Which place to stay in Bermuda?

Before you start searching for a hotel in Bermuda, your first consideration should be the location or place of stay. Because that will decide what you get in and around that place. And once you know that, it'll be easy to find a hotel of your choice in that location. 
For example, if you want a hotel close to a beach, then you should be ideally choosing a parish like Paget, Warwick or Southampton as your location of stay. Because they have beautiful beaches running along the south shore, and there are several hotels that take advantage of the amazing pink sands &áturquoise water, some having their own lovely private beaches. 
On the other hand, if you want to stay close to the actions &áactivities, restaurants, great shops, nightlife, pubs &ábars, then the place to stay is Hamilton City or near about. 
Here are locations in Bermuda and their respective advantages for stay: 
Why stay in Paget 
Paget is a centrally located parish. The advantages are plenty, one of the main ones being proximity to Hamilton City (takes about 10 minutes ride by bus or scooter). So you get quick access to all the great restaurants, pubs and stores. No distance is too far from Paget. The maximum time of travel to either end (east or west) would be at the most 45 minutes. The famous Elbow beach is in Paget.  
Several hotels have come up along this beautiful stretch of sand some of which have their private beaches. Several other great south shore beaches are also nearby and take only minutes by bus or scooter. Hotels on the northern edge of Paget have great views of Hamilton Harbor.  
You will find all types and range of hotels in this parish that would suit most travelers. Paget is home to the Botanical Gardens and several other attractions of Bermuda. 
In my view this parish offers best of almost everything in the island. For hotels, restaurants, attractions &áactivities in this parish, check out Paget Info
Why stay in Southampton 
This is a western parish. Its main treasures are the fabulous south shore beaches. Southampton is home to Horseshoe Bay Beach which consistently figures in world's top list of best beaches. 
The parish has several other great beaches like Church bay (probably the best for snorkeling), Chaplin Bay, West Whale Bay etc. And there are fabulous hotels on or close to the beaches that compliment the overall attractiveness of the parish. Although there are few budget guesthouses and apartments in Southampton, most hotels here are upscale.  
While there are several great restaurants here which are part of the luxury hotels like Fairmont Southampton, you will also get several independent restaurants (both budget and upscale) and pubs that are excellent (like the Henrys VIII, Dining Room and more). 
The parish is also home to famous attractions such as Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the best 18-hole golf courses in the island Port Royal where PGA Grand Slams are held, great boat tours etc. Visit Southampton Parish page for more info about what you can expect in this parish. 
Why stay in Warwick 
Like Southampton, the main advantage of this parish is its beautiful south shore beaches. One of the best pink beaches in the island, Warwick Long Bay is located here and so are several others like Astwood Cove, Jobsons Cove, Stonehole Bay etc. 
While there aren't many luxury resorts in this parish, you will find several nicely appointed apartments, guesthouses and bed &ábreakfast accommodations here. To make it easy for the budget travelers, there are several grocery stores and supermarkets where you can buy grocery itemsáand other provisions for cooking, and even deli type ready food that are affordable. 
The parish also boasts of couple of great golf courses and top boating &ásnorkeling tours. Visit Warwick Parish page where you will find all the best hotels, restaurants, things to see &ádo in the parish. 
Why stay in Hamilton City or Pembroke 
One of the main reasons you would choose to stay here is because you want to be centrally located for easy commuting across the island by both bus and ferry, and also be close to all the commercial establishments including many stores &árestaurants of various kinds as well as offices. 
Hamilton City is the capital of Bermuda and located in Pembroke parish. It has plethora of great restaurants, bars, shops, nightlife. Most business travelers prefer to stay here because of proximity to business houses. Many tourists prefer the place too because this is where most actions are. 
All bus routes (except one) and all ferry routes in the island operate from Hamilton, which means you have easy access to most parts of the island from here. More over, you are centrally located which means that you are never too far from anything. 
And what if you additionally get privacy, great view of the harbor or north shore water area, modern amenities and that too in a range of accommodations including budget, mid-range and luxury? It's all possible in Hamilton City. Check out Hamilton &áPembroke to know about all the great hotels, restaurants, attractions &áactivities in this place. 
Why stay in Hamilton Parish 
If you want to stay near both Hamilton City (with its great shops &árestaurants) and the Airport, then Hamilton Parish can be a great place to stay. It's strategically located between Pembroke (where Hamilton City is) and St Davids (where the airport is). Both can be accessed by bus in about 15-20 minutes. You will also have convenient access to the historic town of St George to the east and couple of great beaches. 
Hamilton Parish is home to some of the top attractions of the island including Crystal &áFantasy Caves, Aquarium, Shelly Bay Beach, Tom Moore's Jungle and more. And to compliment all this, there are some great hotels here including budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations. 
Visit Hamilton Parish Info to get detailed information. 
Why stay in St George 
There are two primary reasons for you to consider staying in St George which is located at the far east of the island: 
First if you take interest in history and like yourself to be immersed in the memories of colonial days walking through the narrow lanes and alleyways that still bear the 17th century names, then this is the place for you. The town of St George has been accorded the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 
The second reason for stay here is its proximity to the airport. In fact, the airport and the town are both in St George's parish. From any hotel in St George, the airport will take less than 10 minutes by cab. And there are nice accommodations as well - both budget and luxury. Couple of excellent clubs offer accommodations at their waterside cottages. 
The place also offers you great privacy. To top it all, some of the best restaurants of the island are located in St George. Check out St George Info to know about all what the place offers to the visitors planning a vacation. 
Why stay in Sandys Parish 
If you are visiting the island by a cruise ship, you will likely be docked at the Royal Naval dockyard which is located at the far western end of Sandys parish. In fact Sandys is the western most Parish in Bermuda. If you come by flight, there are couple of reasons you may consider this parish for your stay which happens to be the farthest parish from the airport. 
The first is, Royal Naval Dockyard itself is a large tourist complex having some of the top attractions of the island including the National Museums, Dolphin Center, Galssworks, Art Center, great shopping arcade The Clocktower mall and lot more. 
Second, Sandys is also home to several great beaches like Daniel's Head, Hog Bay Beach, Snorkel Park etc. The parish has several top class accommodations on the waterfront - both budget and luxury. The dockyard is home to several great restaurants and bar, although there are few other nice restaurants &ábars elsewhere in the parish as well. Visit Sandys Parish for more info. 
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Visitors' Reviews &áComments 
Lisa (October 2016) 
Hi Raj, I am loving reading everything about Bermuda! We are planning to go on a family vacation with our children, ages 17 and 20, between Christmas and New Years. We are not really beach goers or night life seekers. We want to see all the cultural, historic and scenic things that the island has to offer. Which Parish would you recommend that we stay, what sites should we see and how many days would you recommend. Travelling on a budget is also important to us! We'd like to eat good local food and enjoy Bermuda like we were coming to live there! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) October 2016 
Hi, St. George is a great place to stay if you love historic sites. The parish is also scenic and rich with Bermuda's culture. However being at the eastern end of the island (near airport), commuting to Hamilton (the capital) and western parishes would take a while (about an hour or more by bus). If you like to stay centrally and have more choices of hotels, then Paget is a good parish to stay. Full 5-7 days would give you a nice flavor of the island. 
To live like Bermudians, rent a vacation apartment with a kitchen, buy groceries and cook your food. Food trucks at Hamilton are good ways to taste local food, so are small eateries like Gojo's cafe at St. George, Art Mel's at Hamilton and lot others. Try out traditional afternoon tea (several options in Hamilton and other parishes), as well as an island drink like rum swizzle at Swizzle Inn at Hamilton parish. You will find information about all these in my website. 
For island tours, best is to take a taxi by the hour (makes sense for 4 of you) or walk where possible. Suggest you go through my pages on St. George's tours and also local sightseeing tours of Bermuda to decide on what to see and how. 
Karen Doyle (October 2014) 
Hi Raj, we are planning to visit Bermuda for a week towards the end of July 2015. We shall be coming from the UK and therefore know very little about Bermuda - other than it looks an idyllic place to holiday. The questions I have relate to where to stay. I've read about the various parishes and they all sound wonderful. My husband and I are very active and in our 50's. We would like to stay near a beach that is calm (would the west coast be better?) and the sunniest spot if there is one. Also if we could be relatively close to shops, restaurants etc that we be super as we are hoping to stay in one of the lovely B &áB's on the island. Many thanks and kindest regards, Karen. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) October 2014 
Looking at your requirements, Southampton can be a good place to choose. 
Priya (April 2014) 
Hi, your website has been really helpful! However I need your advice on finding a budget hotel/accommodation near to the Fairmont Southampton as we'll be attending a wedding there in June whilst on our trip. I'm travelling with my partner and two children aged 3 months and 19 months so I'm looking for something that's also child friendly and easy access to the beach as well as the Fairmont hotel. Many Thanks! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2014 
Hi, there aren't many budget hotels in Southampton where Fairmont Southampton is located. You can consider Clairfont Apartment or Granaway - both located at the adjacent Warwick parish and having easy accessibility to Southampton by bus. You will find more info under Warwick Parish
Melinda Lang (April 2014) 
My daughter will be an intern at Dolphin Quest this summer. áWe will be ávisiting her and the island July 20 - 27, and were surprised to discover that it is high season, as oppposed to the caribbean. This news greatly changes our financial game plan and are hoping you can help. We were looking to lodge close to the Museum for part of our stay (as she will be working some days and we could spend time with her after hours), and then stay at a moderate resort on the beach the days she could acutally take off. Any suggestions for either? áWe would be much obliged. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2014 
Dolphin Quest is inside the National Museum complex and located in the dockyard. There are no resorts or hotels in Dockyard. The only resort in the same parish is Cambridge Beaches which is an upscale (5 star) resort. The next parish is Southampton which has a few good hotels &áresorts. Go through Southampton Hotels. Warwick parish which is located just adjacent to and east of Southampton, has several nice budget and mid range hotels. Check out the link Warwick Parish for more info.