Bermuda Gifts and Souvenirs

Gifts and souvenirs of Bermuda are probably the most wanted shopping items for tourists. If you are in Bermuda on a vacation, you would certainly like to take the fond memories back home in form a souvenir to cherish for a long time, or give a little gift to your loved ones. 
Out of hundreds of things we have taken back with us over the years, one item that I keep looking at is an exquisite glass piece, a seahorse we purchased from dockyard that now adorns our living room. It was crafted by a local Bermudian artist at the Dockyard Glassworks Studio. 
Well, that's just one out of the many treasures that we have from Bermuda. Some of our other favorites include the cedar items that are so unique to Bermuda, like locally crafted tiny cedar sculptures or book separators or even mugs. And then of course there is no parallel to Bermuda's banana leaf dolls and the Gombey rag dolls. 
When it comes to Bermuda's moongate or longtail jewelry, the concentration and patience exhibited by my wife at the stores is also unparalleled. She loves one more thing which is quite unique to Bermuda... the ornaments and charms that encase pink sands which Bermuda beaches are so famous for. You can't collect sands from the beaches, this is one way you can take back a piece of work that encapsulates the pink sand. Usually wire wrap technique is used for such work and you will find use of silver and stones in such beautiful ornaments. 
Another excellent gift item is a handcrafted jewelry made of sea glass which is collected from a Bermuda beach. Such items would include pendants, charms, earrings etc all intricately handmade using a sea glass at its center. Another item that I see in the shopping list of many is Bermuda T-shirts. After all this is the easiest way to tell everyone that you actually made it to the island of paradise. 
Other gifts and souvenirs that will give you a true feel of Bermuda are paintings of sleeping Gombey, or Bermuda onions which has a long saga associated with it resulting in Bermudians being called as onions, majestic humpback whales whose migration can be seen on Bermuda waters or even that of a green moray eel. Actually these days you need not even buy expensive paintings, such pictures are now available on glossy tiles sold as gift items. 
So what else do you get in Bermuda and where? Well the list is literally end less. Here are the top gift and souvenir stores in Bermuda and the main items they have on sale. 

Handcrafted Items at Dockyard

At Royal Naval Dockyard, you should visit the following places to get exquisite handcrafted items: 
  • The Craft Market is a treasure trove of lovely handcrafted items made by local artists and artisans. You will find all sorts of unique things like Christmas ornaments made with shells, beads and crystals, pink sand ornaments, cedar items, ceramics, woolen knits, and lot more. 
  • Dockyard Glassworks to see craftsmen display their amazing skills and making exquisite glass items using glass blowing technique. Buy a piece that you like or just watch the demo. 
  • Visit Jon Faulkner Gallery to see local craftsmen crafting pottery items. 

    Flying Colors Bermuda

    Established in 1937 by a Finnish born family, Riihiluoma's Flying Colours is a two storied building prominently marked by many colorful flags that it sports in front of its store. Other than great T-shirts with slogans, it sells many souvenir items like key chains that are shaped like Bermuda, miniature Bermuda scooters, paperweights, hand crafted items like mugs, art andácrafts and lot more. Prices are quite reasonable and it's a very popular store with the tourists. It's located at Hamilton City. 5 Queen Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: 441/295-0890. 

    Cheap Items from Charity Organizations

    (often used items) 
    If you are looking for cheap assorted items but value buys, then Thrift Stores in Bermuda can be great places to explore. They keep all sorts of items like gifts andásouvenirs, artwork, clothes, household products and lot of other unique local items that you can seldom find elsewhere. Most of these items are either supplied by Charity organizations or are sourced through donations, and therefore come cheap. However sometimes, the items may be used but usually in a good condition. Thrift stores are extremely popular with locals. 

    The Island Shop

    (Hamilton City) 
    The shop has unique ceramic and linen products. All products are designed by Bermudian artist Barbara Finsness. Barbara's designs are quite colorful and tropical. Items on sale include ceramics, linens, wooden products, glass items, handbags andáaccessories, world rugby classics, ties andáscarves, jewelry, silk products, clothing, pillows andácovers, and others. The shop was the winner of Best of giftware in The Bermudian magazine. Each item is specially made and labeled with Barbara's signature. 
    Branches of The Island Shop. 
  • 3 Queen Street, Hamilton, Tel: 441/292-5292 
  • Somers Wharf, St. George's, Tel: 441/297-1514 
  • Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton Parish. Phone: 441/238-5999 X Temporarily Closed 

    Bermuda Sea Glass Items

    A great souvenir is to take back home a colorful sea glass collected from a beach in the island which is then handmade into an ornament or jewelry. Sea glasses are glass pieces that get polished at the depths by the ocean and sand for years before getting washed up ashore. 
    If you have collected a piece yourself, you can take it to a store run by Kelly Diel in St. George's and she can make a beautiful pendant out of that. Alternatively, just visit her store and buy one. She is a beachcomber herself and regularly collects sea glasses from Bermuda's beaches. 
    She uses silver and gold filled wires as holders. An average cost of earring and pendants would be $40 - $45. You can also get Christmas tree ornaments made with sea glass as well full intact glass bottles collected from the depths. 
    Address: Lower Shop, 8 York Street, Off Water Street, St George's, Bermuda.  
    Phone: (441) 297 4819, e-mail : [email protected]  


    Bermuda National Trust, a registered charity organization runs this store in St. George. On the ground floor of one of Bermuda's oldest properties, the Bermuda National Trust museum (the erstwhile Globe Hotel) you will find this small outlet that houses some beautifully crafted items, most of which is handmade by local artisans. You can choose from a wide variety of aesthetically designed pieces that include little trinkets made with products unique to the island that will serve you as keepsakes. 
    There are little Christmas tree decorations, cedar fridge magnets adorned with old Bermuda stamps, clear baubles filled with pink sand created by Heidi Cowen- a sixth generation Bermudian. Prominent figures on the island known for their creative skills have their very own creations displayed here. There are the cedar reusable shaving razors by Robin, children's books by Elizabeth Mulderig better known as Betsy Bermuda and the very popular hot sauces by Dr. Smith. Other items by local creators include jams, pottery items, the famous banana leaf dolls, key rings, tea towels, cards, ceramics, candleholders, ornaments, games, and many other small items. The stores also sell locally made Ties with island prints, Caps, Umbrellas, T-shirts and canvas bags with Bermuda National Trust Logo on them. Scourge for a coin that features the year of your birth, out of a bowl of genuine twentieth century coins. 
    Hours: Monday ľ Saturday, 10am ľ 4pm 
    1) 32 Duke of York Street (in the erstwhile Globe Hotel), St. George. Phone: 441/297-1423 
    2) The Old Cellar Lane, Front Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. X Closed 

    Pulp &áCircumstance

    (4 Washington Lane, Hamilton City) 
    This Bermuda stationery store has photo albums, pens, delicate pastel notepaper with pictures of Gombey dancers. They also have stationery that are themed on Bermuda. The shop received Bermuda Gold Award for excellence in shopping and services. It also has a range of high-end gifts and stationery carefully selected from sources around the world. Store Hours Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm; Saturday: 9am - 5pm. Sunday closed. Phone: 441/ 542-9586. 

    Irish Linen Shop

    (31 Front Street, Hamilton) 
    This shop in Hamilton has now been in business for over 60 years, and they have one of the most diversified collections of linen in the entire world. It includes 'Damask' from Ireland and Yves Delorme bed linens from Paris. They also stock exquisite table linen collections from Le Jackguard Francais, Bodrum, Settings by Mona and Karen Lee Ballard. Table accessories are from brands like Deborah Rhodes, and Dransfield &áRoss. You will get home fragrances from Antica Farmacista, Dayna Decker, Lafco, and Fance's oldest candle maker Cire Trudon. Then there are great gift items from the world of Michael Alarm and Mariposa. Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441/295-4089 

    Brown &áCo.

    (35 Front Street, Hamilton City)  
    This is island's one of the most comprehensive department stores located in the heart of Hamilton. The store is stocked with tourist gifts, greeting cards, books from local and internationally acclaimed authors, perfumes and fragrances from top designers, home decor from around the world, and even fashion jewelry. You can also get glossy tiles here with Bermuda themed pictures. The store's book section is beautifully designed. At the back of the store there is cafe offering coffee, snack, desserts and sandwiches. Brown &áCo. is open daily. Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm. Sundays andáPublic Holidays 1pm - 5pm. Phone: 441/279-5442. Open on Wednesday Harbor Nights till 9:30pm. 
    Update April 2015: Brown &áCompany has painted the four windows on its Queen Street entrance with colorful Bermuda landscapes and icons like Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, pink pastel colored house, Moongate, Birdcage etc. This is to attract more tourists in the store. The entrance is looking bright and attractive. 

    Bermuda Stamps

    Every year Bermuda Philatelic Bureau makes a collection of Bermuda's commemorative stamps and arranges them in attractive packs. If you are a stamp collector, you can get these packs from one of the main Bermuda Post Offices. Bermuda's heritage, culture and history are captured in these stamps. With a minimum deposit amount, the post offices also provide other services like catering to standing orders to provide current issues of commemoratives, and keeping you updated on the latest releases etc. 

    Bermuda Triangle

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys) 
    This in my opinion is the most interesting shop in clocktower mall with unique collections. Most of the products are Bermuda-inspired. You are not likely to find these items outside the island. You will get hand-painted wood carvings such as boxes, tropical fish, doorstops, many with the pink Bermuda cottage design. You also get nice candles and wind chimes. Tel: 441/234-0837 

    A.S. Cooper &áSons

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys) 
    They have several branches and outlets including in Hamilton City. It has accessories, gifts, and souvenirs, as well as perfumes at duty-free prices. They also sell glassware items, handcrafted jewelry from local designers, and miniature wooden models of island's famous buildings and monuments. The store is open seven days a week, 9am to 6pm. Update June 2020: AS Coopers has gone into provisional liquidation. All its stores are closed since March 18, 2020 and waiting for buyers. 

    The Grand Bazaar of Bermuda

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard) 
    This has a colorful selection of unique Bermudian gifts, such as popular Bermuda hanging lanterns, hand-painted ceramics, cushion covers, fish magnets, handmade jewelry, and linen clothing and ocean-inspired souvenirs. Tel: 441/234-4646  

    The Bermuda Shop

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard) 
    The Bermuda Shop is run by a well known local artist Carole Holding. She is also a renowned chef. This shop has gift and souvenir products that have paintings with floral and island themes, and are designed by Carole. It also offers authentic local food products. Check out the link for details. 

    The Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard) 
    This shop is packed with unique handmade gift items. Aromatic Bermuda treasures including boxes, pens, goblets, vases and bowls, as well as sachets, cedar essential oils and incense cones. And you will find authentic Bermuda bags with cedar handles, jewelry, Cuban cigars and Royal Naval Dockyard souvenirs. Tel: 441/234-6214 

    Dockyard Linen

    (Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard) 
    Here you will get elegant gift items that are not very expensive. The shop includes fine collection of Bermuda tea towels, bun warmers, tablecloths and place mats, as well as novelties and accessories. Tel: 441/234-0341 

    A bottle of Gosling's Black Seal

    Bermuda's signature rum is a unique Bermudian souvenir. The mixture of Bermuda's signature rum and Barritts Ginger Beer is famous for its traditional Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail in Bermuda. You can pick up Gosling's rum from any of the liquor stores. If you are taking a flight back, best is to pick up a bottle from the duty free shop at the airport. As I picked up my first ever bottle, it read 151% proof and 75.5% Alcohol/volume - Phew! 
    Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
    Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
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    Visitors' Reviews andáComments

    Joanne Seale (March 2016) 
    Thank you for such an extensive and helpful website. I have two relatively quick questions about shopping in Hamilton: 1) What is the best store to purchase a handbag with cedar or mahogany handles? What is the expected price range? 2) Do any of the stores carry candy from the UK? My family lives in England and Ireland and last year my daughters discovered the a variety of different options while on vacation. Would love to purchase a few more if 
    possible. Thank you, 
    Raj ( March 2016 
    Hi, for bags with cedar handle, try the store The Littlest Drawbridge located at Clocktower Mall in Dockyard. They also make customized cedar items and ship it to your address. For British Candy, visit the Phoenix Store at the junction of Queen Street and Reid Street in Hamilton. 
    Queennie K (July 2014) 
    Hello! In every country that I visit, I buy a charm and attach it to my bracelet, making the charms as the souvenir for every country visited. For example, when I went to Singapore, I got a gold Merlion, when I went to Thailand , I got a gold elephant and for Hawaii, a gold flip flops. I would like to ask what is the best charm to get to remind me of this very beautiful place. Is it the roof, the national flower, bird? Kindly email me back. Thank you! 
    Raj ( July 2014 
    You can consider one of the following: 
    1) Moongate Charms: Bermudians and specially the newly wed local couples believe that walking through the special arches called Moongates will bring good luck in life and long lasting bonds. There are several moongates in Bermuda. you will get the charms in Jewelry or curio shops. 
    2) Longtail Birds: The beautiful birds with long tails visit Bermuda during summer for nesting. You will get the charms in Jewelry shops. You can get nice silver longtail charms that are not very expensive, and also ones that are quite costly. 
    Marianne Carroll Neal (June 2014) 
    Raj....loved reading your story. I too am from Boston and was stationed at the US navy base in the early 60's. Our daughter was born on the island. Her father who was a navigator in squadron vp 45 was lost at sea when his plane crashed. He and the others lost are remembered on a plaque at the maritime museum. My daughter and her family are currently spending the week at grape bay cottages. When we left the island after the accident, her native babysitter gave her a sterling silver bermuda bracelet ( 3/4 circle with a ball that screwed into each end) do you know if they are still available and where she could purchase one? Thank you, raj. 
    Raj ( June 2014 
    Hi, My wife had bought a similar one from the gift store of Hotel Fairmont Southampton. 
    Lise Soucy (September 2013) 
    Hello Raj, I am a shell collector and would like to find out if there is a shop in Bermudas where I can purchase shells? We will be there next week, September 25th. Many thanks for your help with this. 
    Raj ( September 2013 
    Hi, There are not many shops in Bermuda selling shells thesedays. Cracker Box Souvenir Shop in St George was the most well known one for offering colorful shells of all types, but closed down álast year. You can now try in AS Coopers in Hamilton City (29 Front Street, 3rd Floor). They mostly make jewelry from shells though.