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Are you a non-Bermudian and seeking a job in Bermuda? You perhaps know that you can get the best of lifestyles in the island. And such a lifestyle comes complemented with tax free and really high earnings. There is no income tax in Bermuda. Government taxes are mostly indirect in nature and are generally recovered from import of goods and not directly from the workers or professionals. 
Bermuda Job 
Bermuda is a tax haven and attracts thousands of expatriates to come here and work. In this 21 square mile tiny island, the resident population is about 65,000. The per square mile population density of Bermuda is one of the highest in the world. 
So do you think that such high population density reduces your job prospects? Actually no. Around 20% of the population are expatriates who are employed in Bermuda in private or public sectors. Expat employment in Bermuda is growing every year,  because Bermuda needs skilled resources that are scarce in the island. 

Bermuda Job Statistics 2022

As published by Bermuda Department of Statistics (in Bermuda Digest of Statistics 2022), in 2020-2021, the total filled jobs in Bermuda was  31,316 out of which 6,952 jobs were filled by non-Bermudians. The average gross annual salary in main jobs (i.e. jobs where employees receive health insurance and pension benefits) was $66,836. Note that this salary is an average over all sectors and includes both Bermudians and non-Bermudians. Also note that a Bermudian is eligible to take up more than one day jobs in the island, but a non-Bermudian can not. 
If you are looking for a job in Bermuda as a foreigner, in general a middle management job should earn an average annual gross salary of $140,000 or above. At the lower end, a professional with basic degree and fewer years of experience should get not less than $75,000 per year. Senior leadership roles in International Business like in Insurance or Re-insurance sectors can earn hefty packages in Bermuda (several hundred thousand dollars) along with lot many perks and benefits. 

Sectors offering most jobs

Bermuda is a small country and jobs are limited. Therefore one thing you must understand that the law in general requires that an eligible Bermudian is given a preference over any other national when a job opportunity pops us. And only when the employer is unable to find an eligible Bermudian to do the job, that the offer is extended to an eligible foreigner. 
So if you possess skills and/or experience that employers need for their functions and which is lacking in the island, you have a good chance of getting a job in Bermuda. And if that is further complemented by the fact that such skills and experience are important for Bermuda's growth and development, then chances are even higher. 
Bermuda's finance sector, particularly the insurance and the re-insurance sectors are major force of its economy. The companies here have high demands for skilled employees, and Bermuda's supply of such skills and experience are limited. So the job opportunities for overseas nationals in such areas are high. Many companies from such sectors are consistently the top employers both in terms of salary and job profiles.  
Sectors like IT, Accounting etc that are today main support functions to most modern companies, also offer good job prospects to overseas nationals. Another major economic force in Bermuda is tourism. The hospitality sector like hotels and restaurants also come up with good number of job opportunities for chefs, management staffs etc, although this sector has started seeing more and more intake from the local population. 
Check out Bermuda Employment Opportunities to know about the different types of job opportunities in Bermuda and what may be the right match for you. 

Restricted or Closed Jobs

There are however jobs or functional areas which are restricted or completely closed to foreign nationals. This is because the island has adequate human resources for such areas. 
Restricted jobs require certain special terms and conditions to be met by applicant and also needs approval from the ministry before a job can be offered. The closed sectors are usually not available to foreigners. Check out Restricted and Closed Sectors for details. 

Basic Requirements for a job

For a professional job, a bachelor degree is expected at the minimum. Higher degrees like Masters, Doctorate etc are given clear preference. Average annual gross salary for an IT professional with 7-10 years of experience can be $80,000 - $95,000,  a middle management role in International Business (like reinsurance companies) will command about $150,000. It varies depending on your profession and level of experience. For senior management roles the packages can be much higher. 
In any case, the employer has to justify to Bermuda's Department of Immigration and explain why they need an employee from an overseas country and for how long. And accordingly a work permit is issued by the department. 
So a non-Bermudian requires a Work Permit to work in Bermuda. The employer makes an application for work permit and it is issued by Bermuda's Department of Immigration. Earlier the work permit was issued for a short period and there was a maximum term limit beyond which it could not be renewed. 
Recently the term limit has been removed. But that doesn't mean a non-Bermudian employee can get a permanent residency in Bermuda. The employer would still need to specify a period for the work permit and pay up the work permit fees to the government accordingly (the fee depends on the period). However the work permit period can be later extended, if required. 

How to find and apply for a job in Bermuda

Do not try to apply for a job while you are in Bermuda as a tourist. This will be a futile exercise and no employer will entertain that. The island's employment policy requires that you should apply for a job while you are outside Bermuda and preferably in your own home country. 
A good option is to use the professional services of Recruitment Agencies who specialize and deal with job placements in Bermuda. Sometimes such hiring agencies are a much better option if you can not find a job advertisement that matches your profile. 
More importantly, the recruitment agency can handle a lot of logistics and other documentation matters that may otherwise be difficult for you to handle from your own country. They also know the exact process involved and help you to stay on track with the job application. 
They usually do not take any fees from the candidate. They get their commission from the employer once they successfully complete the placement. So the hiring agencies too will have as much interest as yourself to place you in a company in Bermuda. In fact this is usually the most effective option for foreigners looking for a job in Bermuda. 
Here is another option... Employers advertise their available jobs in Bermuda's daily The Royal Gazette. You can also see such job openings online at the Jobs section of Royal Gazette website. Full job descriptions are given along with employer details and their contact info so that you can directly apply. 
The local website claims to list all currently available jobs in Bermuda that have been publicly advertised. You can scan through the list of available jobs or search with keywords or location within Bermuda to find a suitable job and apply directly to the employer. 
If you are legally allowed or authorized to work in Bermuda (e.g. you are a Bermudian or spouse of a Bermudian, a Permanent Resident Card holder or you have Minister's express consent to work), then your first step should be to register yourself online at Bermuda Job Board which is part of Bermuda's Department of Workforce Development. 
Effective March 2015, all employers in the island are required to submit and display all their open jobs at Bermuda Job Board and keep them live for a minimum of 8 days. Note that the Job Board portal is not an aide for those outside Bermuda to secure employment on the island. However it is still a useful tool even for non-Bermudians to scan through open job listings and then engage a hiring agency to apply for a suitable job. 
Bermuda Job Board keeps listing the jobs along with job title, names of employers, number of openings, deadlines etc. Once you register yourself (if eligible) with your details including country, contacts, experience level, profile etc, you can then apply for a job through this website. In fact you can filter and see job listings in several ways... by job category, job status (like part-time or full-time), job type (like contract, permanent, intern etc) or even by career level (like entry level, managerial jobs, executive jobs, CEO/COO level jobs etc). 
You should keep a close watch on the open job list and act as soon as a job matching your profile shows up. Once you apply and subject to suitability, the employers will directly contact you and take your interview. Bermuda Job Board does not get involved in the hiring process. 
While you may get a good salary, there are many hidden factors that can have a lot of bearing on your expenses and day to day living cost like the travel costs, housing, medical insurance and such. So the Job Terms and Conditions are extremely important and you should negotiate such terms with your employer to address them properly. 
Remember depending on your job profile, almost all employers have different degrees of flexibility when it comes to accommodating your personal requirements. So you must negotiate if you see some key areas like medical insurance and housing etc are not adequately addressed in your job offer. 

Can an expat's spouse/partner get a job?

If you have a valid work permit and bring along your spouse or partner to Bermuda, your spouse/partner can also apply for a suitable a job while living in the island. However ideally, your spouse should get a job and a work permit before arriving in Bermuda, rather than trying to find one after arriving in Bermuda. 
This is because, due to the prevailing job market conditions in Bermuda and unemployment issues, it is quite likely that possibility of offering a second job to an expat family would be low. Note that as per the law, an eligible Bermudian will always be given preference in a job over a non-Bermudian. So, scouting around for a job while in the island can be a frustrating and futile exercise. 
Also note that if an accompanying spouse of a work permit holder gets a job in Bermuda, his/her period of stay in the island would be determined by the work permit of the original job holder. If the original work permit expires or the original job holder has to give up the job and return home, then the work permit of the spouse too would become invalid and he/she too would need to leave the island. 

Working in Bermuda - What to expect

While working and living in Bermuda has many positives (such as enjoying the lovely beaches, being part of a friendly and welcoming culture, living a great lifestyle etc), there are some downsides as well. And the biggest of all factors is the high cost of living, and there are more... 
Check out Pros and Cons of Working in Bermuda to know about the aspects that may not be apparent but do play critical roles in your work and personal life. While you can't get best of all the worlds, the positives of working in Bermuda do outweigh the negatives.  
While the earning is high in Bermuda, so is the spending. Bermuda's Cost of living is easily one of the highest in the world. That's because almost everything is imported here including food. 
There are hardly any direct Taxes in Bermuda like income tax. If you are employed, you just pay a small payroll tax. The island is known as a tax haven. No wonder so many international businesses have set up offshore operations here and are making major contributions to Bermuda's Economy
Having secured a job in Bermuda and the work permit, your next step would be to plan for relocating to Bermuda. You will find that people of Bermuda are specially very warm and hospitable. Even the employer will welcome you and make you feel at home. But on the other hand you will need to deal with so many unknown conditions in a new country. Check out Living in Bermuda to know how to prepare yourself for the move. 
Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
Know more about Raj Bhattacharya 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Carlos Gray (February 2020) 
Hello Raj, I have been following your thread helping EXPATS for about 4 years now. I have been trying constantly to find work in Bermuda with no luck. I understand how hard it is to get a job in Bermuda trust me, so that's not what I'm worried about. I would like to know if you can point me in the right direction so that I may apply for 'reside and seek employment'. 
I am currently (recently) engaged to a Bermudian that I met in high school, went to college with, and dated for the last 9 years. Who would I need to speak to in order to get the process going. We plan on being married April 2021. A job will definitely come after we are married.. My worry is that as I apply for jobs I won't be given type of priority unless I have permission to reside and seek. My future employer would only have to pay for a year's worth for a work permit as we will be getting married soon. 
Raj ( February 2020 
Hello, suggest you go through Bermuda Government's page that deals with residence application. 'Reside and Seek Employment' requires an application form to be filled up and submitted to the Department of Immigration along with other applicable documents.  
However, before you do that it would be a good idea to communicate with the department and clarify all matters including eligibility, documents required, the time it takes, how to check status etc. Phone number and email are also given in the above mentioned link. 
Sandy (November 2019) 
Hello Raj, I got job opportunity in Bermuda as a waiter in one of the casual dining restaurant in Southampton. the salary offered weekly is 400$ and after the tax deduction which is 75$ plus 17% gratuities. The gratuities they are mentioning that I will be getting 800 to 1000$ a week in busy season, and 500 to 700$ in low season. I would like to know after my very basic accommodation, transportation, food and other basic facilities how much I will be able to save. I will be very thankful for your suggestions and advice in my career growth. 
Raj ( November 2019 
Hello, based on the figures you have provided, your annual pay would be around $50K (could be less if the gratuities do not work out as quoted). When you say 'very basic accommodation', I do not know what that means... if you are able to share a low budget accommodation with someone then you might be able to save about $15-20K per year. 
Wilson Dias (February 2019) 
First of all  a great site for us to acknowledge about all jobs and the right information we need to get jobs. Just wanted to ask if I can get a job in hotel industry as a Chef or cook. I have more than 4 years working experience, a diploma and a 3 apprenticeship in the same field. What are thoughts on this? What should I do to get a job in Bermuda. Please reply. Thanks 
Raj ( February 2019 
Hi, your best option would be to go through recruitment agencies who specialize on placements in Bermuda. I have listed several of them on my website. You should also keep a watch on the jobs advertised on Bermuda Job Board. 
Laila (July 2017) 
How do you know if a position is open to applicants outside Bermuda? 
Raj ( July 2017 
All jobs except the ones that belong to 'Closed' or 'Restricted' categories are open to foreigners provided no eligible Bermudians are found for the jobs. Bermuda citizens, if eligible, are always given preference over foreign nationals. Closed and Restricted categories are already explained in my site. 
Mark (March 2017) 
Hi Mr. Raj. My wife and I want to apply and work in Bermuda, but I overheard that husband and wife are not allowed to work, that is true? Please give some good information about that. We currently reside in Cayman island and I work as cook, my wife currently working as server but in different company. Please clarify so we can start searching available jobs for us. Thank you. 
Raj ( March 2017 
Both of you can work, but both of you need separate work permit (issued by Bermuda Immigration against application from employers) to work in Bermuda. 
Adam Luto (August 2015) 
Hi, I am hoping you are able to help me. I am considering moving to Bermuda to find work in the tourism industry. I currently work as a front office manager of a hotel in a ski resort in Whistler, BC, Canada and I was wondering how easy it is to find work in the hotel sector. I am a British citizen and so I shouldn't have any issues with needing visa's etc. I love everything that I have read about horseshoe bay but I am wondering if there is still tourism during the winter months and subsequently a need for hotel staff during this time. Similarly any information that you can offer on the average cost for accommodations in these popular tourist hotspots would be greatly appreciated. 
I realise that this is not the usual place to find these answers however I saw that a gentleman called Raj had been very kind and helpful with peoples questions on the previous page and even the smallest amount of information would be greatly appreciated. Warm Regards and thank you in advance, 
Raj ( August 2015 
Hi, In order to work in Bermuda, all foreigners including British citizen would require a work permit. Once a job is offered to a foreigner, the employer has to apply for this work permit and it is issued by the Department of Immigration. Hospitality sector in general is open to foreigners except for seasonal hiring which has certain special conditions to it. Winter (November to April) is the low tourist season in Bermuda. Cruise season ends in early November, and number of tourists comes down drastically. So seasonal hiring usually does not take place in winter. 
In order to apply for a longer term job, your best option is to go through a recruitment agency that cater to Bermuda market. You will find information about such agencies here. I have also discussed the cost of living and various cost components in this link
Prasad Naik (October 2014) 
Hi, I am a chartered Accountant from India. I have experience in audit with Big 4 companies in India. I am searching for job in Bermuda for last 1 year. I forwarded my CV to many recruitment agencies. But no response. How to go about? My experience and knowledge is sufficient to work in Bermuda as I have worked with IFRS. Please advise. 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi, you need to keep pursuing with the agencies and also look for jobs in Bermuda's daily Royal Gazette (online version). Make sure that agencies have recorded your resume. You will then need to wait patiently till the opportunity comes up. Remember that although you may be eligible, there must be a situation where no eligible Bermudian is available for the job which can then go to a foreigner, and then you must have the best credentials out of all foreigners pitching in for that job in order to get an offer. 
John (March 2014) 
Hello Raj, Thank you very much for the rich content you provided about Bermuda on this site. I am an IT Professional and have been made an informal offer of Gross 96K, Net 85K. Reallocation costs for 1 month rent, plane ticket etc. My wife would also move with me. She's been working in the bank for the past 7 years and has an HR degree. My wife and I are both 32. We are generally conservative with the usual movies and dinner let's say twice a month. The intention is for us to try to get a job for my wife. With 85K take home, can we afford a fairly good quality of life and save? Would 4K a month be sufficient? I would like to save 3K but 2.5K would be fine to make it 4.5K on expenses. Would it be difficult for my wife to get a job in her field or similar? She is also interested in Geriatric Care. Thank you very much in advance. 
Raj ( March 2014 
Hi John, Firstly congratulations for getting a job in Bermuda! To your question whether you can save about 2.5K out of 7K per month.... with two of you, it won't be easy but possible, and mostly will depend on what kind of apartment rental you take, how much you spend on outside food etc. Likely you will need to settle with a 1-room studio. Go through the Cost of Living to know all components of costs in Bermuda and see where you can cut the corners. Banking and HR jobs usually require knowledge and experience of country specific practices and norms. So if your wife has that, it won't be much difficult. She may not get one immediately, but eventually she will. 
Catherine, Santiago (February 2014) 
I just want to ask if it is possible that I can work in a Bermuda as a nurse while my husband is working as a kitchen assistant in Bermuda now? Is there any problem if we work together in Bermuda because I heard that husband and wife cannot work together in Bermuda. Thank you. 
Raj ( February 2014 
You can also work in Bermuda, but you will need to get your own work permit from your employer, which you should ideally get before you reach Bermuda. You can not get a job on your husband's work permit. As a spouse of a working expat, you can also apply for a separate job in Bermuda. But it is better to get a separate job and a work permit before arriving in Bermuda rather than trying to search for one while in the island. 
John Brown (January 2014) 
I am an experienced professional with at least 7+ years experience and a bachelors degree (in a technical area). My potential employer is offering me the following package: 
Salary = ~$72,000.00/year 
Housing Allowance = $2,200.00/month (employer pays) 
Social Insurance = $30.80/day (employer pays 90%) 
Health Insurance = ~$80.00/day (employer pays 90%) 
Employment Tax = 3.5% Gross Salary 
Pension Plan = 5% (this would be voluntary, I think it's best I avoid this) 
I am expecting to be working in the Washington Mall, Church Street area. My employer is not offering any allowance for day-to-day transportation. Can you tell me what do you think of the above offer? I am thinking of asking to make the salary an even $80k. Is it ok/convenient to take public transportation to travel between home and work? 
Raj ( January 2014 
Hi, this is an average package. $80K - $90K would be better than average. Public transportation (bus and ferry) in the island is very convenient. Buy a monthly or quarterly transport pass which gives you unlimited hop on/off access to both buses and ferries.   
Chris Infelise (August 2013) 
I am interviewing for a job at the Bermuda Hospitals board as a medical transcriptionist. Since I am currently in the United States residing I have been reading it could take months before the work permit is issued. When should I look for any apartment that would be fairly reasonable for myself and my husband. Also my husband is in Italy, but would be joining me down there. Would there be a problem since he was deported from the United States in 2003.Though he is a model citizen in Italy for the past 10-1/2 years. He has already been to Nassau with no problems whatsoever. We thought Bermuda would be the perfect place to start and have our children come to visit from time to time. Any information you can give us on a relocation move like this would be appreciated. Are some apartments furnished? If not where can I get furniture, etc. Do I look for an apartment now or wait until I receive an offer. Thank you for all your help in advance. 
Raj (, August 2013) 
Hi, Your job offer should include an initial free guest house accommodation for few weeks. This is generally provided by all employers. Depending on the employer and the role, the initial free stay period can vary from 2 to 8 weeks. Once you arrive, you should then start looking for your own apartment during this period. There are both furnished and unfurnished apartments available for long term rent in Bermuda. You can find an accommodation in several ways - from the classified adverts in Bermuda's daily Royal Gazette, or by going through a real estate agency (which can be a more expensive option). The best is to find an accommodation by word of mouth or through your office HR Department. I don't see any problems for your husband joining you in Bermuda. 
Melissa St-Louis (July 2013) 
Hello, my name is Melissa and I'm French Canadian. I started some research about a job in UK overseas. I'm on my way to get my WHV UK. I read than Bermuda is an island from UK. I would like to know if I can have a job with this working-holiday-visa UK, if it easy to find a job and a cheap apartment. My boyfriend is British so he's not suppose to have any problem to get there for a job. Do you have some information about more UK oversea island we can work and live there with a cheap apartment? About the salary, can you tell me what is minimum salary? When is the time for the hurricane, is it very bad (we need to leave the island) or it's more in Cuba (the wind is it in the beginning so just a lot windy or everything is destroyed) thank you for your time and for the information :) It's really appreciated 
Raj (, July 2013) 
Hi, All non-Bermudians (i.e. non citizens of Bermuda including British) require work permit to work in Bermuda. Although Bermuda is part of British Overseas Territory, it's an autonomous country and has it's own laws and regulations. British laws are not applicable in Bermuda. Once you get a job, the employer makes an application for the Work Permit on your behalf. Only after you get the work permit you can move to Bermuda and work (and after getting necessary visa). There is no other way to work in Bermuda. 
There is nothing cheap in Bermuda. In fact cost of living in Bermuda is one of the highest in the world. Check out the following links for more information: 
Official hurricane season is from June to November. But severe hurricanes are rare. The island is well prepared to handle hurricanes most times. Regards, 
Zhixing Zhang (May 2013) 
Hi, I'm a spouse to a work permit holder who recently moved to Bermuda. I'm wondering if there's any restrictions or provisions for spouse working as an offsite worker in non-Bermuda company. Basically my company (in US) wants to keep contract with me while we move outside of U.S, and I won't be doing any local jobs in Bermuda. I want to make sure it doesn't violate any Bermudian provisions. Thanks for your advise! 
Raj (, May 2013) 
Hi, As long as you are not taking up a job in Bermuda or competing with a Bermudian for a job, there should be no problem. Please reconfirm this with the Bermuda's Department of Immigration. 
Joan Charles (April 2013) 
Hello, I just have a quick question. I want to work in Bermuda but if for any reason I had to leave the country before my contract ended, what would happen? Many thanks 
Raj (, April 2013) 
You should come to a mutual understanding and agreement with your employer. Otherwise the legal terms of the contract would come into force and you may also lose all your settlement amount. 
Joan Charles (April 2013) 
Thank you Raj for your help. Another question I have is do you know how much the employer pay for the work permit for the employee, as that is what I would have to pay back if I left before the year end. 
Raj (, April 2013) 
Hi, It depends on the term or validity period of the work permit. Currently a 1-year work permit fee is $800, 2-year $2000, 10-year $15,000 etc. 
Hi, First of all, thank you very much for all the information about Bermuda you have gathered in your website. My husband has 12 years of experience in the software industry, last 8 years have been in ASP .NET Web development. We currently live in Argentina, but would be interested in working temporarily in Bermuda. Our country, is undergoing a recession, and we're looking for new horizons, at least until this difficult times are over. I would really like to receive some feedback regarding the IT industry in the island. I have some relatives who have worked in accountancy there, for Deloitte, HSBC and ING.  But no one to guide us specifically for this field. Are there any opportunities? Who could we contact? Thanks so much in advance for all your valuable feedback! 
Raj ( 
Hi, Check out Bermuda IT Jobs for IT Job market in Bermuda and how to apply. 
About marrying a Bermudian, you need to know that if you decide to leave your partner after settling in Bermuda and have found a job, does not make your stay secured. Once you leave your Bermudian partner you will be sent out of the island by immigration, since that is considered a fraud. So do not marry a Bermudian to take convenient means.