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There are many ways to explore Bermuda on a road transport. While the public buses and ferries are excellent and can take you to virtually every place within the island, sometimes you may need a bit more privacy and also save on time. This is when guided tours on mini buses, vans and other road transports become the best mode, particularly if you are with your family or in a small group of your own. These group tours operate on per person rate although you can also charter a tour for your own private group which will require a minimum group size or payment. 
Overland tours on road cover either one part of the island, like the east, central parishes or the west, or the entire island. The full island tour in a minibus or van covering most of the key attractions takes about 6 hours, unless you plan to spend more than normal time in specific places. Such tours will break for lunch or snacks on the way, or some times include a picnic lunch as part of the cost. For private chartered tours, you can customize your own tours. 
Update May 2014: Note that due to changes in the regulations for mini-buses introduced by Bermuda Transport Control Department, minibus tour operators can only take a minimum of 8 persons on tour, unless there is wheelchair bound client when the minimum allowable number is six persons. These regulations were put into place at the same time when the maximum number of passengers in a larger taxi was increased to 7 from 6. 
In the following section I have described the operators offering some of the best sightseeing Bermuda tours by minibus, vans and other road transports. They operate both on sharing basis with per person rates and also on private charters. In either case the tours usually require some minimum number of passengers to operate. 

Minibus &Bus Tours

This is a great full island tour of Bermuda in a small minibus which can accommodate up to 8 passengers. Guided by the owner herself, this tour lasts for 4-5 hours covering eastern, central and western parishes taking you through some of the key tourist attractions of the island. The tour includes picnic lunch and operates on per person rate. 
They offer guided sightseeing tours of Bermuda in their mini buses. The minibus has a capacity of 20. The set tours include Eastern Parishes and Western Parishes tours each for 3 hours duration. They also offer personalized tours for private groups. The guides are certified by Department of Tourism and have great knowledge of the island. 
Kevin offers full island tours by his air-conditioned minibus and is quite spacious. He is quite knowledgeable and you will get to know a lot about the island and its history while touring around. The tour includes many photo ops and visits to the main highlights of Bermuda. The tour lasts for about 6-7 hours including a stop for lunch. 
Shore excursions on air-conditioned buses with capacity of 15 and 30. Group tours operate on per person rate. The tour company is owned and run by the Bermudian lady Juanita Jones, an ex police officer. 
If you are in a of up to 15, they provide a great option for touring Bermuda in their Toyota mini buses. They offer 3-hour and 6-hour set sightseeing tours of the island, dine around tours and shopping tours. They also provide airport pickups and drops, wedding transportation, drop &pickup service for golf courses, and arrange for any special request even for large groups. 
This is a mini bus tour &service run by the veteran Bermudian Michal Tucker. The mini buses take groups of up to 12 including couples. He offers island tours (5 hour and 3 hour), dining &shopping tours, beach &Eco tours etc. In a group tour the charges are on a per person basis. A private tour can also be booked (minimum 2 hours booking required). The experienced drivers also double up as guides. 
There are two separate minibus services, one for the fringe of St. George covering a number of beaches and historical attractions like forts &churches, while the other one for St. Davids covering beaches, bars and historical places. Both services loop around the attractions and return to town square. You can buy a day ticket for a service and hop on and hop off the minibus at any stop along the circuit during the day and visit the attractions. 
Beeline Transport 
They are one of the oldest transport operators in Bermuda and offers complete transportation management services. Their buses can accommodate large groups. The services include Group Transportation, Group Tours (Sightseeing &Dine Around), Airport Shuttles, and catering to any special requirement. They also offer airport receiving and luggage handling services. Phone: (441) 293-0303; Email: [email protected] 
Postal Address: Beeline Transport Ltd., P. O BOX HM 2270, Hamilton, Bermuda HM JX. 
Titan Express 
Titan Express Ltd is a minibus transportation &tour company. They have 5 air-conditioned buses which are new and hold seating up to 24 on each bus. Other than free wifi, they accept Visa and Master Credit Cards for payment. While they organize island tours (including Day &Night tours, Pub Crawls, Party Bus etc), they can also handle transfers and transportation of large private groups between any points in the island. Call: (441) 234-1096; Email: [email protected] 

Train Trolley Tours &Others

Train Trolleys are mini train like vehicles that move on wheels and on roads. The tours operate in Dockyard area, Hamilton City and St George. These are usually one-hour tours, operate on per person rates and take you around several attractions in the area while giving a running audio commentary. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while visiting the tourist attractions. These tours are run by private companies. 
These tours are not in a Bus, car or a van ... but you do ride an amazing machine to move around effortlessly and see some great places like Dockyard and St. George. It's fun and terrific! Find out how. 
A bus which is also a boat (Also known as The Duck Tour) X No longer in operation 
They offer a 45-minute scheduled tour on an amphibious vehicle that can move on both land and water. It's a bus with a capacity of 40 that doubles as a boat. You will be able to experience both land based and water based attractions. 

Find &Book Guided Tours

Select and book from a range of guided tours using World's #1 online service (Viator) at low prices. 
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Pat Atkin (September 2018) 
I have been trying to contact Beeline Transport for months with no luck regarding their airport shuttle service. Are they still on the go? 
Docysy (September 2013) 
Dear Raj, Excellent information. Will be traveling in October 2013 with RCL. We have a family of six, including grandparents, and 3 year old and 8 month old children. Is there any minivan service for smaller group or is it better to take a regular taxi? Thank you in advance. 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi, A 6-passenger taxi will be the most economical option for your group. Take a Blue Flag taxi (which has a driver certified as a tour guide). Another great option is to take the mini bus of Byways (which accommodates 6-8 persons). Although Heidi (the owner) offers a set tour of the island, you can always customize that. She will pick you up and drop you at the dockyard. Regards,