Review of eBooks

Hi Raj, The books you wrote are amazing. Well organized, easy to read and enjoyable. 
Sergiy Glyntsev 
Hello Raj, I have read maybe a few pages so far, but I cannot wait to read it all. But, I can tell that these books will help ensure my upcoming trip to Bermuda is great. I can tell, already, these books are worth more than what you charge. Thank you!! We are getting close to go and thank you for all the info-it is extremely helpful for first-timers. 
Raymond Harmer 
I purchased your 5 Bermuda ebooks in April. Your books were very informative and useful when I visited Bermuda in May as I downloaded the books to my Ipad. I am returning to Bermuda in September and want to use the books again... Thank you very much. 
Dennis Regan 
It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a new email with the password so that I can once again access the books when in Bermuda. They are excellent resources. Thanking you in advance. 
Anne Hurdman 
Hi Raj, We've received your great books and our family (all 16 of us) is reviewing them with anticipation of our arrival by cruise ship on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM. Thanks, 
Joe Narcavage 
Hi Raj, Just started reading the ebooks! Great info and wonderful photos. 
Carol Roberts 
Raj, I bought your e-books and they are GREAT! 
Gary Keiper 
I really enjoyed my visit to Bermuda and your travel guides were worth the money spent to get additional and organized info from what is offered on your amazing website. 
N Thomas