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While Bermuda boasts of its vast expanses of pink sandy beaches and hotels having amazing views of the ocean, the fact is there aren't many hotels that are located right on the beach or have easy access to the beach. Some are perched on cliffs, would either require a resort provided trolley cart to reach the beach or have steep and long stairways that lead down to the private beach below. 
Having said that, there are several great resorts and hotels in the island that are either right on the beach, or in close proximity to the beach with easy access and sweeping views of both the beach and the water. If a beach is at the center of your vacation, then choose a hotel in a location like Southampton, Paget, Sandys or even Hamilton parish. That's where you will get hotels with some of the best sandy beaches of the island. 
Read: Which is the best place to stay and understand which might be the right location for your stay depending on what you want to see and do, before you select a hotel in Bermuda. 

Best beach resorts and hotels in Bermuda

Below are the list of best hotels and properties in Bermuda that are located either on the beach or have easy access to their private beaches. Explore the hotel links and you will get to know the beach amenities, services and activities. 
(Category: $$$$, Location Southampton) 
This is the first property that comes to mind when thinking about a beachfront luxury-class property in Bermuda. It's a family owned property. Although the private beach is small, it has amenities like lounge chairs, umbrellas etc. Although all rooms have great water views, some aren't as close to the beach as others. So choose a room overlooking the beach. A short boardwalk and a stairway leads down to the beautiful beach on the left (as you face the water). 
Bus stop (for routes #7 and 8) is near the entrance of the hotel. The buses operate between Dockyard (on the west) and Hamilton City. It takes 25 minutes to reach Hamilton by bus and 38 minutes to dockyard. The route #7 takes the south shore road and goes past all the beautiful south shore beaches like Horseshoe, Church Bay, Warwick Long Bay, Jobson's Cove etc. So the best public beaches are also easily accessible from the hotel. The hotel provides a shuttle service to and from its entrance. So there is virtually no walk involved to access the bus stop. 
(Category: $$$$, Location: Sandys) 
This is another great beachside luxury property located in Sandys parish at the western end of the island. The resort is scattered over some 30-acres of land area and so are its rooms and cottages. The property has access to several private beaches like the Long Bay Beach, Turtle Cove, Morning Beach, Pegem etc. 
But all beaches in the resort are not serviced and some are quite far from the rooms. The best out of all is the Long Bay Beach, perhaps the most beautiful of all and the most popular amongst the hotel guests. It has full service including non motorized watersport facilities run by a franchise (they have a beach shack), and also lunch, snacks, beverages and cocktails served by the restaurant Breezes. In the evening, the beach becomes an extension of the restaurant when candle lit dinners are arranged on the beach. View of the sunset from this beach is simply awesome. 
Excited? But you need to choose your rooms carefully if you want an easy access to the beach. And that requires a bit more money than the normal rooms which are further away. You should choose the Deluxe Ocean View Rooms or cottages like the Hibiscus, Juniper, Croton, Jacaranda or Long Bay rooms which are the best and closest to the Long Bay Beach. The beach is only a few steps away from these rooms. 
(Category: $$$$, Location: Hamilton Parish) 
Some have asked me if Rosewood Tuckers Point is a beachside hotel? To me well it's yes and no. The reason I say this because in this 200-acres of vast property, unless you know that it has a beautiful scenic private beach of its own, you may not ever know that. And unless you know how to reach there, you may not ever find it. 
The hotel is located in Hamilton parish and very close to the airport. The hotel is known to be very pricey, but that is for some real reason. The property is exquisite and exclusive. The rooms and villas are spread through out the property between the main hotel building, beach and its own 18-hole golf course. The hotel provides battery operated carts for transfers from one place to the other within the property. 
And from most places in the property including the main building, you will require a cart to get to the beach. The lovely beach is part of a beach club which has a beach bar, and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Of course there are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas laid out on the beach. Usually carts are available every 30 minutes or so. If that's a long wait for you, you can rent a scooter or a cycle and go down to the beach whenever you like. Smatt's Cycle (a franchise) is located on site and open all seven days a week. 
(Category: $$$, Location: Paget) 
Located on Elbow Beach, it has its own private section of the beach. From several rooms, the beach is only few steps away. The view of the ocean and the water from most rooms are excellent. You can walk down to the public section of the beach. There are watersports and other facilities available at the beach. 
(Category: $$$$, Location Southampton) 
Although perched on a cliff, it has exceptionally wonderful view of the south shore and a stairway access to its private beach. This small intimate hotel provides non-motorized water sports from its beach like kayaks, snorkels etc. 
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(Category: $$$$, Location: Paget) 
While the hotel overlooks the Elbow Beach (and hence the name), shuttles from the hotel are provided to take the guests down to the beach and back. You can of course easily walk down to the beach in 5-6 minutes. 
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(Category: $$$$, Location: Southampton) 
While most rooms have wondcerful view of the south shore, the beach is a few minutes away from the hotel. They offer shuttle service to their private beach (adjacent to famous Horseshoe Bay Beach). You can also walk down to the beach in 5 minutes. There is a beach club here serving cocktails and club fares. 
(Category: $$, Location: Paget) 
Two lovely self contained cottages overlooking the wonderful private beach on south shore which you can access easily by a direct stairway that leads down to the beach. This is ideal for romantic couples or those in honeymoon. It's the closest you will get in Bermuda to stay privately in a cottage while being on (rather above) the beach. 
(Category: $$, Location: Warwick) 
5-minute walk to the Warwick Long Bay Beach. 
(Category: $$, Location: Warwick) 
5-6 minute walk to Astwood Cove. There are other beaches nearby within walking distance including Elbow Beach. 
(Category: $$$$, Location: Hamilton Parish) 
Has its own private beach and several rooms overlooking the ocean. 
(Category: $$$$, Location: Paget) 
This club accommodation is located on Elbow beach with 31 rooms and 9 cottages. The accommodations are available for members or those introduced through members. From most rooms the view of the beach and the water beyond is awesome. You can access the beach through stairway as the club is at an upper level. 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Christina Vieira (May 2016) 
Hi there, you're site is great! loads of wonderful info. I'm trying to wean down the hotel info - I'm looking to surprise my husband with a trip to Bermuda this summer for our anniversary. What hotel do you recommend - I'd like it to be on a beach, romantic and not too far from airport. Close to the town is NOT that important - we are looking to just relax and explore beaches. Thank you. 
Raj ( May 2016 
Hi, no distance is too far in a 21 square mile island. One of our favorite beach hotels is Pompano Beach Club. That's in Sounthampton on south shore, takes about 45-minute drive from the airport. If that's too far for you, then consider Cocoreef Resort, or even Elbow Beach hotel ... both are in paget and have their own private beach (sections of Elbow beach). Take a look at my reviews of these hotels to get some insights. 
Holly Paul (September 2013) 
Hello. Can you please provide me with the name of a casually elegant small resort with immediate beach front access, and nearby to the horse stables for riding in the sea ? 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi, You can consider Pompano Beach Club in Southampton. It's a boutique resort, run by a a family and has easy access to its private beach. However you can't ride horses on the private beach. Couple of horse stables (Spicelands and Mikes) are located in the adjacent Warwick parish and easily reachable. They offer rides along south shore beaches like the Warwick Long Bay Beach. Check out Horse Stables for more info on these horse riding centers.