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Rates at most Bermuda restaurants are far from cheap. Many charge pretty high prices for the kind of food and service they offer, and it can take you by surprise. So is it actually possible to eat out cheap in the island? If you are comparing rates with a downtown street-side eatery in New York, then the answer is a clear NO. 
Bermy Cuisine, a cheap eatery in Hamilton and favorite of locals. 
It serves Bermudian and Filipino food. 
Photo: Tomwsulcer, cc0 by 1.0 
Most food and ingredients are imported in the island with few exceptions like freshly caught seafood, local farm produce etc. But the restaurants who offer such fresh island produce, will not likely be cheap anyway. 
So how to eat cheap in Bermuda? There are actually some great budget restaurants and eateries whose rates are quite reasonable. I'll come to those shortly. 
So how much will you spend to dine in such budget restaurants in Bermuda? Well that depends on what you order. But to give you an idea, a couple having a starter or a soup/salad and a main course each, can typically expect a bill of about $55-$60 plus gratuity (or tips) in a good sit and dine budget restaurant. 
A cocktail, spirit or a beer would additionally cost about $10 each. That's the minimum it can go at a proper budget restaurant. 
There are plenty of other options as well for eating cheap in Bermuda. Several small eateries offer take out food. They are definitely cheaper. If you buy Deli type food from super markets or large grocery stores, they will also be cheaper. 
You can get sandwiches, wraps, burgers, roasted chicken, seafood etc from deli counters. But take out or deli food is typically suitable if you are staying in an apartment where you carry your food, heat it up in microwave oven and eat. For lunch, you can always carry your packed food to a public park and eat as well. Many do so. 
Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no international fast food chains like McDonalds or Pizza Hut in Bermuda. The only exception is an outlet of KFC (in a prominent red and brown building) located on Queen street at Hamilton City. 
Here a combo which includes chicken pieces, burger or wrap with fries and soda, will typically cost $10 to $11. Several small eateries with take-out counters and local fast food outlets also offer nice fried fish sandwich, jerk chicken, wraps, salads etc costing $11-12... and they are quite filling and good. 
And there are several mobile food vendors who sell hot food of all types (like Bermudian, barbecue, western etc) from their trucks, vans or carts that are specially designed for that purpose. Some are excellent and the food is cheap. 
Below I have reviewed all those budget eateries in Bermuda (restaurants, take out, deli and mobile food) that are our personal favorites and offer reasonable prices for the food they serve. We have tried them several times and found them to be the best of the lot. 
I have indicated the primary cuisine they serve and their price categories next to their names. Note that almost always, a 15% gratuity is added to your bill. And if so, then you need not pay further tips. 
Indicative price range for budget restaurants in Bermuda ($ and $$) 
$ = Soups and Salads: $5-7, Appetizers: $6-12, Main Courses: $18 - $25 
$$ = Soups and Salads: $8-$12, Appetizers: $15-$18, Main Courses: $28 - $35 

Best Budget Restaurants in Bermuda

($, Bermudian) Hamilton 
If you are looking for the best and cheap fried fish sandwich in the island, then you don't need to look any further. This small eatery located in Hamilton (at the outskirts though) has made a brand name for itself when it comes to fish sandwich made with fresh locally caught fish. It offers several other items like burgers, soups, salads etc. They mainly offer takeouts. 
($, Indian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
If you are savvy to spicy Indian food, this is one of the best restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine. However you can also ask them to make low or medium spicy food. The restaurant is located a bit off Hamilton proper and will require about 15 minutes walk from Ferry terminal unless you have a taxi. 
($, Seafood/Caribbean) Somerset, Sandys Parish 
This is where locals go, a restaurant and bar serving excellent fish sandwich and other local cuisine. 
($, Bermudian) Southampton 
Looking for homemade food where locals frequent? Then this family run restaurant is another great budget choice. The inside ambience is simple yet spacious and charming. 
($$, Bermudian and International Cuisine) 
Hamilton City 
It has a nice setting overlooking the Hamilton harbor and serving contemporary Bermudian along with Latin and  Asian food. Lunch on the balcony while enjoying the sun can be special. 
($, Coffee/Fast Food) 
Several outlets 
This is a chain and have several outlets across the island. You get good healthy sandwiches, salads, wraps, muffins, fruit salad, coffee etc. Most outlets are takeaway places, however few have table services. Good affordable food. 
($, Italian) 
Hamilton City 
They offer a large variations of pizzas which they make on wood burning brick ovens. Menu also includes many other Italian dishes. The restaurant is family and kid friendly.  
($, Chinese and Sushi) 
Southampton and Hamilton City 
This is a small eatery offering mainly take out food. They offer wide range of Chinese and Sushi dishes at very reasonable prices. 
($$, Seafood/Bermudian) 
Warwick Parish 
Great family run restaurant serving authentic seafood. The owner runs a fishing business and therefore able to offer dishes made with freshly caught fish. This is a family friendly restaurant and a great place to experience authentic local seafood cuisine in a relaxed casual ambience. There is a bar as well offering spirits, beer and island cocktails. TVs on the walls show sports, cartoons and movies. 
($$, Continental) 
Hamilton City 
A restaurant on Front Street with an upstairs balcony overlooking the harbor. The inside dining too has a nice ambience. Great food and service. 
($$, European) 
Hamilton City 
This is a small restaurant located at the western side of Hamilton serving great European dishes. Other than set menu they have daily specials which change frequently. You will find lots of hats of different shapes and sizes hanging from the walls and ceilings. Because of its friendly ambience, great service and excellent food quality, the restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists. It has both inside and outdoor dining. 
($$, Seafood) 
Hamilton City 
Here you can find some great local fish and lobster items. Black rum and sherry peppers are the secret ingredients in the fish chowder. Great preparation of Baked fish and lobsters.  
($$, Pub with British and  Bermudian cuisine) 
Hamilton City 
This is an old fashioned Bermuda pub. They say that the ‘Cheers’ pub of Boston took its inspiration from Hog Penny. Our favorites here are the Fish Chowder and Mussels. 
($$, Italian Cuisine) 
Hamilton City 
A great Italian restaurant, it's a favorite for Pizzas and other excellent Italian food.  
($$, British and  Bermudian cuisine) 
Hamilton Parish 
This is the oldest pub in Bermuda and creator of the Bermuda’s well known cocktail drink - The Rum Swizzle. 
($$, Bermudian) 
St. George's Town 
The restaurant provides a great option for breakfast, lunch and dinner with night-time entertainment. 
($$, British) 
Royal Naval Dockyard 
This is one of the oldest pubs within the dockyard with an ambience of a traditional British pub and offering pub fares and nice food in both inside and outdoor dining space. They also have an associated brewery making local beer. 
($$, British) 
Somerset, Sandys Parish 
Located in Somerset Village, this traditional British style Pub and Restaurant has an open terrace that overlooks the beautiful Mangrove bay. 
Food Court 
($$, All types of food) 
Washington Mall, Phase III, Hamilton City 
This is an open space with a series of food stations serving different cuisine and a large common seating space. The first of its kind in Bermuda, the Food Court aims to satisfy food lovers with varied preferences. Several restaurants of the mall have already shifted to the food court. 
Food varieties here includes burritos and many other Mexican food with meat and organic vegetables, pasta food station, salads, cold cuts, shakes, fruit juices, 'Around the World' buffet serving food from all over the world, cakes, coffee and lot more. Ideal for lunch or snacks if you happen to be in Hamilton. 
The Food Court is located at Washington Mall (20 Church Street), lower level, Phase III building, Hamilton. 

Mobile Street Food: Lunch Wagons, Trucks, Carts

Mobile food offered out of trucks, vans and carts are fast catching up in the island. This is a cheap way of having nice hot food. You get varieties of food and cuisine prepared fresh from local ingredients. 
These are great for having quick breakfast, lunch and even dinner while paying half the price of a standard restaurant. Visit Mobile Food from Trucks, Vans and Carts for details about some of the most popular mobile food eateries in Bermuda. 

Deli Type Food: Supermarkets and Food Stores

There are several supermarkets and grocery stores in Bermuda which offer packed pre-cooked deli type food which are relatively inexpensive. Miles Market is probably the best in the island when it comes to quality and range of such food they offer. 
They are great for having quick hot lunch and even carrying them for picnics. Check out Food from Supermarkets and Groceries to get information about all such places including location, type of food, open hours etc. 

More Cheap Eateries in Bermuda

Angelo's Bistro ($$, Italian) Hamilton City (on Reid Street off Front Street) 
Bailey's Ice Cream ($, Light bites) Hamilton Parish 
Bermuda Bistro At The Beach ($, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Bistro J ($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Blackbeard's Hideout ($$, Caribbean) St. George 
Bonefish Bar and Grill ($$, Seafood/Mediterranean) Dockyard, Sandy's Parish 
Cafe Amici ($$, Italian) Dockyard, Sandys Parish 
Cafe Cairo ($$, African Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Chatterbox Cafe ($, Deli/Light Bites) At Washington Mall, Hamilton City 
Chopsticks ($, Chinese and Thai) Hamilton City 
Coconut Rock and Yashi ($$, International/Sushi) Hamilton City 
Dining Room ($$, Continental) Southampton Parish, at the base of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 
It has replaced the old Tea Room, but continues to serve nice food in the same place. 
Docksiders Pub and Restaurant ($, British) Hamilton City 
Freeport Seafood Restaurant ($$, Seafood) Sandy's Parish, Dockyard 
Griffin's Restaurant ($$, Steaks and Seafood) St. George's 
Gulfstream ($$, Italian and Seafood) Southampton, opposite Horseshoe Bay Beach 
Hickory Stick ($, Deli) Hamilton City 
Jamaican Grill ($, Jamaican/Caribbean) Hamilton City and other places in the island 
L'Oriental ($$, Asian) Hamilton City 
Mama Angie's ($, Bermudian/Breakfast/Lunch) 
Mickey's Beach Bistro and Bar ($$$, Mediterranean) At Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget Parish X Temporarily Closed 
North Rock Brewing Company ($$, Bermudian) Smith's Parish 
Obar Lounge (Earlier Opus) ($, Bermudian/Indian/Bar) Hamilton City  
Palm Court ($$, Continental) At Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Hamilton Parish 
Paraquet ($$, Bermudian and Western) Paget, 10-minute walk from Elbow Beach. 
Pasta Basta ($, Italian) Hamilton City 
Pearl ($$, Japanese Sushi) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Primavera Restaurant and Omakase Sushi ($$, Italian/Japanese) Hamilton City X Closed 
(new restaurant "Flying Fish", same owners) 
Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant ($, International) Hamilton City 
Rock Island Coffee ($, Coffee/Tea) Hamilton City 
Rosa’s Cantina ($$, Mexican/American) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Rustico ($$, Italian/Pizzeria) Hamilton Parish 
Smokin' Barrel ($, Barbecue/Caribbean/Bermudian) Front Street, Hamilton 
If you go for shopping at Hamilton City, then this is a good option to have cheap but piping hot food. This is not a restaurant. They serve the food from a mobile truck. You will find the truck near the ferry dock. 
Specialty Inn ($, Bermudian and Italian) Smith's Parish 
This was once the favorite place of the Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood. This is also a local's favorite. Food served is simple and portions are large. 
Spot Restaurant ($, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
This is one of the oldest running restaurants in Bermuda and a locals' favorite. If you want to have cheap good food and meet up with the locals, this is the place to come. Many come here to meet up with their friends. Although they serve dinner, it's a popular place for lunch. There is no bar here. 

Bermuda Dining Map

Check out Bermuda Dining Map showing the location of all the top restaurants in the island. 
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Visitors' Comments

Sherry Smith (August 2015) 
This is a great list! I cruise to Bermuda often and now that I've visited most of the sites I want to see, I'm ready to explore restaurants and pubs. I'm printing this list and taking it with me when I come down in May. One spot I found, that didn't make it onto the list, but it's not that obvious, is a sandwich counter that is in the rear of the medical store at King's Wharf in the dockyard.  
Exceptionally fresh sandwiches, friendly service. Take-out, but there are picnic tables in the immediate area, or you can bring food back to the ship.  Definitely a $. I buy sandwiches here, as well as snacks and bottled water. Way cheaper than buying on board. If you go inside the Mall at Kings Wharf and have a sweet tooth, there is  an amazing fudge stand. Rich, creamy fudge, variety of flavors. I hope they are still there! 
Karlyn Davis (May 2015) 
I just returned from Bermuda last week, staying in St George. The absolute best fast reasonable restaurant was Art Mels Spicy Dicy. He makes the best fish sandwich ($11:50) which is so huge you cannot bite into it without removing at least 5-8 pieces of fish!! My daughter and I shared one sandwich, giving us 3 meals. You can eat there or take out.. Very casual. We tried several items including his homemade gingerbread. Everything we tried was delicious. Just the Bomb!!! That was our go to place. He apparently has another location in Hamilton run by his son.