermuda visa. 
    Raj (, March 2013) 
    Hi, Indian citizens have been exempted from requiring tourist visa for Bermuda. But in order to visit the island, you will need to come through either USA or UK. So if you have a valid multiple entry visa to re-enter USA or UK, you can visit Bermuda as a tourist without needing a separate Bermuda visa. Please reconfirm this with your nearest British Embassy. 
    Johnson Dolnald (February 2013) 
    I am a Nigerian living and working in Canada as a Permanent resident. I have Permanent residence card and Im looking at purchasing return ticket to Bermuda in other to spend a weekend vacation in Bermuda, would I still need a visa or does not need visa like the condition in Bahamas? Thank you 
    Raj (, Feb 2013) 
    Hi, As per the Bermuda immigration guidelines, if you have a Permanent Residence Card in Canada, then you do not require a visa for Bermuda. You may like to reconfirm this with your nearest British Embassy. Regards, 
    Peter (February 2013) 
    Hello, I am a Jamaican citizen (passport etc) living and working in the USA on a H1B (skilled professional) visa. I plan to go on a cruise to Bermuda in April. Do I still have to apply for a visa? Or given my visa status in the USA could this be waived?  
    Raj (, Feb 2013) 
    Hello Peter, As a Jamaican Citizen, you will need to get a visa for Bermuda. An H1B visa will not be treated at par with US citizenship. Regards, 
    Diane Lamon (January 2013) 
    My passport expires while we will be on a cruise, I'm going to renew, i have an option of a passport card rather than a passport book. they say will get me into the USA, I'm hoping that card will allow me to get into Bermuda coming in from a cruise ship? I just want to be sure I order the right thing. thanks  
    Raj ( 
    Hi, Ideally you should go for renewal of your Passport Book which is a universally valid document for international travel. The Passport Card was introduced as a cheaper and convenient option for those who travel frequently by land or sea between USA and its neighboring countries like Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda. However it is not valid for international travels by flight (even to Bermuda). So, if you have a valid Passport Card and traveling by cruise, you should be able to enter Bermuda and re-enter USA. However, I would suggest that you verify this with your nearest British Embassy. Regards, 
    Duo Li 
    Hello. I have 2 years "post study work visa" for UK. and I live in London now. I have seen the new information of Bermuda visas for BRIC countries, which means I do not require a visa for Bermuda? But, I have UK post study work visa. All I want to know is that Can I go to Bermuda with a 2 years UK psw visa? Thank you!! 
    Raj ( 
    Hi, Assuming that you are a citizen of one of the BRIC countries, have a valid Post Study Work Visa for UK, and visiting Bermuda as a tourist directly from the UK, you won't require a separate tourist visa for Bermuda. However, I would suggest that you re-verify this with the nearest British Embassy in the U.K. Regards, 
    Malcolm Saldanha 
    I am currently in Canada on a work permit and am of Indian Origin. I would like to know If I can visit Bermuda with the work permit. It is valid till end of 2013. Also, if I need to apply for a Visa, what should I do and how should I go about with it. Regards, 
    Raj ( 
    Hi Malcolm, to get a job in Bermuda, you will require Bermuda's work permit. Canadian work permit will not work. Would suggest that you go through the section Jobs in Bermuda in my website. That should give you almost all the information about jobs and work permits in Bermuda and how to go about it. Regards, 
    Malcolm Saldanha 
    Hi Raj, Thank you for your response. I am not looking to get a work permit but just need to go there for a holiday. I wanted to know if I will be able to travel on my Canadian work permit without getting a Bermuda Visa. If not I wanted to know the procedure to get a Bermuda visa. Regards, 
    Raj ( 
    Hi Malcolm, Canadian citizens do not require visa for Bermuda. They need to carry the Canadian passport and the Permanent Resident Card. However, since you are from India and working in Canada, I think you will require a visa. Note that Bermuda doesn't have any embassy or consulate office of its own. You will need to get the visa through a British embassy or consulate office in Canada. They issue a tourist visa for a maximum period of 90 days. Please get in touch with the nearest British consulate office and they will let you know the steps forward. Hope this helps. Regards, 
    Elida Reci 
    I am an Albanian citizen working as an international public servant for the United Nations in New York under the US G-4 diplomatic visa. I would like to visit Bermuda as a tourist for one week vacation and would appreciate to know if I am required to obtain a visa in advance. Thanks for your time and cooperation. Best regards  
    Raj ( 
    Hi, Albanian citizens in general require tourist visas to enter Bermuda. In your case, kindly check with the nearest British Embassy. Regards, 
    I am holding Chinese possport and Canadian Visitor visa. Want to travel Bermuda. wondering if I need a travel visa to enter Bermuda? Thank you! 
    Raj ( 
    Hi Wen, If you are a Chinese citizen, then you should not require a tourist visa to enter Bermuda. However, you will need a return ticket and a valid visa to go back to Canada, UK or USA. Just carry your passport. Please reconfirm this from your nearest British Embassy. 
    Mary Leung (Aug 2012) 
    I would like to know whether a Turkish Passport holder with UK Visa : 
    1. Is it possible to apply Bermuda visa in Bermuda Embassy in Turkey? 
    2. Also, is it possible to apply Bermuda visa when he enters UK? 
    If yes, kindly advise the time of process & required documents. 
    Raj ( 
    Hi, Bermuda has no Embassy or Consulate. You will need to get your visa through the British Embassy in Turky. Kindly contact you nearest British Embassy for further information like required documents, time it takes to process etc. Regards, 
    Tina Agarwal (August 2012) 
    Hi, I will be travelling to Bermuda for work purposes. The company there has applied for a work permit. Once I obtain the work permit, am I required to apply for any other visa in my country (India) for Bermuda except a UK/USA transit visa ?? please help !!!!!!!!!! 
    Raj ( 
    If your work permit mentions "visa controlled national - must have Bermuda entry visa", then you must have a valid visa for 5-10 years and produce it along with the work permit when you land in Bermuda. Otherwise you do not require a separate entry visa. However, check out the latest Bermuda immigration laws from the nearest British Embassy. India, Russia and China have been recently taken out of the list of "Visa Controlled Nationals" status. 
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