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About The Clocktower Mall

Located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, you won't surely miss this impressive building that has twin clock towers as part of its front facade. The towers on the two sides of the building are 100-foot high, one having a clock that shows the regular time of the day and the other with a clock that shows the time of the high tide. 
Clocktower Mall Bermuda 
Photo: slgckgc, flickr 
The Clocktower building was built in 1856 as a warehouse for the British Navy which once had an active operation at the dockyard. The walls of the building are some 3-foot thick. 
In 1990, the Clocktower was converted and re-opened as a shopping mall for the first time with some 10 stores in it. However, now it's a major shopping mall at the western part of Bermuda. 
With its lower and upper level galleries, the Clocktower Mall has around 20 outlets including boutique stores as well as several outlets of major island brands that have their main branches in Hamilton City and elsewhere. You can get gifts & souvenirs, perfumes & cosmetics, apparels, fashion-ware, jewelry, accessories and many other items. 
There are also art galleries and restaurants in the mall. The upper floor of the Clocktower Mall is home to the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) which is the main administrative authority of the dockyard. The Bermuda Corrections Department is also located in the upper floor. 
Inside Clocktower Mall 
Photo: Bruce Tuten, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The entire Clocktower Mall is accessible by wheelchair. There are washrooms (both for ladies and gents) which too are wheelchair accessible. There is also a baby changing table in the women's washroom. 

Clocktower Mall Open Hours

April to October 
Monday – Saturday: 9am to 6pm 
Sunday: 10am to 6pm 
November to December 
Monday – Sunday: 10am to 5pm (open 9am to 6pm if cruise ship is in port) 
January to February 
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 4pm (open 9am to 6pm when cruise ship is in port) 
Closed on Monday unless cruise ship is in port. 
Open Monday to Sunday: 10am to 4pm (open 9am to 6pm when cruise ship is in port) 
The Clocktower Mall remains closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday. 

Location and Contacts

Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy's Parish (The main Cruise Port area) 
Check out Dockyard Map to see the location of Clocktower Mall 
Bus #7 and 8 operate between Hamilton City and Dockyard. The dockyard is also accessible by ferry from Hamilton (Blue Route) as well as St George (Orange route, operates in summer only). 

Stores and Eateries at Clocktower Mall

Bermuda Triangle 
This in my view is the most interesting shop in Clocktower mall with unique collections. Most of the products are Bermuda-inspired. You are not likely to find these items outside the island. You will get hand-painted wood carvings such as boxes, tropical fish, doorstops, many with the pink Bermuda cottage design. You also get nice candles and wind chimes. Phone: 441/234-0837 
This is a nice Italian restaurant for friends and families serving traditional Italian cuisine. It also serves daily breakfast as well as traditional Bermudian Codfish breakfast on Sundays. There is a free wi-fi available here for the guests (you need to ask for the password). 
The shop is run by a well known local artist Carole Holding. She is also a renowned chef. This shop has gift and souvenir products that have paintings with floral and island themes, and are designed by Carole. It also offers authentic local food products. Check out the link for details. 
Crisson Jewelers 
This is a branch of a family business since 1922. They are known for their high quality jewelry and watches. Prices here are generally cheaper than the U.S retail price. The main store is in Hamilton. 
Interior, Clock Tower Mall, Bermuda 
Interior, Clock Tower Mall 
Source: Wikimedia Commons 
Davison’s of Bermuda 
The store sells casual sportswear, T-shirts, jackets etc. for men and women. The light and comfortable cotton shirts, pants, and shorts are quite popular. Phone: 441/297-8363 
Fair Trade Bermuda 
Husband and wife Boyd and Muna Vallis run this store. It offers nice souvenir and gift items like carved wooden animals, wind chimes, jewelry and trinkets that they bring in from Indonesia. The shop also sells various art and craft items, furniture, clothes and other accessories. The couple boasts of selling items at the right and affordable prices. Phone: (441) 799-5657. 
Grand Bazaar of Bermuda 
The store is owned and operated by Husband and Wife team Bulent and Teresa Ganal. It opened in 2005 in a small space of 250 sq. ft., but over the years has grown considerably with its range of merchandize and customer loyalty. 
It has a nice selection of unique Bermudian gifts, such as popular Bermuda hanging lanterns, hand-painted ceramics, lamps, bags, cushion covers, fish magnets, handmade jewelry, and linen clothing and ocean-inspired souvenirs. Many of these items are brought in from Turkey. Phone: 441/234-4646; Email: [email protected] 
This is a boutique store selling men's and women's clothing at affordable prices. The stocks change every 2-3 weeks, so you will always find something new here. 
Phone: (441) 234-1017; Email: [email protected] 
Lisa-Anne Rego Gallery 
This is an outlet of the artwork created by Lisa Anne, a Bermudian artist who studied in Glasgow School of Arts in UK. She has also been an artist-in-residence of Masterworks Foundation of Bermuda. 
Her artworks are mainly themed on children and architecture, and are usually created with soft pastels and oils. Phone: 441/238-1407; Email: [email protected] 
This is a souvenir shop and has a large collection of Bermuda's culture inspired products. 
Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop 
This shop is packed with unique handmade gift items. Aromatic Bermuda treasures including boxes, pens, goblets, vases and bowls, as well as sachets, cedar essential oils and incense cones. And you will find authentic Bermuda bags with cedar handles, jewelry, Cuban cigars and Royal Naval Dockyard souvenirs. Phone: 441/234-6214 
Offers a nice selection of Handbags and Accessories. 
Modern Lifestyle 
They stock a range of colorful cotton handbags, crochet and handloom products, bracelets etc. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 516-1515. 
Nannini Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Parlor 
Great place to indulge in Häagen-Dazs ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurt. There are some 16 flavors in cones, sundae or milkshakes. They even pack it so that you can take it back to your hotel or cruise ship. Phone: 441/234-2474 
A sport shop selling all items on soccer or football including jerseys, balls, bags, scarves, hats ands more... Phone: 441/232-7433. Email: [email protected] 
Studio 8 
Open in Clocktower Mall in 2018, this is a shop plus a studio where talented local artisans make beautiful jewelry and ornaments from fused glass and pink sand. They use local hand blown Venetian glass from Dockyard Glassworks. 
Photo: Studio 8 Glass 
Each piece is separately handmade and unique. You can also sign up at their workshop, learn and make your own jewelry like a necklace. You can easily identify the shop with its attractive pink lamp post. Phone: (441) 704 4216; Email: [email protected] 
Although the original outlet is located in Hamilton City, the one at Clocktower Mall also has good collection of authentic Bermuda shorts and many other Bermuda inspired products such as T-Shirts, cups, caps, cards, assorted souvenirs, etc. 
The Perfume Shop 
There is impressive collection of luxury brands of fragrances such as Chanel, Dior, Lâncome, Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, etc. They are also the exclusive retailer of Guerlain and Chloé fragrances in the island. The shop is owned by Gibbons Company which is operating in Bermuda for over a century and has its large flagship store at Reid Street in Hamilton City spreading across three floors. Phone: (441) 405-0006 

Stores that closed down

AS Cooper and Sons 
They have several branches and outlets including in Hamilton City. The store has accessories, gifts, souvenirs, as well as perfumes at duty-free prices. They also sell glassware items, handcrafted jewelry from local designers. But we love the miniature wooden models of island's famous buildings and monuments. Phone: 441/295-3961. Update June 2020: AS Coopers has gone into provisional liquidation. All its stores are closed since March 18, 2020 and waiting for buyers. 
Store selling high-end designer sunglasses, bags and accessories from big brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Robert Cavalli etc. Phone: 441/735-5595. 
Caesar’s Health Store 
Sells a range of T-shirts and souvenir items. Here you will get Bermuda's locally made windbreakers. Some unique stuff includes island tea, spices and sauces. There is a range of health, beauty and toiletry products and other essentials like suntan lotion, snorkel and beach gears. You will also get cool drinks, snacks, locally made cookies and cakes, and chocolate bars. Phone: 441/234-3728. 
A boutique store stocking great collections of women's wears sourced from various countries of the world including Milan, Paris, London, New York etc. It also has one of the largest collections of swim wears. There is also a section for shoes. Other items include Italian ceramics etc. 
Phone: 441/295-2112; Email: [email protected] 
CL Wire-art Jewelry 
This studio shop is run by the local artist Christa Leduc who makes splendid jewelry items using sea glass, shells, Bermuda coins, gemstones etc. Items include pendants, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings etc. 
Update 2014: The store is closed but she sells her jewelry online through her website. 
Phone: (441) 234-4244; Email: [email protected] 
Daisy and Mac 
Stores for kids. You will get dolls, stuffed animals, all kinds of toys, children's clothing, shoes, art and craft, books and more. Phone: 441/234-7477 
Dockyard Linen 
You will get elegant gift items that are not very expensive. The shop includes fine collection of Bermuda tea towels, bun warmers, tablecloths, place mats, plus many other accessories.  
Phone: 441/234-0341 
Duchess Boutique 
A store selling women's clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. You will also get locally made Crave by Duchess body oils and lotions. Phone: 441/234-3824 
E.R. Aubrey Jewelers 
They are in business of jewelry since 1954 and have large collections of Tanzanite, Mexican Fire Opals, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Topaz, and various other stones. They are also well known for Bermuda Lucky Stones and Destination Bangles. 
Phone: 441/234-4577; Email: [email protected] 
Hand Made Bermuda 
The store was started by Andrea and Jan in July 2013 to sell their hand made products. With time, more people joined them creating their own art & craft. As the name suggests, the store offers handcrafted products supplied by local artists and artisans. Items include sea glass jewelry, bags, cedar items, clothes, books, glassware, toys, natural soaps & scrubs, and lot more. 5 Clocktower Parade. Phone: (441) 232-0862. 
A shop for the smokers in Bermuda. They sell Cuban cigars as well. Phone: 441/234-1017 
Locust and Wild Honey 
Great custom T-shirts. They'll make it in just 5 minutes.  
Phone: (441) 238-4261; Email: [email protected] 
Luxury For Less 
Fashion accessories including handbags, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and more. The store offers a cozy boutique environment. Phone:  441/295-9128 
Mint Systems Skate Shop 
Established in 2015, this is Bermuda's first Roller Skate shop. It offers various types of roller skates, inlines, safety gear, bags and party rentals. 
Women's apparel (mostly Thai make products). Phone: 441/234-0285 
Pulp and Circumstance 
This stationery store has photo albums, pens, delicate pastel notepaper with pictures of Gombey dancers. They also have stationery that are themed on Bermuda. They have received Bermuda Gold Award for excellence in shopping and services. It also has a range of high-end gifts and stationery selected from sources around the world. Phone: 441/234-1698. 
Sells fashion and accessories items. 
Ship's Inn Book Gallery 
Run by Sherlyn Swan, it has assortment of used books with some having rare titles as well. The new books are mostly about the island. Phone: (441)234-2807 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Boyd (Owner, Fare-Trade Bermuda, Clocktower Mall) March 2017 
In response to Ron's comments (below): 
I guess we all have bad days. Sorry for late response didn't see this post and no one pointed it out. Fair-trade Bermuda is a very busy shop. The customers do frequently steal and they do change the price tags on items. No, really? yes. We do have a sign at the cash stating this and we do have a notice that "prices will be confirmed at cash as customers change the prices". Not everyone reads the sign, including the ones that say "ice cream unwelcome", and "no photos". What to do? 
I remember Ron well. Was a very busy day, cruise ship must have been leaving. The price was incorrect on his purchase, i mentioned it to him and gave him option to buy or not. He bought. Its hard when people only have a short amount of time to solve their grievances. 
So many of our customers are repeat year after year and so many people leave smiling because they got a good price and had a good experience in our shop that is hard to say what went wrong with Ron. Its not politically correct but customers are not always right and people do have a habit of stealing and doing things they should not. We are sorry Ron had a bad experience. Come and see for yourselves. All are welcome. 
We've been in business 25 years, we serve thousands of customers a week, and we strive to create the best possible time in the short amount of time the customer spends in our shop.  
Lyn (December 2015) 
Hi I was there last summer and purchased a beautiful coral necklace at the Carole Holding shop. Vanessa The sales manager told me it was genuine Bermuda necklace but after two weeks I returned to the US the color has faded. I paid almost $200, don't buy, this store is a rip off. 
Reply from Carole Holding - Owner (December 2015) 
This is based on the reply from my manufacturer. The coral used in my necklaces is dyed natural white genuine coral. Many countries cannot sell coral. Most coral now sold is the natural white coral which is usually dyed. Normally the colour does not fade as long as it is kept from water, chemicals such as perfume, makeup etc. 
Red coral if sold usually costs thousands of dollars per gram. As mentioned this customer thinks her necklace was about $200.00. I am not sure I have sold any coral for that price perhaps she purchased other items at the same time. Again I am sorry the customer is unhappy. If she has got the necklace wet then this is the reason for loosing the colour. If she has sprayed perfume again the same problem occurs. 
I know I never spray perfume on myself anymore since most perfumes are now made from chemicals and not the old enfleurage method, even with silver/gold or pearl jewelry it is not good to spray... I do hope this explanation will help this lady. I assure you the necklace is definitely not fake as she has suggested. 
Ron Magliozzi (August 2015) 
My wife and I visited the clock tower mall last week in particular Fair Trade Bermuda and found the owner Boyd rude and obnoxious. He changed his own sticker price when we got to the register and refused to give us the item at his sticker price. I feel this is extremely bad management on his part because of a dollar I will tell and warn everyone I know not to buy from him. I have already posted on Facebook and will use every known social media to get out the word to stay away.  
Cindy Dennis (January 2014) 
Hi! I was on the Norwegian Dawn's last voyage there this fall. This was my first trip to Bermuda, and we had a wonderful time! I am trying to find the name of a shop in the clocktower mall where I purchased several items. One of the items was a round silver charm for my pandora bracelet filled with pink sand. The sand fell out very soon after I returned home and I am terribly disappointed. I was hoping to contact the seller, but cannot remember the name of the store (of course I paid cash). It was a beautiful store that sold place mats and kitchen items as well as beautiful lamps and comforters. They also glass items, and polo type shirts. The jewelry was at the counter. Hopefully you know which shop I am referring to and can tell me a name so i can contact them. Thank you!!!! 
Raj ( January 2014 
Hi, From your description it appears that the store is The Grand Bazaar.  Their website is, Email is: [email protected], and their phone number is: 441/234-4646.  Hope this helps! 
I was in Bermuda last year and picked up perfume from the Perfume Shop in King's Warf and I want to order some more from them. Can you give me a telephone# or website for the Perfume Shop in The Clocktower shopping area? Thank you 
Raj ( 
Hi, The Perfume Shop at the Clocktower Mall in dockyard is owned by the Gibbons Company. 
Phone (Perfume Shop): 441/ 405 0006;  
Email (Gibbons): [email protected]