Admiralty House Park Bermuda

Admiralty House Park is located about two miles away from Hamilton City Center. It's located at Spanish Point with the northern edge overlooking the North Shore. 
The property has ruins of an old historic building, a nice park, as well as nature and hiking trails. The trails lead to great ocean views. 
The dock at Admiralty House Park 
It also has a beautiful beach called the Clarence Cove. The property was given to the British Royal Navy as a gift by the Bermuda Government in 1800s. 
The British Navy constructed a state home for their Admirals who were posted at the nearby dockyards. The park also served as a navy hospital once. Admiralty House Park has many old trees and shrubbery, hiking and nature trails, and small beaches. 
There is a pathway over grassy hill area (to the left of the beach) that leads to the cliff top from where the local kids do Cliff Jumping into the waters below. 
The shallow Clarence Cove Beach has a dock which the local kids love to dive from. With both shallow and deep waters, it's a popular swimming area for the local families and children who stay in the neighborhood. 
You will also enjoy its shady trees and the wonderful sight of the lagoon off the beach. The best time to visit this place in when the schools are in session so that there are less local families and kids crowding the area. 
Another beautiful water area with a small beach is the Deep Bay located nearby and east of Clarence Cove on north shore and is popular for swimming. You can get to Deep Bay through the park... takes about 10 minutes to walk from Clarence Cove. 
There is a man made cave nearby called the Admiral's Cave (2-minute walk north-west of Clarence Cove). This was built by the British convicts in 1860s on the order of the Admiral. It is said that the Admiral used the cave to have secret meetings with a lady. 
A pathway through the rocky area leads to the cave. Enter the cave, go further down and you can see the stairway leading down to the open ocean. It's a wonderful view. If you want, you can plunge into the water from the stairs. 
Actually those who do cliff jumping from the overhanging cliffs, usually swim into the cave and walk up the stairway that are cut into rocks. 
Admiralty House Park (from the dock) 
Admiralty House Park, Bermuda 
There are underground tunnels here that were created by the British military in the 1850s. These tunnels have joined several underground caves, and have led towards the seaside limestone cliffs. 
Admiralty House Park was used as the signal center by the British Royal Navy during the World War-II. This is when the intelligence officers here intercepted coded messages from ships sailing between the UK and the USA. 
They passed on the decoded messages to the Royal Naval Dockyard for taking appropriate actions. 
The British handed over the property back to Bermuda Government before they left the island in 1951. However, the main Admiralty House building was left abandoned and later it was demolished. The only remnant of the building today is the ballroom. 
You can enjoy strolling through the lush vegetation while exploring the ruins. 

Open Hours and Facilities

Admiralty House Park is open from morning till sunset all days of the week, admission is free. 
There is portable toilet on the grounds, but unfortunately often unclean and not well maintained. 
There are picnic tables on the grounds. Other than hiking trails, the park has basket ball court and roller skating area. So great for families with children. 

How to reach

Go to the Tourist Map to view the location of Admiralty House Park and other attractions nearby. 
It is located at Spanish Point road and at the junction of North Shore Road, northwest of Hamilton City. Bus #4 stops right next to the main gate of Admiralty House Park (takes about 10 minutes from Hamilton City bus terminal). 
If you have a scooter, just go down the winding small road. You can also drive the scooter right down to the water edge. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Devin L Krug (June 2019) 
We are planning on visiting Admiralty House. I understand that there are no taxis there. Are the taxis willing to pre arrange a pickup time to get back to Hamilton? 
Raj ( 
Some taxi drivers may agree to come back for a pickup, otherwise you can call a taxi service company to get one. Alternatively take bus #4 back to Hamilton.