Shore Fishing in Bermuda

Shore fishing in Bermuda does not require any kind of permit or license. While Bonefish at the shallow waters is a typical catch, barracuda, snapper and pompano are also caught by the anglers from Bermuda shores. 
Although May to November is the best time for fishing in Bermuda, you can also catch Bonefish even in the winter time. They will usually be medium sized and weigh between 6 to 10 lbs. Remember, bonefish usually hide in sheltered shallow waters. And they are strong pulling fish. 
So which are the best places for shore fishing in Bermuda? 
You should look for large expanses of shallow water area along the shore. In the western pat of the island, Great Sound, Little Sound, West Whale Bay and Spring Benny's Bay are typically very good for shore fishing in Bermuda.  
Ely's Harbor (near the Somerset Bridge) and Daniel's Head are also popular shore fishing areas at the western end of Bermuda. Much of the south shore is good for fishing. Watch Hill Park is an anglers favorite. There are great options for shore fishing at the eastern side of Bermuda as well. St. George's Harbor, Harrington Sound in Hamilton Parish have enclosed shallow areas and are excellent for shore fishing. 
Other great shore fishing areas in Bermuda include: 
2) Cooper's Island Nature Reserve (along the rocky coastline), 
5) Devonshire Bay, and 
Tackles and Fishing Equipment in Bermuda 
There are many local tackle shops in Bermuda where you can buy or even rent fishing equipment. You can rent them by days or even by weeks. There is usually a security deposit (to the tune of $30) required. The daily rent of the tackles vary starting from $10 onwards depending on the type and make etc. 
Here are some well known outfitters who rent out fishing equipment in Bermuda: 
Fly Bridge Tackle  
Located on Church Street, Hamilton City (opposite bus terminal of Church Street) 
Phone: (441) 295-1845, Email: 
The center is the host of the Bermuda Junior Anglers Tournament and sponsor of the Bermuda Billfish and the Mid Ocean Wahoo Tournaments. 
Four Winds FishingTackle Ltd.  
2 Woodlands Road, Pembroke, Phone: (441) 292- 7466 
Mangrove Marina Ltd.  
Located at the end of Cambridge Road, Mangrove Bay, Somerset  
Phone: (441) 234- 0914 
Harbor Road Marina  
Newstead, Paget, Phone: (441) 236- 6060 
Pompano Beach Club & Waterports,  
Southampton, Phone: (441) 234- 0222, Extn: 212 
Salt Kettle Yacht Charters Ltd.  
(You will need to take a boat on rental. The tackle comes with the boat) 
Salt Kettle, Paget, Phone: (441) 236- 4863 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
Beverly (December 2015) 
If we take a cruise to King's Wharf, can we surf fish? Is there any kind of fishing allowed? Thank you 
Raj (  December 2015 
Hi, shore fishing is quite popular in Bermuda. Some of the good places for shore fishing near Kings Wharf (i.e. Royal Naval Dockyard) would be Daniel's Head, Ely's Harbor, Great Sound water area etc. 
Patricia MacGregor 
Good morning, my husband would like to shore fish in early Sept. I am wondering if you could suggest locations where I could find something to do while he is fishing - i.e. fishing/sea glass beach or fishing/fort or museum. We are arriving on a cruise and using the local transportation pass. I would like to be in the same general area as my husband. Also, where can he purchase fish food - such as squid strips many thanks in advance 
Raj ( 
Hi, you can consider the following two locations for fishing and visiting forts: 
1. St. Catherine's Point in St. George which is great for shore fishing and also the home for famous St. Catherine's Fort. There is also a beach here. Check out the following links: 
2. West Whale Bay where the Whale Bay Fort (only remnants though) is located. 
For fish food, you may ask any tackle shop (listed above) and they will let you know. 
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