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What to Expect

Hamilton is the shopping hub in Bermuda. If you are planning to buy souvenirs or gifts, clothes, accessories, jewelry, handcrafted items of various types, or for that matter anything, this is one place you must visit. 
Front Street Bermuda 
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The stores are lined up on various streets in Hamilton City which are mostly within easy walking distances from the Hamilton Ferry Terminal on Front Street or from the central bus terminal located near City Hall and Arts Center. 
Front Street, Church Street, Reid Street, Queen Street etc are well known for top branded stores. There are also many alleyways in Hamilton which you should explore for cheaper gifts and souvenirs. 
There are also several shopping malls in Hamilton with many retail and boutique stores of all types. 

Store Hours

Note that most stores in Hamilton remain open between 9:30am till 5pm Monday through Saturday throughout the year. They remain closed on Sundays and public holidays. 
The only exceptions are the grocery stores and large supermarkets which remain open on Sundays as well. 
However many stores particularly on Front Street and Queen Street remain open till 9pm and beyond on harbor nights which is a street festival that takes place weekly in summer on Wednesday nights. 

Stores and What They Sell

59 Front 
59 Front Street, Hamilton City 
They offer a wide range of branded beauty products and cosmetics, fine jewelry, fragrances, gift items, home decor items of china and crystals 
Beauty brands include Clarins Paris, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Jo Malone, Clinique, Shiseido, Bare Minerals, Origins, Moroccan Oil, Glam Glow, Lili Bermuda etc. 
Brands in the gift, home products and accessory section includes Villeroy and Boch, Wedgwood, Waterford, Portmeirion, Swarovski, Kate Spade, Yankee Candle and more. The store is wheelchair accessible. 
This store at the ground floor of the building used to belong to A.S. Cooper's and was sold off to Brown and Co. (a subsidiary of The Phoenix Stores), which now owns and operates the store. 
Phone: 441-279-5429. Open: 10am to 6pm. 
A.S Cooper's and Sons 
This is a family run store (with several outlets) and in operation since 1897. Cosmetics, perfumes, fine jewelry, stones, clothing (ladies, men's and children's branded fashion wears), home decor items, gifts and souvenirs, bone china and crystal items etc. 
The large 7,500 sq. ft. outlet on 59 Front Street is the main store. Another outlet is at 26 Reid Street third floor, which features women’s designer clothing. 
A third outlet is on 29 Front street (opposite Hamilton Ferry Terminal) which is the largest men's store in Bermuda. A.S. Coopers is one of the most reputed stores in the island. 
Hours Monday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm. Sunday up to 5pm. Phone: (441) 295 3961 
Update June 2020: AS Coopers has gone into provisional liquidation. All its stores are closed since March 18, 2020 and waiting for buyers. 
Astwood Dickinson 
Fine Jewelry and watches. 
Main Store: 83-85 Front Street, Hamilton. Branch Boutique: Walker Arcade, Front Street Hamilton Tel: 441/292-5805 
Bermuda Society of Arts 
Art gallery. Artwork mostly from local artists. You can purchase paintings and artwork. 
17 Church Street, Hamilton City. 10am – 4pm (Monday - Saturday). Closed on public holidays. Phone: 441/292-3824 
Bluck's X Closed 
Crystal Bone China products, Hand Painted Porcelain items, table wares etc. 
4 Front Street, Hamilton City. Hours Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm. Phone: (441) 295 5367 
Brown & Co. and The Bookmart 
Brown & Co. is a large departmental store selling all kinds of goods and The Bookmart is a section of the store. At Bookmart you get many books on Bermuda, calendars, cook books to learn how to cook Bermuda's local food etc. 
35 Front Street (also at 3 Reid Street and 59 Front Street). 
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:30am - 5pm; Sunday: 12noon - 5pm 
Burrows Lightbourn Ltd 
Spirits and Wine merchant. It was founded in 1808. They stock beers like Heineken, Amstel Light, Carlsberg, Scotch whiskeys such as Dewars, Johnnie Walker, vodkas like Smirnoff and rums like Bacardi. 
2 Addendum Lane, Pembroke. Phone: (441) 295-0176. Email: [email protected] 
Ladies dress materials, swimwear, shoes etc, mostly imported. Also ceramics, decorative items etc. 
45 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Hours Monday to Saturday, 9:30am - 5pm. Phone: (441) 295 2112  
Carol Holding Studio 
Print and Craft shop on Front Street. X Closed
(now merged with Lusso
Upscale fashion store which until beginning of 2014 sold only high end fashion wears has merged with its sister concern Lusso (also located on Front Street). Other than clothes it now also stocks accessories such as bags, shoes, sunglasses etc. 
51 Front Street, Hamilton City. Hours: Mon - Sat, 9:30am - 5:30pm. 
Phone: (441)295-1311. Email: [email protected] 
Chatham House Bermuda 
Cuban Cigars and Souvenirs. 
63 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Hours Monday to Saturday 7:30am – 5pm. Phone: (441) 292 8422 
David Winston 
Upscale means wear and accessories. Great place to buy Italian designer shirts, ties, belts etc. 
49 Front Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441-295-4866 
Davison's of Bermuda 
Clothing for men, women and children, gifts etc. The Hamilton store is located at 15 Front Street. They also have branches at Dockyard Clocktower Mall, Hotel Fairmont Southamton and St George's (Water Street). 
Phone: +1 441-296-9552.  
ER Aubrey Jeweller 
Fine jewelry. Founded in 1954. They buy the gems and stones from the mines and create their own jewelry. Located at 19 Queen Street Hamilton and Dockyard Clocktower Mall. 
Phone: (441) 296-3171 
English Sports Shop 
Well known traditional Bermudian store selling clothing and variety of items for men, women and children. Some of the great buys includes traditional Bermuda shorts, cotton shirts, suits, trousers etc. They also sell woolens. 
49 Front Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: (441)295-2672, Email: [email protected] 
Large and famous departmental store. Established in 1923. 
Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm, Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm. 21 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441-295-0022. Email: [email protected] 
Gosling Brothers Ltd 
Wine and Spirit merchant and famous for its own Gosling's Black Seal brand of rum. Established in 1806 (first store in St. George's). Later the Hamilton Front Street store was taken on rent and opened in 1824. 
33 Queen Street and 17 Dundonald Street, Hamilton City. Phone:  441 295-1123. Email: [email protected] 
HS & JE Crisson Ltd 
(Crisson Jewelers) 
Excellent Jewelry and watches. 
55 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Hours Monday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm. Phone: (441) 295 2351 
They also have outlets at Dockyard and Fairmont hotel.. 
The Harbourmaster 
Specialty store on bags, suitcases and leather goods including wallets, men's briefcases etc. Established in 1975. 
Mon - Wed: 9:00am - 5:30pm, Thu - Sat: 9:00am - 5:30am. Washington Mall, 9 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441-295-5333 
The Irish Linen Shop 
Bed linens, perfumes, candles, bath and body products, children's dresses, gifts etc. 
31 Front Street. Hours Monday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm; Closed Mondays during Jan and Feb. Phone: (441) 295 4089 
Nice leather make and designed bags, shoes, sunglasses, silk ties, scarves, accessories etc for men and women. 
51 Front Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441/295-6734 
Pro Shop 
Sells sports shoes, jerseys, work out gears etc of many brands for both men and women at reasonable prices. The store is completing 4 decades of operation in 2016. 
The best selling item here is the soccer team T-Shirts. The store is located on Reid Street and at the basement. Very friendly staffs. 
Kenwood Building, 17 Reid Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: 441-292–7487 
The Market Place 
Large and famous grocery store chain with bakery. You also get phone cards here. 
Monday to Saturday: 7am - 10pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm. 42 Church Street, Hamilton. Phone: (441) 295-6006 
Marks & Spencer 
Well known British Departmental store selling variety of items including fashion products and food. Founded in 1884. 
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:30pm, Sat: 9:15am - 5:30pm. 17 Reid Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: 441-295-0031, Email [email protected] 
Miles Market 
Large and very well known grocery store with separate food, meat and bakery sections. 
7.30am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday – 1:00pm to 5:00pm Sunday. 
Waterfront, Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke. 
Phone: 441/295-1234  
Otto Worz Co. X Closed 
Silverware including jewelry, charms, bracelets etc. There is also a nice gift section (woodcraft, glassware etc). 
3 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Hours Monday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm. 
Phone: (441) 295 1247 
Perot Post Office 
Oldest post office in the island. Perot was the first post master general appointed in 1821. You can buy post cards and stamps here. 
11 Queen Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: 441/292 9052 
A well known store for electronics like digital camera, MP3 players etc. Also offers mobile accessories, online photos etc. 
2 Reid Street, Hamilton City. 
Hours Monday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm. 
Phone: (441) 295 5496 
Riihiluomas Flying Colours 
The store sells nice T-Shirts, Gifts and Souvenir items. Established in 1937. 
9am to 5:30pm. Open until 9pm on Harbor Nights (Wednesdays in Summer). 
5 Queen Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: (441)-295-0890 
Rock On 
Well known health store selling nutritional products. Protein bars and shakes are its best sellers. You get diet books here as well. 
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm. Butterfield Place, 67 Front Street, Hamilton.  
Phone: (441) 295–3468 
Sail on Bermuda 
Art, Craft and Accessories. 
Washington Mall West, 7 Reid Street Unit 4 Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 295-0808 
Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm, Saturday: 9pm to 5pm. 
Knitwear, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories etc for men and women. This is an international franchise. 
12 Reid Street, Hamilton City. 
Phone: 441 295-5698 
Swiss Timing 
Great brands of watches. Founded in 1988. 
95 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Phone: 441-295-1376. Email: [email protected] 
TABS Bermuda 
Authentic cotton Bermuda shorts made by island experts. 
Walker Arcade, 12 Reid Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: (441) 704 TABS; Email: [email protected] 
Twice Told Tales 
Bookstore selling second hand (used) books. 
34 Parliament Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441 296-1995 
Upstairs Golf and Tennis Shop 
Sport shop selling sports equipment and gears like golf clubs, tennis rackets and balls etc. Great branded products. 
26 Church Street, Hamilton City. 
Phone: (441) 295–5161 
Vera P Card 
X moved to St. George 
The shop closed in 2008. 
Crystals, jewelry, watches, clocks, figurines at duty free prices. 
11 Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Phone: (441) 295-1729. 
WJ Boyle and Son 
Well known store for footwear selling formal shoes, sneakers etc for men, women and children. There is also another outlet on Church Street (Hamilton) which specializes on children's shoes. 
Boyle's Building, 31 Queen Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: (441) 295–1887. Email: [email protected] 
Walker Christopher Goldsmiths 
Jewelry including gold, diamond, pearl etc. Great collection of rare coins including Greek and Roman coins which can be mounted on necklaces, ear rings etc. 
9 Front Street. Mon to Sat from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Phone: (441) 295 1466 

Shopping Malls

There are several large shopping malls in Hamilton with a collection of branded retail and boutique stores, along with cafes and restaurants. These are great if you are looking for all things in one place. 
Washington Mall 
(20, Church Street, Hamilton, Between Reid street and Church street) 
A large mall with over 40 premium retail outlets and 8 restaurants spread across two levels. 
Bermudiana Arcade 
(27 Queen Street, Hamilton) 
Varieties of stores and restaurants. 
Walker Arcade 
(12 Reid Street, Bermuda) 
Several nice branded stores. 

Hamilton Shopping Tour

A free weekly tour is conducted by the Town Crier of Hamilton to take tourists to the stores in Bermuda that showcase authentic Bermuda made and island inspired products such as dress materials, jewelry, handicraft items, perfumes, souvenirs and more. 
This free tour is conducted on every Thursday starting at 10:30am until 1:30pm during summer (usually mid-March to end September). 
Suggest you inquire at the Hamilton Visitors Information Center located next to the Ferry terminal to know if it is presently held and the schedule of the tour. 
Some of the stores covered includes: 
  • TABS Bermuda (well known for offering authentic Bermuda shorts made in the island), 
  • Lili Bermuda (excellent place to look for genuine Bermuda made perfumes),  
  • Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewelry (great place to look for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings), 
  • Della Valle Sandals (well known for handmade and customized soft leather sandals. The leather is imported from Tuscany of Italy), 
  • AndPartners (funny name but they are an exquisite boutique house selling Bermudian as well as Scandinavian and American designed brand designed jewelry and accessories). 

    Map showing Hamilton Stores

    The map below shows the location of the main stores in Hamilton City, Bermuda. You will be able to see the streets on which they are located and their approximate location on the streets. 
    Below the map I have mentioned the main products sold by each store, along with store hours, address and contact information. 
    The map also shows some of the prominent landmarks like the City Hall, Session House, Cabinet Building, Perot Post Office and the Ferry Terminal. 
    Towards the eastern end, you will notice the Fort Hamilton which is accessible through Happy Valley Road that originates from Kings Street. You will also notice that the Visitors' Information Center located on Front Street is marked with "i". 
    Hamilton Shopping Map, Bermuda 
    Shopping Map - Hamilton Bermuda 
    Cartography courtesy of Frommer's Travel Guides 
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