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Top places to visit in Bermuda

Best places to visit in Bermuda? Well, this is probably the most loaded question that I have ever faced and interestingly, this is one of the most frequent questions that has come to me from the travelers to Bermuda. 
So, what kind of places are you looking for? Beaches, Museums, Caves, Forts, Parks, or Scenic sights? You have them all here and in plenty. Are you ready to travel end to end across the island to experience best of the best that Bermuda offers? 
Or, are you wanting to see whatever is best available near about the place or the parish where you would stay in Bermuda. My answer will vary widely depending on this and more so depending on the type of things you actually like to see. After all not everyone likes everything. 
Also, my answers will probably be a bit biased based on what my family and I have liked the most in Bermuda over the years, and have been loving to visit every time we are here in the island. Let me first assume that you have no restrictions in travelling around the island. Then I'll come to parish specific places to visit. Here are the best of the best in Bermuda, of course to our rankings. 
Which are the best Bermuda beaches? 
There are some unbelievable pink sandy beaches in the island. Some of them are fairly large expanses of sand and some are wonderful tiny coves. Check Best Bermuda Beaches to know about the top beaches in Bermuda. 
Which are the best sightseeing places in Bermuda? 
There are many sightseeing places in Bermuda. Some of them are simply fantastic and unmatched anywhere in the world. Check Top Bermuda Sightseeing places to know about the best places to visit in Bermuda including Museums, forts, lighthouses, caves, national parks and gardens, churches and lot more. 
Which are the hot spot places in Bermuda to visit? 
While there are many attractions in Bermuda, there are few places in the island which are always bustling with visitors. That's probably because they offer a mix of everything including things of interests, restaurants, shops, activities, nightlife and a lot more. Here are those hot spots in Bermuda: 
Hamilton City, Bermuda: Being the port capital of Bermuda, Hamilton city is really the heart of the island. Starting from all the glittering shops and restaurants, to some of the finest hotels and sightseeing, are all here. Find out here all about the best of Hamilton city. I have also created a Hamilton city tour guide in this section. 
Dockyard at Kings Wharf: With all the large cruise ships docking at Kings Wharf, this place has developed into a major tourist attraction. Once a British Naval Dockyard, it is now become a complex that houses some of the top places to visit in Bermuda including museums, fort, beaches, art & craft centers, Dolphin training center and lot more. 
St. George's Town: Located at the eastern end of Bermuda, the town of St. George is a World Heritage Site and has a lot of historical significance. This is where the first human settlement in Bermuda began way back in 1609 when George Somers arrived on a ship along with his crew members. If you are interested in history of Bermuda, like to wander about the olde town along the narrow alleyways, take a look at the quaint shops selling many different items including local artworks, and dine as you soak in the wonderful view of the harbor, then this is the place to go. 
How to find all the best places to visit in a Parish of Bermuda? 
There are nine parishes or districts in Bermuda. They are like counties. Depending on the Parish where you would stay, you can choose one of the links below. It will tell you all about the parish including all the great places to visit within the parish. 
Sandys Parish: This is the western most parish in Bermuda where the Dockyard is located. If you are visiting by a cruise ship, you are likely to be docked at the western tip of the Parish in an island called the Ireland Island. Luckily, this parish offers some of the top attractions and great places to visit. So you won't have to go too far. 
Southampton Parish: The parish has a great mix of attractions like the pink sandy beaches, lighthouses, best of hotels and restaurants, and lot more. This parish is to the east and adjacent to Sandy's parish. 
Warwick Parish: Known for great hotels, sightseeing attractions and some of the best beaches of Bermuda. It is to the east of and adjacent to Southampton. 
Paget Parish: is centrally located with many of the best hotels and attractions located here. 
Pembroke Parish: The central parish where Hamilton City, the capital of Bermuda is located. 
Devonshire Parish: It has flourished base on farming. Has beautiful landscapes and other attractions. 
Smith's Parish: The parish offers delightful country rides and charm. It has its boundaries on north shore, south shore as well as on the southern part of Harrington Sound.  
Hamilton Parish: This is the second most eastern Parish of Bermuda connected to St. George by a causeway. 
St George Parish: St George parish is located at the eastern end of Bermuda and is by itself an island. St George's town, a world heritage site is located in this parish. 
Click Bermuda Parish Map to know location of the parishes. Click on a section of the map to see great detailed map of a parish itself. 
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