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All inclusive offers in Bermuda have been traditionally available only in luxury resorts and hotels. So what can you expect in an all-inclusive resort in Bermuda? I mean what does such all inclusive package from a resort actually include? 
Other than the room, a proper all inclusive offer in Bermuda should include: 
1) All the main meals like breakfast, lunch & dinner with choice of in-house restaurants, as well as traditional British style afternoon tea. 
2) unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (exceptions are usually premier brands of liquor, bottles of wine & champagne etc.). Wine by glass is offered; 
3) Round trip airport transfers in private cars; 
4) Complimentary entertainment & activities like boating, water-sports, or access to resorts own sports facilities like spas, tennis, golf etc. 
5) And of course access to all other common amenities of the resort like pool, gym, lounge etc that are available to all guests.  
However note that since the choice of room (i.e. category) can vary depending on the level of luxury and amenities you want (deluxe to suites & villas), the room rate is usually kept separate in an all inclusive package offer. Which means room rate gets determined by the type of room you choose and then another component with a per-person rate is added for all other offerings likes meals, drinks, activities etc. Alternatively different all-in-one package rates are offered depending on room type which includes room and everything else, and this is usually offered for a couple. 
One of the great advantages of Bermuda all inclusive resort or hotel deals is that you know how much exactly to spend during your vacation in Bermuda, as virtually all essential costs are covered by the package during your stay in the island.  
How to decide on a Bermuda all inclusive resort package? 
Usually no discount is extended in the room rate itself unless you are visiting in a low season. Therefore your decision of choosing an all inclusive resort offer in Bermuda should primarily depend on what value or deal you are getting in the second part of the rate which covers everything else other than the room rate. If that's a good deal, then that's one good reason to choose the deal. 
However usually the resorts will require a minimum night stay to avail an all inclusive offer. But usually that's not a problem because you are probably not planning a Bermuda vacation for less than 3-4 nights anyway and that's what the resorts require. 
Most resorts in Bermuda offer free nights or great discounts on room rates during the winter time (November to March). So if you plan your vacation in such time, you get a huge double benefit in all inclusive offers - heavily discounted room rate in one hand and great deals on food and facilities on the other. 
Another important consideration of choosing an all inclusive resort in Bermuda is its location and in-house amenities. Here are few things we look for: 
1) Is it a beach front resort or does it have a private beach of its own? 
2) Does the resort have its own watersport activities like kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boating etc which we can avail in our own flexible time? Many large resorts in Bermuda have professional water sports centers operating from their properties. 
3) What are the in-house restaurant choices? What cuisine they specialize in? How are the reviews of these restaurants etc etc. This is an important consideration because having already paid for an all inclusive resort package, you are virtually shutting off the option of dining out, and there are some great restaurants in the island which you don't want to miss other than for good reasons. 
Note that some resorts and hotels in Bermuda sometimes offer dining exchange programs. Which means you have a choice to dine out at restaurants of other resorts and hotels that have reciprocal arrangements with your resort. So you should also check out if such option is on the offer. 
4) Find out the number of in-house pools (indoor & outdoor), the kind of spas & fitness centers, other games & entertainment options.  
5) If the resort is set up on a great lush landscape with acres of land area with lovely views (which most usually do), then we will certainly spend a lot of time within the resort premises, but would not still plan to remain confined within the resort for the entire stay. Therefore it's important that the all-inclusive offer has a provision (ideally a transport) to let us visit and enjoy the attractions around the island. 
So which are great all-inclusive resorts in Bermuda? 
The old time visitors of the island would know that the resort Club Med located in St George used to offer great all-inclusive packages until it closed down in 1988. Another gorgeous resort The Harmony Club was one of our favorites for all inclusive stays. That too closed down in 2008. Since then there has been only one resort in Bermuda which offers a proper all inclusive package. There are a few others who make special offers which are more like a mid-way packages for example with only breakfast, or breakfast with dinner along with few special activities etc. 
The following section describes full and part all-inclusive resorts and offers: 
This is a beautiful resort located at the eastern part of the island in Hamilton Parish. This is currently the only resort that offers proper all inclusive package in Bermuda. The offer includes: 
a) Breakfast, lunch & dinner with choice of several nice restaurants. On Tuesdays and Fridays (in high season only), it includes barbecue as well.  
b) All non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (only house & call brands, wine by glass). 
c) Tennis (you get day as well as night court time as part of the package). However equipment and lessons are charged separately. 
d) Non-motorized water sport activities like kayak, paddle boards, snorkeling, sailing boats, windsurfing etc (includes gears).  
e) Transportation passes to get around the island by public buses and ferries. Passes allow you unlimited hop on and off access to both buses and ferries. 
d) Includes all taxes and service charges (they call it gratuities). 
e) Current indicative cost: $109 per person in addition to the room rate. Rate for children between 4-16 is $79. Requires 3 nights minimum stay. 
Additionally the resort has lovely although small private beach of its own. You get choice of rooms with wonderful ocean views. One of the unique features of this resort is its caves within its property that are accessible to guests. There are two ancient underground caves with lake formations. You can do cave swimming here. They have also opened a great spa and a bar inside one of the caves. With colorful lights the caves and the water look magical inside.  
The resort also has a well known scuba diving as well as a water sport center operating out of its property. So water sports galore! 
What else? All guests are invited to Rum Swizzle Party organized by the General Manager of the hotel, you can do fish feeding and you get daily complimentary afternoon tea (which is served in traditional British style with sandwiches & cookies). 
So is it a good deal? Yes. Why? Look at the per person additional rate for the all inclusive package. Any meal at any standard restaurant in Bermuda will cost around $50-$65 per person. So with 3 meals and so many additional offers like unlimited free drinks, water sports and transportation pass (3 day pass itself costs $35 per person), it's more than just a good deal. And to top it all, it's a wonderful resort with great friendly service. Go through the hotel link to know all about its amenities and offerings, as well as the contact information to make further inquiry and booking. 
2) Special Offers from other hotels 
Some hotels in Bermuda offer different types of meal plans like: 
AP: American plan that includes Room with breakfast, lunch and dinner 
MAP: Modified American Plan that includes room with breakfast and dinner 
BP: Bermuda Plan that includes room and breakfast 
CP: Continental Plan that includes room and continental breakfast (usually bread, butter, jam, milk, fruits, tea or coffee, sometimes eggs as well) 
EP: European plan that offers rate only for the room. 
And some of them combine some activities like golf, tennis, spa etc with the meal plans and make attractive packages. The idea is to cater to a broad range of desires. These are ideal for those who like to spend time both within and outside the resort. So if you mostly plan to go out during the day visiting places, then a MAP meal plan would be the best so that you can take your lunch outside, or room with only breakfast. Here are some hotels which make such special offers: 
a) Fairmont Southampton: A great resort with large expanses of lush landscape, with its own 18-hole golf course and rooms overlooking the ocean. They offer special packages including room with breakfast, package for romantic stay for couples that includes luxury room with round trip airport transfers, welcome drink, access to spa with couple massage for 60 minutes, one romantic candle lit dinner, resort credit of $50 per day etc. They also offer tennis and golf packages where such activities are combined with accommodation. Some packages for example the one for romantic stay require minimum nights stay (5 nights in this case). 
b) The Reefs Romantic Package: The Reefs is a lovely resort on a cliff, with its own beach and rooms having sweeping views of the ocean. They offer a nice package for romantic stay. It includes 5nights/6days stay for couples in a room or suite of one's choice, round trip airport transfer, welcome drinks (champagne and chocolate covered strawberries), daily breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, 60 minutes spa massage for couple, drink vouchers, gift etc. 
c) Elbow Beach Hotel with its lovely private beach on the south shore offers room with breakfast. They also offer a package with free extra night, breakfast and credit for spa. Another offer includes spa or dining credit. 
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