What to do in Bermuda in February

February falls in the winter months of the island and it is quite chilly around this time especially if you are looking for water activities such as swimming, snorkeling etc.  
However, you will also find that it is veiled in a different aura of lush greenery, serene beauty and quaint attractions during this time. Much of the island's chaste beauty is restored with its throngs of visitors coming down to a trickle. 

Luxuriate in Bermuda's spas

A treatment in a Bermudian spa can be like no other because of not only the pampering you receive but also the exotic locales they are situated in. Most of them also have spa suites that can cater to couple massages. 
Rosewood Spa Bermuda 
Photo: Rosewood Spa Bermuda 
February is known as the Spa Month in Bermuda when many Spas across the island offer highly discounted prices to various spa treatments and massages. 
At Natura Spa at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, you step below the surface of the earth into an ancient cave which is aesthetically set up with glinting candles by crystal water pools. Indulge yourself in the luxurious surroundings at Sense, a Rosewood Spa while your body and mind get a chance to relax and rejuvenate in their famous rain therapy session. 
The various massages and treatments you can get here not only brings back the relaxation and glow you are searching for but also replenishes your mind and spirit. From hot stone massages and body scrub therapies to warm bamboo roll massages and healing therapies, these spas have much to offer you within the serene stillness of the confines. 
Visit this Spa page to see the participating Spas and their offers in the current season. 
Visit our page on Top Bermuda Spas for more details. 

Indulge in a late winter afternoon horseback ride

Bermuda has some beautiful trails that you can cover on horseback and can't help feeling like someone out of a romantic English novel set sometime in the previous century. 
Horse Ride in Bermuda 
Photo: Moran Meadows 
You can go on a guided equestrian tour along the scenic paths on the island amidst its luxuriantly green flora. You can simply meander through the roadways, along the beaches or sections of the scenic railway trail. Learn about the histories of the island and its culture as you curve through historic sites along the way. 
There are a few riding centers around the island that offer private and group guided horseback rides especially along the beautiful south shore beaches. 
Mike's Unique horse services in Warwick Parish offers horseback tours along scenic trails along with riding lessons. So saddle up and prepare to lose yourself in the beauty of the island from the back of a horse. 
Read our article on Horseback Riding for more details on what is on offer. 

Get under a moongate and eternalize your love!

The Bermuda Moongates that you can spot at various points on the island have a special significance and, like a lot of other things here, a deep rooted history behind them. You will find them at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, the Queen Elizabeth Park in Hamilton, Tobacco Bay, Somers Garden etc. 
Moongate at Somers Garden, St. George 
Bermuda Moongate 
Photo: Clyde Adams III, flickr, cc by 2.0 
These are circular/ arched gate like structures that are made out of Bermuda stone and often, though not always, used as entrance to gardens. It is believed that people who walk through these gates, especially, however not only restricted to, couples are endowed with enormous amounts of good luck and will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness. 

Relish the Bermuda Loquats

February through April is the season of the loquats in Bermuda. These are small, round fruits and yellow when ripe. They grow wild on the island. You can directly pluck them off and enjoy these piquant fruits in their wild form or savor one of the many local dishes they are an essential part of. 
loquats in Bermuda 
Photo: Malcolm Manners, cc by 2.0 
Get your jar of Loquat jam to bring that extra zest to your morning toasts. This jam is prepared in several households across the island and the best place to find them to buy is the crafts market at the Royal Naval Dockyard. 
The Loquat Cocktail is a local drink that you would not like to miss. This is a refreshing drink that is served at several restaurants and pubs on the island including the famous Swizzle Inn. The Loquat Gold Liquor Cake is a popular dessert here. 
Also a curry made with loquat, sweet potato and red lentil is a popular and healthy dish in Bermuda. 

Go on a shopping spree

Bermuda offers some great incentives for shopping with not only beautiful pieces to pick up but also beautiful experiences to share. Look for unique island designed and crafted items when you venture out on your shopping expedition. 
You will find that you do not have to look too hard for the islanders' creativity, it reflects in their craftsmanship everywhere you turn. 
Shop at Hamilton City 
The City of Hamilton is the capital and the main commercial hub of the island. A stroll down the famous Front Street along the waterfront will bring you to several shops and boutiques housed in brightly painted colorful and architecturally rich buildings. 
Front Street Bermuda 
Photo: Darryl Brooks, Shutterstock 
At 59 Front you can find everything from jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics to gifts, souvenirs, china and crystal. Find some of the world-famous Bermuda shorts at TABS and the English Sports Shop. Pick a bottle of the very famous black seal rum at Gosling's Brothers Ltd. The Washington Mall is the biggest mall on the island and located in the City of Hamilton. 
Check out Shopping at Hamilton City for complete details. 
Shop at St. George 
Shopping is a completely different experience in the old historic town of the island. You will find here products inspired by the island and also made with quintessential island objects. 
Water Street at St. George, Bermuda 
St, George, Bermuda 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
The Bermuda Perfumery is a great place to visit. Pick up some exotic fragrances here made with flowers, corals etc, all picked up on the island. If this intrigues you more, you can even attend a workshop that is organized here to make your own perfume for a keepsake. 
Somers Wharf is a shopping hub with some nice boutique stores selling local art and craft. 
Shop at Royal Naval Dockyard 
There are a number of shops and art studios located inside the dockyard cruise port complex that remain open throughout the year including in February. 
Clock Tower Mall is a charming shopping arcade with 100-ft high twin clock towers flanking its front facade. There are nearly 20 nice boutique and branch retail stores here and a few cafes and eateries as well. 
Clocktower Mall, Dockyard Bermuda 
Clocktower Mall, Bermuda 
Photo: P. Hughes, cc by-sa 4.0 
You can get attractive items like porcelain, fine china and crystals, silverware, fine tableware, dress materials for men and women, jackets and shoes. 
And there are Scottish woolen goods, jewelry, accessories, locally made and imported perfumes and art & craft, handbags, souvenir & gift items, etc. 
Visit The Clock Tower Mall for complete details. 
Then visit the Dockyard Glassworks to witness the creation of beautiful glass pieces which you can even buy. Slip into the Bermuda Rum Cake Company right next door for sampling some freshly baked delicious rum cakes that are so very famous here. 
Move on to the Crafts Market where you can pick up handmade stuff by local craftsmen and artisans. From cedar, ceramic and glass items to island inspired Longtail and Moongate jewelry to Banana leaf and Gombey rag dolls, you will find them all here. 
Read Bermuda Shopping Guide for insights into the island's shopping scene. 

Relish the Bermudian Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea in Bermuda is a cherished tradition that blends British elegance with Caribbean charm, offering a delightful respite from the tropical heat. Rooted in the island's colonial history, this refined ritual has become a beloved pastime and an essential part of Bermudian culture. 
The tradition of afternoon tea in Bermuda typically takes place between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, offering a welcome break in the day for locals and visitors alike. It's a time to unwind, socialize, and indulge in a selection of teas, accompanied by an array of delectable treats ranging from delicate pastries to savory finger sandwiches and sweets. 
Bermuda Afternoon Tea 
Traditional afternoon tea in Bermuda is served in elegant settings, often featuring picturesque views of the island's turquoise waters or lush gardens. Tables adorned with crisp linens and fine china create an atmosphere of sophistication, inviting guests to relax and savor the experience. 
Popular places serving afternoon tea in Bermuda include historic hotels and charming tearooms, each offering its own unique ambiance and culinary delights. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, affectionately known as "The Pink Palace," is renowned for its classic afternoon tea service, complete with freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches, and decadent desserts. 
For those seeking a more intimate setting, The Rosewood Bermuda offers a refined tea experience in their elegant lounge, where guests can enjoy a selection of artisan teas paired with gourmet pastries crafted by skilled pastry chefs. 
For a taste of British tradition with a Bermudian twist, The Bermuda Perfumery offers afternoon tea in the enchanting surroundings of their fragrant gardens, serving homemade delicacies infused with local flavors and ingredients. 
Whether enjoyed as a leisurely afternoon indulgence or a special celebration, afternoon tea in Bermuda provides a charming glimpse into the island's rich cultural heritage, inviting guests to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of life in paradise. 
Go through Afternoon Tea in Bermuda for complete details including the best places in the island offering afternoon tea. 

Enjoy the local cuisine and the Bermudian nightlife

Bermuda has some unique food and drinks, evolved over hundreds of years, that you must try. There are several restaurants, pubs, cafes all across the island that are open all year round with their culinary expertise on offer. 
The seafood here is especially fresh and specialties like the Fish Chowder, Fish sandwiches and Fish cakes should not be missed. Fresh rockfish, Yellowfin Tuna, snapper, wahoo and even the spiny lobster found around this time, are used to prepare the various dishes. 
Bermuda Codfish Breakfast 
Bermuda Codfish Breakfast 
Note that restaurants in Bermuda have moved ahead of just dishing out basic seafood and other local cuisines. They provide beautiful settings and exotic faire to dazzle your dining experience here. 
From Lobster Pot, Barracuda Grill, Ocean Club Restaurant and Port O Call for seafood to Lido, the Flame Restaurant, Blu Bar and Grill and The Wharf for breathtaking ocean views while dining, From Swizzle Inn, Henry VIII and Frog and Onion for some island style grubbing and drinking to The Island Brasserie, Aqua Terra, Little Venice and Ascot's for a fine dining experience. You will find it all in Bermuda. 
Read our article on Local food and drinks to know more about what to try and the best places to find them. 
Enjoy your nights out in Bermuda at one of the many nightclubs here and experience yet another facet to this destination of many dimensions. There are several bars and pubs which are open till the wee hours of the night with food, drinks and dance galore. 
Photo: Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge 
Enjoy some great food along with live performances at the Bonefish Bar and Grill located in dockyard. The Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge & Nightclub in Hamilton, Snorkel Beach Club at Dockyard (an open-air venue on beach), Ambience Lounge in Hamilton are some of its nightclubs where you can find a DJ, bar and restaurant for an enjoyable evening out. 
Read Bermuda Nightlife for more details on what you can expect. 

Enjoy the sightseeing trips around the island

Bermuda has many attractions and places you must visit to give you perceptivity of the country's deep cultural and historical roots. The advent of the Africans on the island right up to the abolition of slavery, you can trace a trail back to the olden days along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail
The Town of St. George alone has a large number of museums, churches, forts and squares that can make you travel back in time. The St. Peter's Church, Unfinished Church, Tucker's House Museum, Fort St. Catherine, Pilot Darrell's Square are just a few. 
The City of Hamilton too has its own share of monuments rich in history and architecture. The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Fort Hamilton, The Historical Society Museum and The Bermuda Society of Arts are just a few. 
You can take a stroll through the Queen Elizabeth park which has its own history as it was designed by the Bermuda's first Postmaster general- Perot. The still active post office of the island is right next door and it is preserved much in its original form when the Perot was first appointed back in the nineteenth century. 
The National Museum of Bermuda in the Royal Naval Dockyard is housed in a huge fortress on the island. You can see strong evidences of Bermuda's rich marine and nautical history in the artifacts and exhibits preserved here. 
In fact, the Royal Naval Dockyard itself has its own share of interesting history. It was at one time the principal base of the Royal Navy which was later shifted to Halifax. 

Take refuge in the lap of nature

The island is blessed with verdant greenery and there are a number of parks, gardens and nature reserves where you can experience its quiet beauty, something that makes it stand apart from many other island destinations. 
Take a walking or cycling tour along the Railway trail that spans across the length of the island. This unbeaten path will lead to several "hidden gems" on the island. 
Bailey’s Bay Footbridge 
Wind through scenic landscapes, majestic ocean views, lush plantations and even an old drawbridge which is the smallest in the world and stop for photographing some breathtaking sights you will come across. 
Read Bermuda Railway Trail to learn more about the different sections of the trail and chart your course accordingly. 
The Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Tom Moore's Jungle and Seymour's Pond are some of the other places you can visit for a tryst with nature. These are great for enjoying a small picnic or even bird watching. 
Spittal Pond Bermuda 
At Cooper's Island Nature Reserve especially you can see a lot of migratory birds who come here to escape the colder climates of the Americas. Catch a panoramic view of the Bermudian coastline from the Wildlife Observation Tower at the far end. 
If you go a little south of the City of Hamilton, you will come to the Paget Marsh and Boardwalk with its cedar lined pathways and forests. The Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget parish is home to a huge collection of trees, shrubs and flowers. 

Stroll down the pink sandy beaches

Although swimming and snorkeling are not much of an option now (except in a wet suit if you so please) and water activities too are struck out with most operators having ceased operations during the winter months, it is no reason why you shouldn't head to the beaches to enjoy a peaceful walk along the shore. 
Elbow Beach Bermuda 
Bermuda's world-famous beaches like the Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach, etc are its biggest attraction and greatest pride. The beautiful turquoise waters, pink sand add to the effervescence of this very colorful locale. However ensure you wear or at least carry a light fleece/ jacket to protect against the chill. 
If you like beach walk, then definitely explore the 1.25 mile South Shore Trail that starts from the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay Beach and ends up at Warwick Long Bay Beach passing through several pristine pink sand beaches and coves along the way. 
Read The Best Bermuda Beaches to know about all the great beaches here. 

Other Attractions

There are several other attractions on the island that are open all year round and are well worth your time. The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) is a great place to spend half a day looking at the exquisite marine life that thrives around the island along with other interesting finds such as the unveiling of the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. 
The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are a wonder below the surface of the earth with their stunning limestone formations. The history behind their creation to their discovery is rather awe inspiring. 
Golf holds a special place in Bermuda with its expansive golf courses overlooking the beautiful ocean. This is a great time to indulge in the sport with the weather being just right and also with minimal tourists around and subsequent decrease in demand, it is easier to find your tee time at one of the clubs around the island. 
Read Bermuda Golf Courses for detailed information. 
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Everett (January 2023) 
Hello, We are planning a family visit for mid February 2023. Can you advise if there are any sporting events on at that time of year? Also, what is the best way to book tee times for golf? Thanks ! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) January 2023 
Hi, there are no major sporting events scheduled around that time. Harness Pony Racing is scheduled to take place on Feb 26th. Several golf clubs in Bermuda offer tee-time bookings online through their respective websites. For tee-time deals, you can also check out www.golfnow.com