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While this page looks quite simple, it can really get you to the treasures that we have uncovered after years of exploration and research in Bermuda. If you have come to this page to get a blown up detailed map of a parish (i.e. a district) of Bermuda, just click on the appropriate parish location in the map. If however you are trying to explore a parish and wanting to know what it offers in terms of the main attractions, activities, restaurants, transports, shopping and even accommodations, then go down to the table below and click on a parish link for full description with pictures. 
Bermuda has 9 parishes. They are like districts or counties. Other than the parishes, there are three important places in the island - Royal Naval Dockyards at the west end which the major cruise port of Bermuda, Hamilton City at the center which is the capital of Bermuda, and St. George in the east, the historical town and former capital. 
Click on a parish and see its detailed map 
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Explore the Bermuda parishes through the links below and find out the hotels, restaurants, beaches, attractions, recreational activities, buses and ferries for a parish, and lot more information. 
Know about a Parish:  
Hamilton City, the capital of Bermuda is NOT in Hamilton Parish. It is in Pembroke Parish instead. 
Town of St. George is in St. George's Parish. The historic town is a designated UNESCO world heritage site. 
Royal Naval Dockyard is an important place in the island located at Sandys parish and at the western tip of the island. This is where all the large cruise ships dock. Once a Royal Navy base, it's now a large complex with many tourist attractions. 
Which parish is good for vacation stay? 
If you are trying to figure out which parish to stay during your vacation, the answer will lie in what you exactly want in the location - Beach? Great Restaurants &Bar? Shopping? Great luxury hotels or budget accommodations? Privacy? All of that? Check out Location to Stay to know which is the location or parish best suited for your requirements. 
How the parishes originated? 
The parishes were formed during the early British settlement days in 1600s. Initially the administrative powers were given to the main sponsors of the parishes. Most parishes were also named after the sponsors. To know about the historical background of the parishes and their formation, visit History of Parishes
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