Restless Native Bermuda
Sail & Snorkel Cruise

This is a 48-foot catamaran from Restless Native Bermuda, scheduled regularly for sailing and snorkeling trips to the outer reefs. With a crash course on Bermuda's marine life and guided snorkeling trip, plus fresh cookies on board, it's hard to resist this excellent outfitter. Out of many boat tours that we have taken in Bermuda, Restless Native remains one of our favorites. 
The boat from Restless Native is popularly known as the pink catamaran. We boarded the catamaran right next to the pier where our cruise ship docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard. On the boat we met the crew: Kirk Ward the captain, Tom the cookie baker, and Karen, one of the best guides we had the pleasure of knowing. 
Tom made delicious chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies on our sail across the bay to a secluded cove that was ideal for snorkeling. Karen would usually show the pictures of the fish we were likely to see on the reef. She told us everything about those fishes, including their names, feeding and mating habits and what role they played in the reef ecosystem. 
Restless Native - The Pink Catamaran 
Restless Native Bermuda 
We soon reached a secluded cove with a beautiful little beach. They lowered the stairwell which dropped us off into waist deep waters. With soft sand under the feet, we could easily get adjusted to the water and the surroundings. You could either decide to snorkel at the shallows where the boat anchored or choose to follow the guide (Karen in our case) to go to deeper water for reef snorkeling. 
It was just a short swim to one of the most beautiful reefs I have ever snorkeled at. There were hundreds of colorful fish. Karen swam right along with us with a "flag" on her mask so that we could easily spot her. She pointed out any fish that she had not discussed. We had about one and half hours to explore the reefs. On the way back they served rum swizzles and more cookies. They also have a nice little store on board with shell necklaces and other small local items.  
Restless Native Catamaran can also be booked for private charters for 2-5 hours up to a party size of 50. The catamaran is equipped with a full bar, four interior dining tables, a music library, an iPod dock and restroom facilities. 
Indicative Rates 
They have recently tied up with the cruise lines and offer their sail & snorkel cruise through the cruise ship excursions. Which means you will now have to pay more to avail this tour. For cost and rates for group sailing & snorkeling, you will need to contact the cruise line. However they continue to offer their catamaran for direct charters as well. 
Location & Tour Timings 
Restless Native snorkeling boat tours depart from Heritage Wharf (right next to Kings Wharf in dockyard). The tours depart at 2pm on Sundays and 9:30am on Thursdays. The cruise duration is usually 3.5 hours. The dockyard is connected with Hamilton by regular blue route ferries (takes 20 minutes) and buses (routes #7 and #8). 
Contacts for Inquiry & Bookings 
Contact Restless Native directly to request for charter rates and bookings. 
Phone: (441)531-8149; Email: 
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