Best things to do in Bermuda

You will be amazed to discover the multitude of activities and attractions that this small island has managed to incorporate within its compact 21 square mile area. 
There are a plethora of fabulous beaches, historical sites, museums, caves, an aquarium, parks and reserves, golf courses, historic forts, churches, and so much more to explore. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, CC by SA 4.0 
Additionally, there are excellent options for both water and island tours, and the marine life in the Atlantic around Bermuda offers a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. And there is a multitude of shopping, dining, and nightlife venues available. It may leave you feeling overwhelmed due to the abundance of choices. 

Top 23 Things To Do in Bermuda

I've curated a comprehensive list of the best 23 things to do in Bermuda, drawing from our extensive island experiences and discoveries. Feel free to explore the provided links for in-depth descriptions of each highlight! 
Located in Southampton parish, Horseshoe Bay Beach is a picturesque curved stretch of pink sands and renowned as the crown jewel of Bermuda's shorelines. It's a great beach for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and soaking in the breathtaking vistas. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, CC by SA 4.0 
It has adequate amenities including a cafe, a beach bar, beach rentals, bathrooms with showers, lifeguards in summer, etc. 
Bus #7 has a stop on the main road. You will then need to walk for a few minutes down the approach road. There are regular minibus shuttles that operate from Royal Naval Dockyard to the beach when the cruise ships are in port. 
Adjacent to the main expanse of Horseshoe Bay Beach, just a stone's throw away, lies the hidden gem of Port Royal Cove. This small charming beach nestles amidst the protective embrace of towering rock formations. Its gentle, crystal-clear waters offer an idyllic haven for leisurely swimming. 
A sandy trail unfurls from Horseshoe Bay Beach, inviting you to embark on a captivating journey along Bermuda's picturesque south shore. This scenic path leads eastward, revealing a succession of magnificent pink beaches and secluded coves, each with its own charm and natural beauty. 
Viator offers a nice guided tour of Horseshoe Bay Beach combined with a walk through the sandy trail to explore various south shore gems. Visit this Viator Webpage to check out the details and book this tour online. 
These are two of the largest subterranean caves in Bermuda and co-located in the same complex. Guides take you through the illuminated caves that look fabulous in the lights. 
Footbridge at Crystal Cave 
Photo: Scott Heaney / Shutterstock 
As you walk over the wooden bridge laid over the lakes inside, you can see the amazing chandelier-like limestone formations hanging from the ceilings and others rising from the bottom. Other than the caves, there is also a cafe and a gift shop in the cave complex. 
The caves are located in Hamilton parish. Bus #1 and 3 operating between Hamilton City and St. George, have stops here. 
Viator offers several nice tours of Crystal & Fantasy Caves and combines that with a few other top attractions in the island like the Bermuda Aquarium. You can check out the tours below and book in advance. 
Rates by Viator 
The Aquarium is part of BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo). One of the key attractions in the Aquarium is the 140,000-gallon North Rock Tank that has large collections of live corals as well as large samples of marine life from the north Atlantic. 
Bermuda Aquarium (BAMZ) 
Photo: Brian Gratwicke, cc-by 2.0 
The museum in BAMZ showcases natural history of Bermuda prior to human settlement as well as the impact on ecology once human settlement took place in the island. The Zoo has many small animals and birds collected from various oceanic islands all across the world including Bermuda. There is also a cafe and a gift shop here. 
BAMZ is located at Flatts Village in Hamilton Parish. Bus #10 and 11 have stops here. These bus routes operate between Hamilton City and St. George. 
Viator offers nice tours of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo and combines that with visits to a few other great attractions in the island such as Crystal & Fantasy Caves. 
Rates by Viator 
There are boat tours that provide captivating glass-bottom views of vibrant corals, fish, and marine life, all while offering scenic sightseeing along the coastline and glimpses of a partially submerged shipwreck. 
You can also indulge in sunset sailing cruises, where you can savor stunning sunset vistas while enjoying a refreshing cocktail and listening to interesting stories from the captain. 
Rising Son Cruise 
Source: Rising Son Cruises 
If you love underwater adventures, snorkel cruises are available, taking you to offshore destinations where you can snorkel above sunken shipwrecks and submerged reefs, all while observing the vibrant marine life and colorful corals that thrive beneath the waves. 
Mostly based in Dockyard and Hamilton, you can find such delightful group and private tours offered on motorboats, sailing yachts, and catamarans. 
Rates by Viator 
Bermuda once had a railway. The track was laid mostly along the north shore and spanning the entire length of the island from west to east. 
After the railway was abolished and the tracks removed, it was converted into a beautiful walking and cycling trail which is about 18 miles long. 
Bermuda Railway Trail 
Photo: slgckgc, CC by 2.0 
Several sections of the trail traverse charming landscapes, offering breathtaking ocean vistas along the way. Among the most captivating stretches to explore is the segment commencing in Hamilton Parish, adjacent to the Bermuda Aquarium and leading towards Coney Island. 
You can take bus #10 or 11 and get off at the Bermuda Aquarium stop. Then after a short walk, you can enter this scenic section of the trail in Hamilton Parish. 
This is a small but beautiful beach in St. George's and close to Fort St. Catherine. The bay has many rock formations. The water is calm and excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkel near the rocks and you can see a lot of colorful fish including parrotfish.  
Tobacco Bay Bermuda 
The beach has good amenities including a cafe & beach bar, bathrooms, lockers, water sport rentals including snorkel gears, kayaks, etc. 
During the high season, the beach cafe organizes campfire on the beach where you can carry your drinks and watch a beautiful sunset over the bay. 
In order to get to the beach, take bus #10, 11, 1 or 3 to St. George. There is also a ferry from the Dockyard to St. George that operates on a few days of the week during summer. 
From the town center of St. George (i.e. Kings Square), you can walk to the beach in about 25 minutes or alternatively take a minibus shuttle. 
Located in Hamilton parish, this is a forested reserve spanning across 12 acres of land area. There are trails through the park. Walk down to beautiful blue holes surrounded by forested cliffs. You can watch the main blue hole from a deck or even swim there. 
Blue Hole Park Bermuda 
Explore many plantations in the park, see mangroves, and even several hidden caves and grottos (where you can swim). You can also book a guided tour of the jungle. 
Bus #10 and 11 from Hamilton have stops near the entry to the reserve. The famous pub Swizzle Inn as well as a popular Ice Cream Parlor known as Bailey's Bay Ice Cream are located within 10-minute walk from the entry to the park. 
Dolphin Quest is a dolphin activity and training center located within the National Museum complex at Royal Naval Dockyard. Other than watching dolphins perform amazing stunts, you can participate in an interactive session of feeding dolphins or playing with them. 
Dolphin Quest Bermuda 
Photo: Dolphin Quest 
From Hamilton City, there is a direct ferry to the Dockyard (takes 20 minutes). You can also get there by bus #7 or 8. 
Situated in Southampton parish, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse stands as the world's oldest cast iron lighthouse, commanding a magnificent view of the enchanting Great Sound waters. 
This historic beacon once played a crucial role in guiding ships safely through the perilous underwater reefs that dot the waters surrounding Bermuda. 
View from the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 
View from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 
Ascend the winding spiral staircase within, and you'll be rewarded with an awe-inspiring panoramic vista from the balcony on top. 
There is a gift shop as well as a nice restaurant at the base of the lighthouse. Bus #7 has a stop nearby on South Road. It's a short walk from there to the lighthouse. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach is a 30 minute walk from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. 
Nestled in St. George, this venerable church stands as the oldest continuously operating Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. 
St Peters Church Bermuda 
Photo: JoeyBagODonuts, cc by sa 3.0 
Within its hallowed grounds, you'll find two distinct graveyards, one dedicated to the burial of the Blacks and the other for the Whites. These sacred grounds hold the resting places of numerous distinguished individuals from history. 
Upon arriving at Kings Square, the town center of St. George, you'll find the church just a brief stroll away. Adjacent to the base of the stairway leading to the church, there is a charming restaurant. 
In the vicinity, you'll also discover an abundance of other historic buildings and sites, all within easy walking distance. 
The Keep Fortress in Royal Naval Dockyard serves as the home to a captivating exhibition that vividly portrays Bermuda's rich history and heritage. Inside, you'll encounter a wealth of exhibits and artifacts that offer insights into various facets of Bermuda's past. 
These include the island's earliest settlement, the era of slavery, its maritime history, and a host of other fascinating narratives. 
National Museum of Bermuda 
There are displays and artifacts elucidating the reasons behind the construction of Royal Naval Dockyard, narrating how the fortress was built to safeguard the dockyard, impressive collections from Royal Navy, and more. 
There is a direct ferry service from Hamilton ferry terminal to Royal Naval Dockyard. You can also reach there by bus #7 or 8. 
Apart from the national museum, there are several other attractions located within the dockyard including art & craft centers, a shopping mall, many eateries & bars, etc. 
Nestled in Southampton parish, this golf course is truly a dream destination for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Its expansive, rolling greens, complemented by breathtaking ocean vistas, provide a picturesque backdrop for golfers. 
Port Royal Golf Course 
Photo: Port Royal Golf Course, Bermuda 
Amidst this scenic beauty, the course offers challenging drives that test even the most seasoned players. Notably, it has hosted the prestigious PGA Grand Slam, adding to its allure and reputation in the golfing world. 
Embark on an immersive self-guided tour of St. George, the former capital of Bermuda, where the island's first settlement was established in the early 1600s. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this charming town is steeped in history, offering a journey through time. 
As you wander through its narrow lanes and cobblestone streets, you'll be captivated by the quaint houses and a plethora of historic buildings, each with a unique story to tell. 
St. George Bermuda 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
What's remarkable about St. George is that it retains the same historic aura that seems to have been frozen in time for centuries. As you stroll through its timeless streets, it's easy to imagine the bygone eras that have left their mark on this picturesque town. 
Beyond its role as a hub for history and heritage, St. George has more to offer. Discover the pristine beaches, where you can relax and soak in the sun. Explore lovely boutique stores, perfect for picking up unique souvenirs and gifts. 
When it's time to satisfy your taste buds, you'll find an array of cozy eateries and bars, each offering a delightful culinary experience. 
In St. George, history and modern charm coexist harmoniously, making it a place where the past and present converge to create a truly memorable experience. 
Bus routes #1, 3, 10 and 11 from Hamilton City serve St. George. The Orange Route Ferry connects the Royal Naval Dockyard with St. George, however it operates only in summer and has limited runs.  
This sandy trail winds its way through the scenic South Shore Park, extending from Southampton to Warwick Parish. Take a leisurely 1.25-mile stroll to explore some of the most captivating pink beaches and secluded coves along the south shore. 
The journey commences at Horseshoe Bay Beach and meanders past the enchanting Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Bay, and the picturesque Jobson's Cove, culminating in the serene Warwick Long Bay... you can swim and snorkel at any of these coves and beaches. 
Jobson's Cove 
Jobson’s Cove Bermuda 
You can reach Horseshoe Bay Beach by bus #7 and start the trail hike. Carry a bottle of water, wear a cap and comfortable walking shoes. 
Spare a few hours and take a fully explained self-guided tour to explore all the main attractions in Hamilton City - the capital of Bermuda. 
There are many pastel buildings and sites here with historic and administrative importance... Bermuda's Parliament and Assembly House are located here. 
Front Street in Hamilton 
Front Street Bermuda 
Photo: Darryl Brooks, Shutterstock 
City Hall & Art Center houses the largest exhibition center of the island. It also houses the National Art Gallery in the same building. A short distance away is Fort Hamilton, an important historic fort that once safeguarded the Hamilton Harbor. 
There are many other important monuments, churches, scenic parks and public places in Hamilton. And of course, there are numerous restaurants, bars, pubs, and glittering shops to explore as well. 
All bus routes (except #6) operate out of Hamilton City's Central Bus Terminal. All ferries also operate out of Hamilton Ferry Terminal. 
BUEI is a great place to know about the mysteries of the ocean and what actually happens in the deep. 
The Ocean Discovery Center here has several sections that hold various interactive ocean exhibits and artifacts including rare collections of treasures from shipwrecks, footages of historic wrecks, vast collection of sea shells and a lot more. 
There is an interactive exhibit where you can simulate a section of the ocean and see marine creatures like sharks and corals in life-like sizes. 
Living with the Oceans, BUEI 
Photo: BUEI 
You can also take a simulated submarine ride to explore the underwater world. Or take a shark cage dive to get a feeling of what happens when a shark hits the cage. 
There is also a section that unearths the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle and demonstrates through audio visual simulations the various reasons behind the disappearances of ships and planes. 
BUEI is located at the eastern continuation of Front Street and on Crow Lane. It's a 20 minute walk from Hamilton Ferry Terminal. Bus #1, 2, 7 and 8 have stops here. 
Among the numerous unique and delightful culinary offerings Bermuda is renowned for, one that stands out, and perhaps my top choice, is unquestionably the Art Mel's fish sandwich. 
Fish Sandwich in Bermuda 
Photo: Art Mel's Spicy Dicy, Bermuda 
This delectable creation features fish, often wahoo or snapper, which is expertly fried in soybean oil after being coated with a secret blend of seasonings and flour. 
The result is a crisp and flavorful fish fillet that's served between slices of raisin bread or another bread of your choice. And it's generously garnished with tartar sauce and coleslaw. Taking a bite of this sandwich is nothing short of a joyous culinary experience. 
Art Mel's is located at 9 St. Monica's Road, Pembroke (at the outskirts of Hamilton). Bus #5 has a stop nearby. From Hamilton Ferry Terminal, it's a 25 minute walk (1.5 mile). 
There are several other eateries in Bermuda that also make great fish sandwiches including Mama Angie's in St. George, Cafe Ole at Crystal Caves and Rosa's in Hamilton. 
If you're an enthusiast of game fishing, then few destinations can rival the unparalleled sea experiences that Bermuda has to offer. Within these cerulean waters, several fishing charters operate year-round, helmed by captains boasting extensive expertise in deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic surrounding Bermuda. 
Fishing Charter, Bermuda 
Photo: Grander13, cc by-sa 
Embark on a fishing charter and set your sights on the illustrious Blue or White Marlins, Yellow-fin Tunas, and Wahoos that populate these waters. These vessels are outfitted with modern fishing equipment, ensuring you're equipped for a thrilling angling adventure. 
The seasoned captains are dedicated to ensuring you return not only with cherished memories but also with prized catches, even assisting in the meticulous filleting of your trophies. 
Rates by fishingbooker 
Situated at the western tip of the island, the Royal Naval Dockyard serves as Bermuda's largest port, often hosting the arrival of large cruise ships. 
This expansive area has undergone a transformation into a bustling tourist hub, offering a diverse array of amenities. Here, you'll find a plethora of restaurants, pubs, and bars. The Dockyard also boasts a rich selection of tourist attractions. 
Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda 
Photo: Sean Salamon, cc by-sa 3.0 
Within the Dockyard's confines, you'll discover the National Museum, nestled within a large fortress, offering insights into Bermuda's history. The Dolphin Center offers memorable Dolphin interaction programs, and the Clocktower Shopping Mall hosts an array of boutique shops. There are also several art and craft galleries, and studios in dockyard. 
When cruise ships are in port, the Dockyard comes alive with numerous water sports, boating activities, and island tours, providing visitors with a wealth of exciting options to explore and enjoy. 
The Blue Route Ferry has direct connection between Hamilton and Dockyard. Bus routes #7 and 8 also cater to the Dockyard. 
Located at the north eastern fringe of St. George's Parish, this is a historic British fort that was originally built in early 1600s and later rebuilt. This is the largest fort in Bermuda. 
The fort is surrounded by a dry moat. It has a number of tunnels, towers, redoubts and ramparts. There are several heavy canons installed on the fort. 
Fort St Catherine Bermuda 
Photo: reivax / flickr, cc by 2.0 
The fort overlooks the ocean and is fringed by beautiful beaches on its two sides. It is now a large museum showcasing military exhibits of the British era. 
You can see a large collection of antique weaponry and ammunitions. A section also has many exhibits and artifacts on Bermuda's history. 
You can take bus #10, 11, 1 or 3 to St. George. From the Dockyard, there is a direct ferry service to St. George in summers on few days of the week. 
From Kings Square (the town center of St. George), Fort St. Catherine is a 25 minute walk. You can also take a minibus ride to get to the fort. 
Located in St. George's parish, construction of this church started in 1874 but was never finished. This was mainly due to parish infighting and lack of fund. It is now part of the UNESCO world heritage site and is visited by large number of tourists every year. 
Unfinished Church in St. George 
Photo: Malcolm Manners/ flickr 
Once you get to Kings Square in St. George, it takes about a 15-minute walk to get to Unfinished Church. You can also take a minibus service. 
Woody's is a hidden gem among budget-friendly restaurants and bars, cherished by the locals for its exceptional offerings of local fares. 
If you're a connoisseur of delectable local seafood and crave an authentic taste of the community atmosphere, look no further... Woody's is the place to go. 
Woody’s Patio 
Photo: Woody's Bermuda 
Nestled amidst its welcoming ambiance, the open seating on the patio provides a picturesque view of the glistening waters just beyond the road. 
They not only prepare great fish sandwiches, the seafood preparations such as fish n chips, fish fritters, grilled fish are equally delicious. Consider pairing your meal with a well made island drink like a Rum Swizzle or a Ginger Beer to elevate your experience. 
Woody's is where affordability meets local culinary delight... it's a place that offers a savory experience that is steeped in the spirit of the island. 
The restaurant is located at Somerset in Sandys Parish, and on the bus route. Bus #7 and 8 serve this restaurant. It's only about 2 miles away from the Dockyard. 
For every islander and discerning tourist with a penchant for finely crafted island cocktails, there's a common recommendation: the renowned Swizzle Inn. When it comes to the iconic island drink known as the Rum Swizzle, this historic pub, the oldest on the island, stands as the place of origin. 
The Rum Swizzle, a delightful concoction, boasts Bermuda's very own Goslings Black Seal Rum, complemented by Gold Rum, the vibrant notes of orange and pineapple juices, and a touch of bitters. It's a recipe that has delighted palates for generations. 
Swizzle Inn Bermuda  
Photo: djLicious, flickr, cc by 2.0 
If you're seeking an authentic island drink experience, steeped in the laid-back charm of Bermuda and favored by both locals and tourists alike, the Swizzle Inn is your destination of choice. With indoor and alfresco dining areas to choose from, it offers the perfect setting to savor this timeless classic in true island style. 
While Swizzle Inn essentially serves pub fares, one standout creation is the famed Swizzleburger, a mouthwatering bacon cheeseburger. In addition to this, their menu boasts several other delights including great fish and chips, flavorful conch fritters, and perfectly crispy chicken tenders. 
Swizzle Inn is located in Hamilton Parish and close to Blue Hole Park and Crystal Caves. Bus routed #10, 11 have stops in close proximity of this pub. 

Things To Do By Interest


Take Island Tours

1. Island Tours by minibus: Several operators offer group as well as private tours in their minibuses which can usually accommodate up to 15 persons. 
The driver is usually a great guide and knowledgeable about the island and its history. Group island tours work on per person rates and are usually available for half or full day in form of set tour packages. 
Rates by Viator 
2. Island Tours by Taxi: You can book a taxi on hourly rate. Experienced and knowledgeable drivers double up as excellent guides and can take you around the island. 
They can create a personalized tour for you based on your interest and let you know a lot about the island and its people as you travel around the island. If you are in a small group of 4 to 6, this can be an affordable as well as a great option for island sightseeing. 
3. Great Self-Guided Tours: I have designed several self-guided tours using our deep experience and findings in the island. You can undertake such tours on your own using public buses and ferries, and cut out a lot of unnecessary costs. 
These self-guided tours are designed to explore the top attractions of Bermuda including beaches, caves, forts, historical sites, museums, parks & reserves, and more. 

Take Boat Tours

1. Swim and Snorkel Cruises: There are group tours taking you to offshore water locations where you can snorkel and see beautiful corals, fish and even shipwrecks. The snorkel cruises usually cover two snorkel sites over a duration of about 2 hours. 
2. Great Glass Bottom Boat Tours: Boats take groups to offshore locations to show colorful underwater corals and fish through glass-bottom view. Several of them also show you a partially submerged shipwreck, and give you an opportunity to feed the fish. 
Most such boat tours offer sightseeing along the way. They show several landmarks on the coastline and provide audio commentary letting you know about the island, its history and the culture. 
3. Sunset and Sightseeing Cruises: Get a wonderful view of the coastline and scattered tiny islets from a sailboat or catamaran, and watch the sunset as you sip a cocktail and listen to the captain about many interesting stories of the island, its people and history. 

Great Walking Trails

1. Bermuda Railway Trail: The trail stretches for 18miles across the island and has several sections. It was originally the track route for Bermuda's railways and now converted into a lovely nature trail that offers scenic views of the north shore from various sections. 
2. South Shore Beaches and Park: Walk the south shore trail of 1.25 miles and visit some of the top pink sandy beaches including Horseshoe bay beach, Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Bay, Jobson's cove and Warwick Long Bay Beach. 
3. Self guided walking tour of St George: Explore the UNESCO world heritage site of St. George's town and its many historic sites. 

Visit The Top Beaches

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach: Picturesque pink sandy beach in Southampton parish with a curvature like that of a horseshoe. This is the most popular beach in the island. The beach is great for swimming & sunbathing. There are adequate beach amenities here. 
2. Tobacco Bay Beach: Small and lovely sandy beach in St. George with a sheltered bay which is surrounded by rocks and cliffs. Great beach for snorkeling and swimming. The beach has all amenities including beach rentals, washrooms, water sports, cafe & bar, etc. 
3. Warwick Long Bay Beach: This is half-a-mile long beautiful pink beach in Warwick parish that mostly remains free of tourists. Scattered rocks, view of offshore coral reefs and turquoise water are the main features of this beach. 
The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. There is toilet facility. A concession stand offers snorkel rentals and fast food during summer. 
4. Elbow Beach: A lovely elbow shaped sandy beach in Paget parish favorite to locals and tourists. This beach is also excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Wreck of a cargo steamer lies 200 yards offshore. 
5. Jobson's Cove: A beautiful small pink beach surrounded by large rocks. It's a popular wedding venue. The calm & shallow water is great for swimming and snorkeling. It's located in Warwick parish next to Warwick Long Bay. 

Visit The Top Parks & Reserves

1. Tom Moore's Jungle: Also known as Blue Hole Park, this is a nature reserve located in Hamilton parish. It's a forested land and has beautiful natural pools or Blue Holes. 
It also has several caves and grottos with great limestone formations. A few of such caves have water which is fed by the nearby Castle Harbor and are great for cave swimming. 
2. Cooper's Island Nature Reserve: This is a 12-acre unspoiled nature reserve located at St. David's. There is a boardwalk here over marshy land as well as nature trails. 
Several sections of the park offer lovely view of the rocky coastline and offshore islands. There are several pristine beaches within the reserve and also a watch tower. 
Next to the entry of the reserve is a popular family beach known as Clearwater Beach. There is a beach bar & restaurant there. They also rent out beach chairs and umbrellas. 
3. Botanical Gardens: This large parkland is located in Paget and full of plantations of different types including Bermuda's native plants. There are also flower gardens. 
4. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve: This is a large 64-acre nature reserve in Smiths parish with lush vegetation, a central brackish pond, view of coastline and strange geological formations on the coast. The reserve is excellent for bird watching. 
5. Ferry Reach Park: Located in St. George's parish, this is a large park area with a forested land, walking trail, a beach and several historic forts. 

Visit The Great Museums & Historic Buildings

1. National Museum of Bermuda: A large museum spanning across 15 acres of land in Royal Naval Dockyard and housed in a large fortress. 
The museum has rare exhibits and artifacts showcasing the history of Bermuda's maritime and slavery periods, traditions, culture, architecture, art and craft, and a lot more. 
2. Fort St. Catherine: A large historical fort overlooking the ocean and located in St. George. It is now a museum that showcases weapons and artillery of the old British army, as well as the history of Bermuda. 
3. Carter House: Located in St. David's, this is one of the oldest farm houses in the island and now a museum showcasing history and culture of the residents of St. Davids. 
4. Museum at BAMZ: This museum is part of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo complex which is located in Hamilton parish. It has a section of natural history showing Bermuda the way it was before the settlement took place and another section with displays showing the developments thereafter. 

Visit The Historic Forts

1. Fort St. Catherine: This fort was originally built by the British in 1600s to protect St. George which was then the Capital of Bermuda. It's now a great museum with exhibits of old artillery and weapons. 
2. Fort Hamilton: It's located in the outskirts of Hamilton City. The fort was built in 1870s to protect the Hamilton harbor which was then heavily used by the Royal Navy. 
3. Fort Scaur: Located in Sandys, this inland fort was built in 19th century to protect Royal Naval Dockyard from land based attack by the enemies. 

IndulgeWater Sports

1. Snorkeling: Bermuda has some of the best beaches and offshore water areas in the world for snorkeling. You can see magnificent corals, many colorful fish, myriad of marine life, and even shipwrecks. Take a snorkel cruise for great snorkeling experience. 
2. Scuba Diving: One and two-tank dives are offered by experienced and well equipped dive centers to explore some great historic shipwrecks, magnificent reefs and marine life. 
3. Helmet Diving: Walk on the sea floor amongst amazing marine life as you wear a special helmet and breathe normally through a hose pipe. No need to know swimming. 
4. Jet skiing: Several operators offer guided Jetski tours from Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton and even St. Georges showing you wonderful harbors, islands and marine life along the way. 
5. Kayaking: Guided group kayak (canoeing) tours are offered by several operators in the island exploring the coastline and calm water areas. There are single and double kayaks, and even ones fitted with LEDS at the bottom to watch marine life and corals after sunset. 

Visit The Historic Churches

1. St Peter’s Church: Located in St. George, this is the oldest Anglican church in western hemisphere which is continuously operated. There are two separate graveyards in the church premises, one that was used for burial of the whites, the other for the blacks. 
2. The Unfinished Church: The construction of this church could not be finished, and therefore such a name to the church. It is now an elegant historic edifice and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's located in St. George. 
3. Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity: This Anglican church is located in Hamilton and built in Neo Gothic architecture. View of the city from the top of the tower is awesome. 
4. St. Anne's Church: This is an Anglican church in Southampton Parish. It was originally built in 1600s. 

Explore Great Art & Craft

1. Masterworks Museum of Art: This is an excellent art gallery located inside the Botanical Gardens, Paget. The permanent gallery exhibits work from world renowned artists. There is another section where the exhibits keep changing and that has contribution even from the talented local artists. 
2. Bermuda Art Center: Local and resident artists and artisans create different types of art & craft here. Items are available for purchase as well. It's located at Royal Naval Dockyard. 
3. Craft Market: Large collection of local craft work. Located at Royal Naval Dockyard. 

Explore Bermuda's Architecture & Traditional Homes

Explore Bermuda's Architecture: Bermuda's houses mostly follow the Stuart Architecture with pastel colors and gabled limestone roofs, and many have chimneys, while several churches are designed in Gothic architecture. This trend had set in from the end of 17th century. 
Explore Great Traditional Homes: Visit some of the great traditional homes in Bermuda to explore the architecture and traditional lifestyle. 

Go Shopping

Bermuda has a large pool of local talents in making wonderful handcrafted items. You can get exquisite handmade glass items, jewelry, charms, rag and banana leaf dolls, artwork on cedars, paintings, pottery, authentic Bermuda shorts, souvenirs & gifts, and a lot more. 
There are of course many brand stores in the island, as well as others selling imported products including cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, apparels, etc. 
For authentic Bermuda made perfumes, visit Bermuda Perfumery located in St. George. They make island inspired fresh & excellent fragrances. 
In Hamilton, the best retail stores are located on Front Street, Church street, Reed street and the alleyways there (like Chancery Lane). Visit Hamilton Shopping to know them all and their locations. 
In Dockyard, explore the The Clocktower Mall. There are many boutique stores in the mall selling all kinds of items including gifts & souvenirs, accessories, dress materials, jewelry items, art & craft, etc. 

Great Dining Options

Most restaurants, bars and pubs in the island are located in Hamilton City. Front Street is lined with restaurants and bars of all types. Most nightlife options such as dance clubs, night clubs, sports bars, pubs and lounges are also located in Hamilton. 
Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George are the two other locations where you can also find several choices of quality restaurants and bars. 
Go through The top restaurants and bars to know about the best dining venues in the island in each category - budget, mid range and upscale. You can get to know the details about each such restaurant including their cuisine, signature dishes, service and ambience. 

Things To Do By month

May to October is the summer time and the high tourist season in Bermuda. All sites of tourist interest remain open and all land and water activities operate during this period. 
The popular street festival Harbor Nights takes place weekly on every Wednesday in Hamilton during this time. Many vendors set up stalls on Front Street selling art work, trinkets and local food, and performers take to the street. 
Summer also sees a host of other Events & Festivals in the island including Bermuda Day, Cup Match, etc. The Glow Worm cruises take place between May to November showing amazing mating dance of these small luminous creatures over the ocean. 
November to April is the winter time. Due to lack of demand, many operators do not operate their tours during this time, and several tourist sites remain closed. 
However all public beaches remain open in the winters although swimming and snorkeling would be difficult without wetsuits. 
Some great tourist attractions do remain open during winters like the National Museum, Clocktower Mall and several other outlets in Dockyard, and also the Aquarium, Crystal Caves, Botanical Gardens, etc. 
Bermuda Tourism Authority initiates art & cultural programs during winter. All these programs are excellent for family entertainment. 
Click on a month below to know about things you can do in Bermuda in the month. 
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Viewers' Reviews

Krystal (May 2018) 
Hello, I am sure you get so many of these emails so I understand if you don't write back. My husband and I are going to Bermuda beginning of September and are so excited. We will be on a cruise ship that will be docked in Bermuda for 3 days. We want to do one beach day (probably will try one of your secluded beach suggestions) and then the other 2 days take in the attractions, history, culture, food, etc. What are your top suggestions on things we just can't miss? Really appreciate it! Thank you, 
Raj ( May 2018 
Hi, here are some suggestions for your remaining two days in the island (pick and choose, and arrange them as per your convenience): 
  • Visit Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Hamilton Parish 
  • Visit Swizzle Inn (short walk from the caves) ... Bermuda's oldest pub and creator of the popular island drink Rum Swizzle. 
  • Visit Hamilton City... take a stroll along the harbor, Front Street and alleyways... Front Street is lined up with shops, restaurants, cafes etc. Walk down to Cit Hall and Arts Center. 
  • Try out the fish sandwich at Art Mel's Spicy Dicy located at the outskirts of Hamilton.... arguably the best fish sandwich in the island. 
  • Visit St. George (this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and steeped in history)... some places to visit includes Kings Square, St. Peter's Church, St. Catherine's Fort, Tobacco Bay Beach (close to the fort) etc. Try out Gojo's Coffee Shop at Kings Square ... their own Cowboy sandwich is popular... so are codfish cakes and lobster salad.