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Raj BhattacharyaI'm Raj, the creator of this website, and I want to take you on a journey through my experiences in exploring the captivating island of Bermuda. This adventure began with a career transition from the corporate world to becoming a full-time travel writer, a move fueled by my passion for discovery. 
My professional journey commenced after obtaining an engineering degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). I delved into the world of technology, eventually receiving a professional certification from the School of Computer Science, a unit of Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. However, life took an unexpected turn, leading me to rediscover my true calling as a professional travel writer and web publisher. 
Why the shift to travel writing? The answer lies in my lifelong love for exploration. At the age of 15, I embarked on a 15-day solo journey to the hills of Darjeeling, funded by my school allowances. This adventure, hitchhiking and backpacking, marked the beginning of a deep connection with travel. Subsequently, I explored various parts of the world, including The USA, where I lived and worked during my early corporate years. 
My travels extended across Europe, Australasia, and Asia, encompassing numerous countries, and, of course, Bermuda. And my visits to many of these countries have been repeated, driven by an unrelenting passion to unravel the essence of each destination. 
The pivotal moment came during my first visit to Bermuda in 2005. Two significant events during that trip reshaped my perspective on life. The first was the unparalleled charm of Bermuda — its people & culture, the stunning pink beaches, the turquoise waters of the Atlantic. It was a unique experience that opened my eyes to the wonders that exist on our planet. 
The second was a personal meeting with Teddy Tucker. A world-renowned diving veteran and native of Bermuda, Teddy collected invaluable treasures from underwater shipwrecks around the island. Spending time with Teddy and his wife, hearing their life stories, and witnessing Teddy's wisdom, talent, and commitment to both work and family left an indelible mark on me. 
With Teddy Tucker and his wife in Bermuda in 2005 
Photo with Teddy Tucker 
The passion for travel and the memories of that first Bermuda visit in 2005 triggered a shift in my perspective. In my spare time, I started writing travelogues, initially sharing them only with friends. Encouraged by positive feedback, I delved deeper into travel writing. In 2008, I created this website with just a handful of pages, driven by the hobby of writing about a place I loved — Bermuda. 
Over the years, I expanded the content, interacted with viewers, explored partnerships for monetization, and slowly the website gained momentum. In 2010, I took a leap of faith, quitting my job as a Senior Management Executive at IBM to become a full-time travel blogger. It was a significant decision that marked the beginning of a new chapter. 
Today, this website boasts well over 1,000 pages, a testament to my mission from the outset - to create top-quality content, provide insightful answers to questions, and assist travelers in realizing their Bermuda dreams. Beyond being a travel guide, the website has become a rich online source of information for Bermuda and its tourism. 
I've also authored eBooks designed to assist visitors in planning an exceptional vacation in Bermuda. You can explore the eBooks on this webpage
My love for driving has taken me through 17 states in the US and on memorable journeys like the 1,500-mile drive from Boston to Canada via Niagara Falls. Another adventure unfolded in Tasmania, Australia, covering 750 miles exploring its picturesque countryside. 
In addition to my travel pursuits, I have been involved in the technical world, reflecting my background in technology. I have served as an honorary Governing Body Member of the Technology Board of the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) for nearly 17 years, I contributed to fostering entrepreneurship, enhancing tech infrastructure, and building industry relationships. 
I am immensely grateful to the thousands of readers who have written back, appreciating my work and the benefits they've gained from this website. Messages from readers affirm that I am on the right track and inspire me to continue sharing valuable and trustworthy information. 
In conclusion, my journey from the corporate world to travel writing has been a transformation driven by passion and a commitment to sharing the joy of exploration. Through this website, I aim to not only provide travel insights but also to impart the profound lessons learned along the way. 
Join me as we navigate the wonders of Bermuda and beyond, uncovering the beauty of diverse cultures and forging connections that make travel a truly enriching experience. 
Raj Bhattacharya 
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