Bermuda Human Resources And
Professional Workforce

There are many local and qualified Bermudians who are professionals like lawyers, accountants, bankers, company secretaries, trustees, fund managers and others. Some of them represent the fourth generation of families who have been deeply involved in such professions and therefore come with tremendous experience and quality.  
There are many international professionals (about 20% of the total job holders) who come to Bermuda for Jobs. They are attracted by the lifestyle and earnings that Bermuda provides to qualified expatriates. So with a mix of local and international human resources, Bermuda is rich with qualified professionals to carry out work at international standards. 
Bermuda has always been a sophisticated financial and legal hub of the world. Bermuda’s people are not only friendly, they are intelligent, educated, well-trained and willing to learn. They are keen to make their mark in the corporate arena. 
To give an example, in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology Sector), a survey has shown that about 58% of the Bermudians are considered as moderately or highly skilled resources. 

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