Bermuda Craft Market

Located at the old cooperage building in the dockyard, Bermuda Craft Market has one of the largest collections of art and handcraft from over 60 local artisans. It was established in 1987 by the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and Bermuda Tourism Department to retain the heritage of old craft practices and make available such items as souvenirs to the tourists. This building where the craft market is located, used to be a warehouse and a barrel making workshop. 
The Royal Naval Dockyard during the 19th century served the British navy ships. Barrels and kegs were in high demand because the perishable goods like food used to be stored in wooden barrels and liquids in kegs. Hundreds of workers worked at the cooperage during those days making barrels which used to be loaded into the ships filled with provisions. You will still find the old handmade barrels in the craft market that have been preserved to showcase early practices. 
Bermuda Craft Market 
Photo: Bermuda Craft Market 
As you go around, you can see the artists making the items with their amazing skills. You can have a friendly chat with them if you want. You will find items like dolls made from banana leaves, jewelry made from semi-precious stones and wires, china and sea glasses with exquisite floral paintings on them, cedar items such as pens, art and paintings, candles and stands, jams and jelly, locally made honey and lot more. 
Glossy tiles with colorful Bermuda themed pictures are also available here. This is where you will also get ornaments and charms that encase pink sands of Bermuda and finished using gold, sterling silver, stones etc. The starfish jewelry made with sterling silver are also quite special and look brilliant. 
Photo: Bermuda Craft Market 
You will also find beautiful Christmas ornaments at the craft market created with beads, sea shells, crystals etc. There are also prints of original island maps available here. Also look at the ceramics like teapots, pepper pots etc. Most of these ceramic items would feature island themes such as local flowers, pastel cottages etc. 
Another section features woolen knits such as woolen hats, popular tea cozies, sweaters... but one of our favorites is the knitted gombey dolls. Another Bermuda's original you can get here is Banana Dolls made with banana leaves. 
There is a wood turner who gives a weekly demonstration of his skills making wonderful wooden items like trinket boxes, bowls and many other items. During the winter time (November to March) when the place is less crowded, you can even make your own stuff under their guidance of some local artists and take it with you. 
During the summer time, the craft market offers free tasting program at the cooperage for various locally made food and beverages including Bermuda rum, beer and many other items. 
Photo: Bermuda Craft Market 
The Craft Market has a section with great collection of books from local authors. The books range from novels for children, adventures, history, architecture, bird life, antiquarian books  and lot more. You can sometimes find several local authors here signing off the books. 
The Craft Market has been given a charity status by the government because of its objective to showcase old art and craft work that are rare to be found and also train other artists to acquire such skills. However, the charity status does not necessarily make the items inexpensive. In fact some of them can be quite expensive. They accept credit cards. 

Open Hours (Summers)

Monday – Saturday 9a.m. to 5p.m. 
Sunday 10a.m. to 5p.m. 
WINTER MONTHS (January - February): 
Tuesday – Saturday 10a.m. to 4p.m. 
Sunday 11a.m. to 4p.m. 

Location and Contacts

4 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy's Parish 
Phone: 441/234-3208; Email: [email protected] 
Bus #7 and 8 operate between Hamilton and Dockyard. From Hamilton one can also easily reach dockyard by blue route ferry. Check out Dockyard Map to see the location of Bermuda Craft Market. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Jean Klug (August 2013) 
At the Bermuda Craft Market that is local in Kings Wharf. I have this new passion for walking sticks and the last time I was in Bermuda was last August and I went through the craft market and for the life of me can't remember if they had walking sticks for sale. I seem to remember a barrel, but not sure what was in it. I'm going back this October and will be going back to the craft market to check it out, but just wanted to know if you knew of they did sell walking sticks. Thank you for your help. Blessings, Jean 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hi, I doubt you will get walking sticks at Bermuda Craft Market. I don't see it in their list of items.