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Bermuda for Kids and Families

We had our seven year old son with us when we visited Bermuda for the first time. While it was a great vacation, we could have perhaps done a better job with him had we known all about Bermuda for Kids and families. 
For the next many visits to Bermuda, we kept exploring the best things that Bermuda offers for kids and children like the great family beaches, top sights &attractions for children, best places to stay in Bermuda for families and kids, and so on. I was also receiving e-mails from viewers asking me about the best options and things to do in Bermuda for Kids. 
Some were asking me questions like, which are the best beaches in Bermuda for the kids and why? What should the kids do if it rains or the weather is bad? Which are the hotels offering the best Kids programs in Bermuda? Are there playgrounds in Bermuda that have all the facilities including toilets, eateries? .. and so on.  
And the viewers had their own travel plans to Bermuda with their families &kids at different time of the year, and wanted to ensure that seasonal factors were also taken into consideration. 
So I finally decided to write about what we found in Bermuda for the kids. There are actually so many things for kids to do in Bermuda, so many places to visit, beachside playgrounds, great kid friendly restaurants &hotels, and the list goes on.  
So, let's take a look at all the options a family with kids have in Bermuda: 
Bermuda Beaches for Kids 
There are wonderful and picturesque beaches in Bermuda. But all are not suitable for children, particularly if you are planning to let them loose with water activities like swimming, snorkeling and so on. Because there may be two kinds of problems here: 
In some beaches, there are underwater reefs (or rocks) having sharp edges and those can be quite close to the water surface. They are sometimes not easily visible, more so during the high tides. One can get bad bruises or cuts with these unless one knows where they are and being able to navigate around them. Another problem with some of the beaches in Bermuda is the underwater current. You should stay away from these beaches if you have kids with you. Rather go for shallow and calm beaches that also have facilities like bathrooms, cafe, asssociated playgrounds etc so that the children can enjoy fully. Check out Bermuda Beaches for Kids &Families to know the ones that I recommend for Kids &families in Bermuda. 
Well, your kids may be pretty much done with beaches in Bermuda if you have taken them to all the beaches that I mentioned in the above link. You may not really need to look beyond those for the sake of your children only. However, if you do want to explore all the other great beaches of Bermuda, see Great Beaches in Bermuda. 
Let's now look at the other areas of interests for the kids in Bermuda. 
Kids playgrounds in Bermuda 
There are many children's playground and kids parks all over Bermuda. If you are coming by a cruise ship and docked at Kings Wharf, best is to use the park at the dockyard itself. It is right next to the Snorkel Park Beach. If you are going to a beach that has an adjoining playground, you get double benefits by having both beach and a park in the same place. 
Considering all this I have compiled a list of playgrounds in Bermuda that are open to public and best for the visitors and their families. Check Kids playgrounds in Bermuda to know about them all. 
Kids Attractions and Sights in Bermuda 
Other than the beaches and playgrounds, there are plenty of special attractions for the kids in Bermuda. Starting from great aquariums, museums, to zoo, caves, forts ... they are all here in Bermuda for the kids to enjoy. And what happens if it rains or the weather is bad - where do the kids go? Check out Kids attractions in Bermuda to know all my recommendations. 
Bermuda Activities for Kids and Families 
Here is my selected list of activities for kids &children while you are on a family vacation in Bermuda: Kids &Family activities in Bermuda 
Best hotels in Bermuda for kids and families 
If you are travelling to Bermuda by air and taking your kids along, you will need to know about the hotels that are kids friendly. That means you will need to find out the hotels that offer special kids programs to keep them happily engaged, provide baby sitting services (if you need one), and also have sports and other activities for the children. The restaurants in the hotels should be kids friendly as well and prepare the right kind of food for the kids. Check out Bermuda Hotels for kids and families to know all about our findings of the best places to stay in Bermuda with families and kids. 
Kids &Family Friendly Restaurants 
There are several restaurants of different types in Bermuda that welcome kids and some of them also offer special kids menu, and some even engage the kids in activities which they love. Visit Kids &Family Restaurants in Bermuda 
Kids stores in Bermuda 
There are plenty of stores in Bermuda for kids and children of all age selling varied items starting from clothing, toys, chocolates, food, art &crafts, electronic items and lot more. Check Bermuda kids stores to know about the best stored for children. 
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