Bermuda Weather in October

October in Bermuda is quite cooler compared to September. This is the time when the temperature starts coming down. The air temperature in October varies between an average high of 80 degree Fahrenheit to a low of 72 degree. 
The water temperature also comes down to 77 degree. But Water visibility increases to 100-120 feet making it a great time for scuba diving or even snorkeling. 
There has been some hurricane strikes in Bermuda in October over the recent years. But don't worry. Bermuda is generally well prepared to handle hurricanes compared to many of the Caribbean islands. To know when and how hurricane strikes in Bermuda and its impacts, check Bermuda Hurricane. Here is a picture of how a typical day in October looks in Bermuda. 
Typical Bermuda Weather in October 
Bermuda Weather in October 
A chart showing average high and low temperatures in Bermuda in October. 
Air Temperature 
High (°F)
Air Temperature 
Low (°F)
Sea Temperature 
Average  (°F)
Note that the above temperatures are average over the whole month of October. A particular day may have highs or lows that may be slightly different from the above. 
The following chart shows typical temperature in October by time as the day progresses. As you can see in the chart below, the typical early morning temperature is at 75.4 degrees and then it rises during afternoon to 78 degrees, and drops in the evening to 74.9 degrees. The night temperature is the lowest. 
A typical October day temperatures in Bermuda by time: 
Early Morning 
Early Evening 
Other important Bermuda weather information in October: 
Average Humidity
Average Rainfall
6.6 inches (Rains about 13 days in the month, but in short spans)
Average cloudiness/sunshine
On an average you can expect 7 hours of clear sky and sunshine in a day.
Average water visibility
100 - 120 feet (30 - 35 meters)
Bermuda public events in October 
The major events in Bermuda during October includes King Edward VII Gold Cup which is an international yacht race, Bermuda Music Festival, and PGA Grand Slam of Golf
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