Horse Carriage Rides in Nassau, Bahamas

In Nassau you can find horse drawn carriages lined up on Woodes Rodgers Walk at Festival Place near the Prince George Wharf cruise dock. As you come out of the cruise ship terminal, you can see them lined up under the shade. Horse carriages are also available on Bay Street at Nassau. 
You can take a tour of the Nassau Downtown area. Although the tour goes through streets with heavy traffic at several places, you will enjoy the downtown life. You can see old residential streets and charming old buildings. I would recommend taking such tour on a Sunday morning if possible, this is the time when the streets are relatively free of traffic and crowd and you can enjoy the ride. 
The horse carriage rides are usually available from 8am until 4:30pm. The Nassau downtown tours last for about 20-25 minutes and costs $10-15 per person. Some of the key areas covered during the tour includes Government House, Pompey Museum, Parliament Square, National Art Gallery, the Queen’s Staircase, Nassau Straw Market on Bay street etc. 
Horse Carriage Ride in Nassau 
Horse Carriage Nassau 
Photo: Heather McLaughlin, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The carriages come in different shapes and colors. Horses used here are relatively small in structure. On an average a carriage can accommodate two adults and a child (sometimes an extra child is allowed). There are around 20 such horse carriages here. All drivers of the carriages are licensed and would proudly display their ID card and license tied to their shirt. 
All carriages wait for their turn. So the one you are allotted is always the first in the queue and you cannot choose a carriage. Once a carriage completes its tour, it comes back and joins at the end of the queue waiting for the next turn. Horses have rest hours ... 2 hours (1pm to 3pm during summer, i.e. May to October) and 1 hour during other months (1pm to 2pm). 
Contact (242) 326-9781 for further information about Horse Carriage tours in Nassau. 
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