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For the diminutive size of the island, the number of restaurants it houses is staggering. While most of them have their take on the island's character as depicted in their offerings, some of them have been truly able to stand out in the milieu, either with an ambience or decor that instantly captivates or a view that mesmerizes or a menu that outright engages your thoughts. From pub fare, local cuisine and bounty of the ocean to classic, gourmet fine dining and culinary geniuses from various parts of the world, be sure to find something here that you will remember. 
If you want to savor Bermudian cuisine, you should look out for some authentic local dishes such as fish chowder, wahoo steaks, shark hash, mussel pie, Hoppin' John (black eyed peas and rice), spiny Bermuda lobsters (in season) and so on. 
And of course the Codfish breakfast has been a tradition here since the 17th century. If you like fish meals, the seafood, especially Bermuda rockfish is quite excellent. However you need to ask and ensure that the local fishers have caught those on the same day and are fresh. A lot of frozen fish and almost always meat which is imported, are kept in cold storage by many restaurants in Bermuda. 
In general, dining in Bermuda is more expensive than in the U.S or Canada. And you really need to know the right places to get innovative and gourmet food. Several restaurants in Bermuda tend to be a little formal. Some of them expect men to wear jackets in the evening (although less in fashion these days) while women in general can be in smart casuals. This is mostly applicable for fine dinging though. It’s always a good idea to ask for the dress code at the time of making reservations. 

The Top Restaurants

Below is the list of best restaurants in Bermuda in order of their popularity. We believe that they stand out from the rest in terms of quality, ambience and service in their respective category. 
Restaurant Categories- $:Budget; $$: Mid Range; $$$: Upscale; $$$$: Expensive 
Indicative cost by category 
$ = Soups and Salads: $5-7, Appetizers: $6-12, Main Courses: $18 - $25 
$$ = Soups and Salads: $8-$12, Appetizers: $15-$18, Main Courses: $28 - $35 
$$$ = Soups and Salads: $9-$14, Appetizers: $18-$27, Main Courses: $32 - $42 
$$$$ = Soups and Salads: $13-18, Appetizers: $16-18, Main Courses: $40 - $65 
($$$, Italian) Hamilton City 
This is a classy and upscale place for an authentic and old school Italian meal. With both indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant offers great homemade pasta dishes. One of its distinct offerings is their special pasta dish that is finished tableside inside a hollowed wheel of parmesan cheese. It is not only visually stunning but also extremely popular as a delicacy here. The first Italian restaurant on the island, The Little Venice offers friendly service and fresh family style meals. 
Little Venice Bermuda 
Source: Little Venice 
($$$, French Cuisine ) Paget Parish 
The charm and elegance of this restaurant is greatly augmented by its old world setting in a seventeenth century manor house.  Especially good for celebrating special occasions with soft music playing in the background, you will feel like you have stepped back in time where dining was slow, elegant and classy. Preparation and presentation of food is gourmet style. Their Sunday Brunch is quite famous with a huge buffet that serves a wonderful array of food. 
Fourways Dining Room 
Photo: Fourways Inn 
($$$, Seafood/Asian) Southampton X Temporarily Closed 
Enjoy some of the best ocean views with great seafood and the freshest local catch at the Ocean Club. One of the best outdoor dining settings on the island, you can sit by the rail overlooking the surf breaking on the beach, watching the sun go down on the ocean or take a seat underneath a starry sky. This is an upscale, fine dining restaurant and a part of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. 
Ocean Club Restaurant Bermuda 
Photo: Fairmont Southampton 
($$$, Seafood) Hamilton City 
This beautifully done up, award winning restaurant is a part of the Royal Palms Hotel near Hamilton City. It is especially popular for its extensive wine cellar and a private table in the wine room. So if you are in a large group of wine lovers, this is an ideal place. They also offer a variety of delicious homemade pastas along with some great seafood. 
Ascots Restaurant Bermuda 
($$$, French and Continental Cuisine , Fine Dining) Hamilton Parish 
Named after the Irish poet who frequented the place and housed in an old and historically rich edifice, this is Bermuda's oldest restaurant that serves Continental cuisine. Although a little expensive, it has a classic feel to it and ideal for an intimate meal especially on the outdoor patio that overlooks the Walsingham Bay. They serve some classic French fare which can be wonderfully paired with fine wines. 
Tom Moore’s Tavern Bermuda 
Photo: Tom Moore's Tavern 
Tempest Bistro X Closed 
($$, French) St. George 
This is a true bistro style outlet located a short walk from King's Square in St. George. Housed in Old Carriage House that was once used for housing horse drawn carriages and with a rather nondescript facade and entrance, the restaurant exudes a rustic, laid back charm. It is now a historic building. The old aura and the original internal structures of the building have been retained. They offer home style French cooking with creative specials and regular rotations in the menu. The place is quite popular with locals and visitors alike, so be sure to make a reservation in advance. 
Tempest Bistro, Bermuda 
Source: Tempest Bistro 
($$, Continental) Hamilton City 
A relatively new brasserie style restaurant, Bolero Brasserie is one of the most attractive dining places in Hamilton City with its quality food, good service and casual but classic ambience. Has a nice balcony with great views of the Hamilton Harbor. The inside dining room is quite attractive too with gilt mirrors and vibrant artwork adorning its walls. They try to keep the menu original, adventurous and interesting with their creativity and imaginative combinations. 
Bolero Brasserie Bermuda 
($$$$, Steak, Seafood and  Continental) Southampton X Temporarily Closed 
A part of the Hotel Fairmont Southampton, they serve some of the best steak, continental and seafood on the island. They put together some great salads tableside for you all the while explaining about the ingredients and trivia about the dish. It is well known for its Sunday brunch. The place is upscale and expensive and personalities like Eleanor Roosevelt and Mark Twain have praised its cuisine. 
Waterlot Inn Bermuda 
Photo: David Broad/ Wikimedia Commons 
($$, European) Hamilton City 
This small and friendly place located on the western side of Hamilton City, stands out with its quirky decor. It is veritably full of hats of various kinds, shapes and colors that adorn its walls and ceilings and which you can even try on while here. 
Mad Hatters 
Source: Mad Hatters 
While the owner Mark ensures that guests get the perfect friendly service and comfort, the head chef Ben ensures that the food quality is something that the guests remember for a long time. Keep an eye out for their Specials as you are bound to find something great there. 
($$$, Seafood) Hamilton City 
A classy and elegant restaurant located on Front Street that serves the freshest seafood along with several other well liked dishes. Choose to sit in its refined interiors which has a subdued and sophisticated air about it, or simply unwind on the terrace with one of their innovative cocktails or excellent wine selection, watching the harbor and the busy street below. 
Terrace Dining 
Source: Port O Call 
($$,  Sushi/ Japanese) Hamilton City 
Located in a nondescript corner inside the Washington Mall in Hamilton City, this relatively new outlet serves some of the best Japanese fare on the island. The sushi here comes with an innovative flair that is beautifully presented by the very meticulous chef Sammy and is extremely delicious. Enjoy a wonderful bottle of sake with the various platters they have to offer in the vibrant ambience of this award winning restaurant that maintains very high standards when it comes to their food. 
Beluga Sushi Bar Bermuda 
Source: Beluga Bar 
($$, Asian) Hamilton City 
Among the few restaurants in Bermuda that serve Asian cuisine, this restaurant specializes in gourmet food from a large number of Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The decor is warm and welcoming and exudes typical oriental arts and flavor. Among other things, the place is best known for its Teppanyaki table, the only place on the island which offers this style of cooking, where you can see the chefs prepare food on hot grills. 
L’Oriental Restaurant Bermuda 
Source: L'Oriental 
($$, Italian) Hamilton City 
Follow the sign boards on Front Street and Reid Street to get to Walker's Arcade which houses this bistro or cafe styled little venue. Small and reclusive though it may be, the search is going to be worth your while as they serve some great Italian dishes with the freshest of ingredients. 
Angelo’s Bistro 
Source: Angelo's Bistro 
There is also a small courtyard with a fountain in the middle, which serves as an outdoor dining area and also lends the place a quiet European feel. 
($$, Indian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Quite distinct from its name, the restaurant serves an authentic Indian cuisine. Located only minutes away from the Hamilton Ferry terminal, they offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere beautifully done in typical Indian art and tradition. You can choose the spice levels depending on your palate. They also have a buffet service at lunch where they serve a wide variety of dishes which are regularly altered. The menu offers both modern and traditional Indian dishes including tandoor items made in earthen oven. 
Ruby Murrys Bermuda 
Photo: Ruby Murrys 
($, Coffee/Tea) Hamilton City 
With an on-site roaster, this coffee outlet serves some of the freshest coffee on the island, made from hand roasted beans. You will find a steady flow of locals here especially in the early part of the day, who frequent here for their morning cup of coffee. The ambience is cozy and relaxed and you can see some beautiful artwork by local artists adorn its walls. They have a wide variety of coffee that is served here including the Macchiato, Latte, Cappuccino, Caramel Latte and Mocha as well as the decaffeinated varieties, along with fresh delectable bites like brownies, scones, muffins etc. 
Rock Island Coffee Bermuda 
Source: Rock Island Coffee 
($$, Fusion / Seafood / Coffee) Hamilton City 
This is a little dinning room located in the middle of the busy Hamilton City. Best known to the locals for its takeout services, the restaurant isn't too fancy. However they pack a nice surprise when it comes to their food and hospitality. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a nice variety when it comes to vegetarian/vegan dishes as well. The "coffee experience" here will simply leave you amazed with the way it is prepared and served. 
Marcus' Restaurant X Closed 
($$$, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Owned by the celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, this acclaimed restaurant is located in the Hamilton Princess hotel. Whether you sit indoors or on the outdoor deck, the views of the Hamilton Harbor from every seat in the restaurant is beautiful. Apart from their regular offerings, they are quite popular for their Sunday brunch where they serve an extensive buffet. The hospitality rendered here comes second to none and the class it exudes outshines most of its peers. 
Marcus Restaurant Bermuda 
Photo Source: Hamilton Princess 
($$$, Bermudian) Tucker's Point, Hamilton Parish 
This rather glamorous restaurant is a part of the Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. They have an interesting steak menu that includes some traditional steakhouse fare beautifully garbed in their very own contemporary version. They also have a fairly extensive breakfast buffet here that serves traditional American or even a full English breakfast along with some great selection of beverages. 
Island Brasserie 
Photo: Rosewood Bermuda 
($, Cafe / Desserts) Royal Naval Dockyard 
They have a bistro style air-conditioned dining area along with al fresco dining under bright blue umbrellas within a walled garden area. A few steps away from the ferry terminal, the restaurant makes for a great stop for a light lunch or your afternoon tea. They have an array of teas on offer each with wonderful flavor and aroma, along with some mouthwatering desserts. 
Dockyard Pastry Shop 
Source: Dockyard Pastry Shop 
($$$, Steakhouse, Western) Hamilton City 
Located in the Waterfront complex of Hamilton, Harry's is a great steakhouse. Its dim interiors are especially cozy and adds to the charm and elegance of the place. Apart from some of the best steaks, they also offer an extensive wine selection and innovative cocktails that you can enjoy on the patio with a pretty view of the harbor. Besides the bar and patio, they feature a private dining room and an extensive wine cellar. 
Inside Harry’s 
Photo: Harry's 
($$$, Seafood and Chops) Hamilton City 
The restaurant features two dining rooms and a stylish cocktail bar with beautiful lighting that sets it apart. The interiors are done in very elegant and refined taste. The place is a great choice for both family diners as well as a quiet romantic night out. It has consistently ranked high in several magazines and won several awards for its quality dining. 
Barracuda Grill Bermuda 
Photo: Barracuda Grill 
($$$, Caribbean Cuisine) Sandys Parish 
As the name suggests, the restaurant is beautifully located right on a breezy private beach with nothing to obstruct your view of miles of ocean in front. Arguably one of the best spots for lovely sunset views, Breezes offers seating both on the sand as well as a section with a covered roof albeit al fresco and just as wonderful a view. It is one of the restaurants at Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa. Make reservations beforehand as good tables get scarce especially around sundown. 
Source: Cambridge Beaches 
($$, Italian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Having undergone a recent renovation, the restaurant offers a bright and cheerful dining area with some of the best Italian dishes on the island. It also has an outdoor dining area which is quite a popular hangout with the locals and tend to get quickly filled up in the evenings. The pizzas are great here and come with a perfect crust and a wide variety of toppings. While here, you must definitely give their garlic bread a try. They also have a steady take-out service. 
($$, Bermudian and International Cuisine ) Hamilton City 
This is a great place to view the Harbor Nights festivities that take place every Wednesday night May through September on Front Street. Get yourself a balcony seat at the Pickled Onion and enjoy the lovely sight below against the beautiful backdrop of the Harbor. They offer an extensive food and wine menu and now also serve fresh draft beer brewed by the local Dockyard Brewing Company which was earlier served only at the Frog and Onion Pub. 
($$, Pub with British and  Bermudian cuisine) Hamilton City 
One of the oldest establishments on the island, the Hog Penny maintains its old world charm with paraphernalia from days of the yore adorning its walls and being a part of the decor. Winner of several "Best of Bermuda" awards, they still keep an unassuming, not so fancy atmosphere that seems to have struck the right chord with the local crowd. They are known for the hearty meals they serve along with some great Specials, especially good Sunday pot roast and great locally brewed draft beer. 
Source: Hog Penny 
($$, Seafood) Hamilton City 
This popular seafood restaurant serves some of the freshest, beautifully presented and most flavorful fare on the island. You will find the decor done in a maritime theme with a seafarer's paraphernalia showcased on its walls. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a nice bar area that serve great local cocktails. 
The Lobster Pot Bermuda 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
($$$, Italian, Seafood and  Sushi) Hamilton City 
This restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and offers great views of the beautiful Hamilton Harbor. They offer an elaborate menu and the sushi they serve can easily be termed one of the best on the island. Try out al fresco dining here during sunset as it makes for a beautiful atmosphere against a lovely backdrop of unobstructed quiet waters as the sun goes down. 
Harbourfront Restaurant 
Photo: Harbourfront Restaurant 
($$, Contemporary, Pizza, Vegetarian friendly) Flatts Village (Hamilton Parish) 
Located right across the Bermuda Aquarium, the Village Pantry is not a place to be missed with its charming facade and pleasing to the eye layout. Perfect for a family meal, the restaurant also has a little play area for kids within sight from the dining area. They serve breakfast too and you will find a lot of fresh homemade and healthy options on the menu along with a wide range of vegetarian selections. 
The Village Pantry 
Source: The Village Pantry 
($$$, American and  South-Western Cuisine) Warwick 
Slightly away from the main city, the Blu Bar and Grill is located in Warwick Parish. They offer spectacular views of the scenic Belmont Hill Golf Course and the ocean beyond. You have the choice on seating indoors which has floor to ceiling picture windows offering breathtaking views or on the outdoor terrace with its eye catching awnings and shades against a palette of blues. The upscale venue offers some fine ribs, fish and steaks from the grill. 
Blu Bar and Grill 
Photo: Blu Bar and Grill 
($$, Caribbean, Seafood) St. George 
Beautifully perched atop a hill with a bird's eye view of the ocean on one side and the Fort St. Catherine on the other, Blackbeard's Hideout serves as a lovely escape for locals and visitors alike. They offer a simple and direct menu specializing in local island dishes prepared to your liking. So if you are planning a trip to the eastern end of the island, include a trip to the UNESCO world heritage site, Fort St. Catherine and a wonderful meal at this restaurant. 
Outdoor Deck at Blackbeards 
Outdoor Deck at Blackbeards 
(Italian, $$$) Tucker's Point - Hamilton Parish 
If you are craving for authentic flavors from the south of Italy, this is the place to be. Tucked in the clubhouse of the Rosewood resorts property, overlooking the Tucker's Point Golf Course, the restaurant offers a cozy ambience for family style meals. You can go a la carte or try their La Nonna menu which gives a much more Italian feel to your dining experience with the three course family style meal prepared to your liking and preferences. 
Source: Sul Verde 
($$, Sushi) Hamilton City 
So if you are looking for experiencing that classic sushi experience, this restaurant on Front Street, located above Port O' Call restaurant, is where you should be heading. Pair your dish with one of their unique sake cocktails to eke out the maximum flavor out of them. One of their distinct features is the placement of giant plasma screens that showcase the chefs working on your meals in the kitchen real time. 
Pearl Restaurant Bermuda 
Photo: Pearl, Bermuda 
($$, Seafood and International) St. George 
One of the few places for some great seafood at the island's eastern end, Wahoo's is a much liked place by the locals who come here for a fresh meal on its relaxed waterside patio. It is partly owned by the much acclaimed and award winning chef Alfred Konrad whose Wiener Schnitzel is a definite must-try while you are here. 
Wahoo’s Bistro Bermuda 
Photo: Wahoo's Bistro 
($$, French) Paget 
One of the few restaurants in Bermuda that serves authentic French cuisine, Beau Rivage is a part of the Newstead Belmont Hill hotel in Paget. The decorated master chef Jean-Claude Garzia offers a steady stream of fresh seafood specials along with one of the best Angus beef Wellington you will find on the island. They also offer a carefully selected wine list with French vintage being the focus. 
Beau Rivage Terrace 
Photo: Beau Rivage 
($$$, Mediterranean) Paget - Elbow Beach 
This is a beach bar and restaurant on Elbow beach that offers seating right on the beach, at sand level and under custom umbrellas. A great place to enjoy a romantic evening as you see the sun go down and a golden moon rise in the horizon, all the while listening to the waves break on the shore. They offer a fun menu and friendly service along with some of the best bartenders in Bermuda who serve you delicious island cocktail. 
Mickey’s Beach Bistro Bermuda 
($$, British and  Bermudian) Hamilton Parish 
Taste the island's signature drink, the Rum Swizzle, where it was originally concocted. This typically pub style restaurant is one of the oldest and most famous on the island. They offer some delicious pub style food along with a great kid's menu as well. The place is frequented by local Bermudians which gives it a very homey feel. 
Swizzle Inn Bermuda  
Photo: djLicious, flickr, cc by 2.0 
($, Seafood, Bermudian) Sandys Parish 
This budget restaurant located in Sandy's parish is a great favorite with the locals and not many visitors have discovered it. The atmosphere here is lively with Bermudians catching up on a good soccer match indoors or enjoying a beer on the patio. They serve delicious fish sandwiches in the traditional Bermudian style, on raisin bread and with coleslaw and tartar sauce on the side. 
Patio at Woody’s 
($, Indian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
If you are savvy to Indian food, this is one of the best restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine. It's run by an Indian owner with Indian chefs. The place has a family friendly feel to it with Bollywood music playing in the background to complete the picture. Don't miss out on the Tandoor dishes especially the Tandoori chicken which is slow cooked in a traditional clay oven with rich spices and oozing flavors. They prepare the dishes to the level of spiciness you want - low, medium or high. 
House of India Bermuda 
Source: House of India 

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Visitors' Comments

Priya (November 2021) 
Hi Raj, are there any good Indian restaurants in Bermuda? 
Raj ( November 2021 
There are several Indian restaurants and others that offer Indian food. Ruby Murrys in Hamilton, House of India at the outskirts of Hamilton, Tamarind located at the base of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton... all specialize in Indian food. 
Boo Collins (June 2017) 
We were recently in Bermuda for America's Cup we ate at several restaurants mostly on your list but I wanted to let you know that the most outstanding great food was at the Rosedon's new restaurant called HUCKLEBERY. Go check it out! you will be happy you did! Great atmosphere too! 
Pat LaSalle (June 2017) 
Raj, Plan our meal options for next month. Is there any consensus on who makes the best fish chowder. 
Raj ( June 2017 
Pat, while there are varied opinions... Hog Penny and Lobster Pot are our favorites for Fish Chowder. 
John Schneider (September 2016) 
Soft spot for Somerset Country Square Pub, first of 5 trips to Bermuda, drove off on the moped leaving behind my 35mm camera and lens..... Back an hour later, tucked neatly behind the bar... in their debt! Great foods, relaxed eatery, a traditional stop on every trip!! Hog Penny.. Great foods, terrific staff... gets busy, but you will never feel rushed! Last trip stayed a week, do the supermarket.. priced higher then in U.S. but still an economical way to go to take a break from eating out. 
Eleanor Fenkner (October 2014) 
Hi Staying at Pompano end of October and are undecided about the meal plan. First of all they don't serve dinner until 6:30pm which is a little late for us second are the 2 restaurants (Cedar Room and Ocean Grill) good at the hotel? Don't know what to do and is this the normal time restaurants in Bermuda serve dinner? Any help would be appreciated thanks 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi, the restaurants at Pompano are quite okay. But if you are unsure, then don't combine meals and give yourself a chance to explore some of the other nice restaurants in Southampton where the hotel is located. Go through this link for information about such restaurants. 6:30pm is a normal time in Bermuda for dinner. However there are restaurants who serve dinner starting 6pm and very few starting 5:30pm as well. When you go through the restaurant reviews in the above link, you will also find the timings. But do check with the restaurants and reserve table in advance before you go. 
Eric Haber (July 2014) 
Hello Raj, your site is terrific! I was hoping you could help me find a restaurant in Hamilton for this dinner this Sunday, July 27. I am surprising my wife with a trip to Bermuda from July 24-27 for our 10th anniversary, and we are spending our last night at a guest house in Hamilton. I was hoping to have a special reservation for dinner that night, but all the good restaurants look to be closed on Sundays. Can you please suggest restaurants that are open on Sundays? Thanks! 
Raj ( July 2014 
Hi, Unless there are any recent changes, here are some nice restaurants in Hamilton open on Sundays for dinner: Pickled Onion, Barracuda Grill, Harbourfront, House of India, Portofino, Lobster Pot etc. However if you go a bit further down to Baliey's Bay (in Hamilton Parish), Tom Moore's Tavern which is set up in a historical building offers an excellent romantic setting, but quite pricey though. I have reviewed all these restaurants in my website. 
Ann Ross (April 2014) 
Looking for eat as much as you can buffet restaurants. Are there any such locations on the island either stand alone or in hotels. 
Raj ( March 2014 
There are several restaurants that serve buffet breakfast, brunch and lunch. 
1) Harley's in Hamilton Princess hotel (Hamilton city) - breakfast buffet 
2) Window's on the Sound at Fairmont Southampton hotel (Southampton) - Sunday breakfast and brunch buffet 
3) Ocean Echo at The Reefs (Southampton) - Sunday brunch buffet 
4) Grand Cafe located at the corner of Church street and Parliament street (Hamilton city) - breakfast and lunch buffet