Bermuda Cruise Wedding

A great advantage of getting married on a cruise to Bermuda is that the wedding can be a part of the entire cruise package. You get a perfect romantic settings, and the cruise line takes care of all the arrangements. You can choose the package in such a way that you can have your wedding ceremony on-board the ship or even at an on-shore location like a beach. Cruise lines like Princess Cruises offer weddings at sea. The captains are able to perform ceremonies by obtaining Bermuda licenses. 
You need to check with other cruise lines like NCL and Royal Caribbean for their current offerings on cruise wedding. Some wedding cruise packages include an option to get married on board while the ship is docked in the port or at an on-shore location like a beach or church. In such cases, the cruise line will take all responsibilities to bring in the wedding officials to perform the marriage ceremony. You can also invite your friends and relatives. They may be accompanying you on your cruise or meet you at the port. 
Inquire with the cruise line about rules for guests both sailing and non-sailing, as restrictions have recently grown tighter. Bermuda cruise wedding packages generally range in cost from $800-$2,500. These are the charges of the basic packages.  
Charges go up as you go for luxury and additional accompaniments. A basic package will generally include the marriage official, a bouquet for the bride, and boutonniere for the groom, a bottle of champagne, a cake, recorded music and some wedding pictures. Note that marriage license fees will depend on the jurisdiction where your marriage takes place. Once you reach Bermuda's shore, marriage license fees of the island will apply. While on sail, depending on the territory you are in, the applicable license fees will be charged. 
Cruise lines offer limited weddings per sail. So you need to book early. Also you can book your cruise wedding package only after you have booked the cruise to Bermuda. So you need to ensure that there is wedding provision on your day of sail. The rest is for you to relax and enjoy on a luxurious cruise ship, dine out of many specialty restaurants, spend time on plenty of activities, enjoy the ocean views and toast to your heart's content. 
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