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Bermuda Airport Shuttles

What to expect 
There are several airport shuttle operators in Bermuda who provide pickup and drop services. The services are provided for individuals, families and large groups. You can prearrange the shuttle service by calling them up and making advance reservations. You have an option to book for one-way or round trip transfers. The rates are on a per person basis for group transfers and lower than private transfers. However in group transfers, the van or minibus used may drop other passengers in their respective hotels along the way and therefore may take slightly longer time. 
While the rates would vary depending on your destination, an approximate rate for a 2-way transfer to &áfrom Hamilton for group transfer is about $30. Some hotels like Pompano Beach club have special arrangements through shuttle service companies who offer special rates for transfers to/from such hotels. You will find such information in their websites. 
Shuttle Operators 
Here are some of the well known operators offering airport shuttle services in Bermuda: 
BTA Dispatching Limited 
Formed in 2005 by the Bermuda Taxi Association, they have a fleet of 400 vehicles with contemporary GPS Dispatching Technology. The company is owned and managed by the member taxi owners.  
Other than regular airport transfers, BTA offers services such as Cruise Ship Off Site Excursions, general travel and transport for corporate events. They have an office between the Departure and Arrival building of the Bermuda Airport which is open from Monday through Saturday.  
Local Phone: (441)296-2121, (441) 294-3772; Email: [email protected] 
They have several Toyota minibuses that can accommodate up to 15 passengers each. They provide both private and group transfer services, and also guided island tours like sightseeing, dine around and shopping tours. They have an office at the airport. Check out the link for details about their offerings and contacts. 
Beeline Transport Bermuda 
They are one of the oldest operators in the island and offer all kinds of airport shuttle services including group transfers. Phone: 441/293-0303. 
Quality Transport, Bermuda 
They offer shuttle service for individuals, couples and groups of all sizes. They offer prearranged airport transfers with 24-hour notice. You can also avail their services for weddings, dine-around, personal island tour, as well as general sightseeing, beach excursions, golfing transport, shopping, etc. They are quite flexible to suit your requirements. 
Phone: 441/505-1584, or 441/505-4604. Email: [email protected] 
Access Bermuda For physically handicapped 
Keith Simmons of Access Bermuda offers airport transfers and island tours for people with disability or special needs. He has a custom built van with side entrance and an attachable ramp to make it easily wheelchair accessible. This purpose built vehicle also has auxiliary services for ventilators and recharging of electric wheelchairs. 
Address: 1 Loyal Hill, Devonshire. Phone: (441)295-9106; 
Email: [email protected] 
Bermuda Island Tours &áMore 
In operation for more than 20 years, this company has 15 passenger and 30 passenger coaches offering shuttle transfer services from and to the airport. Indicative rates: $40 per person to Hamilton City, $55 to Southampton. 
Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 704-8477 
Bermuda Tour Management 
They offer private and group airport transfers and tours. 
2 Pearman's Hill, Warwick WK 03, Bermuda 
Phone: (441) 534-1797; Email: [email protected] 
Bermuda Airport Shuttle Service 
They provide transport between the airport and hotels, residences &áoffices across the island. They offer vehicles for individual or shared group for transport &átours. Phone: 441/534-1797 or 441/541-6446. 
Taxi Service at the airport 
There is a first-in-line service available for taxis at the airport which is probably the most common mode of transfer service availed by the tourists. Just outside the arrivals there is a queuing area for taxis and you can hop into one available next. They can take maximum of 6 passengers. 
One-way transfer fare to the south shore area (like Southampton) will be around $55 and takes about 45 minutes to reach. Fare from airport to Hamilton City is about $43, to Sandys is about $70, to St. George's Town is about $17. Note that the usual fare is applicable between Monday through Saturday and from 6am to midnight. Otherwise a 25% additional charge is added. It's a normal practice to tip the driver (about 15%). 
Public Buses at Bermuda Airport 
Bermuda International Airport is located at St. George's Parish at the eastern end of the island. There are several public buses that operate between the Airport and Hamilton city quite frequently and at regular intervals. The Bus routes for the airport are #1, 3, 10 &á11. Check out Bermuda Bus Services to know about the schedules and other information. 
NOTE: You won't get bus tickets, tokens or passes from the Airport. One is not allowed to carry luggage like a suitcase in the public buses either. So in general public bus is not a transfer option from/to the airport for the passengers travelling by flight. These buses are mostly used by the airport staffs. One can however pay in cash (in exact change) and board a bus from the airport provided one is carrying no heavy luggage. 
Book Shuttle, Lounge at airport 
Book shuttle for transfer or lounge at Bermuda airport using Viator - World's #1 online service. 
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Visitors' Reviews &áComments 
Tony R. (February 2016) 
Hi Raj, arriving in late March, staying Monday thru Friday, know the bus schedules well but wondering if the bus driver will take us if we have backpacks that may be bulky. Also would you know the price between the airport and Hamilton terminal. If we buy a three day pass Monday afternoon would the pass be good till Thursday? Thank you for your help. Wonderful site. 
Raj ( February 2016 
Quite unlikely that bus drivers will allow bulky backpacks. 14-zone bus fare is applicable between Airport and Hamilton (small taxi fare will be around $43). Your 3-day pass will expire on Wednesday midnight if you start using it from Monday... a day here is not counted as 24 hours. 
Karola Rondinella (June 2015) 
Arriving 6 people Sunday July 12 2015 how much would a taxi charge from the airport to the Fairmont Southampton. I saw that there is a surcharge on Sundays. Also how much would CEO transport shared shuttle charge. Thank you for all the information. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi, normal fare for a 7 passenger taxi between airport and Fairmont Southampton would be about $58 plus 15% tips (add 50% surcharge for Sunday). One-way CEO shuttle fare to the hotel is $15 per person. 
Andrea (February 2015) 
Hi, I have really been enjoying all of the information on your website. We will be in Bermuda next Saturday. Do you have any idea approximately how much a taxi would charge for a ride from the airport to Sandy's Parish? I have been contacting airport shuttle services and the cheapest I have been quoted is $60. Would this be more or less than a taxi? Thanks 
Raj ( February 2015 
Hi, taxi fare will depend on your exact location in Sandys. For example, airport to Somerset or Cambridge Beaches Resort would be about $70 without tips, all the way up to the dockyard will be around $75 without tips. 
Bob Wenz (May 2012) 
It's very easy to understand why bus passes are no longer available at the airport. By doing so the tourist bureau has helped to support the more costly taxi service. This is no longer the tourist friendly island that I remember for the past 35 years. 
Raj ( May 2012 
Hello Bob, Understand your view. I too am surprised that such service has been withdrawn. The buses continue to operate to and from the airport though, and one can always avail a bus from the airport by paying the fare in cash, and later buy a pass from some other place. Probably the government is discouraging the tourists to take a bus on arrival at the airport because one can't carry luggage in the buses anyway. Passengers arriving by flight are likely to have suitcases and large bags, which are not allowed in the public buses.