The Bermuda Shop
By Carole Holding

This is a small shop located at the Clocktower Mall at the dockyard. The shop is owned and run by Carole Holding, a well known artist of Bermuda who is also an expert chef. So as expected, you will get items with excellent design and artwork as well as some authentic Bermuda food products at this store. 
If you are looking for island themed souvenir or gift items, or like to take back some island's authentic food products, this is a nice budget store to look at. 
Items with island theme include 
. Bone china mugs and cups with flowers and nice scenes of the island 
. Banana Dolls - A specialty of Bermuda 
. Dining table linens with beautiful paintings of Bermuda cottages, flowers and fruits. 
. Mats and coaster sets with scenery 
. Note cards with island scenery and flowers 
. Recipe boxes with Bermuda cottages hand painted on them 
. Hand towels with embroidery 
. Magnets with paintings  
. Handbags made of silk and shells  
. Exquisite shell jewelry 
. Soaps with island fragrance, and lot more. 
Other than the above, you will get exclusive paintings, designs and artwork created by Carole Holding herself. Some have scenes of the dockyard area. 
The Food Products Include 
  • Bermuda Honey 
  • Bermuda Rum Cakes 
  • Homemade Jams, Marmalade, Chutney, Mustard etc. 
    The store accepts credit cards. 

    Location and Contacts

    Phone (Hamilton City outlet): 441/296-3431 
    The shop is open year round including Sundays. 

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