Bermuda Internet Cafes & Wifi Access

Bermuda is a very internet savvy island and considered as one of the most wired countries in the world. Over 75% of the population in Bermuda use Internet. 
So if you are looking for wi-fi internet access or internet cafes to check your emails, surf the net or post in facebook, options are plenty in Bermuda. There are several paid wi-fi zones and internet cafes in Bermuda including in Hamilton, Dockyard (i.e. Kings Wharf Port area) and St. George. 
However, free internet access in Bermuda is very limited as the concept of 'Free' is quite unknown to an island which is currently the second most expensive country in the world. But if you must have only free wifi, there do exist some options though. Jump to free wi-fi access to know them all. 

Paid wi-fi internet access

Hamilton City is Wi-Fi Enabled 
Since Mid August 2012, the entire Hamilton City is Wi-Fi enabled. That means from anywhere within the city boundary you can now access internet on your laptop, tablet or smart phone from any public places. The Hamilton City Administration has partnered with TBI (TeleBermuda International) to provide this service (City WiFi). In order to use wifi, connect to the wireless service, search WiFiZone by TBi network and enter their website for online payment. 
You can either pay online through your credit card or buy vouchers from the city administration office or retail outlets. Current rates: 1hr=$3, 24hrs=$9.99, 72hrs=$14.99, and monthly=$29.99. 
Royal Naval Dockyard 
(Kings Wharf Port Area) 
Entire dockyard in Bermuda is Wi-Fi enabled. The telecom service provider TeleBermuda International (TBI) provides this WiFi service. The wi-fi is available throughout the dockyard including Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf. So if you have a smart phone, Ipad or a laptop supporting wireless connectivity, you can now easily connect to the internet at the dockyard. The network name is Bluewave WiFi Zone. You will first need to connect to this network and sign up by creating a Username and Password. 
Available Plans Include: 
  • 1 hour (4mbps): $5.00 
  • 4 hours (4mbps): $9.00 
  • 8 hours (4mbps): $12.50 
  • 24 hours (10mbps): $17.50 
  • 48 hours (20mbps): $25.00 
  • You can then pay online with your credit card. 
    There are also free wi-fi access points in the dockyard... the Visitors Service Center offers free Wifi (could be slow when there is high volume of users). Visit the section free wi-fi access for more details. 
    St. George's Town 
    Kings Square and almost the whole of St. George's town is enabled with public wifi internet access by TBI. Rates are same as that of Hamilton city. TBI runs seven wifi hotspots in St. George's town and three in St. David's. Update: This service from TBI is no longer available at St. George since 2017. However Bermuda Tourism Authority has installed wi-fi at the Visitors Information Center at Kings Square in St. George which is free for one hour. Visit the section free wi-fi access for more details. 
    TBI Customer Center, Hamilton City 
    Tele Bermuda International (TBI) is a major international telephony and internet service provider in Bermuda. They run 40 wifi internet hotspots across the island. Their customer center, which offers internet access, is located on the ground floor of Victoria Place in Hamilton. 
    TBI provides high speed internet services at their customer center. You can use their terminals or connect your own laptop. They also claim to provide the cheapest global calling cards in Bermuda. There is a facility for you to make long distance phone calls from here in a nice and quiet environment. 
    Location and Contacts: 
    TBI is now operating from its new premises in Washington Mall on Church Street across from the bus terminal. 
    Address: Washington Mall, 22 Church Street Hamilton, Bermuda HM11 
    Phone:441/296 9000, Email: [email protected] 
    Hours: 9am - 4:30pm (Monday - Friday) 
    The Frog and Onion pub, located at the cooperage of Royal Naval Dockyard, has tied up with One Communications of Bermuda to provide internet access at a very reasonable rate. They have two laptops connected to high speed internet where you can surf or email. There is also wi-fi (wireless access). You can also connect your own laptop to the internet by using a card they provide, sit outside the building and surf. 
    Location and Contacts: 
    Dockyard (at the cooperage), Sandys Parish, Bermuda 
    Phone: 441-234-2900 
    Open Hours: 11:30 a.m. - 1100 p.m. 
    Internet Lane, Hamilton City 
    This internet cafe is located in central Hamilton on the walkway between Reid street and Front street. They have several public terminals with high-speed broadband connectivity. Standard applications like MS Office etc. are installed in their systems. 
    Other than internet access, Internet Lane also provides mini business offices for mobile businessmen. These business rooms are equipped with high-end computers, printers, scanners, photocopying machines, Video conferencing facilities and other great amenities. Internet Lane in Hamilton Bermuda also offers a number of other useful services to the customers. They recharge cell phones and laptops. They can also do CD backups from your camera memory incase you are planning to free up the camera stick to take more pictures. They rent digital cameras and cell phones of different models by day, and sell calling cards as well. 
    Locations and Contact
    22 Reid Street, Hamilton City, Pembroke (on the walkway). Phone: 441/296-9972. 
    Hours: 09:00 - 19:00 (Monday - Saturday). They accept credit cards. 
    Logic Internet Cafe, Hamilton City 
    Located in Hamilton, this internet cafe provides a nice and relaxing ambience to surf the net. They provide complimentary coffee for internet users. Other than offering terminals or PCs with high speed connections, there is also a plug and play lounge where you can connect your own laptop. PC and internet gaming facilities are also offered by Logic Internet cafe. They also provide useful services like helping you with any internet advises or support that you may need. You will also get calling cards from here at a reasonable rate. They also provide private phone booth from where you can make personal calls. The local calls are complimentary. 
    Location and Contacts:  
    10-12 Burnaby Street, Hamilton City. You will find the cafe on Burnaby Street next to the Spot Restaurant in Hamilton. 
    Phone: 441/294 8888 or 292 HELP. Email: [email protected]
    Opening Hours: 08:00– 18:00 (Monday – Friday). Open until 21:00 on Wednesdays during summer time. They accept credit cards for payments. 

    FREE Wi-fi Internet Access in Bermuda

    Although very limited, there are a few public places where you can get free wifi access. However when a restaurant offers free wifi, it is expected that you will order for some food or beverages to avail the service. The wifi password is usually available at the restaurant bill desk or counter. 
    Wifi Access Points at Dockyard 
    Bermuda Tourism Authority now offers free wi-fi (for one hour) at the Royal Naval Dockyard. There are several access points spread throughout dockyard including at the Dockyard Visitors Service Center located steps away from the entry to the ferry dock. Look for the network 'BERMUDA' when connecting to internet. Once you register with details, an access code is given which you can use to connect to the internet. However, it can and does get very slow when volumes of cruise passengers and crews start using it. 
    A better alternative is to buy a prepaid SIM (with data plans) that works well in Bermuda... a good and relatively inexpensive option is to buy from the local operator onecomm
    Bus and Ferry Terminals 
    Bermuda Tourism Authority has installed wi-fi at the following places which is free for one hour. The network to connect is 'BERMUDA'. 
  • Hamilton Ferry Terminal 
  • Hamilton Bus Terminal 
  • St. George’s Ferry Dock, Penno’s Wharf 
    The library is located next to Queen Elizabeth-II Park (formerly Par La Ville Park) and on Queen Street in Hamilton City. There are 5 internet stations in the library, and if free you can use one of them for 30 minutes free of cost. You need to however sign up using a Photo Id. Each internet station also has a printing facility @25 cents per page. 
    The National Library also has a free unsecured wifi which you can use sitting in its premises and there is no time limit for that. The wifi signal is quite strong even in the adjoining park. You can sit in the park and access the wifi internet service. However since it is unsecured, you should not do any banking or confidential transactions. 
    Post Office on Water Street, St. George 
    X Wi-Fi service has been withdrawn 
    There is a free internet terminal at the post office located on Water Street, St. George (easy walk from Kings Square). This is meant for quick use for 10 minutes or so. However, if there is no one on the queue, you can continue to use it. There are no seats and you will need to stand and work. 
    The British Airways executive lounge is well wired and free, and so are several other areas of the airport. 
    Restaurants and Hotels 
    Here are some restaurants and eateries in Bermuda offering free WiFi (internet) services: 
  • In Hamilton City several restaurants offer free wifi including Hog Penny (Pub), Barracuda Grill, Bouchee, Juice 'n Beans Cafe (requires $10 minimum order at the restaurant), Flanagans Irish Pub, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach, Rock Island Coffee etc. 
  • Swizzle Inn pub (Hamilton Parish, Baileys Bay), Cafe du Qual (near Watford Bridge, Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset), Temptations Cafe (St. George, York Street, located next to St. Peters Church). 
  • Several hotels in Bermuda also offer free wifi services. Here are couple of them (you are not supposed to use the service unless you are a guest staying there): 
  • 1) Rosewood Tucker's Point (In Hamilton Parish and close to Grotto Bay Beach Resort); 
    2) Royal Palms Hotel (Pembroke, close to Hamilton City) 
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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Michael McGhee (November 2020) 
    Hello, Raj, I have an unlocked android and am on the AT&T network. How can I get WiFi calling to and from the US on my US cell number? Will I be able to do it on typical hotel WiFi -- are the hotel speeds sufficient to support WiFi calling -- or must I purchase a mobile hotspot with a Bermuda SIM card? If the latter, how do I do that? Should I buy a hotspot here in the US and then get a Bermuda SIM card, or will that change my cell number? Could you please advise me of the least expensive but reliable way to do this. I am really at sea here. Thank you very much, 
    Raj ( November 2020 
    Hi Michael, If you want to use 'native wifi calling' feature of your phone, then you must have a local SIM in Bermuda and it should be taken from a cellular network provider in Bermuda that supports wifi calling (native wifi calling is a feature which has to be supported by the cellular network operator). Once you have the SIM, you can use the hotel's wifi to make or receive calls without using your SIM balance. But it will automatically switch to the cellular service network when there is no wifi available and start using up your pre-paid SIM balance. 
    Out of all options, this would be the most reliable one. Note that your outgoing calls will bear the number associated with the new SIM card. If you take this option, then you can use your phone's settings to turn your phone itself into a wifi hotspot (if your phone supports this feature) so that others around you can also connect to your phone and use the SIM data. 
    AT&T has a reciprocal arrangement with the network carriers in Bermuda and your own SIM should also work if you ask AT&T in the US to enable international dialing and roaming, but that may turn out to be very expensive, particularly if you end up making or receiving calls while out of wifi coverage. 
    A much cheaper and easier option is to have an app such as Whatsapp/Skype loaded on your phone. You can use such an app over any wifi including your hotel's wifi and make/receive calls to/from anybody who uses the same app. The SIM, in this case has no use and you can keep the phone in aeroplane mode. However, your call will drop once you are out of the wifi coverage. 
    Gina (May 2017) 
    Hi Raj .... How are you?  Hope you are well. I emailed you earlier this year regarding my son-in-law and the documentation he needs to enter Bermuda. Thank you for letting me know that his green card and passport will suffice. We will be leaving NYC on Sunday, June 4 on the NCL Breakaway and arriving in Bermuda on the following Wednesday. My daughter and her husband are planning to meet up with friends who live on the island.  
    I am writing to ask how can they communicate on the island without incurring roaming cell phone charges. Is there free wi-fi in Hamilton in the restaurants? Should they purchase pre-paid cell phones?  Also, do the shops and restaurants on the island accept credit cards?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 
    Raj ( May 2017 
    Hi, wi-fi is available at several places including at the cruise port (dockyard)... but they are all paid services. One can buy the service by paying through credit card. At dockyard the wi-fi signal would usually reach up to the cruise ship. Several restaurants in dockyard as well as Hamilton offer free wi-fi provided one orders food/drink. Many shops (except street-side stalls and small shops) and most restaurants accept credit cards. Some cash will still be required for purchasing bus and ferry passes/tokens, paying taxi fares etc.