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Although Bermuda is a tiny island and you can travel from one end to the other in less than 2 hours by taxi or bus, the island is packed with so many amazing sightseeing places and tourist attractions. You can spend days travelling around the island exploring the great places of interests. 
Where will you find such excellent aquarium that showcases the wide range of colorful reef and deep sea fishes that are found in the north Atlantic surrounding Bermuda? And the complex has a museum and zoo combined with it. And the famous maritime museum in Royal Naval Dockyard exhibits the reach maritime history of the island which once used to be the islanders' main means of livelihood. 
And there are great forts built during the British colonial days with historical importance, amazing natural caves & grottos with spectacular limestone formations, old lighthouses which were once used to help ships navigate out of the treacherous reefs in Bermuda's waters (you can climb to the top and get sweeping views of the island and ocean), and numerous magnificent churches some of which are oldest in this part of the world and have great historical significance. And there are lovely parks, gardens, nature reserves, lakes & harbors, and so much more. 
And the best part is you can easily take a public transport like a bus or ferry (which are very convenient and offer formidable services), get around the island and reach out virtually to all tourist places. Of course the taxi service is great and comfortable as well. All public transports like bus, ferry, taxis are air-conditioned. Note that there are no car rentals allowed in Bermuda. However, you can rent a scooter or a moped. 
Bermuda never looks crowded. There are no billboards or neon signs, and relatively few cars to spoil the wonderful countryside. The houses and shops with their unique architecture and pastel colors fit in quite naturally into the Bermuda landscape. 
Following are our best picks from the aquariums, museums, caves, historic sites, churches, lighthouses, parks, nature reserves and many other great places of interest. 
Our 10 best Bermuda Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions 
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ): This is a wonderful complex along North Shore Road across Flatts Bridge in Hamilton Parish. BAMZ has more than 300 birds, reptiles and mammals from oceanic islands. The Aquarium houses more than 200 species of fish, and features the award-winning North Rock Exhibit. BAMZ is one of the top Bermuda sightseeing places. 
Crystal & Fantasy Caves: There is a guided tour within the caves complex to experience the spectacular Crystal and Fantasy Caves. You will see some dramatic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and a crystal-clear Cahow lake. Crystal caves is located in Hamilton Parish. 
Bermuda Maritime Museum (BMM): A fascinating story of Bermuda's maritime heritage captured in a 19th-century fortress at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish. 
Update: Since December 2009, BMM has become The National Museum of Bermuda. Additional buildings and fortifications were added. The enhancements, new layout, exhibits and collections are described under National Museum 
Dolphin Quest: A fantastic Dolphin center in Royal Naval Dockyard. If you have a dream to swim with dolphins, touch or feed them, there is no better place than the Dolphin Quest in Bermuda. We experienced it … it’s amazing. You can also just go and watch the dolphin shows and how they are trained. 
St Peter’s Church: Located in St. George's Town, this is the oldest church in the western hemisphere. The church looks very simple from outside. Inside the candlelit chandeliers, the open cedar beams and unfinished look of the pillars make a unique ambience. 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: This is the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world and located at Southampton Parish.  
St Catherine Fort: Located at the north-eastern tip of St. George Island, fort St. Catherine’s historic exhibits & artifacts and well-preserved interior makes it our top choice of forts and a great Bermuda sightseeing place. 
Blue Hole Park & Walsingham Reserve: A Nature Reserve in Hamilton Parish spreading across 12 acres of land area. It's also known as the Tom Moore's jungle and actually the only real forest area in the island. It has amazing natural pool and hidden grottos & caves, nature trails amongst lush vegetation ... a perfect secluded exploration. 
Spittal Pond Nature Reserve: This is the largest and the most premium nature reserve of Bermuda covering 64-acres of land and is the best bird watching location in the island. This is located at Smith's Parish. 
Royal Naval Dockyard: A large dockyard and naval base built by the British in early 19th century is now a top tourist attraction with many historical buildings, art & craft centers, beach, festivals, tours and other great attractions. It has two berths - Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf where the large cruise ships dock. The dockyard is located in Sandys Parish at the western end. 
Full list of tourist attractions and sightseeing in Bermuda 
Well, there are many more great places to see in Bermuda and it's difficult to rank them all. So here is my complete list of all the tourist attractions and sightseeing places in Bermuda that are also our close favorites. I have categorized them under different heads. Click the links to see details of the places. 
Bermuda Museums and Historical Buildings - Here are the best of Museums, historic buildings and institutions in Bermuda that you will love to visit. 
Bermuda Churches - There are many Bermuda churches of different types - Some based on old gothic architecture, some built on wooden structures and some quite modern. There are some that have great scenic settings. Click the link to know about the best churches to visit in Bermuda. 
Bermuda National Parks, Gardens and Nature Reserves - Here are some of the best of Bermuda nature reserves, national parks and gardens along with pictures and reviews 
Bermuda Forts - There were over 90 forts built in Bermuda since the first settlement in 1612 till the time British garrisons were withdrawn in 1957. Out of them there are 16 mini-forts. Check out the above link to know about history of fortifications in Bermuda and many of the great forts that remained prominent in Bermuda's history. 
Bermuda Caves - There are some 150 known caves in Bermuda. Many of them are underwater caves and can be seen by the divers only. But there are several fabulous caves that are above the water surface and opened to tourists. Many of these have stunning crystal like mineral formations like stalactites and stalagmites. Check out the link to know about the best caves in Bermuda. 
Bermuda Lighthouses - Here are the lighthouses of Bermuda that played critical role in navigating ships that had to steer past the dangerous reefs in the North Atlantic. 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: This is the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world and located at Southampton Parish.  
St Davids Lighthouse Bermuda: The lighthouse stands on the highest point on the Eastern tip of the island and sends its beam 20 miles over the ocean. 
Bermuda Lakes, Harbors and Water Areas 
Hamilton Harbor: This is the Hamilton port area between Pembroke and Paget parishes where you will always see hundreds of boats in a picturesque setting. The harbor also has berths for cruise ships along the Front Street of Hamilton City. 
Great Sound & Little Sound: Great Sound is a large water area in Bermuda that has formed a natural harbor. It has an opening to the Atlantic to its north east. Just below Great Sound is another smaller water area separated by two peninsulas and known as Little Sound. 
St George Harbor: Located in St. George's Parish between St. George Island and St. David's Island, this is a port area having a cruise ship berth. There are many small islands scattered in the harbor. 
Castle Harbor: A scenic water area surrounded by Hamilton Parish and St. George. 
Harrington Sound: This is a scenic inland lake in Bermuda surrounded by Smiths and Hamilton Parish. It has a number of small islands in it. 
Paradise Lake: An out of the world water area in Great Sound and surrounded by a number of tiny islands, many of which have historic significance. 
Mangrove Lake: This is the largest pond measuring some 30 acres and located in Hamilton Parish towards the eastern side of the Harrington Sound. The pond is fringed by thick red mangroves and is home to killifish and diamondback terrapins. 
Trott's Pond: It's located about half a mile east of Mangrove Lake and is the second largest pond in Bermuda measuring some 10 acres. About 90% of the lake is fringed with a band of thick red mangroves. It too is home to diamondback terrapins. 
Other places of interest in Bermuda - Smallest bridge in the world, beautiful village, glassware items and more... 
Somerset Bridge: Somerset bridge in Bermuda is the smallest draw bridge in the world. It's located at the Sandys parish in the west and was originally built in 1620. 
Flatts Village: Located in Hamilton Parish, this picturesque sleepy village once used to be a busy port in Bermuda. Mark Twain spent his final few days here. 
Dockyard Glassworks: You will see how exquisite glassware items are made right in front of your eyes. There are many great pieces on sale too. 
Glass Blowing Studio: Located in Hamilton Parish Bermuda, artists at Glass Blowing Studio demonstrate and create exquisite glass artwork. 
Bermuda Perfumery: Located on Queen Street of St George, this is one of the oldest and best perfume shops where you will be amazed to see how different kinds of scents are actually created. 
Attractions for Kids in Bermuda 
What are the best attractions and sights for kids in Bermuda? To see my recommendations, Check out Kids attractions in Bermuda
Bermuda Tourist Map 
Well, before you start exploring the Bermuda sightseeing places, I suggest that you get hold of a good Bermuda tourist map. Check out Bermuda Tourist Map to find out where all these places are located. 
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