Sunset & Sightseeing Cruises in Bermuda

Several operators in the island offer boating and sailing tours of various types. There are sunset sailing cruises where you can watch wonderful sunset on the Atlantic while enjoying an island cocktail, there are sailing tours to show you the sights along the shoreline, watch partially submerged shipwrecks etc, and there are even boat tours to view marine nightlife. 
Several operators also combine activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding etc along with sightseeing sail to give you multiple experiences on the same cruise. 
If a lovely sunset view is drawing you to take a sunset cruise in Bermuda, you might first like to know about the top places and ways to watch sunset in Bermuda before you embark on a tour. 

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Below are the most popular sunset and sightseeing sailing tours in the island. 

Sunset and Cocktail Cruises

1) Sunset and Swizzle Cruise 
This sunset sail on a 50-ft spacious and bright pink catamaran of Restless Native is arguably one of the best sunset cocktail sailing tours in Bermuda and undoubtedly one of the most popular. The cruise departs from Royal Naval Dockyard and very close to the cruise berths. It sails around in the western waters of Great Sound and shows you spectacular sunset while you enjoy Rum Swizzles. 
Sunset and Swizzle Cruise 
Sunset Cruise Bermuda 
Photo: Restless Native, Bermuda 
The total cruise duration is around 90 minutes. The highlights of the tour includes... unlimited Rum Swizzles are offered on board along with cookies that are freshly prepared on board by the crew. Rum Swizzle is an island cocktail which is prepared with Bermuda's Gosling rum mixed with fruit juices and other ingredients. Bottled water, orange and pineapple juices are also included in the cost. There is a cash bar available in case you want to have spirits other than swizzle. An on-board discussion style commentary is provided while you sail around. There is a bathroom on board. 
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2) Catamaran Sunset Sail from Dockyard 
The operator Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures offers sunset sail on a luxury catamaran. It's a 1.5 hour cruise in the western waters (mostly around the Great Sound water area). You will be given a complimentary beverage to start with. With on-board discussion style commentary and island music, it's a lovely way to enjoy the amazing views of setting sun on the Atlantic. There is a cash bar on board. 
The tour departs from Royal Naval Dockyard next to the ferry stop. So it's quite convenient for the tourists arriving by cruise ship and docking at Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf. Note that only 18 years and above are allowed in this tour. 
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3) Hamilton Sunset Sail 
The company Rising Son Cruises offers cruise tours where you sail away on a open type catamaran and enjoy sightseeing of Bermuda's magnificent shoreline. You will enjoy a complimentary rum swizzle on board as island style music plays in the background. The boat sails through Hamilton harbor and you get wonderful view of the city. It then moves towards Great Sound for a magnificent sunset view. The crew provides discussion-style commentary along the way. 
The Rising Son II 
Rising Son II 
Source: Rising Son Cruises, Bermuda 
This is a 2-hour cruise only for adults. The tour departs from Hamilton City, Albuoy's Point (behind the ferry terminal). The operator also offers a similar sunset cruise which departs from Royal Naval Dockyard and shows sunset in Great Sound (but it has a white party theme). 
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4) Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise 
This cruise of Captain Kirk's Coral Reef Adventures starts with a complimentary local cocktail the Rum Swizzle as you board this night time cruise into the mysterious Bermuda Triangle water area towards the western side of the island. This is accompanied by a lively commentary by the captain. All of a sudden, the ocean beneath you is flooded with brilliant beams of light. 
You will watch in wonder the underwater nightlife through the glass bottom as the boat's underwater lights illuminate the depths. There is a full cash bar to soothe your nerves. This is a 1.5-hour tour. It operates from the Dockyard next to the ferry stop. 
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Evening Cruises

1) Gosling's Rum Tasting Cruise 
This is a fun cruise around the Great Sound water area in the western part of the island and offered by the operator Fantasea. As you view the beautiful bay, wonderful sunset seascape and the pastel colored homes on the shoreline, you will get to know about Bermuda's rich history and traditions. A rum veteran will narrate the story of Gosling's Rum which is the oldest business in Bermuda and the most popular. You will sample a liqueur and three different local rums as well as locally made rum cake. 
Goslings Rum Cruise 
Photo: Burton H / Viator 
They will then demonstrate how the island's original cocktails like Rum Swizzle and Dark 'n Stormy are prepared with Gosling's rum (which you can sample too). So the tour includes samples of 1 local liqueur, 3 local rums, 2 island cocktails and rum cakes. There is a cash bar in case you want to indulge more. At the end of the tour you can purchase Gosling's Rum at duty free prices. 
This is a 1.5-hour tour and operates in the evening from Royal Naval Dockyard next to the ferry stop. You must be minimum 18 years old (carry your ID) to consume alcohol. 
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Sightseeing Cruises

1) Wildcat Powerboat Adventure 
Dubbed as 'Adventure Blast', the operator KS Watersports offers this tour on a powerboat that zips through the water and tries to show you maximum sights along the coastline within a short 90-minute duration. 
So if speed is what you like as you sit on an open deck of a boat with the breeze whipping through your hair and you get to see many coastal and even water-based landmarks on the way, then this is a good boat tour to choose. The yellow boat with black striations is made look like a big cat. 
Wild Cat 
Photo: KS Watersports, Bermuda 
The tour starts from Royal Naval Dockyard (cruise port) and goes around the western and central parts of the island passing by Watford Bridge, Mangrove Bay, Cambridge Beaches, Pompano Beach etc. At the western most tip it stops at a water area where you can see MHS Vixen... a partially submerged shipwreck. This place is home to large number of fish and you can feed them if you want. 
The boat then zips down the coastline showing you Darrell's Island, World's smallest draw bridge, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Little Sound, Great Sound, Hamilton city from Hamilton harbor and more. While on the tour, there is a narrated commentary that explains the historic sites and other landmarks along the way, and informs you about the history and culture of the island. Note: Tour routes may vary with weather conditions. 
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This is another nice sightseeing tour for those who are interested in the history and information about the island. You will cruise along the shoreline while getting to know lots of stories and historical facts. You will see many homes of famous persons and celebrities on the way as well as several historical landmarks. The cruise duration is about 2 hours. 
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3) Harrington Sound Coastal Cruise 
This cruise takes place at Harrington Sound on an open catamaran named 'Callista'. The sound is a large inland waterbody and is surrounded by the mainland on all sides except for a narrow opening (known as Flatts Inlet) that connects it to the Atlantic ocean. 
Harrington Sound is rich in bio-diversity, lined with caves and cliffs, and has many tiny islets in it. This cruise is an excellent way of exploring Bermuda's nature and knowing about the heritage. 
There are expert guides who have rich background on geological and environmental conservation. They will fill you in with a lot of environmental and island information as you enjoy a beer or a wine. 
The tour only operates on Monday and Thursday evenings (April through October) from 6-7:15pm. This tour includes one complimentary beer or wine. While there is no age restriction, it is geared more towards adults. 
This tour is offered by Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ). The tour departs from BAMZ (you need to meet at the front porch of BAMZ 15 minutes before the tour starts). Cost is $50 per person ($40 for BAMZ members). 
You can book this tour online through 
These two-seater electric watercrafts are a new addition to Bermuda's effervescent offerings in water activities/sports. They offer 60 minutes of guided tour where you can go sightseeing in these boats or simply relax and lounge while noiselessly cruising on it enjoying the sun, the sea and the amazing marine life up close. These boats are technologically well equipped with safety measures for its passengers and are easy to operate. 
Electric Sun Lounger Boats, Bermuda 
Photo: CurrentSea Ltd., Bermuda 
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Whale watching boat tours are very popular in the island. To view whales in their natural habitat you will need to be in Bermuda during spring between March to April when the Humpback Whales migrate from the Caribbean to North Atlantic. You can sometimes see them leap out of the water - a spectacular sight. There are veteran crews conducting such whale watching cruises since 1987. 
While no food is served on board, there is usually a cash bar offering drinks and beverages. In some cruises you can carry your own food. Most tours leave from Dockyard next to the ferry stop. 

Sightseeing Cruises and Watersports

Several boat operators take groups to offshore water locations for snorkeling, showing lovely sights along the coastline and dockyard along the way. Some focus on snorkeling for shipwrecks while others combine wrecks with wonderful views of coral reefs with marine life. Most such tours last for about 2 hours and cover a minimum of two sites that are nearby. Their group tours operate in per person rate. You can also charter a boat for snorkeling. 
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You will be first taken by a boat shuttle to a calm water area in the western end of the island. You will then board the double seater sit-on-top kayak. This guided kayak tour will take you along the shoreline and show you many secluded beaches, uninhabited islands, rock formations, landmarks and even homes of rich and famous on the shore. There will be a running commentary too. 
And below through glass panel, you will be able to see the beautiful marine life. Finally you will finish the kayak tour with a cool-off swim and complimentary soft drinks. This is a 3.5-hour tour. It operates daily from the Dockyard Watersports Center. 
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3) Boat, Bike and Beach Tour 
This is a great combination tour offering you best of several things. It starts with a short boat tour along Bermuda's coastline. This is followed by 5-8 miles leisurely bike ride along the old Bermuda Railway Trail with 21speed mountain bikes on a fairly flat terrain. The guide will stop at various points and explain the places and the landmarks you pass by including their historical background. Such landmarks include the Fort Scaur and the sprawling estate of Mott Family of 17th century. 
You will finish with a cool-off swim and complimentary soft drinks. This is a 3.5-hour tour. It operates daily from the Dockyard and next to Watersports Center. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Patrick LaSalle (March 2018) 
Hi Raj, Do any sunset cruises sail from Hamilton, or only the Dockyard? Thanks, 
Raj ( March 2018 
Hi Pat, Island Tour Center (the sales unit of Fantasea) offers a Hamilton Sunset Sail which starts from Albuoy's Point on Hamilton harbor. You can write to them ([email protected]) for details of the tour and booking. 
Rickey Hodges (October 2015) 
How do I book Sunset Catamaran Cruise. Will be arriving on Carnival Dream on 9 October 2015. There will be 2 of us. Thanks 
Raj ( October 2015 
You can book the cruise and several others online through this Viator Link
Anthony Campanelli (May 2014) 
Hello, my wife and i along with a few friends will be coming to bermuda on a cruise june 31st-may6th. about 5 years ago i went their and we did a sunset cruise with unlimited drinks aboard. Can you tell me if there is something like that still going on? We would prefer to pay one fee rather then buy drink everytime. thanks for the advice. 
Raj ( May 2014 
Hi, To my knowledge, there is no longer any sunset sailing cruise available with unlimited drinks. However most sunset cruises would offer one complimentary drink like a rum swizzle and have cash bars. One sailing cruise offered by Island Tour Center these days is known as 'Goslings Rum Cruise' where you get to enjoy three different island rums. 
Susan Germana (September 2013) 
I am very disappointed with Island Tour Centre of Bermuda and would not recommend that company. On Saturday, 8/31/13 at around 8:30 AM or so, I phoned Island Tour Centre to book a Glass-Bottom Boat Tour for myself and 2 friends. They took my credit card info and asked us to arrive at the Island Tour Centre's kiosk at the Dockyard by 9:30 AM for the 10:00 AM tour. We quickly left to catch a bus - arriving at Island Tour Centre's kiosk at 9:15 AM. No one was around so we waited - and waited. By 10:00 AM, when there was still no one at the kiosk, we went to the Visitor Center and asked at the Island Tour Centre's info desk. We were shocked to hear that the tour was cancelled because we were the only ones who had signed up. I want to warn others and save them from the disappointment - and time wasted - that we experienced. I received a receipt for my credit card refund - but it has not appeared yet on my statement (as of 9/4/13). We then spoke with a gentleman who had arrived to work on the boat (he wasn't told of the cancellation either - and he gave us tokens (I think paid with his own money) to take the Ferry. We appreciated his generosity. Island Tour Centre is very unprofessional. 
Amy Da Ponte (Island Tour Centre) December 2013 
We are very sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with booking the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. Island Tour Centre is a booking agency and we rely on our operators to provide us with up-to-date schedules as well as inform us of cancellations. Unfortunately in this situation we, like you, and the captain of the vessel, were not made aware that the tour was cancelled. This was an extremely rare occurrence, we sincerely apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience. We hope that you contact us on your next visit our beautiful island again so we can ensure that you have a more positive experience. Regards.