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So what do boutique hotels in Bermuda mean? They are relatively smaller but very intimate hotels that provide almost all the luxury that you need during your vacation. They are not like the gigantic five star hotels or resorts that focus on their grandeur and spread. Rather these boutique hotels tend to focus a lot more on the details, the small little things that make you happy, and also on the ambience or the aura that make your stay more romantic and intimate. They are like designer or lifestyle hotels. 
These small luxury hotels tend to bank more on repeat guests who come here for personal vacations in a relaxed welcoming environment rather than those inviting mixed range of guests that often include large corporate clients. Some boutique resorts go a step forward to include many nice variations in experiences including different choices in dining menu with several choices of restaurants, many activities within the resort to make a world of your own, etc. 
Read: Which is the best place to stay and understand which might be the right location for your stay depending on what you want to see and do, before you select a hotel in Bermuda. 

Best boutique hotels in Bermuda

Here are the top boutique hotels in Bermuda that offer personalized intimate experience in their own designers environment. 
($$$, Pembroke) 
In a few minutes walk from downtown Hamilton, you can reach this lovely boutique hotel setup in colonial and Bermudian architecture and tucked in a quiet residential lane. Owned and managed by brother and sister, this property is all about details and romantic luxury. There are two manor buildings that are placed in a lush garden settings and there are 32 exquisite rooms. The buildings are in coral colors with white shutters. 
The sprawling garden with trees and shrubbery are lit up at night creating a wonderful ambience as you relax on comfortable cane and wooden chairs. During the day, you can hardly resist the beautiful pool with lounging chairs with that are wrapped with golden flowers. The in-house restaurant Ascots has been described as "Not to be missed" by USA Today. Overall a great boutique hotel in Bermuda. 
($$$, Pembroke) 
This is another property in Pembroke which is within walking distance of Hamilton City and surrounded by lush gardens. Rosedon used to be a British family home once and later converted into a boutique hotel. So the British colonial architecture, the garden charm, the elegant lounge, the outdoor heated pool are all part of the exclusive experience of this hotels. Of course the rooms most of which are in the garden settings facing the pool and some with nice balconies, add to the romantic flair. 
Rosdon has no restaurant. Who cares? The great full breakfast on the patio or by the poolside, the exciting swizzle party on Tuesday nights and the convenient distance to all amenities of life in Hamilton City are more than enough to compensate for any such shortcomings. 
($$, Hamilton Parish) 
This in my view classifies as a boutique hotel for budget minded travelers. Originally built in the 1970s to run as a single room rental and gradually expanding over time, this family run business offers suites and villas in single and two storied buildings. Each building houses some 2 to 6 units and spreads across an area that has a wonderful unhindered view of the Atlantic ocean. 
Recommended for couples and singles preferring quiet exclusive stay, this property also offers some special amenities like swimming pools (although small but clean), tennis courts, an award winning restaurant although you have the option of cooking in your own kitchenette as well, and internet access (in some units). 
You will also clearly notice the artistic touch from the local artist Otto Trott who has been a resident artist here and also closely related to the family running the property. As you walk along the beautiful adjoining Railway Trail for a mile, you will reach one of the great shallow beaches of Bermuda - The Shelly Bay Beach. 
($$$$, Sandy's Parish) 
Located at the western end of the island on a peninsula covering some 30 acres of land area, this exclusive cottage colony provides ultimate luxury in real seclusion. 
With over 90 suites and cottages, this property overlooks Long Bay and the Atlantic ocean on one side, and the beautiful Mangrove Bay on the other. Such has been the influence of returning guests in the property that some of the cottages have been named after such cherished guests. 
So why do people keep returning to this property? Other than serenity and seclusion, the property offers several lovely private beaches, a private marina for exclusive marine activities, great choices of restaurants including beachside dining, an European style Spa which is amongst the best in the island, tennis courts and a picturesque village settings in which you can roam around for hours in tranquility. So you can be in your own world for the whole stay. 
($$$$, Southampton Parish) 
A great boutique in Bermuda has to be on a beach front. The Reefs is no exception, in fact it pies perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean and its own lovely private beach. This is one resort which has been consistently been awarded as the top destination in Bermuda and as one of the best in the world by renowned magazines like Conde Naste Travelers and Travel &†Leisure. 
So what are the exclusive offerings? Breathtaking ocean views from the rooms, suites and condos, infinity pools, lovely nature walks and complimentary kayaks, great restaurants overlooking the waters, tennis courts, one of the best Spas, and many other great exclusive facilities. 
($$$$, Southampton Parish) 
Another exclusive beachside small resort, Pompano is a family run business and therefore the special emphasis on the details. Where else can you find a great shallow water sandbar that by itself is now an attraction to the beach lovers. The small villas each with few units are spread out in the lush green and overlooking the beautiful south shore. 
The hotels is a paradise for the golfers. The Robert Trent Jones designed Port Royal Golf Course is located right next to this property. With romantic restaurants and bars, heated all weather tennis courts, swimming pools, ocean and poolside Jacuzzis, health club and exquisite Spas, this is can make a paradise of a vacation. 
($$$$, Paget Parish) 
This boutique style resort is known as a golf resort because it is owned by the Belmont Hills Golf Club. So playing golf in one of the finest 18-hole golf courses in Bermuda automatically becomes part of the package if you so want. All the 45 rooms are very well appointed, each having a kitchen. From the balconies you get a sweeping view of the pool and the Hamilton Harbor at a distance. With the harbor lights lit up at night, relaxing on the balcony while having a drink is an experience that many guests long for. The two in-house restaurants are some of the finest in the island as well. 
($$$, Hamilton Parish) 
Tucker's Point has always been one of the dream locations in Bermuda which could be afforded only by the rich at one point in time. But now with such properties as Tucker's Point Hotel, many vacationers have an opportunity to fulfill such dreams. With a stately manor house and villas whose interiors have been intricately designed in old British style, private beach, access to Tucker's Point Golf Course, excellent restaurant, infinity pool with poolside cabanas to lounge in the sun, and one of the largest Spas in the island, you can't really ask for more when looking for exclusivity with luxury. 
($$$$, Smith's Parish) 
A great beach-front property in Smith's and located near the airport. This new hotel which has been converted from an earlier cottage colony has modern rooms, suites and spacious villas all with sweeping views of the ocean. There is a beach club on the private beach, a restaurant and bar, spa, fitness center, and two heated pools overlooking the ocean with pool service. 

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Raj ( June 2014 
Hi, You can look into Royal Palms (no tennis though). 
Mary Beth Tundrea (June 2014) 
Hi Raj..Bermuda used to be my sales territory many years ago. I generally stayed at the Waterloo House (lovely Trudy), which is no longer in business. Can you make some reccos on par with this hotel. Access to tennis court would be a preference. Heard that Jackie and†Emelio (Little Venice Group), were running some small hotels. Is this true. If so could you provide some names. Thanks