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Bermuda Ferry Services

Bermuda ferry service (known as Sea Express) is operated by Bermuda Government's Department of Marine & Ports Services. This is a public ferry service that operates a number of ferries over several routes. The ferries are mostly air-conditioned high speed catamarans. The boats are modern and comfortable, with a capacity of 200 or more passengers. The main hub of ferry service is the Hamilton ferry terminal located in Hamilton City and accessible from Front Street. This is from where all the ferry routes originate, connect to various places in the island and return. 
Bermuda Ferry 
Although you may not be able to reach out to every corner of the island by ferry, it is a formidable part of Bermuda's Public Transport System. In many cases a ferry service would be much more convenient and faster than the bus or even taxis. So if you are planning to get around the island using public transports, you should first figure out if your destination is reachable by ferry. If so then try to avail the ferry service if the timings are suitable. 
Bermuda Ferry Routes 
A route does not necessarily connect just two points, and may go through several legs of journey connecting several points before returning to Hamilton. But all ferry routes do start from Hamilton ferry terminal (which is the main ferry dock in the island) and return there. 
For the tourists, the best way to understand the Bermuda public ferry routes is by first knowing the location of the main three places in the island. Hamilton Ferry Terminal, which is the central hub and origin of all ferry routes is located centrally. The Kings wharf (or the Royal Naval Dockyard) is located at the western tip of the island and St. George's Town is located at the eastern end of the island (not shown in the map below). 
Between the Dockyard and Hamilton City, there is a direct ferry (Blue Route) and it can be a lot faster than the bus or any other transport in Bermuda. The direct ferry between Hamilton and the dockyard takes only about 20 minutes compared to about an hour by bus. However sometimes the same Blue Route may also service couple of other places like Cavello Bay and Watford bridge (as you can see in the picture). 
Bermuda Ferry Routes 
Bermuda Ferry Routes 
But there is no direct ferry between Hamilton City and St. George's Town. So if you are planning to take a ferry from Hamilton City for St. George, you will first need to go to the west end (Dockyard) and then to St. George at the eastern end. Same route is followed for the reverse journey as well. The entire one way journey will take over an hour including the wait time at the dockyard. The bus from Hamilton to St George on the other hand also takes about an hour. However from the dockyard, the Orange ferry route gives a direct access to St. George. 
As you can see in the map above, there are four ferry lines or routes that connect various points in Bermuda. They are identified by their respective colors (Blue, Pink, Green and Orange). Find out all about Bermuda ferry routes below. All the ferry routes start from Hamilton City, go to various ferry docks and come back. 
High-speed catamarans operate on the longer routes (i.e. Blue, Orange & Green routes). The catamarans can carry scooters, motor cycles, bicycles etc (only in designated routes) at an additional cost of $4. But if you have a transport pass, you can take your scooter for free. 
BLUE ROUTE: Hamilton to Royal Naval Dockyard and back. This direct ferry between Dockyard and Hamilton takes about 20 minutes one way. Scooters and motor bikes can embark in Hamilton and Dockyard only. The service is reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
ORANGE ROUTE: The route goes from Hamilton to Dockyard at the west (about 20 minutes) and then from Dockyard to east-end St. George (35 minutes) along the northern shoreline. So if you are going all the way from Hamilton to St. George (or getting back), you will need to disembark at Dockyard. This means paying separately for each leg of the journey unless you have a day pass. This ferry line operates during the summer season only (i.e. usually second week of April to first week of November). The service is only from Monday to Friday (no service on the weekends). It offers a great scenic cruise along the north-shore with magnificent views. Motor bikes and scooters are not allowed on this route. Update April 2013: The Orange route has been modified and the ferry plies only between the Dockyard and St. George. You can't access this route directly from Hamilton City. 
GREEN ROUTE: This is essentially a commuters route. The usual route starts from Hamilton to Rockaway Ferry Stop at Southampton (30 minutes) and back. However in some runs the ferry goes to Watford bridge and Cavello Bay and returns. Scooters and motor bikes can embark at Hamilton and Rockaway. No service on Saturday & Sunday. 
PINK ROUTE: This is a short ferry service from Hamilton City to several small docks in Warwick and Paget parishes. The points covered in the route are Lower Ferry, Hodson's Ferry, Salt Kettle, Darrell's Wharf and Belmont Ferry Stop. Scooters and motorbikes not allowed on this route. The service is reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
Bermuda Ferry Schedules 
Bermuda Government publishes a Summer Schedule and a Winter Schedule for the ferry services. The Summer Schedule is usually for the period between Mid April to first week of November. The Winter Schedule is for the remaining period of November second week to Mid April. The time periods of the two schedules, ferry routes and ferry timings go through minor changes almost every year. 
During the summer schedule, the ferry service is much more frequent than the winter schedule. Just to give you an idea, during summer time the Blue Route ferry makes about 25 round trips on a week day between Hamilton and Dockyard compared to only about 8 round trips during winter time. Also the service span on a day is longer during summer time, which for example means you will be able to return late from Hamilton back to the Dockyard by a ferry during summer. The ferry service gets reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. The Orange Route between Dockyard and St George does not operate in winter and also on any Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
2014/2015 Bermuda Winter Ferry Schedule (Effective October 27, 2014)  
Ferry Schedules courtesy Department of 
Marine And Ports Services, Bermuda. 
Ferry Fares & Modes of Payments 
You can use tokens, tickets or Transport Pass, or pay cash (by exact change) in ferries. The pass is convenient and gives you unlimited hop on & off access to both buses and ferries as long as it's valid, which could be a day or several days depending on what you buy. You can buy the passes or tokens at any of the ferry or bus terminals, Visitors Information Centers and other designated places. Tickets are available only in post offices and the main ferry and bus terminals in Hamilton. Check out Bermuda Passes, Tickets, Tokens and Fares to know about all the mode of payments, fares, what may be the best option for you, places where you can get them, and other useful information. 
Handicap (Wheelchair) Access in Ferries 
While most ferries are wheelchair accessible (lower deck only), unfortunately not all ferry points or docks have proper ramps for wheelchairs. Only three ferry terminals are currently wheelchair accessible, and they are Hamilton, Dockyard (Kings Wharf area) and Rockaway in Southampton. 
Hamilton Ferry Terminal 
Located at the western end of Front Street next to Bank of Bermuda building. 
Open Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 7:30pm; Saturday: 8:30am - 6pm 
Sunday & Holidays: 9:30am - 2:30pm 
Contact 441/295-4506 for further information on Bermuda ferry services. 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
Robert Smith (January 2015) 
Need to know if the schedule for the Orange ferry route is published yet. We arrive by cruise ship on April 24th and your schedule states that the new route times will be published in April. Can you help. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, January 2015) 
Hi, 2015 summer ferry schedule has not been published yet. It's likely to be published only in April. And this is the problem with Bermuda's Marine & Ports Department. They fail to understand that unless they publish the schedule well in advance, tourists can't plan their vacation. Just to give you some ideas on the Orange ferry based on schedules of previous years, the ferry runs on Monday-Friday. It makes 3 or 4 round trips from Dockyard to St George depending on the day of the week. Last year it started operating from April 28th. So unless they start earlier this year, you can not perhaps plan on it. In that case, take the blue ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes) an then a bus (#10 or 11, 50 minutes) to St George. In case you are able to get the orange ferry, here are the timings of last year: Mon/Wed/Thu: Leaves dockyard at 9:30/11:30/2:00/4:30; Returns 10:30/1:00/3:30/5:30; Tue/Fri: 9:15/11:15/1:15; Returns 10:15/12:15/2:15. The orange ferry timings remained more or less the same over the past few years. 
Catherine (September 2013) 
My mom and I dock on RC Grandeur Of The Seas at Dock Yard 3pm (November 4). We would like to Ferry to St George early next morning, but I see no schedules as of yet. Do you know when they might be posted. Also, it looks like the cost to take a scooter on certain ferries is about $4.00 one way, plus the per person charge. Is that accurate? Thank you. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, September 2013) 
Hi, Winter ferry schedule (starting November 4, 2013) is likely to be posted by October week 4. But note that Orange Route Ferry between Dockyard and St George does not usually ply in winter and you won't get one after November 3rd. If you buy a transport pass, then there is no extra charge to take a scooter on ferry, otherwise you pay an additional cost of $4 one way. 
Stacey Koleba (September 2013) 
Love your website. My husband and I will be coming in on the Breakaway on October 2 and are wondering if there is any ferry service from the dockyard to Waterford Bridge as we are renting pedal bikes and would like a safe way to get to the start of the railway in Somerset. Many thanks. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, September 2013) 
Hi, There is no direct ferry between Dockyard and Watford Bridge. There is no problem as such biking up to the railway trail point from dockyard. Just keep to left. 
Suzy Benjamin (August 2013) 
Hello, We are on Oceania's regatta , will be in St George Nov 1st & 2nd, 2013.A group of us would like to take a Ferry Tour. What is the schedule, for how long, & how much. We have not been in Bermuda for over 50, years & look forward to our visit. Thank you 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, August 2013) 
2013 summer schedule for ferry ends on November 3rd. So you are  lucky that you will just about get the regular ferry services. However, from St George only one ferry route (Orange Route) operates and it runs between Dockyard and St George. 1st Nov is a Friday, and the Orange route ferry timings from St George are 10:15, 12:15 and 2:15. There is no ferry on Saturday (2nd Nov) or Sunday from St George. It takes 35 minutes to reach dockyard (west end) from St George. From the dockyard you can take the Blue Route ferry to reach Hamilton City (20 minutes). If you are looking for a sightseeing tour on a boat, then visit Bermuda Boat Tours 
Dennis Doty (July 2013) 
We will be in Bermuda next April 10 and 11. Will the ferry's be on summer or winter schedule then? I am guessing they go on summer the start of that week but not sure. Thanks 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, July 2013) 
This year (2013) the summer ferry schedule started effective April 15th, last year from April 16. So likely it'll be on winter schedule when you arrive. 
Pam (May 2013) 
We will be in Bermuda on June 29, 2013 aboard the Explorer of the Seas. Will there be ferry service to St George? When we were there several years ago the printed ferry schedule did not show service on the weekends, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find ferries running for the cruise ships. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, May 2013) 
Yes there will be ferry service to St George (Orange Route) but only 3-4 round trips a day and no scheduled service on week ends. 
John Friesen (March 2013) 
Hi, we will be in Bermuda on April 9th, 10th, and 11th, and am wondering if this is the winter schedule or summer schedule? We are on a cruise ship, and want to purchase a 3 day pass. Can we do this on line, or do we have to wait till we get to Bermuda? Thanks 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, March 2013) 
Hi, Summer ferry schedule starts from 8th April in 2013. So it'll be summer schedule for you which is not yet published. You can't purchase the passes online. They are sold only in Bermuda. 
Joan Ferretti (January 2013) 
Is the ferry wheelchair accessible? Is there a restroom aboard? 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, January 2013) 
Hi, the lower decks of the fast ferries (catamarans) are wheel chair accessible. However only the Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Dockyard & Rockaway (Southampton) ferry docks have proper wheel chair access to the ferries, the other ferry docks have risks associated while boarding on a wheel chair. Ferries have restrooms/ bathrooms. The main ferry terminals like Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George also have washrooms. Regards, 
Mary Anne Edwards (September 2012) 
Hello, Do the ferries and buses run 24 hours a day seven days a week? We are arriving by cruise ship at King's Wharf. We want to go to the Hog Penny in Hamilton for dinner at 7:00. We would like to go both ways by ferry. Is that possible? Thank you for you help. Best regards, 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, September 2012) 
Hi Mary, Ferries operate all through the week but less frequently on the week ends. However they ply for certain hours between morning to evening. The current summer ferry schedule is valid from April 16 to November 4, after which the winter schedule starts and the ferries become far less frequent. Presently the last ferry from Hamilton to dockyard is at 8:30pm, and the last one from dockyard to Hamilton is at 9pm. 
I suggest that you visit Bermuda Ferry Schedule and down load the PDF file from the government ferry site that has detailed ferry timings for all routes. Also note that for bus schedule, visit Bermuda Bus Schedule & Info 
Update April 2013: The recent summer ferry schedule has last ferry from Hamilton to dockyard at 9:30pm (Blue Route) and starts back from dockyard at 10pm during the week days. On Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, operation ceases much earlier. 
Jim Steff (June 2012) 
Hi there, my wife, son and I are docking at Kings Wharf on the NCL Dawn on Sunday, June 17th. We would like to go to Saint George that same day. From the information that I have read it is not clear that there is Ferry Service that day. Is that right? If there is no Ferry service do you have a suggestion for the best way to get to Saint George on Sunday. thanks, Jim 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) June 2012 
Hi Jim, The Ferry (Orange Route) that connects Dockyard (Kings Wharf) with St. George operates from Monday to Friday. So on a weekend, your best option is to take a ferry to Hamilton City (Blue Route which takes 20 minutes) and then take a bus (#1, 3, 10 or 11, about 1 hour). Note: bus routes #10, 11 to St. George are shorter. Also note that the ferry services on weekends are limited. The last ferry from Hamilton for dockyard leaves at 6pm on Sunday. So check out the timings at a ferry stop before planning your day. 
Bermuda Ferry Service Reviewed by Raj Bhattacharya Rating: 5.0
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