Butterfield Bank, Bermuda

Also known as Bank of Butterfield, this is one of the oldest banks in Bermuda and has been founded in 1758. Although it has been established and based in Bermuda, Butterfield Bank also has operations in few other countries including Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Switzerland and the UK. 
The bank has several portfolio of services including Personal Banking, Business and Corporate Banking, Institutional Banking and Wealth Management. 
Under Personal Banking it offers services like Everyday Banking, Savings accounts, Borrowing, Credit Cards, Insurance, Investment Center, Trust & Estate Services etc. Under Business and Corporate Banking, it offers Commercial Credit, Account Services,  Corporate Trust, Merchant Services, Treasury, Custody etc. Under Institutional services, it provides Corporate Trust, Custody, Captive Insurance Support etc. In Wealth management the bank services includes Private Banking, Butterfield Trust, Asset Management etc. 
Butterfield Bank, Bermuda (St. George's Branch) 
Butterfield Bank, Bermuda 
History of Butterfiled Building at St. Georges 
Here is a brief timeline history of the Butterfield bank's building located at the King's Square in St. Georges (picture above) 
  • Original building was constructed in 1776 and was known as The Stiles House. It was used as a mess by the British troops during American Revolutionary War. 
  • In 1812, it became George Hotel 
  • Around 1851, this hotel was known as the St George's Hotel and had a nice wooden balcony added. In 1870s, its name was changed to Kennellys hotel. 
  • In the 1930's, it was renamed as the Somers Inn hotel. 
  • In 1940, The Bank of Butterfield started a branch operation in the lower floor.  
  • In 1954, the bank bought out the entire building and restored it to its original design and architecture of 1776. 
    Location and Contacts 
    The bank of Butterfield has branches and operations in several convenient places in Bermuda. 
    Head Office is located at Hamilton City 
    65 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12 
    Phone: (441)298-4691 
    St. George's Banking Center 
    1 King's Square, St. George's, GE05 
    Phone: (441)297-1277  
    Somerset Banking Center 
    45 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandy's, MA01 
    Phone: (441)234-0048; Email: contact@bntb.bm 
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