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Bermuda Activities: What To Do 
All your questions about fun activities in Bermuda and recreational entertainment are answered here including tours & excursions, watersports, boating & sailing, wildlife, birding, golfing, fishing, riding, whale watching, nightlife, shopping and lot more: Bermuda Activities
Places to Visit in Bermuda 
Looking for the best Bermuda places to visit? Great beaches? Museums? Caves, Forts, Churches or other attractions? Check out Top places to visit in Bermuda for complete information about all the great places of interest in Bermuda. 
Best Hotels and Accommodations in Bermuda 
You will find almost all types of hotels and lodgings in this section and be able to find one that matches your requirement. Starting from the best budget hotels, b&bs, guesthouses, apartments, cottages to beachfront and luxury hotels, I have listed and reviewed them all. 
1) Top budget hotels and accommodations - great value for money at reasonable price. 
2) Great Luxury Hotels and Resorts for those planning a lavish vacation in the island. 
3) Guest Houses and Inns where you get personal care and attention from the owners. 
4) Apartments Rentals if you like to stay in a home away from home as cook your own food. 
5) Cottages, Villas and Cottage Colonies if you are looking for independent units for privacy. 
6) All-inclusive Bermuda Resorts when you want the hotel to offer you an all inclusive package including transfers, room, food & drinks, sightseeing & activities etc. 
7) Best beachfront hotels: Hotels that not only offer great view of the ocean, but also have their own beach and great on-beach amenities and activities. 
Food and Restaurants in Bermuda 
Looking for the best cheap restaurants and eateries in Bermuda? Here is all the information you want: Top Cheap Restaurants in Bermuda 
Check out Top Bermuda Restaurants to know about our personal favorites when it comes to dining in Bermuda. This includes a range of restaurants of different cuisine and categories. 
If you are looking for the best in class restaurants in Bermuda (which are generally meant for upscale fine dining experience) and also the top mid priced Bermuda restaurants, then check out the following: Fine dining & top mid priced Restaurants 
Bermudian food is quite interesting. Do you know that the famous Bermuda fish chowder which is a thick soup gets prepared from the fish head and is one of the delicacies of Bermuda cuisine. Check out Bermuda Local Food & Drinks to know about many local Bermudian cuisine, great dishes and where to get them. 
Bermuda also has its own produce of alcoholic beverages. Some concoctions like Rum Swizzle are signature drinks of the island. Check out Bermuda Wine & Alcohol to know about Bermuda's own wine and spirits. 
Map, Weather, Holidays, Events, Visitors Info Centers... 
How to get the right Bermuda map? One of the most important things to consider as part of your Bermuda tourism is a real useful map of Bermuda. Here are all the maps that you need including Parish map, beach map, hotel map and Bermuda tourist maps to plan your stay in Bermuda: Bermuda Map 
Here is a complete guide to the main Bermuda events for tourists and locals covering cultural, social, sports, musical, performing art, food and others: Bermuda Events Calendar 
Where are the Bermuda Tourist/Visitors Information Centers? Here are the location and contacts of the Tourist and Visitors Visitors Information Centers in Bermuda including directions. 
Which are the Bermuda Public Holidays? Find out all about Bermuda Holidays and how the Bermudians celebrate them. 
Check Bermuda Weather & Climate to know about Bermuda's weather like air and water temperature by month, humidity, rainfall, hurricanes, wind directions and more. 
Getting To & Around Bermuda 
When you plan a trip to Bermuda, the first thing is to ensure that you have all your travel documents in place. Unless all your required travel documents are in order, you won't be allowed entry into the island once you reach a cruise port or the international airport in Bermuda, and that's the worst situation you want to be in.  The required travel documentation varies depending on one's nationality. Although just a valid passport works for citizens of US, UK and Canada visiting as tourists, but others require more documentation including multi re-entry transit visa as well as ensuring a minimum validity of passport to visit Bermuda as tourist. Check out Passport & Visa Requirements to get all the details about travel documents required by tourists and others to visit Bermuda. 
Looking for information about Air Travel to Bermuda? About flights to Bermuda, Bermuda's Airport, arrival and departure facilities & formalities, Health Insurance? Then check out this link: Bermuda Air Travel 
Which are the best cruises to Bermuda and what do they offer? Well over 350,000 visitors take cruises to Bermuda every year. Here is my full review of Bermuda cruises and what makes the top Bermuda cruise deals: Bermuda Cruises 
If you are sailing into Bermuda by a private yacht, visit Sailing to Bermuda for information about preparation, safety & provisions, ocean voyage, approaching the harbor, customs clearance and more. 
What can you bring to the island? Is there any duty free allowance? Which items attract customs duty in Bermuda and how much? Check out Bermuda Customs Duty for details. 
How to commute within Bermuda - Bus, Ferry, Mopeds, Scooter, Taxi? Are they good? is there car rental in Bermuda? Check out Bermuda Transports to know all about public transports in Bermuda. 
You can buy tickets, tokens or passes to travel in a public bus or ferry in Bermuda. Passes offer unlimited hop on & hop off access while they are valid. Visit Bermuda Passes & Tickets for detailed information about where to get them, fares etc. 
How do you design a perfect vacation in Bermuda? You have a long wish list, but also a tight budget. Here is how we do it: Bermuda Vacation Plan 
Wondering if Bermuda can be a destination for budget travelers? Well, if you know the ways and means, it won't sink you for sure. Check out Bermuda on Budget to know how. 
Internet, Phones, Currency & ATMs 
There are quite a few internet cafes and wi-fi access points in Bermuda including in Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George: Bermuda Internet Cafes 
While visiting Bermuda, can you use your own cell phones in the island and make international and local calls? Or use calling cards or cell phone rentals? Find out all the options available and the cost & other implications: Using Cell Phones & Calling Cards in Bermuda 
Bermuda dollar is treated at par with US dollar. US currency can be freely used every where in the island in lieu of Bermuda currency. However the ATMs dispense only Bermuda notes. Check out Bermuda Currency & ATMs to get full information about bermuda's currency and location of ATMs in the island. 
Check out Bermuda Post Office to know about the main as well several other post offices in Bermuda including the services offered. 
Local Customs, Health & Safety 
So what are the local customs and traditions followed in the island? Well, Bermuda has been heavily influenced by the British traditions and also have influences from Caribbean and North America. Check out Bermuda Traditions & Local Customs to know about all the local traditions & customs and have a better understanding of the island and its people. 
While Bermuda is generally quite safe, there do exist some risks, dangers and natural hazards. Check out Bermuda Health and Safety to know it all and about the safety measures. 
Bermuda Travel Tips 
Visit Bermuda Tourist Information and Travel Tips for a lot of useful information that you should know before you start your Bermuda travel. This includes time zone, population, driving norms, shopping & store hours, taxes on purchased goods, consulate offices in the island, theft & crime, electrical voltage, dress codes, tipping, and lot more...  
Complete Bermuda Vacation & Travel Guides on eBooks! 
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1) Check out the Bermuda Business Directory which lists virtually every establishment in the island by category along with details, or 
2) visit Bermuda Forum to find out what other visitors are asking, and the answers to their questions. There is a wealth of information there. You can also post your own Bermuda related question in the forum. 
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Visitors' Comments & Messages 
Curt Knapp 
Dear Sir, I live in Sweden. When is the best time to visit Bermuda? How long should one stay? Is the island cheap or expensive? Should one rent a car or bicycle, moped or a small car? What is the food like? Is it better to get a total inclusive package or go shopping for different hotels, airline companies? Best regards, 
Hello, Best time to visit Bermuda is between May to October, after that it becomes a little cold and the tourist attractions mostly close down. Tourist visa is offered for up to 3 months, but 4-5 days of stay should give you a good flavor of the island. If you are used to driving along the left side of the road, then renting a scooter will give you all the flexibility. It is relatively cheap and you can explore all the nooks and crannies of the island. 
Most things including food in the island are relatively expensive, since almost everything here is imported. So compared to the U.S, Canada and even England, the island is more expensive. You will get all sorts of food here including British, Italian, Continental, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and of course Bermudian. 
Only Grotto Bay Beach Resort presently offers All Inclusive package (but not air tickets). You can take a look at that. It is better to shop for airlines, hotels, food and transport separately. Hope this helps! 
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