Moving to and Living in Bermuda


How to move to Bermuda

Dreaming to live in Bermuda? Hopefully you must have secured a job in the island by now or well on your way to get one. 
If you are still looking for a job in the island to live there as an expatriate, I would suggest you first read How to find a job in Bermuda before getting into the sections below. 
Bermuda on Map 
But getting a job is only the step #1. Your employer will then need to get a Work Permit for you from Bermuda Immigration Department, and then you will be all set to move into the island. 
NOTE: There is no separate entry visa required for Bermuda once a Work Permit is issued to a national of the UK, USA and Canada. However for all other nationals requiring to transit through the UK or the USA to get to Bermuda, a multiple entry transit visa of the UK or the USA is additionally required to enter Bermuda. 
Go through Visa Requirements for Bermuda to get details on this. 
So if all that's already done, you must be now preparing to relocate and wondering what it means to be moving to Bermuda.... how will the life be? What should you plan in advance so that you have a smooth transition to your new life? 
Well I'll answer those questions. But first, how long can you plan to live in the island with your current job and work permit? 
Actually, it is determined by the validity period of your work permit. So if your work permit is issued for 3 years, then you can initially plan to live in Bermuda for 3 years. 
Flight to Bermuda 
Photo: rmburnes, flickr, cc by 2.0 
However with the new regulations coming in, a work permit can now be extended by the employer if the job role continues to remain important for them. But work permit or its extension requires hefty fees to be paid to the government of Bermuda. 
So the extension fee has to make business sense for the employer and can sometimes get partially or fully adjusted from your salary. 
Another important factor for extension is your performance. If the employer is not happy with your performance, they may not renew your work permit and rather look for an alternative human resource. 
In fact, they can even go for pre-mature termination with the contract if they are not happy for some reason. But that will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. 
Although there is technically no limit to how long you may be able to stay in the island, practically it does come to an end at some point in time - whether it's due to your own decision or your employer's. 
Secondly, no matter how long you live in the island as an expatriate, it doesn't get you the eligibility for citizenship. I shall discuss this point later. 
NOTE: Effective August 1, 2020, Bermuda now offers one-year residency permit to foreign nationals who can either work remotely from Bermuda without seeking a local employment or those who wish to complete their higher education following post-secondary education. 

Life in Bermuda

So, wondering what kind of lifestyle Bermuda offers? Although Bermuda is a tiny island of only 21 square miles area, it is one of the most beautiful and scenic islands that can even surpass any island of the Caribbean. 
If you love island beaches and water activities, you will love Bermuda. There are numerous lovely sandy beaches in Bermuda that will love to visit time and again. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, cc by sa 4.0 
The Atlantic around Bermuda attracts countless snorkelers and divers. There are plenty of amazing snorkeling sites in Bermuda that have colorful corals and are teeming with marine life. And there are numerous offshore wreck and reef dive sites for scuba divers to explore. 
And if you are interested in golf, Bermuda offers some of the best and scenic golf courses in the world including several 18-hole championship courses. 
Some of these have elevated tees overlooking the ocean. The Port Royal Golf Course has been the venue for PGA Grand Slam. 
And There are lovely nature trails in Bermuda including the scenic Railway Trail that are excellent for walking and cycling. 
Go through this complete list of things to do in Bermuda to know about all the activities in the island.  
Bermuda has a resident population of only around 65,000. People of Bermuda are warm, friendly and helpful. They still practise the old world manners of saying "hello" or "good morning" with a smile even to strangers. 
Many bus drivers and taxi drivers spontaneously tell interesting stories to visitors so that they get to know the island and the people more closely. Read these comments to know the findings of some of the visitors about how they felt about the Bermudians. 
Hamilton City, the port capital of Bermuda is the main commercial hub. This is where most companies have their offices. Hamilton is also the dining and shopping hub of Bermuda.  
There are numerous eateries and restaurants here of all types, the streets are full of glittering shops. The nightlife of Bermuda also centers around Hamilton... there are plenty of bars, pubs and nightclubs here. 
Front Street in Hamilton 
Front Street Bermuda 
Photo: Darryl Brooks, Shutterstock 
Bermuda's weather is sub-tropical in nature and does not see the extremes of weather conditions... it is never too hot or too cold. 
The average winter temperatures range from 65-70°F while the average summer temperatures range from 75°F to 85°F when you can enjoy the beaches to the fullest. 
And there are numerous eateries of all kinds including ones that specialize on Bermudian Food. Being surrounded by ocean, seafood is the most common and probably the most sought after dish in the island. However, you will get all kinds of food in Bermuda as per your choice. 
Go through Why Visit Bermuda to get a snapshot of what this pretty island offers that are so special. 
But, there can also be some downsides of living in Bermuda. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world where the cost of living is one of the highest. This is because almost everything is imported here including food products. 
You will also not find some of the big-city amenities here such as the typical club culture, international fast-food chains like McDonalds etc. The island is really small and you may feel that you have seen and experienced it all within a few months. 
Check out Pros and Cons of living in Bermuda to know about both positives and negatives that you should be prepared with when you live here as an expatriate. 

Finding a House on Rent

Housing in Bermuda has always been expensive. While a good employer may cover you initially for the first few weeks and put you up in a guesthouse or a furnished apartment, you will eventually need to find your own accommodation. 
Most foreigners prefer to rent a small apartment or a studio. Ones close or overlooking the ocean are usually very expensive. Also the ones right at the capital city (Hamilton) too are quite expensive because this is the commercial center of Bermuda. 
Houses in Southampton, Bermuda 
Houses in Southampton, Bermuda 
Photo: Craig Stanfill, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
When looking for a place to rent, don’t always depend on newspaper advertisements as, some of the good, reasonably priced apartments, often do not make it that far. A great way to find a home is by word of mouth. 
Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a place to rent and keep your ears open to find out who might be moving out and which place might be coming up for rent. 
The neighborhood should not be of much concern as far as safety goes. Most localities, barring a few exceptions, are safe in Bermuda. Read How safe is Bermuda to now about all the safety issues. 
Look out for the one-bedroom apartments that are attached to the landlord’s house as this is now a typical set-up in Bermuda. There are also a fair number of house-shares done by expats, so you can look at that option too. 
The island lifestyle is focused so much more on being outdoors, you may soon find that you really use your place only to sleep.  
Read: Renting an apartment in Bermuda to know more about how to find the right house rental in Bermuda and how much should you budget for the rentals? 

Expat Health Insurance

Health insurance in Bermuda is very expensive these days and have even overtaken the US. You don't get any automatic medical coverage in Bermuda. On the other hand, the health care expense in Bermuda is now second highest in the world. 
Reciprocal health insurance does not work in Bermuda, which means your health insurance in your home country will not work here. 
Although by law, the employers in Bermuda have to cover the expat and unemployed spouse with a health insurance, usually the coverage is only basic and not adequate. 
And by government regulation, such insurance is offered only through Bermuda based insurance companies. Most expats need to take separate health insurance coverage in Bermuda. 
Check out Bermuda Medical Facilities to know about the medical centers and clinics in the island. 

Livings Cost, Duties and Tax

While Bermuda offers one of the most fabulous lifestyles and jobs with high pays, the cost of living in Bermuda can be substantial. 
One of the highest cost element is the housing in Bermuda. You will probably not find a one bedroom apartment for a rent below $2,500 a month. 
Add to that the cost of electricity and gas which together can be around $450 a month (particularly in the summer when you have to switch on the AC). 
Phone, cable and internet charges are also much higher than what you incur in the US or UK. Same goes with food products as almost all food products are imported. 
If you have kids, then schooling fees are going to be another shocker. In private schools such as Saltus Grammar where expatriates prefer to admit their kids, the annual tuition fee is over $24,000. 
As a result of all the above, living cost in Bermuda is considered one of the highest in the world. It is near four times of US and three times of UK or Canada. 
Go through Cost of living in Bermuda and get detailed insights into monthly expenses you are likely to incur and cost of various items that you will make use of during your stay in Bermuda. 
When you are moving to Bermuda, you will need to pay Customs Duty virtually on all household goods and other stuffs that you bring in except for some used items like books, used clothes etc which are exempted. 
Check out Bermuda Customs Duty and read the section titled 'Bermuda Customs Duty for Immigrants and Returning Residents' for details. 
While there is hardly any direct taxes to employees like income tax or capital gain or wealth tax, there are several hidden Indirect taxes like Payroll Tax that hit your wallet. 
Although Bermuda does not impose direct income tax on your earnings, you will most likely end up paying tax anyway to your home country, particularly if you are from US, UK, Canada or so. 
There are tax treaties and agreements signed between Bermuda and these countries that require expats working in Bermuda to file tax returns and pay tax in the home country. 
However, there are some relaxation. For example, in case of US citizens working in Bermuda, they need to pay tax for the amount which is in excess of annual earning of $80,000. This discount is due to the high living expenses in Bermuda. 
Read Taxes and Duties in Bermuda for details. 
Earlier, expatriates were not allowed to take up more than one day jobs. An amendment to the immigration policy (effective March 1, 2015) allows a foreigner with work permit to seek for a second job but only after serving the initial employer for minimum of two continuos years. 

Foreigners with family

You can live in Bermuda as long as your work permit is valid which is issued usually for 1 to 5 years, sometimes for longer. Before it expires, your employer can apply for an extension/renewal after exploring that no other suitable Bermudian is available for the job. 
Understandably in this small island, Bermudians are always given preference whenever a job opportunity pops up. Once extended, you can continue to stay. Work Permits no longer have term limits and can be extended depending on employer's requirement. 
If you have your spouse accompanying you, he or she will not be able to work in Bermuda on your work permit. Your spouse should go through the same process of job application and get a separate work permit the way you did in order to work in Bermuda. 
Generally, if your spouse does not come with a separate work permit, it would be difficult to get a separate job while in Bermuda. However, your spouse can apply for jobs while living in the island with you. 
In Bermuda, your spouse and children can stay with you as long as you work and live in Bermuda. However, the same was not allowed earlier for your partner or significant other.  
An amendment to the policy (effective March 1, 2015) now allows Work Permit holders (and also Bermudians and PRC holders) to bring their unmarried partners and children to Bermuda to live with them. 
However, the above is subject to verification by Bermuda's Department of Immigration that the relationship is genuine and subsisting. 
Out of several factors considered as evidence to this, some include 2 years of continuous relationship (not a binding though), dependent children, partners sharing financial responsibilities etc. 
This verification is done to ensure that relationship is not faked to get a long term entry into Bermuda. If qualified, the partner is granted entry/re-entry permit for a duration of the work permit (or 5 years in case of Bermudians and PRC holders). 
If the work permit is extended, the partner can also apply for a new entry/re-entry permit. The partner can also seek for employment in Bermuda. 
If the status of relationship changes, the partners are required to immediately notify the same in writing to Department of Immigration.  

Children's Education in Bermuda

While no expats generally face any problems with the schooling of their children, remember that the over all quality of teaching and standard of education in Bermuda may not be at par with the best that you get in the UK or US. 
Many local Bermudians send out their own children to countries like the US and the UK for better education. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the schools in Bermuda and they have very friendly and responsive staff. 
However, an expat shared... "I have three children and all are at Warwick Academy. The standard here is comparable to a good state primary in the UK. My 11 year old daughter just got a place in a top UK secondary private school. We did get her some extra tuition though". 
While there are some state run schools in Bermuda, the expatriates generally prefer one of the private schools. The state schools have a multi racial environment. The standard of the private schools are generally better than the state schools. 
Go through Bermuda Schools and Education for details.  

Making Friends in Bermuda

This is probably the easiest thing to do in Bermuda. If you read Bermuda's People and Culture, you will know the background of Bermudians and how warm and friendly they are. 
You will find many locals as well as fellow expats in several pubs and restaurants in the island like Robin Hood, Hog Penny and the Pickled Onion. The pub Henry VIII is also quite popular on Sunday nights and are frequented by those working in the hotels industry. 
There are also a number of Expat organizations in Bermuda who meet at different locations from time to time. These organizations, associations and clubs in Bermuda provide required support, information and friend circle to new residents. 
A survey report from HSBC Bank International (published in April 2012) shows that Bermuda has been rated as the second most friendly country in the world (after Canada).  
57% of the expatriates living in Bermuda mentioned that they found Bermuda to be very friendly. Several factors including economy, ability to befriend locals and get integrated to the community, fitting into the culture and overall experience were the main factors determining such rankings. 
Women can join the International Women’s Club of Bermuda (IWC), which welcomes women from all over the globe living on the island. Started in the year 1981, the club now holds a membership of more than 200 women. 
They aim to give women a thread to hold on to, a sort of community they can relate to while being away from home. This is especially for new members, by helping them to network, make friends, get a hang of the island’s way of life and most importantly, develop a sort of comfortable support system. 
They offer a wide range of activities, something that everyone can participate in and enjoy. All in all, it is an excellent way of meeting other women, making friends and learning about everything you need to know in order to live here. 
There are other associations for ladies like the British Wives Group and the American Ladies in Bermuda (ALIB). The latter provides information, support as well as fund-raising for new residents of all nationalities. The members of the group meet up on one Sunday each month at a local club. 

Food and Dining Out in Bermuda

You will find all types of Restaurants in Bermuda. However, when it comes to Bermudian cuisine itself, there are some special favorites that we never miss. 
The dishes include the Pan-fried fish with sweet potatoes, codfish and potatoes covered in egg sauce, fish chowder (a thick soup made of ground fish head) served with a dash of black rum and sherry peppers. 
Codfish Cakes 
Bermuda Codfish Cakes 
And then the broiled spiny lobster with lemon and melted butter (Available in season from September through March), Hoppin' John peas and rice, and such. Go through Local Food and Drinks to know all about Bermudian cuisine and where to get them. 
Note that food at the restaurants and for that matter almost anything in the island is quite expensive. For eating out cheap, go through How to eat cheap in Bermuda
But sometimes you may like to indulge and go beyond just good food and rather seek great ambience and service as well. Visit Top Restaurants in Bermuda to know about the great restaurants, bars and eateries that visitors and locals love, and don't mind paying a little extra at times. 
And for self cooking, you will need to depend heavily on grocery shopping. Get to know about all the well known Grocery and Food Stores in Bermuda and choose the ones that best suits you. 
Bermudians almost habitually take Full Aternoon Tea in English Style at around 4pm. This has been a tradition continuing from the old British days. 
And when it comes to social drinking, Bermudians are expert in that too. Some of the famous original cocktails in the island include Dark n' Stormy (a concoction made with black rum and ginger beer) and Rum Swizzle. (a cocktail made with black rum, orange juice, lemon, pineapple juice, bitters etc). 
Go through Nightlife in Bermuda to know about the most popular bars, pubs and nightclubs. 

Buying household goods

Buy now you know that almost everything in Bermuda is so expensive. Once you find an apartment, you will soon need to buy household stuffs. Remember, you pay a steep duty to get goods into the island, not to mention the damage they incur during transportation. 
One way to get nice and not so expensive household stuffs is through Auctions. And such auctions can also be very helpful for you to dispose off the stuffs when you leave the island. 
You can get many different items on auction like Cedar furniture including tables, chairs and cabinets, items on Silver, China, Glass, Crystal, Brass etc, Bermuda art, antique items such as mahogany slant front desk, sideboards and lot more including collectibles. 
Here is a well known Auction company in Bermuda. They hold up to 8 auctions in a season: 
Hammers Limited, Suite 239, 48 Par la ville Road, Hamilton City, Bermuda. 
Telephone, Office: (441) 236.6569; Email: [email protected] 
Another good place to look for household items is online on the local website Locals as well as expats buy and sell a lot of used stuffs here. 
The site has all kinds of items on sale including furniture, TV, phones, bicycles, computers, yard sale items and lot more. You can get good deals too. 
Also, look out for House-Sales and pick up stuff at good bargains from people leaving the island. There are a lot of these leaving island sales that happen on weekends. You can pick up virtually anything from electronics, scooters, cars to boats and furniture. 
Thrift Stores are often a good option when you want to but things cheap. Many of them are run by charities and offer used items of all types (including kitchen equipment and crockery) that have been donated by the islanders. 
Lot of such items are in good condition and some may even be new. There are several thrift stores in the island. Go through Thrift Stores for details. 

What to bring in

So, what are some of the things that you should carry with you when moving to the island? 
Bermuda, in winter, gets quite cold and most houses do not have any heating. So it would be a good idea, if not an absolute necessity, to carry an electric blanket, as your bed could feel really damp and cold given the high humidity on the island. 
Besides this, you will find that towels, sheets and bedding here are expensive. So it would be good to bring along spare sets of each. 
If you have a good quality snorkel gear back home, don’t think twice to get it along. You will save a lot on renting a gear every time you go snorkeling. If you have a folding camp chair, bring it along for outings as they cost twice as much here as they do in the US or UK. 
You will find that owning a good quality road bike is a necessity when you are here for an extended period of time and they don’t come cheap. So if you happen to own a push/folding bike at home, get it along. 
Bring plenty of clothes but keep in mind that anything newer than six months attract 25% customs duties. Also bring along your laptop/notebook along with necessary adapters. 
If you are one of those who like travelling heavy, and anxious that you don’t miss out on anything that you might possibly have a use for some day in the future, this is for you. Here are some of the things that can do without and might wish you had left behind. 
There is not much use for a leather jacket here in Bermuda, so don’t lug it all the way. For all you know, it might simply sit in your cupboard for months getting covered in mould. 
If you think you can come prepared for the rains here, you might be mistaken (unless you have the heavy duty stuff that will also serve while scooting across the island on your bike). The rain jackets and pants that are available on the island are your best bet. So purchase these when you are here. 
Also, if you are from the UK, your electric toothbrushes won’t work here. You can get one here. 


Buses and ferries are the main modes of public transport in the island although there are taxis that are very expensive. Best is to buy a monthly transport pass which remains valid for a calendar month. 
You can also buy a quarterly pass which remains valid for three consecutive calendar months. That would be the most convenient and economical for regular commuting. 
Bermuda bus in St. George 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
The transport passes work for both bus and ferry with unlimited rides within the validity period. If you have your spouse or family with you, then buying a booklet of tickets may be more economical if they won't travel around much but only occasionally. 
While the bus network is quite extensive with 11 bus routes in the island, from some locations like Southampton or along the north shore in Paget, ferry service can be very convenient to get to Hamilton where most offices are located. 
Check out Bus Ferry Pass, Tickets, Tokens to know about the fares. 
You can also rent scooters, bicycles or even mini electric cars although these are mostly meant for the tourists who rent these for a short period. For long stays, you may consider buying a scooter or a car. 
Go through Transportation in Bermuda for complete details on how to get around the island. 
You can also buy used scooter or a car at a much cheaper price. 
Buying used car / scooter 
Price of the used (i.e. second hand) cars range between $10,000 to $35,000 and that of the used scooters / bikes from $1,500 to $3,500. So if you plan to buy a used car or a bike while living in Bermuda, you can use this indicative cost range for your planning. 
The local site is a good place to start looking for used cars, scooters and accessories. This is where residents buy and sell used stuff regularly. 
You can sometimes find great deals particularly when an expat is leaving Bermuda and selling off his car/scooter. I have seen that a 11-year old Peugeot 307 SW in a good condition being sold for $3500. 
A small house with a car at Jews Bay 
House at Jews Bay Bermuda 
Photo: Craig Stanfill, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
The company (located in Hamilton) deals with used cars and scooters. It's basically a portal connecting buyers with sellers. You can get used cars with a wide range of price starting from $10,000 upwards depending on make, model and year of manufacture. 
Another company deals with both new and used scooters of various types. For used scooters/bikes they claim to make 42-point mechanic inspection and provide warranty before putting up a scooter on sale. They are located in Paget. 
Note that the roads in Bermuda are narrow and sometimes winding and on hilly terrain. Secondly, you need to drive on the left hand side of the road here. 
Unless you are well experienced, riding a scooter in Bermuda for novice riders can be risky... several cases of scooter accidents are reported every year. Although the speed limit is 25 miles, many Bermudians also indulge in drunken and rash driving. 
Driving in Bermuda 
Your home country driving license will not work in Bermuda. You will need to go through written and then a driving test to get the local driving license in Bermuda (be it a car or motor cycle) and it takes a few weeks. Only one car is allowed per household. There is no such limitations with scooters though. 
If you stay at the Eastern End (St George) or Western End (Sandys), during the morning and afternoon office hours, a driving time of about 40 minutes will be required to reach Hamilton City. 
One must be minimum 18 years old to drive a car or motor cycle in Bermuda. And one's stay period in the island must be minimum for 30 days or more. 
In order to get a driving license, you need to first fill up an application form. It requires certification from a local doctor that you are fit to drive. 
You need to then visit the Transport Control Department (TCD) located on North Street in Hamilton along with the application and few other documents, and take an exam on a touch-screen kiosk that tests your general knowledge of road rules, signage, speed limits etc. 
A handbook is available for purchase at TCD main office which you should read before writing this exam. Once you pass the exam, you can purchase a Learner's License. You can then book a driving test by calling up the TCD office (Phone: 292-2255 or 292-1271). 
However, it is always advisable for a new resident to book an orientation lesson before booking a driving test. This helps getting familiarized with local driving practices, one way streets, city road markings and more. 
You can call up TCD main office for orientation lesson and they provide local driving instructors for this. The driving test by TCD will test your basic driving skills and knowledge including parallel parking test, reversing test, and a supervised driving test. 
Once you pass the driving test, you will be issued a driving license for 10 years or up to the age of 65. After 65, driving license needs to be renewed every 5 years, and then every 2 years from 75. 
Go through this Government site for a step by step description of getting a driving license. 

Other Bermuda Living Conditions

Vacation and Working Hours 
Usually vacation is given for 2-3 weeks a year for the initial few years and then it may increase to 3-4 weeks per year. In case of executives, it may start with 3-4 weeks a year. Working hours is usually 40 hours a week. 
Health and Fitness Centers 
If you are a sport or fitness enthusiast, you will have a number of options in the island. There are a number of Gyms & Fitness Centers as well as Sports Clubs & Associations where you can take memberships (usually comes at fairly high cost). 
A great facility is the National Sports Center located at Devonshire. This is the premier public sports complex that has athletic tracks plus an additional 600m jogging / walking track (the latter being free). 
The complex also has swimming pool, fields for soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket etc, a multi-purpose pavilion with bathrooms and showers, and other facilities. 
Go through National Sports Center of Bermuda for complete details including memberships and fees. 
Bermuda Dress Code 
Bermuda's culture is quite conservative having deep influence from British heritage. Although with time many restaurants have become liberal and allow smart casual dress code, there are still a few upscale restaurants that require the men to wear jackets with tie, particularly for dinner. 
Read Bermuda Dress Code to understand how to dress in various places and occasions. 
Bringing pets to Bermuda 
If you are planning to import or move your pets from your home country to Bermuda, you can do that quite easily, there is no quarantine period applicable for pets when you bring them to Bermuda. 
However, you must follow certain guidelines and documentation before you can bring your pets to the island. Visit Bringing Pets to Bermuda to know about the steps you need to follow. 
Bermuda Citizenship 
As an expat, you can not become a Bermudian citizen even if you happen to live in the island for decades. So you will never have a voting right. 
The only exception is if you get married to a Bermudian and live together for at least 10 years, then you can only apply for a citizenship. 
If your child is born in Bermuda, unlike in many other countries, the child does not become a Bermudian. So your child won't be eligible for any government scholarship or other benefits available to a Bermudian child. The only exception is if one of the parents is a Bermudian. 
Credit Cards in Bermuda 
I would advise you to retain your home country credit card(s) and bring them to Bermuda. Their coverage and services are much better than those issued in Bermuda. 
An example is, if you are an US citizen and have an Amex card, while travelling abroad from Bermuda, you can avail the American Express Premium Baggage Protection Plan to insure your baggage. 
You can't do so with a Bermuda issued card, nor can you use it to get a car rental while in a foreign country (outside Bermuda). 
The 1-800-307-7309 number of Master card works from Bermuda to get a customer support service. 
Electricity is provided by a government approved company named BELCO. It uses gas fuel to generate the power and charges a heavy fuel surcharge as part of the electricity rates in Bermuda. 
Electricity charge in Bermuda is quite high and would be 3 times the cost compared to US or UK. The voltage in Bermuda is 120 volts and frequency 60 hz. 
Bank Accounts and Transferring Money 
You can open an account with one of the four Banks in Bermuda. In most cases, the salary is transferred to the savings account of a bank. 
You can convert the money to your home currency and send a draft or wire it to your home country account. However a transaction fee and Foreign Currency Tax (presently 1%) is charged on the amount you transfer. 
Internet Services in Bermuda 
There are quite a few Internet Cafes and Access areas in Bermuda including in Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George. 
A number of home and office internet service providers offer broadband high speed internet connections. And there are few limited places where you can enjoy free wi-fi services as well. 
Visit Internet Services in Bermuda to know about all such facilities and rates. 

When it's time to say good bye

If you are an expatriate, eventually you will have to leave the island and say good bye to Bermuda, unless of course you get married here to a Bermudian ;-) 
Your work permit may get renewed depending on non-availability of equivalent Bermudian human resource and criticality of the role, but finally the day will come for you to pack up. 
I would strongly recommend that you prepare yourself and your family, particularly your children well in advance for such exit. You should do that much before your work permit expires. 
Children are particularly very sensitive to such matters and their change in schooling is one area which needs to be planned out very carefully.  
If you apply for extension or another job, remember that there is never any guarantee of that happening. In fact with struggling economy in the island, there are good chances that such options may not eventually work out. 
You will need to come to the island with a thought that you are carving out a piece of good time for yourself as long as you live in this island. 
And eventually all good things in life come to an end. When the term expires, the reality strikes hard and quick. The Immigration authority barely gives you enough time to settle all your matters before leaving the island. So it's all the more important that you prepare well in advance. 
Earlier Bermuda government used to allow only 21 days within which an expat had to leave the island once his Work Permit expired. 
An amendment in work permit policy (effective March 1, 2015) now allows up to 90 days for settlement of matters before an expat and his dependants must leave Bermuda, once the work permit expires or not extended. 
Additional time may be granted on written request giving adequate justification for the delay. 
Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
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For example, if they taught online over zoom and earned money in the UK and paid UK taxes whilst residing in Bermuda, would that have implications from the govt in Bermuda? Thanks! 
Raj ( July 2023 
Hi Nick, the spouse who moves in with the work permit holder and has the right to reside in Bermuda, is allowed to work remotely from Bermuda as long as the company (employer) doesn't have any local subsidiary, branch or affiliate in Bermuda. 
The spouse in such a case has no liability towards Bermuda's payroll tax or social insurance contributions. 
In the above case, there is also no need to obtain a Remote Work Visa (i.e. the Digital Nomad Visa) which is applicable only for individuals planning to move temporarily to Bermuda with remote work. 
Steve (June 2023) 
Hi Raj, I have a job offer in Bermuda in the Reinsurance industry. If my partner were to move with me on my permit, would she still be able to get her own permit (she works in a role that is not restricted or closed in Bermuda) if she were to find employment? Or would her being on my permit not allow her to seek employment? Thanks 
Raj ( June 2023 
Hi, your partner can apply for a job in Bermuda while living with you on the island and get a separate work permit. 
If she gets one, that will be dependent on the primary work permit which has been issued to you and will automatically terminate once your work permit expires. 
However, getting a second job in the same expat family isn't easy due to the prevailing market conditions and preference being given to Bermudians. 
Barry (January 2023) 
Hi Raj, Very good website and lots of info. I have been offered a government position with starting salary of $90,000 pa. Realistically what are the living expenses like in 2023 and how much of this will I be able to save? I'll probably buy a used moped for transport and am not really into the party scene. Appreciate the advice. 
Raj ( January 2023 
Hi Barry, Suggest you go through this living expenses link to get an idea about the major living expenses in Bermuda. If you are single and keep your expenses under control, with a USD 90K annual salary, you can hope to save up to 25-30K per year. 
Line (November 2022) 
Hi Raj, Thank you for your very useful website,i found  most information about Bermuda reading your pages. I am relocating to bermuda in 6 weeks fron the UK. Wonder if you know of any international shipping compagny based in Bermuda I can contact for a quote. Many thanks 
Raj ( November 2022 
Hi, there are several Bermuda-based shipping companies that handle international relocations to and out of Bermuda. You can look into Bermuda Worldwide Shipping ( or Best Shipping ( Visit their websites and go through the section under 'Relocation' to understand the services. 
Brian (November 2022) 
Hi Raj, I was offered a job in Bermuda where the employer will cover 50% of my premium and I'll have to bare the full cost for my family. Is this typical for Bermuda? By the way, this website is by far the best place to find information about Bermuda. Congrats! Thanks 
Raj ( November 2022 
Hi Brian, usually the employer covers the full premium for the employee, but the health insurance is done through a Bermuda-based insurance company... the coverage is usually basic and most times the employee needs to get a separate comprehensive coverage through private/ 3rd party insurance company before arriving in Bermuda. The employer usually does not cover the family. 
Susanna (March 2022) 
Hi, I am hoping to secure a post with the government of Bermuda and bring my husband and three children across from the UK. Will my husband be allowed to work remotely for the company he is employed for in the UK? Also schooling, am not bothered about private schools - is there a better side of the island to live in regards to schooling? Many thanks for your reply! 
Raj ( March 2022 
Hi, yes your husband can work remotely from Bermuda. However, in 2020, Bermuda has introduced a 'Work from Bermuda Certificate' for those who wish to work remotely from Bermuda. Although this is primarily intended for those who wish to come to Bermuda on a 1-year residence and work remotely from the island, it is unclear whether this also applies to the spouse of a Work Permit holder, in which case your husband needs to pay up the fees and get this certificate in order to work remotely from Bermuda. I suggest you contact Bermuda's Department of Immigration and get clarity on the matter. 
Government and private schools are scattered across the island in different parishes. So, depending on the school where your children get admitted, you can plan your location of stay in the same or neighboring parish... in general, living somewhat centrally like in Paget, Hamilton area or even Warwick can be convenient with respect to transport and travelling around the island. 
Cindy (February 2022) 
Hi Raj, We are relocating from Hong Kong to Bermuda and we both have obtained work permits through our companies. I'd like to bring our housekeeper over with us. She is a Filipino. I have a good general understanding of the process especially having just gone through it myself. However, I understand there are a few more steps to take as an employer. To make sure we are in compliance, I intend to see if there is any company that would provide service to guide us through all the steps to obtain the work permit and multi entry visa. Are you aware of such service? Thank you. 
Raj ( February 2022 
Hi Cindy, there are a few Bermuda-based companies that provide immigration assistance/services... C&M Services and The Catalyst Group Limited are two such companies. You can search online, find their contacts, write to them and check out if they can help with the process end-to-end.  
CB (January 2022) 
Hi just looking for a little advice. I am applying for job as a dental hygienist in Bermuda, the salary is 70k a year. As a single female would that be enough to cover my monthly expenses (planning to spend on as necessary) and save back home? 
Raj ( January 2022 
Hi, that should be okay to manage your monthly expenses... don't expect to save a lot. 
Haroon (August 2021) 
Hi Raj, I am considering applying for a job that pays $250,000. I currently work in the UK for £80,000. I have 2 young children who attend private nursery/school at 650 per month each. Do you think I would be net better off or is the figure much higher for a family of 4 taking into account requirement for family home, car rental, medical insurance etc. Also would I be taxed in the UK on the $250,000 and would I be able to have some savings afterwards. Finally my wife is a dentist, would she be able to work in Bermuda or would there be some hoops for her to jump through? Thanks, 
Raj ( August 2021 
Hi, In your case, it should be quite profitable for you to move to Bermuda provided you choose your accommodation and plan your expenditure rationally. Your wife can certainly look for a job, but whether she can find one depends on various factors... she will however need to get her own separate work permit, she can not work in Bermuda on your work permit. Once she finds a job (which is often difficult when one in the expat family is already working), the employer will apply for the work permit. If you move to Bermuda and work there, you won't be taxed for your Bermuda income in the UK, as long as you satisfy the 'non-resident in UK' status which you will in this case. 
Tammy (February 2021) 
When relocating to Bermuda to work, does a relocation package normally apply? 
Raj ( February 2021 
Depending on your job role and the company, they can offer a relocation package which is usually negotiable. Such a package can include airfare, initial accommodation for 2-3 weeks in a hotel, cost of bringing personal belongings etc. There is no standard norm as such... for junior positions, such a package mostly does not apply. 
Suzie (July 2020) 
Hi. Is the Bermuda Driving test done with a manual or automatic car? Also many say you really end up having at least 15% of your salary deducted although the tax rate is 6 percent. If you are offered a job should u deduct 15 percent to estimate your worst case scenario take home pay?. Also do rental properties there come with alarm or security systems? 
Raj ( July 2020 
Hi, after acquiring the learner's license, you can practice driving a car with a local driving instructor and take that car for the driving test (along with the supervisor). It can be an automatic or manual transmission car... your choice. 
Employee's Payroll tax can vary from 4% to 8.75% depending on your income band. There is no 6% tax. The tax is 6.5% for the annual remuneration band of $48,0001 - $96,000. Employers also sometimes deduct the health insurance premiums from your salary. So you should check with your employer about all such hidden components and arrive at the actual deductibles rather than assuming something generic as 15% which can be often wrong. Many employers bear health insurance and several other costs. 
The usual rental properties have smoke/fire alarms, but no security alarms or other security systems as such. 
Suzie (July 2020) 
Thanks for your response. Do you know anything about the expat benefits practices of large international companies there? Is it common practice to give a monthly housing allowance and private school allowance? Considering the cost of these things I would expect it to be standard practice there among big companies as I have been an expat before in several countries where this was the norm. However I am considering a job offer where nothing is mentioned of this. To what extent can you renegotiate a low offer? 
Also do you have any ideas about what expat directors in finance with a family in international companies should expect as a base gross salary per year to live comfortably and not just making ends meet? Thanks. 
Raj ( July 2020 
Expat benefits practices vary even in large international companies in Bermuda. However, many large international companies (particularly in insurance and finance sectors) offer housing allowances to senior executives and that can range from $4000 to $10,000 per month. You should discuss the following with your employer before signing the contract: 
  • Whether the employer will provide a monthly housing allowance. 
  • Whether housing would be provided by the company and paid for during the first 2-3 months. This will save you a lot of hassles trying to find accommodation in a new place where it's hard to get the right one. Many international companies do that. 
  • Whether your employer will pay for any customs duty that you may incur. Beyond the free allowance of $200, even new personal goods are levied duties to the range of 25-30% of their assessed value (only items of personal use that are more than 6 months old are spared and you need to show the invoice as evidence). Some employers take this cost. 
  • Whether the employer will pay airfares for you and your family including airfares for your vacation back home. 
  • Will your employer arrange for a car and pay for the fuel. Some employers do so. 
  • Will they pay for your electricity cost. Some employers do that. 
  • Although education allowance is not common, you can discuss that, at least if a part can be borne by the employer. Education is very expensive in Bermuda. 
    The gross salary of a Finance Director (CFO) in Bermuda varies depending on the candidate's prior experience in that role (years and magnitude of responsibilities held) and a few other factors. In general, the senior executives in International Insurance, Re-Insurance and Finance sectors are most highly paid in Bermuda. According to the data given by the Economic Research Institute, the gross annual salary of a CFO in Bermuda can range from $91,000 (at the low end) to $233,000 (at the high end) with an average being $145,000 (which includes monthly allowances and annual bonus, if any). 
    At a senior level such as a Finance Director (CFO) in an international company, and considering the salary deductions, education of 1 child in a private school, a reasonably good accommodation, and all other expenses including health insurance etc, in my view, an annual gross pay of $150K+ is okay for a comfortable living with family (but without hoping to save big). This is only a rough estimate... some might manage below this and others might require more. 
    Anngg (February 2020) 
    Hi Raj, your articles are such a great help. Read most of the article. I was offered at 75000 per year, will I be able to get my husband and daughter with me? Is it livable to have that kind of salary? Or can my husband also work there? 
    Raj ( February 2020 
    Hi, meeting all ends with $75K gross for three persons won't be easy if your daughter needs schooling, otherwise doable. Your husband can also apply for a job there either before you move in or after. 
    Jyoathsna (February 2020) 
    Hi Raj, I'm a Srilankan and an undergraduate my husband is planning on moving to bermuda on work visa so if i accompany him on dependent visa what are the possibilities of me getting a job there as a fresh graduate? is it possible to find a job from dependent visa. 
    Raj ( February 2020 
    Hi, the possibility of getting a job as a fresh graduate is unfortunately very low to nil. Even if you get one, you can not work there on a dependent visa, you need your own work permit (which is like a work visa). The employer applies for a work permit for the selected employee. 
    Petit (December 2019) 
    Hii Raj... Petit here from The Bahamas. Would like to get your input. Me and 4 of my co workers have already  been in Bermuda working for 5  months for a US based company out of Florida earlier in the year. We had  good accommodation  provided by the company as in salary, transportation, rent, food allowance, fully furnished shared 3 bedroom apartment. All previous expenses were taken care of by the  company so we  were able to save our entire salary for those 5 months living in Bermuda. 
    Now we have a next opportunity to go back to Bermuda early next year some time  for work for about 2years and the company is base in Bermuda and they are offering us between $28 to $32 @hour, plus overtime, housing accommodation and transportation are being provided but the grocery and utility bills like light, water, cable, internet we all will have to be responsible for. We all are aware of how high the cost of living is in Bermuda and I came across this site reaching out to you asking for your input on this ? 
    Raj ( December 2019 
    Hi, accommodation and transportation are the main expenses in Bermuda, which are provided by your company. With the hourly wage you indicated and assuming you work an average of 40 hours a week, you should be earning over $60K annually. If you all share the same accommodation, you can still save a major part of your salary even after paying for all other expenses. 
    L.T. Banton (November 2019) 
    Having lived and worked in Bermuda, I would say it is a very beautiful Island but be prepared to be faced with bullying and harassment in the workplace by few employers, companies or staff members. Some simply do not like expats, some are very envious if you are more qualified or more experienced than they are (which is the case most times), some are discriminatory. Don't expect help from anyone as heads of departments cover for their longtime staff, unions can do so much and no more, most of these people are friends or family or simply haters themselves. At the end of the day it is your decision to live and work there, was just sharing experiences of several expats that I have known and worked with. All the best. 
    Matthew Le Bourgeois (September 2019) 
    Hi Raj, I have a quick question. I have been offered a job in Bermuda and my employer is completing my work permit for both myself and my son on my behalf. However, my partner is also looking to join us out there. If she doesn't manage to gain a visa prior to my start date what can she do? Will she be able to come to Bermuda for the 90 days leave then re-enter the island ? 
    Raj ( September 2019 
    Hi, she can initially join you for up to 90 days visiting as a tourist and once she gets her entry permit as your partner she should go back and re-enter using the partner's entry permit / visa. 
    Update: Effective August 1, 2020, the maximum length of stay for visitors has been extended from 90 days to 180 days. A longer stay will require an application to Department of Immigration citing reasons for such requirement and necessary documentation. 
    Matthew Le Bourgeois (September 2019) 
    Hi Raj, The only problem being the income threshold to have two dependents on my visa is above the income I will be earning. Therefore, we have been told I can only have one dependent on my work permit. My partner will be trying to get a job, we are just trying to find out what the worst situation is then work back from it. Thank you for the swift response it is very much appreciated. 
    Jordan (September 2019) 
    Hey Raj, I'm a South African and currently I am planning to go work in Bermuda as a Chartered Accountant. I've read the average annual income for a newly qualified chartered accountant is 80 000 BMD. Will I be able to live comfortably off this salary and be able to save some money for the future. If this is possible how much would you say I can save? Thanks in advance and also thanks for all the information you provided me with so far. 
    Raj ( September 2019 
    If you are single then you can live comfortably in Bermuda with an annual pay of BMD 80K and also save a little. How much you can save will depend on the type of accommodation you choose and the location... this is the biggest expense item. Also if you are prepared to cook yourself instead of eating out frequently or bringing deli food, that can help further. With all reasonable measures taken, you should be able to save around 15K annually. 
    Edka (August 2019) 
    Hi Raj, Love your website content it's so informative, really glad I found this site! I am writing as I was offered a lucrative salary in Bermuda however I am a single female and before I decide if I intend to move or not I wanted to ask you how is safety for single women? Are there any areas that you'd say are not safe and to avoid? Thank you. 
    Raj ( August 2019 
    Hi, Bermuda in general is quite safe. Avoid the outskirts of Hamilton and lonely places particularly after dark. You should be fine. Suggest you go through Safety issues and measures in Bermuda
    Edi (August 2019) 
    Hi Raj, Thank you so much for all this information, this is truly great! I am currently considering a job in Hamilton that pays $130K USD + benefits. I am thinking of this offer and plan to move alone with my cat companion. With plans to live in Hamilton, would you say it's reasonable to hope to save $3,000 each month? I definitely plan to be financially responsible and want to use this move as a means of saving money, I'd rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton, I plan to mostly cook myself, and I am not much of a drinker so spending money on drinks and alcohol should not be much of an expenditure for me. Thanks so much, any advice would be appreciated. 
    Raj ( August 2019 
    Hi, with annual pay of USD 130K plus benefits, saving USD 3K per month should not be a problem if you are single, perhaps you can save more. 
    Ben (July 2019) 
    Hi Raj, great website! I am potentially moving to the island this year with my partner. We are not married and she currently has a job that allows her to work remotely. If her company allows her to continue working from Bermuda would it be easy for her to apply for a permit? Alternatively, could she move over with me and look for a job whilst she was there? Thanks! 
    Raj ( July 2019 
    Hi, as your partner (there is Bermuda definition for a partner which is already stated in my website), she can move in with you on your work permit and continue to work remotely (i.e. with a laptop over internet). She won't need a separate work permit in this case. However while in Bermuda, she can look for a local job as well... chances are low that she would get one, but possible. 
    Rich (March 2019) 
    Hi Raj, This is my question: I currently earn 100k gross annually and my partner will be moving to island within the next couple of months. In addition to my salary I get a company vehicle, utilities (electricity, internet, mobile) paid but not rent. Would my partner and I be able to have a comfortable lifestyle given the scenario I just outlined? Lastly, would my partner be able to find a job on island? 
    Raj ( March 2019 
    Hi, yes 100K annually with the additional benefits you mentioned should be good to have a comfortable life for both of you. You need to only choose your accommodation wisely. While in the island, your partner is eligible to find a job... but whether she gets one would depend on the niche in which she has her skills. If you are yourself an expat in the island, your partner would travel under your work permit, and she would eventually have to get her own when she gets a job. She can not get a job on your work permit. Also it is usually more difficult to get a job being a partner than applying independently from one's home country... this is because the island's sensitivity to protect jobs for islanders, but possibilities are open. 
    Boniface (February 2019) 
    Hi Raj, I have seen you provide really good advise for those who are planning to move to Bermuda. Recently I have been offered 100k/annual gross paid job. I am planning to move with my wife and child who is ready to start schooling. Do you think it is reasonable to start our life there? I am also expecting my wife to do some part time jobs (may be at a small departmental stores) to save few extra bucks. let me know your thoughts. thanks, 
    Raj ( February 2019 
    Hi, yes you can manage a reasonably good living in Bermuda with 100K considering the cost of your kid's schooling. However, do not expect to save much. 
    Elizabeth fisher (January 2019) 
    Hi Raj, If I get married to a Bermudian, and have my own business but my clients are remote from other parts of the Globe is that okay? Or if I work for a company outside of Bermuda who pays me, and the people that I work with are not in Bermuda is that okay, if I am married to a Bermudian? 
    Raj ( January 2019 
    Hi, you are eligible to live in Bermuda along with your Bermudian spouse and that is irrespective of who you work for or who your clients are. 
    Simona (April 2018) 
    Hi Raj, I've been offered a job in Bermuda with a salary of $35,000/year in hospitality. Is this a good deal to take? Is just me, no other commitments. 
    Raj ( April 2018 
    Hi, if you are given accommodation, then it is just about okay. 
    Nataly (January 2018) 
    Hi Raj. My husband was proposed 83K USD salary. We are quite careful with our expenses but for sure we want to have health insurance and our daughter (she is 9y) needs to attend school, also of course we want to save a bit. Do you consider it realistic in case I will not be able to receive permission to work, so it will be just 83k USD a year for the whole family? 
    Raj ( January 2018 
    Hello, $83K per year can be tight for three of you to be living comfortably in Bermuda and save. Schooling for your kid would be around $20K per year, apartment rent would be minimum $36K per year considering lowest rental rates, adding to it health insurance premiums (around $430 for adults per annum and $190 for child below 18), electricity, transportation, food etc... there will be hardly any room to save or bear other incidental expenses. 
    Umoru Michael Eneji (January 2018) 
    Hi Raj, I am a registered Nurse with specialty in Anaesthesia practicing here in Nigeria for over 9 years now. I am a Nigerian citizen and would like to relocate to work in the Bermuda. Is nursing job paying in Bermuda and are there private hospitals/clinics where I can do some locum jobs part-time? My wife is a nurse too and we have just a kid. 
    Raj ( January 2018 
    Hi, registered nurses in Bermuda get an average annual salary of around $70,000 - $75,000. If you work part time you can expect a pay of around $30 per hour, but planning to move to Bermuda based only on a part time job is not a good idea... getting such a job as a foreigner would be difficult plus it may not be enough for a living. 
    Peter (September 2017) 
    Hi, Thanks for the brilliant info about Bermuda. It is very helpful. I have got an offer in Bermuda for a Software Developer role in Bermuda which will pay about 100,000 P/A. Now I have a wife and 2 kids who are 5 and 2 years old. My 5 year old is currently going to a private school in the UK and we would like him to continue his education in a private school should we relocate to Bermuda, My 2 year old is still at Nursery but we are hoping she would go to a private school too. The company is only going to pay for 1 month's rent for us, giving us time to settle before we start sorting ourselves out. Do you think 100,000 a year is good enough as i basically earn about 80,000 p/a in the UK before tax? The plan is to stay in a 2 or 3 bed house/flat plus maybe have a car if possible and maybe travel once or twice a year. Regards, 
    Raj ( September 2017 
    Hi, while $100,000 p.a. is okay for a software developer's job in Bermuda, there are two things you need to carefully plan out... housing and children's education. You need to find an apartment in a locality which is relatively inexpensive... otherwise this can easily shoot through the ceiling. Average annual fees in good private schools is about $20K per child and with two kids this can get quite prohibitive with such package. 
    David (August 2017) 
    Hi Raj, I have been recruited to work in Bermuda.  I have a Filipino wife with a US permanent residency Green Card and in process of an immigrant Visa for my step son (her child)  - both will hold passports and visas.  Will they be able to travel to Bermuda and stay the entire length of my contract?  I believe it will be a minimum 3 - 5 year commitment.  I am a US citizen.  In addition, my wife as an accountant may look for employment while there - what type of issues can she expect as she would not have a work sponser upon arrival. Many Thanks for your time. 
    Raj ( July 2017 
    Hi, your wife and child can travel with you and stay for the duration of your contract... and this doesn't depend on their citizenship. While in Bermuda, your wife can look for a job and get a separate work permit through an employer, it may not be however easy being a spouse of an expat who is already on a work permit. 
    Ruth (July 2017) 
    Hi Raj, I really like your website- so much helpful information! I have been asked to consider a job in Bermuda, I am a nurse. I'm Irish but work in London at the moment (my background is working in pediatric intensive care). I am excited by the island culture and the fact that it is a small, close knit community- very similar to home! The offered salary is $73,000 per year, is that a realistic salary for a single person? Would it be sufficient for renting a property and living? I wouldn't use a scooter, I will probably manage with public transport. About airports, is there a regular service and if so, where does it fly to? Maybe I could visit Bermuda before moving, if so I would like to estimate a price for flights etc. Thanks in advance for your help- I appreciate it! 
    Raj ( July 2017 
    Hi, as a single you can manage, but do not expect to save much. Try to find an apartment outside Hamilton and on bus route to keep your cost in control. There is regular British Airways flight between London (Gatwick) and Bermuda. 
    Mary Galati (April 2017) 
    My daughter is visiting her boyfriend in Bermuda. How long can she stay. If she marries him while she is there, will she be allowed to stay longer? 
    Raj ( April 2017 
    As a visitor she can stay for 3 months. Once married, she can continue to stay in Bermuda with her husband. 
    Aldwin (February 2017) 
    Good day. My parents want to visit me here in Bermuda. I would like to ask if they still need an invitation from me before they travel? Or it's possible to travel without any invitation? They work in Italy and already have documents from there. Thanks 
    Raj ( February 2017 
    Hi, as tourists one doesn't need any invitation to visit Bermuda. However they need passport and UK transit visa valid minimum for 45 days from intended departure from Bermuda, along with return tickets. 
    Tracy (December 2016) 
    Hi Raj..I'm considering moving to Bermuda. The job will pay $90k and I would be moving alone. Will I be ok with this salary? 
    Raj ( December 2016 
    Hi, yes, that salary is above the average and should be good for a single. 
    Rebeca (November 2016) 
    Hello!. Just wanted to confirm if my husband holds a work permit I will not be able to work correct ? I need to do the process by myself ? And second what minimum yearly amount salary do you recommend for a couple. Thanks 
    Raj ( November 2016 
    Hi, you can not work on your husband's work permit. A work permit is issued for a specific person and for a specific company. You need to get your own work permit. Minimum salary requirement will depend on your lifestyle. Anything below $70K per year can make it hard for a couple. 
    Chitrajit Ghosh (April 2016) 
    Hi Raj, My office will be at Hamilton. Can you please suggest where to stay so that my transport time is less while commuting to office and back to my residence. I will be alone over there. The scooter rent is also quite high what I see. I hope I will get a rent within $1500 near Hamilton. 
    Raj ( April 2016 
    Hamilton is the costliest place in the island. It'll be nearly impossible to find an accommodation there at that rate. You can either try in northern Pembroke (near north road) and walk for about 15-20 minutes to the center, or stay at Paget and commute by ferry. Buy a monthly transport pass which works for both ferry and buses. 
    Kelvin (April 2016) 
    My wife is a Canadian CA CPA, is contacting with a Bermuda based accounting firm and seems will get the job offer. So working permit should not be an issue for her. I am a business owner and own few businesses in Canada, Can I open restaurant or grocery store when I come with her to Bermuda? Can I buy some local businesses for sale and run by myself? I searched on internet and found some BnB for sale, am I allow to buy some commercial property? thanks 
    Raj ( April 2016 
    A short answer to your question is - no you can not own a local business in Bermuda as a foreign national. There could be exceptions where it is done through partnership with a Bermudian who owns majority of the business. 
    Andrei Steau (March 2016) 
    Hey Raj, I am curios about your opinion regarding the offer that I got. I should start working there and bring my wife with me but I am concerned about the salary wont be enough. We Should be around 75 K, what is your opinion? thank you! 
    Raj ( March 2016 
    Hi, as long as you do not expect to save and eat out much, you can manage. 
    Maria (February 2016) 
    Hi Raj, I'm an American, born and raised. I met a Bermudian while visiting and we fell in love.... We want to get married and I am willing to move there. However I have an 11 year old daughter and a dog. I'm thinking of moving there in August of this year. I think if we're married by then we should be okay. What if we are just engaged? Would I still be able to move there? I'm concerned about schooling for my daughter and bringing our dog with us as well. 
    Raj ( February 2016 
    Hi, while Bermudians married to foreign nationals can always bring their spouses and children to the island, since 2015 a change in immigration policy has extended this benefit to partners as well who are foreign nationals. However this is subject to certain verification (like the relationship is subsisting etc). Being engaged by then would certainly held in providing such evidence. Your daughter would be eligible for any school a Bermudian child is. You can also bring your dog. Go through the link Bringing Pets to Bermuda to know what needs to be done for this. 
    Aliyah Smith (January 2016) 
    I am a Bermudian by birth and my father and family lives in Bermuda, but I live in the US. If i marry my American boyfriend and move to Bermuda would his grandmother be able to live with us? She has always been with him and our plan was to move to Bermuda to raise a family and she would like to continue to live with him. Could that be possible? 
    Raj ( January 2016 
    In a normal case, none other than direct family (i.e. spouse and children) can live in Bermuda with an expat. So his grandmother can not live with him, but can visit as a tourist, stay for 3 months at a time (or longer by applying for extensions). However he may write to Bermuda Department of Immigration for special consideration by citing reasons such as old age, unavoidable dependability etc. 
    Adam (November 2015) 
    Hi Raj, I'm looking to purchase a used 50 CC scooter for my stay here in Bermuda (approx. 4 months on a work permit). Do I need to get a license to ride the scooter? Some people say a 50 CC requires no license, some say no license is required only if it's a rental, while others say all motor vehicles require one.... 
    Raj ( November 2015 
    Hi, if you plan to own a vehicle in Bermuda (scooter, motor cycle or car of any class), you need a local license. And a driving license is issued only if one stays for a minimum period of 30 days. You need to schedule a computerized theory test at Transport Control Department (TCD, located at North street in Hamilton), then apply for a learners permit, and then take a driving test. In case of scooters/motor cycles, the driving test is done at TCD testing grounds. Driving license is issued for 10 years (fees: $110.40, free for seniors). You will need a doctor's certificate while applying for the driver's license. There are other documents required as well like your passport, work permit etc. Suggest you visit TCD on arrival to know the entire process. 
    Simone (November 2015) 
    Hello Raj! My name is Simone and I am a registered nurse front Italy who's going to move to Bermuda during the next year. I visited twice the island, thanks to a good friend of mine who's Bermudian, and now me and my girlfriend decided to try to live there for a part of our lives. I know what I need to do to enroll in the Bermuda nursing council so I can work there as a RN. Then I can apply for a job but everyone told me that's going to be really easy because the high demand of them. My girlfriend (she's Finnish) who's graduated in business in Helsinki will apply for any job open to foreigners and hopefully she can find a work permit as well. My situation is that I have a dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback 1 year old, and I have to bring him with me to the island. My question is, how hard could it be to carry him with me? I can't bring him on public transportation so I might need to get a car there (also for my personal life). So how can I get a Bermudian license car? I have my Italian license car but if I understood right I won't be valid there. Thank you so much for your advises and congrats for the web site! It is the best one!! Best regards 
    Raj ( November 2015 
    Hi, you can't rent a car in Bermuda and it's not easy to find a taxi driver who would allow a dog in his car. So either you should engage an international pet transfer agency, or ask your friend in Bermuda to help with a car to carry your dog when you arrive in Bermuda, or contact a few local transporters to find one who would agree to transport the dog. Once in the island, you will need to pass a theory test and then take a driving test to get your Bermuda driving license. Your country's driving license is of no use here. After you get a license, you can buy a car (new or used), however the house or apartment where you put up, can only have one car per household as per law. 
    Aman Darred (September 2015) 
    Hi Raj, Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a valuable resource for visitors to Bermuda. I moved here for work a few months ago and I continue to visit your website for more information. Thank you!  
    Andy (August 2015) 
    Hi, If I visit Bermuda for 90 days, how long do I have to leave for before coming back to Bermuda for another 90 days? How many times a year could this be done, realistically? My partner also from the UK like me, has a work permit as a teacher. She has been in Bermuda for 1 year. I have no intention of working (as I wouldn't have a work permit!) etc. I just want to be with my partner as much as possible. I am currently living in the UK and I'm British (if this makes any difference). Thank you 
    Raj ( August 2015 
    Hi, since you want to stay in Bermuda with your partner, here are couple of options you may consider: 
    1) Your partner can apply for "Permission for a Partner to reside on an Annual Basis". This option is part of Bermuda Immigration Application form which a work permit holder has to fill up. One does not need to be married to make this application. There is a separate fee though. The permission is initially given for one year and subsequently can be reviewed for annual extension. 
    2) Enter Bermuda as a tourist for 90 days and apply for extension (maximum 6 months). You can re-enter Bermuda anytime and there is no set rule on what may be the minimum period after which you can re-enter. However all tourists (other than cruise ship passengers) are expected to stay in hotels and contribute to Bermuda's tourism industry, and therefore frequent travels may be questioned by immigration officers if your address is not a hotel. These days nobody requires a separate visa to enter Bermuda as a tourist. So frequent entry may also seem to be a potential misuse of that. It's a fine line and you need to take your own judgmental call on this. 
    Trust (July 2015) 
    Hi Raj, I have been offered work by a company in Bermuda and would like to know for how long (limit) my spouse will be allowed to visit me when she has a 10 year US holiday visa, with a return ticket as well. Thank you. 
    Raj ( July 2015 
    Spouses are allowed to stay as long as the work permit holder stays. 
    Bernadine Torres (February 2015) 
    Hi Raj my name is Bernadine Torres and I am coming in march to marry my fiance who is a born Bermudian, please tell what problems I might have if their is any please I am from trinidad/tobago and he wants me to come and live their after we marry. Should I worry Raj. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.. 
    Raj ( February 2015 
    Hi, Bermuda is a beautiful island with friendly people... nothing wrongwith the island itself. Is there anything specific that's worrying you? 
    Bernadine Torres (February 2015) 
    Hi Raj, First of all let me thank you for your response. My reason for emailing you is that i have my fiance living in Bermuda and he wants me come their and marry him I am 50yrs he is 70yrs believe me that is not the problem. I was worried about how long do I have to stay in your country before I get married? and would it cause a problem if i want to work after? I read up on everything and i notice they have a length of time you can come to Bermuda as a tourist and stay also when married, Raj is their rules? would I get a new passport from your country to travel back and forth to my country or i would have to continue using mines? and I want to know if this will not cause a problem as I have a daughter going to school in Trinidad/Tobago and I would like that I and my husband can come to her graduation in July please. I know I am asking a lot and I thank you in advance for all the help you can give me and advice much appreciated.. 
    Raj ( February 2015 
    Hi, since he is a Bermudian living in Bermuda, he can pre-arrange the wedding so that you can get married as soon as you reach Bermuda. Once you get married you can start living there and look for a job although finding a job in Bermuda is not easy. One usually becomes eligible for citizenship only after living in the island with his/her Bermudian spouse for minimum 10 years. So you won't get a Bermuda passport or voting right till then. So for at least 10 years you can expect to remain a passport holder of your present home country and living in Bermuda on a long term visa issued to spouses. If all documentation are done correctly, both of you should be able freely move back and forth between Bermuda and any other country. 
    Joy (December 2014) 
    Hi I have been in Bermuda for a few months now and I heard of a dollar depot store along Victoria Street. I tried searching for it but I can not see where this store is. With everything so expensive I would like to try shopping in this store thanks. Your blog is a great help for us foreign workers here. 
    Raj ( December 2014 
    Hi, the Dollar Depot store in Hamilton is located at the Shopping Centre (35 Victoria Street). It's about 100 meters to the east of  Victoria Grill - a popular restaurant. There are other dollar depot stores as well - at Heron Bay Market Place in Southampton, Shelly Bay Market Place in Hamilton Parish on North Shore Road etc. 
    Perry Smith (October 2014) 
    I'd like to offer some comments on the Living In Bermuda article. I lived in Bermuda for 3 years as a white collar expat. I found the social climate to be hit and miss. Specifically it is very cliquey and often anti-cosmopolitan. The article mentions 4 popular pubs. At any point in time, there are about 8 in total that expats go to. And I use the word 'expats' deliberately, as locals as a general rule stick to themselves and socialize little with the 'hired help.' 
    The nightlife is fun the first 25 or so times you go out. But seeing the same faces going through the same motions time and time again becomes boring to most. 50% accountants, 30% civil servants, 20% others. Very little diversity. It often resembles a bad frat party. A bunch of single lads drinking with very few females in attendance. Over time I developed a circle of about a dozen friends, dated a couple of different girls, and was generally content. 
    I have very nice memories of the comradery. The beautiful beaches and amazingly blue water. Snorkeling. Playing tennis 10 months a year. Bombing around on a motorcycle. Bermuda shorts as a work uniform. Immersing myself in something different. But at the 3 year mark I chose to leave due to boredom. Glad I did. It was the right dose of Bermuda. It was time to get on with my real life back home. 
    Rocky Tapia (September 2014) 
    Hello Raj, First, I would like to thank you for creating this website. Nothing online can ever get close to this in providing accurate and non-biased information about Bermuda. No one should ever go to Bermuda without visiting this site. My questions is with regard to the minimum salary required to live comfortably in Bermuda. Here are the details and conditions: 
    1. Single male in his late 30s working in IT, expert in an ERP application (skilled). 
    2. Decent 1-bedroom apartment. 
    3. Save at least 2,000 USD per month. 
    4. Use public transport or buy a mopped scooter. 
    5. Go out socially once a week with food and drinks. 
    6. Be able to travel out of the island at least twice a year. 
    7. Will shop in markets and cook food most of the time - pack lunch at work. 
    Based on the above items, what do you think should my annual income be in USD? Please let me know if you have questions or need more information. Thank you, 
    Raj ( September 2014 
    Hi, there are two key factors in your conditions which can swing the pay requirement quite a bit - travelling out of the island (where and how much do you expect to spend in that?) and location of apartment. Very roughly you will need to earn $95,000 to 105,000 per annum to get close to what you may be expecting (assuming you have health coverage and without factoring in any income tax deductions at your home country). 
    Elaine (September 2014) 
    Hi, If I am moving to Bermuda and I want to bring my son with me a few months later...would this be allowed? 
    Raj ( September 2014 
    Hi, in most cases minor children are allowed to live with expat parents. Adult children can come with tourist visa and stay for a period of up to 3 moths. You may write to Bermuda Immigration Department for further clarifications stating your nature of work and work permit term etc. 
    Pavan Thalapalli (August 2014) 
    Hi! I have a few general questions about living in Bermuda and I was hoping to get a better understanding of the same. We would most likely be moving to Bermuda in November as I would be transferred to our office there to take over as the Finance Manager. We currently live in NJ, USA and would like to get a better understanding of what to expect if we do move there. Is it easy for my wife to work there? I have read that it would be quite difficult to get a job there as an expat and that it makes sense to apply for a job/work permit before landing in Bermuda. Is that correct? If so, what is the best way to go about it, should she contact a recruiter there or should she apply for a job if we come across one (on the internet)?  To give you an idea,she is from an IT background. Are they many opportunities available in that field in Bermuda? Thanks! 
    Raj ( August 2014 
    Hi, Your wife should apply for a job before landing in Bermuda. She can however continue to search while in the island, if she has to move without a job. IT sector jobs are available, but mostly requiring technical skills and experience. She should go through hiring agencies and also directly apply for jobs that are advertised in Bermuda's only Daily - Royal Gazette (you can view the online version). 
    Isabel (June 2014) 
    Hi Raj, thank you for this great website! I have just been offer a teaching job in Pembroke (BHS) and I am wondering about the living cost in that area. I was told during my interview that an apartment would cost about 2000 dollars per month and that the best way to find a place is not through agents but by word of mouth. It must be difficult to find a place when you are completely new to the island. How do you recommend me to look for a place? Do you think the price they gave me is a realistic orientation? By the way, I am a Spanish/French citizen living in India right now. I have lived here for almost six years. Moving to Bermuda is going to be a cultural and financial shock for me, I guess! All the best 
    and thanks again. 
    Raj ( June 2014 
    Hi, $2000 per month for a one bed room apartment is possible but difficult. It's on the lower side. $2500 is more realistic. Most companies offer 2-4 weeks guest house accommodation initially when you can fix your apartment. Word of mouth takes time. Go through Living costs in Bermuda 
    Jed (November 2013) 
    Hi Raj! I came across your blog as i was trying to find some information on Bermuda because i received a job offer there. I am a healthcare professional with 2+years of experience. I've read in one of your articles that a professional with a university degree should get not less than 80k. Will I be on losing end if they give me 78k? I mean can I live the life and still save some money. And as an expat what was your issues when you 1st came in there? 
    Raj ( November 2013 
    Hi, You can surely live in Bermuda with that money and unless you indulge often, you can save a bit as well. But you will need to plan on a budget apartment and also cooking some of your own meals. Take a look at this article to get some ideas about cost of living in Bermuda 
    Rashid (August 2013) 
    Raj, I am contemplating moving to Bermuda for work and is currently awaiting Immigration clearance. I wish to know if the variety of Indian spices are readily available on the market or is it worth my while bringing some with me. Can you please advise accordingly and provide me with any links if available. 
    Raj ( August 2013 
    Hi, You won't easily find Indian spices in Bermuda. So bring some with you. Once you reach the island, get in touch with Ashok Uppal. He is the owner of House of India restaurant located in Hamilton area. He once used to run an Indian grocery store here which he later converted into an Indian restaurant. He will be able to help you with the sources to get Indian spices. 
    Update: Indian spices are available at the store Just Rite located in Pembroke and near Transport Control Department. 7, Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 295-6407, 238-5719. 
    Alkioni Skondrianou (June 2013) 
    Hello, My husband has been offered a job for 130,000usd. We are very seriously thinking to relocate. We live in Greece. We also have a daughter 12 years old that understands English but do not speak so good. My concern is. 
    Will we be able to have a good living level there (not crazy things as eating out a lot) but been able to rent a decent house. Will we be able to save any money? Will my daughter be accepted to high school or not because of her poor English? Any info will be great since we only have 2 weeks to make our final decision. Thanks a lot! 
    Raj ( June 2013 
    Hi, 130,000 USD is an average annual salary in Bermuda and you should be able to live a moderate life, but don't expect to save a lot from that. Visit the following link to get some ideas of cost of living in Bermuda: Bermuda Cost of Living 
    Your child should quickly learn English. However I don't see much problems in her school admission as long as she understands English. She may require special English coaching which some private schools offer. 
    April Saflor (April 2013) 
    Hi, This is April Saflor a Philippine national- I have my fiancé living in Bermuda, I would like to know if I need still to get US visa before going to Bermuda (as far as I know Philippine national requires entry visa in Bermuda) right? I want to ask as well, is there a fiancée visa on Bermuda? Or possible I will get a tourist visa and marry my fiancée in Bermuda? Is that allowed? Thanks 
    Raj ( April 2013 
    Hi, There is no fiancée visa for Bermuda. After marriage, one can live in Bermuda with one's spouse. You will be however required to show proper documentation of your marriage when you apply for such visa that allows you to live in Bermuda with your husband as long as he lives there (assuming he may be on a work permit or a Bermudian himself). You can get a tourist visa for Bermuda and get married to your fiancé in Bermuda. If you are coming through US, then you will also require a multiple entry US transit or tourist visa. But note that you can not continue to live in Bermuda with a tourist visa. You will need to return within 90 days and get a proper visa to live in Bermuda with your husband. 
    Dan (December 2012) 
    Hello, I visited your amazing and splendid island this summer. I am considering moving to Bermuda, at least I would like to. My question is, can I move to the island if I am retired but also have my own business where I work from home? if I was living in Bermuda, the people of Bermuda would become my main clientele. 
    Raj ( December 2012 
    Hi Dan, There are usually two ways one can plan to move to Bermuda. One is by getting a work permit for a job in the island. This is usually possible when the skill required for the job is not available in the island and therefore needs to be hired from a foreign country. 
    The other is by setting up a business with a local Bermudian. The Bermudian partner retains majority share of the business. In this case the main criteria the government looks into is whether the new business can generate job opportunities for locals. 
    Your proposal doesn't seem to fit into either of the two. So in my personal opinion, the chances of getting a resident visa in Bermuda in your case is very slim. However, you can always give it a try and write to Bermuda's Department of Immigration. If I were you, I would develop a case highlighting how Bermuda may benefit from the business proposal. 
    Good luck! 
    Jason Snowdon (November 2012) 
    An easy question if you live in Bermuda. Can you ice skate? Are there any rinks? If not where is the closest rink? We are considering relocating to the island but our daughter is an accomplished ice skater and would like to continue. Thanks for any feedback. 
    Raj ( November 2012 
    Hi, I haven't heard of any Ice Skating Rink in Bermuda, most likely there is none. Regards. 
    Tony Makowski (April 2012) 
    Hello Raj, I will be living in Bermuda for 3 years on a work permit. Can you tell me what I could expect to pay for a new or used scooter or bicycle as I expect that this will become my primary mode of transportation. Thanks 
    Raj ( April 2012 
    Hi Tony, An old scooter in Bermuda can cost from $500 and up and the new ones are $3000 and up. Bicycles are anywhere from $300 and up. Hope this helps! 
    April Saflor (March 2012) 
    Good day, Hi I'm April from Philippines. I just want to ask if approximately how many months will I take to get there in Bermuda after marriage? My fiancé is a Bermudian national and we will get marry next month in my country. And I am planning to apply for a job in AIG Bermuda, do I need to get a work permit first or not?    
    I appreciate your response. Thanks 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    Hi, once you get married to a Bermudian, you can always go and live with your spouse in Bermuda and there is no restriction. As a spouse of a Bermudian, you can also apply for jobs in Bermuda while living in the island. You need not go there with a job permit. For a job opportunity in Bermuda, you will be given priority immediately after a Bermudian. 
    Chris James (March 2012) 
    Hello how are you? I was just wondering what living in Hamilton is like all the year round because I am thinking of doing this and are there sports stores where I can buy a soccer T-shirt please? Also what is the pace of life like in Bermuda, are the people easy going and laid back? What is the cost of living and the quality of life in Bermuda? The reason that I ask this is that I get my disability living allowance in Bermuda because it is a British overseas Territory. Also what is the cost of renting an apartment in Hamilton please? 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    Hi Chris, Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda and the busiest place. It is mostly a commercial center although there are several high-end residential complexes there. So apartment rentals in Hamilton is going to be more expensive than the other parishes of Bermuda. If you love beaches, islands and turquoise blue ocean, then Bermuda is a paradise to be living in. People of Bermuda are very friendly, courteous and mostly 'happy go lucky' type. I would suggest that you visit the following two links: