Bermuda Clothing and Dress Code

Bermuda has long been a British colony in the past and therefore you will see a lot of British influence in Bermudian culture including in clothing and dress code. Unlike in the US, Bermuda in general follows more conservative attire and clothing customs. 
One interesting thing though. The popular Bermuda Shorts, that are up to the knee length and are often treated as casuals elsewhere in the world, are considered quite reserved clothing and even as a formal attire in Bermuda. Check out Bermuda Shorts to know its role in a Bermudian's life. This is the island where you get really authentic Bermuda Shorts. 
Here are the dress codes that you are expected to follow while you are in Bermuda. 
General Clothing in Bermuda 
In general, try to dress a bit conservatively. Bathing suits, short tops and mini shorts are not acceptable except at beaches and pools. Note that there are no nude or semi-nude beaches in Bermuda. In public areas, beach wears should be covered. Bare feet are not generally acceptable anywhere in public. 
You can generally wear casual sportswear in restaurants during the lunch time. However some of the formal restaurants and night clubs in Bermuda require men to wear jacket and tie in the evenings. Reservation in restaurants and night clubs are always recommended and you should check the dress code requirements while making the reservations. Many restaurants do have casual evenings from time to time. 
Update 2012: Most restaurants in Bermuda no longer require men to wear jackets and tie. Although some will insist on smart casual dresses like wearing a collared shirt, long pant and shoes (no bare feet or flip flops). 
Formal Dress 
Formal dress is not necessary unless you are attending a special occasion. You can rent tuxedos, morning suits and evening tails in Bermuda, however accessories needs to be purchased. 
Clothing for Bermuda's warmer months 
April to October is the time when the weather in Bermuda is at its best and quite warm. During the peak summer time you can wear sports clothes, swimsuits in the beaches, also may like to carry a raincoat or a light weight wind breaker. In the evenings wear casual elegant cottons: Women can wear light dressy sweater or wrap and cocktail-type outfits. 
Rain is not uncommon in the island, but comes in short spurts and usually with strong winds. So umbrellas won't be of much use. Try to carry disposable ponchos or light weight raincoats with you to break the wind. 
Dress for Bermuda's Cooler Months 
Late November to March is quite cold in Bermuda. Recommended clothing is light woolens or fall-weight casuals, or sweaters during the day. Also try to carry a raincoat or disposable ponchos. To swim or snorkel at the beaches, you should carry wetsuits or a windbreaker with the swimsuit. 
In the evenings you can wear casual elegant lightweight woolens. Women can choose dressier sweater or wrap and cocktail-type outfits; Men, a suit or sports jacket and tie. 
Tennis and Golf wears 
Remember that you will need to be properly dressed while playing tennis or golf in Bermuda. For tennis this means white shorts, tennis shirts, white socks and tennis shoes. Golf in Bermuda is a formal sports. You need to wear collard shirts, Bermuda type shorts and soft spiked golf shoes. 
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Visitors' Reviews &áComments 
Julia (October 2016) 
Do Bermudians usually wear Jeans in their everyday life? How common is jeanswear in Bermuda? 
Raj ( October 2016 
Hi, yes, jeans is quite common in Bermuda and Bermudians wear them regularly. However try to avoid torn out or ripped jeans. Also note that some formal upscale restaurants may not allow jeans. 
Mary Ghiorse (July 2014) 
Traveling to bermuda in august. I wanted to know if men can wear shorts and polo shirt out for dinner or do they need slacks. 
Raj ( July 2014 
Most restaurants these days allow dress code of smart casual.. which means trousers with T-shirts. While casual shorts may not be welcome in many restaurants, proper Bermuda shorts with jackets are considered formal wears for men in the island and always allowed.