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What To Expect

Other than being a great island destination, Bermuda is easily one of the best beach destinations in the world. The total length of Bermuda's coastline is about 64 miles and there are some 34 fabulous public beaches in that. Some have long expanses of sand, some are just tiny coves surrounded by rocky cliffs, several beaches have beautiful reefs fringing them, while some have large rock formations on the water creating picturesque settings. And there are beaches in offshore islands that are as secluded and pristine as it can ever get... you can take a boat there and have a picnic in complete exclusivity. 
Bermuda's beaches are known for their pink sand. Although all beaches are not pink, most beaches on the south shore of Bermuda have pink sand. The pink color is caused by red tiny organisms that grow under the coral reefs and die on the ocean floor. These along with crushed corals and shells get washed up, get mixed with sands and create the pink hue. The section of south shore between Horseshoe Bay Beach and Warwick Long Bay has the best pink sandy beaches. 
A Pink sandy beach on South Shore, Bermuda 
Bermuda Beach 
Photo: John Schneider 
Over time these red particles in the sand keep moving up the beach through wave actions and get exposed to sun. The color then starts fading and the sand tends to lose the pink hue. So for the real pink sand, look near the water line or around the rock formations on the beach that extend into the water. The wet sand is far more pink than the exposed dry sand away from the waterline. But do not collect samples of pink sand from the beaches. It's not allowed. To take back home a sample of pink sand, you can visit a souvenir shop that sells small bottles filled with pink sands. 
While there are several private beaches in Bermuda that mostly belong to luxury hotels andáresorts, many are public beaches. The public beaches are open from sunrise to sunset and entry is free. However you can not usually camp on the beaches or stay at night. 
There are public bus services to most south shore beaches, others can be reached by scooter, minicar or taxi. There is no ferry service to any public beach of Bermuda although few tour boats take tourists to few secluded beaches. 
So where are the great public beaches located? They are scattered all across the shores of Bermuda. Arguably the best and most popular ones are located on the south shore stretching along Southampton, Warwick and Paget parishes, and there are several lovely beaches on Sandys Paris in the west and St. George in the east. 
Visit this Beach Map of Bermuda and you can get a snapshot of where the main beaches are located. When you click a beach on the map, you can also see its detailed description with pictures. 

A Short Video of Bermuda's Pink &áSandy Beaches


The Top Rated Beaches


Horseshoe Bay Beach

The Horseshoe Bay Beach is located on the south shore in Southampton parish. This stunningly beautiful beach with pink sand has a curvature like a horseshoe. It has cliffs fringing it and there are rock formations at two ends, and that along with turquoise water makes it picture perfect. It has been ranked as one of the top 10 Caribbean beaches by USA Today and is by far the most popular beach in Bermuda. So expect a lot of crowd particularly in summer when the cruise ships are in port. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, cc by sa 4.0 
Horseshoe beach has adequate facilities including the Rum Bum Beach Bar, beach rentals, washrooms andáshowers, life guards (in summer) etc. Although there can be occasional ocean swells, the beach is usually great for swimming and snorkeling. Cliff jumping is another popular sport here. 
Horseshoe beach is about 35 minutes by bus from dockyard (Kings Wharf) and 25 minutes from Hamilton city. There is a sandy trail to the east along the cliff line that reaches out to several other lovely beaches and coves on south shore. 
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Warwick Long Bay Beach

This is another wonderful south shore pink beach andárelatively secluded. It's half a mile long stretch of pink sands and located at Warwick parish. The south shore sandy trail from here along the cliff-side leads to Horseshoe bay beach to the west and lets you explore several other lovely beaches and picture-perfect coves along the way such as Jobsons Cove, Stonehole Bay, Chaplin bay etc. 
Warwick Long Bay Beach Bermuda 
Warwick Long Bay Beach Bermuda 
Warwick long bay beach is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. A concession stand usually remains open during summer season (May to October) offering snacks and you can rent snorkel gears. Public toilets are available. There are no other facilities here, and that acts a blessings in disguise... there are not many tourists on this beach and you can find several areas on the stretch that are secluded. 
It takes about 40 minutes by bus from dockyard and about 20 minutes from Hamilton City to get to the beach. 
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Jobson's Cove

This is a wonderful small andá secluded cove surrounded by steep cliffs and is considered one of the most beautiful little beaches in Bermuda. Jobson's cove is located at Warwick parish and can be easily accessible from Warwick Long Bay beach along the beachside trail. The water is calm and protected by the rocks around. It's a great place for swimming and snorkeling... you can see many colorful fish. 
Jobson's Cove Bermuda 
Jobsonĺs Cove Bermuda 
Although there are no facilities here, you can walk down and avail the facilities such as toilets at Warwick Long Bay. From dockyard, the bus takes about 40 minutes to the nearest bus stop at the western end of Warwick Long Bay, it's a short walk from there. Bus from Hamilton takes 20 minutes. 
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Elbow Beach

This beautiful south shore beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow and hence such a name. It's located at Paget parish. Although there is a private sections of the beach that belong to resorts, the public section is also excellent. The water here is calm due to the barrier reefs and is great for swimming and snorkeling. There is also a shipwreck about 100 yards offshore. 
Elbow Beach Bermuda 
Elbow Beach Bermuda 
There is an on-beach bar andábistro - Mickey's which is run by Elbow Beach Hotel (X Temporarily Closed). You can dip your toes into the sand and relish a drink and snack., although the fares are not cheap. There is washroom at Mickey's, however there is no other public washrooms or toilets on the beach. You can rent umbrellas and loungers from Elbow Beach Hotel. 
It takes around 50 minutes by bus from the dockyard to reach the nearest bus stop and about 10 minutes from Hamilton. From the bus stop, the beach is about 500 yards away. 
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Tobacco Bay Beach

Located in St. George, this small yet beautiful beach has many rock formations on water. The beach is so named because the early settlers of Bermuda found tobacco growing in the wild here. The large limestone rocks make the water sheltered and calm and relatively shallow. The water area near the rocks is great for snorkeling and you get fascinating view of colorful fish and corals. This is however not a pink sandy beach (rather pale yellow), but the setting is perfect and picturesque. 
Tobacco Bay Beach 
There is a beach bar offering nice snacks andádrinks including sunset campfire, and there are snorkel andábeach rentals, several water sport options, changing and bathroom facilities etc. From Kings Square (the town center of St George), Tobacco Bay Beach is about 20-minute walk. You can also take a mini bus ride from Kings Square to get to the beach (takes 5-6 minutes). 
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Church Bay Beach

This is a small lovely beach on south shore below the cliff and with large rocks surrounding it (it's more like a cove). It's located in Southampton and not too far away from Horseshoe bay beach. Church bay is a great beach for snorkeling and one of the locals' favorites. You can find lots of fish. However the water can get deep quite fast and there are underwater rocks, so one needs to be careful while swimming or snorkeling. There is an offshore rock known as Poodle Rock as it looks like a poodle. 
Church Bay Beach, Bermuda 
Church Bay Beach 
Toilet facilities are available on the park above. There are no beach rentals or food stalls here. And that makes it quite free of crowd. It takes about 30 minutes by bus from dockyard and about 25 minutes from Hamilton to get to the nearest bus stop on South Road. From there it's a short walk into the park and then a wooden staircase leads down to this picturesque beach. 
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Astwood Cove

This is a stunningly beautiful cove with pink sands and located on the south shore of Warwick parish. The cliffs here are home to many long white-tailed tropical birds. A steep trail through cliffs leads down to the lovely beach. There are many rock formations on the beach making a picturesque setting.  
Astwood Cove is seldom visited by tourists because it's off the way for cruise ship passengers and there are no facilities here. And that's a great advantage for those looking for a small hidden gem where you can enjoy the swim and sunbathing in full privacy.  
Astwood Cove Bermuda (Looking East) 
Astwood Cove Bermuda 
Photo: Kansasphoto, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Above the beach, there is a wonderful green park which is a very popular wedding venue and a picnic spot. The view from the park (overlooking the rocks, the beach and the ocean) is awesome. 
It takes about 45 minutes by bus from dockyard and less than 10 minutes from Hamilton to get to the nearest bus stop on South Road. From South Road it requires a 250-yard walk to Astwood Park and then a steep descend through a trail in the cliffs to get to the beach below. There are no facilities here, but the beach is a secluded haven and you can mostly enjoy the beach to your own. 
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John Smith's Bay Beach

This is a long and wide stretch of pink sand. The beach is located in Smith's parish. There is a reef line only 200 yards offshore that keeps the water calm, and boats can not come close to the beach. It's a good family beach and great for swimming and snorkeling too. Go to the western end... there is a rock formation stretching into the water and the water area there is excellent for snorkeling. 
John Smiths Bay Beach Bermuda 
John Smiths Bay Bermuda 
There are toilets. Life guards are on duty during summer. A lunch wagon in summer offers snacks and beverages. The bus stop is nearby. From Hamilton City bus terminal, it takes about 25 minutes to reach the nearest bus stop (bus #1, 3). From there, it's a short walk. 
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Shelly Bay Beach

This pink sandy beach is located at Hamilton parish on the north shore. Due to shallow calm waters, it's excellent for swimming and a great beach ideally suited for kids and families. In fact you can walk a long way into the water. There is also an adjacent children's playground. You will mostly find the beach empty and there are hardly any tourists. Few local families visit on the weekends with their kids. 
Shelly Bay Beach, Bermuda 
There is however no restaurants or food stalls selling snacks or beverages, there are no beach rentals either... you need to bring your own. Tree shades are available at the stretch between the playground and the main beach where you can place a blanket and enjoy a picnic. 
There are toilets. A boardwalk along the coastline leads to the famous Railway Trail and you can take a long walk if you want. The bus stop is right across the road. You will get buses to Hamilton City (takes about 20 minutes) or St. George. You can also hail a taxi. 
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Clearwater Beach

Located at St. David's of St. George's parish, this picturesque beach has calm waters and is great for families and kids. There are ample facilities here making it a popular spot for picnics for the local families. The beach is great for swimming. There is a beach bar andárestaurant, as well as washrooms. Beach rentals like chairs, umbrellas and snorkel gears on rent are available at the beach bar. 
Clearwater Beach, Bermuda 
From St George, bus #6 has services near the beach (but requires a little walk), however it is better if you have rental scooter or come by a taxi. There are several other beaches nearby. Next to Clearwater beach is Turtle Bay beach - another scenic beach with rocks fringing it. The Turtle Beach is so named because there is a grassy underwater area nearby where you can often see turtles feeding. The pristine Long Bay Beach at Cooper's Island Nature Reserve in also at a walking distance. 
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West Whale Bay Beach

This pink south shore beach is located at the western end of Southampton parish. During season (March to April), from here you can usually see schools of humpback whales migrate through the blue waters off the south shore, and hence such name of the beach. The beach is part of Whale Bay Park and there is a small fort on the grounds here. There are also picnic table on the park. A great place for families to explore. It's a popular picnic spot for the locals. 
West Whale Bay Beach, Sunset 
West Whale Bay Sunset 
The beach offers excellent sunset view. There are toilets but no other facilities. Buses take about 10 minutes from Royal Naval Dockyard (cruise port) to the nearest bus stop. You need to then walk for about 10 minutes to get to the beach. 
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Daniel's Head Beach andáPark

Located at the western remote corner of Sandy's Parish, Daniel's Head with its 17 acres of coastal area is not much known to the tourists although the beach is quite near Royal Naval Dockyard cruise port. The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling, and you can spot many angelfish, sergeant majors and wrasse in the waters here.  
There are no on-beach facilities at present. But it's a nice place for picnic. Ideally you should get to the beach by a scooter. Otherwise you need to walk for about 700 meters from the nearest bus stop. From dockyard, the nearest bust stop is only a few minutes ride. 
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Snorkel Park Beach

Located within Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys parish, this beach is part of Snorkel Park and a nice place for families and kids. Snorkel Park is commercially operated and there is an entry fee. Snorkeling is excellent in the waters here and you can see numerous colorful fish and there are underwater features such as sunken canons. 
There are ample facilities at this beach venue such as restaurant andábar, washrooms andáchanging facilities, beach rentals (loungers, umbrellas, snorkel gears etc), lockers, jet ski andáother water sports etc. There is also a night club on the beach here. Snorkel Park is only 6-7 minute walk from the cruise berths (Kings Wharf / Heritage Wharf). 
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Somerset Long Bay Beach

It's a beautiful secluded beach in Sandys parish at Somerset. There is also a nature reserve andápark behind the beach which is full of birds and different types of plantations including Bermuda cedars. Picnic and toilet facilities are available at the park area. Bus from dockyard takes about 7 minutes to the nearest bus stop at Somerset. It's then a 6-7 minute walk to the beach. 
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Sea Glass Beach

This is the beach for you if you are a sea glass lover because you have perhaps not seen so much of jewels all at one place and created by nature from the glasses that it picked up from the sea floor. While the beach itself may not be quite impressive compared to many others, but it's the lovely sea glasses that have been washed up the shore and heaped on the beach that will surely impress you. 
The Sea Glass Beach is on Black Bay where there are two other beaches as well and located in Sandy's parish quite close to Royal Naval Dockyard. There are no on-beach facilities here and neither the beach is quite amenable for swimming because of sharp underwater rocks, but it's sea glasses that makes all the difference... you can find plenty of blue, white and even brown sea glasses here. It takes only few minutes by bus from dockyard to get to the nearest bus stop. 
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Other Great Beaches


Chaplin Bay Beach

Quiet and ideal for relaxing, this pink south shore beach sits in-between Warwick and Southampton parishes. There are large rocks surrounding the small beach. Water here is quite suitable for swimming. However, the beach almost completely disappears during high tide. The sandy south shore trail from Horseshoe Bay Beach passes by Chaplin Bay and goes all the way to Warwick Long Bay. 
Chaplin Bay Beach Imagery 
Rotate the image for 360░ view  
There are no on-beach facilities here. However you can walk down and avail facilities such as toilets and summer time concession stand at Warwick Long Bay. Bus from dockyard takes about 38 minutes to reach the nearest bus stop. The beach mostly remains empty and free of tourists. But the beach almost disappears during the high tide. 
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Stonehole Bay Beach

Located on south shore adjacent to Chaplin Bay, this exquisite and small pink beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs and offers a secluded piece of paradise. There are hardly any tourists here because there are no beach facilities. You can however walk along south shore trail and go down to Warwick Long Bay beach for facilities such as toilets and concession stand selling snacks in summer. 
The beach is good for swimming but much of it remains underwater during the high tide. Most visit both Chaplin Bay and Stonehole Bay together. It's a popular venue for weddings. 
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Achilles Bay Beach

A tiny beautiful beach north east of St. George's town with calm serene waters and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The bay offers stunning view of sunset. There is a restaurant andábar Blackbeard's Hideout above the beach which is run by St. George's Club but is also open to public. From Kings Square of St George, it takes about 20 minutes by walk. You can also take a minibus or taxi service. 
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St. Catherine Beach

Located north of the St. George's town, this beach is a wonderful little stretch of white sands. You can see the St. Catherine Fort at a distance. If you are visiting St. George's town, you should not miss the fort and the beach. It's located quite close to Achilles Bay. In fact the fort stands in between the two beaches. Tobacco Bay is also within easy walk. Take a short minibus ride from Kings Square or walk (about 20 minutes). 
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Hog Bay Beach

Located in Sandys parish, this secluded tiny beach is a hidden treasure. Very few know about this beach. You will need to hike through the Hog Bay Park to reach this beach located at the western end of the park. The beach is usually available only during low tide. So tide timing is important if you plan to visit this beach. But once there, you can enjoy almost exclusive privacy. 
There are no beach facilities here. From dockyard, bus takes about 12 minutes to the nearest bus stop and then it requires a 10 to 12 minute walk through the hog bay park to get to the beach. 
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Clarence Cove

This is a nice little beach on north shore road in Pembroke, close to Hamilton and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There is also ruins of a fort at the park here. The park known as Admiralty House Park is a favorite place for the local families who come here with their children. There is also a cliff jumping spot here which is very popular among Bermudians. 
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Grape Bay Beach

Although this is not a public beach, you can access it through a neighborhood lane. Nobody will mind if you aren't disturbing the residents. This is a gorgeous, clean and quiet beach located on the south shore at Paget. It does not belong to an owner or property, rather to a neighborhood. 
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Devonshire Bay

This is part of Bermuda's National Park and located on the south shore of Devonshire parish. It has a great combination of beach, fort, parkland and picnic areas. 
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Deep Bay

East of Clarence Cove on the north shore road, there is an opening in the wall and steep stairs through a high cliff will take you down to this gem of a beach. There is no marked entry and tourists often miss out on this lovely little beach. 
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Building Bay Beach

This is a small unknown beach located on the north eastern shore of St. George. There is an adjacent fort known as Alexandra Battery. The beach is well known for its sea glasses. You can walk down from Kings Square (takes about 30 minutes by walk) or take a taxi to this beach. 
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Best Beaches By Activities

  • Best Beaches for Body Surfing 
  • Bermuda has offshore barrier reefs keeping the waters relatively calm and you won't usually get the real surfs. There are more swells than waves. Exceptions is when there is a strong wind or prelude of a storm that creates the rolling surfs. But such time is not good for swimming anyway. For body surfing waves, the best south shore beaches are the ones that have long expanse of sand, and they are Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, and Elbow Beach

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    Visitors' Reviews andáComments

    S. Stahr (April 2022) 
    Our family is coming to Bermuda in August on a cruise ship. There will be 12 children between the ages of six and 15. I'm looking for the best family friendly beach. What do you suggest and how much would it be for a taxi ride from the dockyard. áThanks 
    Raj ( April 2022 
    Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton has always had the best amenities and is quite family-friendly. It's a beautiful beach and also has an adjacent cove (Port Royal Cove) which is ideal for kids. However, presently the beach cafe is closed because there is a change in the franchise. Whether the new set-up will be in place by August, is not known yet. But there are separate changing rooms and showers. While a 4-passenger taxi fare from dockyard to Horseshoe will be around $38, there are many minibus shuttles with usual capacity of 15 persons that operate between Dockyard and Horseshoe... that would be less expensive (fare is $7 per person each way). If the beach cafe doesn't open, then you can also visit Snorkel Park which is located within the Dockyard itself and has all amenities including a cafe, beach rentals, snorkel rentals etc... it's only a 5-minute walk from the cruise pier. You can go through family-friendly beaches in Bermuda to see my complete list of beaches for families and kids. 
    Jingle Millete (September 2019) 
    We are group in the crusie ship will arrived next week and looking for a nearby beach place to have a night swimming venue. 
    Raj ( September 2019 
    All public beaches in Bermuda are closed after sunset and swimming not allowed (although there won't be anybody to stop you visiting the beaches, but not recommended due to safety and other reasons). There are several hotels with private beaches where the hotel guests can use the beaches. Snorkel Park located at dockyard (5 minute walk from the cruise piers) runs a nightclub on its beach (music andádance) until late night, but no swimming. There is an admission fee for Snorkel Park. 
    Lisa (July 2019) 
    I will dock in Kings Wharf on Royal Caribbean on Sept. 30th. Can you tell me which beaches have facilities and chair, umbrella rentals. Cruise shore excursions are pricey. 
    Raj ( July 2019 
    There are essentially three beaches in Bermuda that have proper facilities including beach rentals, food, drinks, showers, changing rooms etc. Nearest to the cruise pier is Snorkel Beach... 5-7 minute walk from the cruise pier... it has an admission fee of $5 per person. Next is Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton... you need to take a transport (bus, shuttle or taxi), there is no entry fee though. The third is Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George... you need to take a ferry, then walk (25 minutes) or take a shuttle/taxi. No entry fee. 
    Deborah E White (February 2019) 
    To single out Jobson Cove as superb is without doubt, but all the beaches in Bermuda are absolutely magnificent; each offers something different. I began visiting the island when I was 14 (56 years ago), fell in love with its beauty and a sailor or two (Navy base), and at 18 moved there for about a year. Each day was filled with new experiences, new unspoiled beauty and a great deal of serenity. 56 years later nothing has changed. áI have traveled to many countries, but Bermuda will always be the most beautiful, friendly and romantic of them all. If you haven't been as yet, do so. áFill your heart with memories and perfection. 
    Wendy Bell (May 2018) 
    Hello Raj, considering how busy you are I'm not sure you'll get to this request. We are visiting in 2 weeks with our only grandson who is 14. His wish list is to visit and snorkel at as many beaches as we can manage within the 3 days we are there. We arrive at Royal Naval Dockyard and we are wondering best mode of transportation from there to some of these beaches. One of the beaches we're interested in is Horseshoe Bay. Any recommendations and or suggestions would be most welcomed. áThank you for your time. 
    Raj ( May 2018 
    Hello, Horseshoe bay beach is in Southampton... you can take a bus or minibus from the cruise port and get to the beach. From Horseshoe there is a beach trail which takes you to several great coves and beaches on south shore including Jobson's Cove, Warwick Long Bay Beach etc some of which are excellent for snorkeling. The beach trail is about 1.25 miles. There is another beach called Church Bay Beach (not on the trail though) which is particularly great for snorkeling (bus #7 goes there). On one of the days you can visit st. George (take Orange Ferry from the dockyard) and get to Tobacco Bay Beach (beach minibuses are available at St. George). 
    Lori Ortiz (December 2017) 
    Hello, I have an odd question, but are the public bathrooms at the Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay open in February? I know the concession stands and umbrella rentals are closed, but what about the actual bathrooms? I've searched the forums, but can't find the answer. Thanks! 
    Raj ( December 2017 
    Hi, you should be able to use the bathroom at Horseshoe bay beach. The bathroom in Tobacco Bay is part of the beach house and would be closed in winter. 
    Amanda H. (June 2017) 
    Hi! áMy family of 6 and I will be there in a week! I saw a youtube video where people were at a beach and were in a rock tunnel or bridge. It didn't show the top, but did show the water passing through and they were in it. áWhich beach would this have been? Thank you! 
    Raj ( June 2017 
    One possibility is the beach (Clarence Cove) at Admiralty House Park located at the outskirts of Hamilton. 
    Tina C. (September 2016) 
    My oldest really wants to visit a pink sand beach. Which in your opinion is the go to beach for this? Thank you for your help and keeping your site updated. I've referred to it quite a bit since I booked this vacation. 
    Raj ( September 2016 
    Beaches along south shore (between and including Horseshoe and Warwick Long Bay) have pinkest sand. Warwick Long Bay beach is a good one to visit first for pink sand and then you can walk towards west along the trail or shoreline and reach several other great pink beaches andácoves. You can walk all the way up to Horseshoe beach. 
    Debbie Gallo (July 2016) 
    We will be arriving to your beautiful country by cruise ship on September 7th. I may be looking for the impossible ... a pink sand beach that doesn't require a cliff side hike to get to it ... with a beach bar and snorkeling. Does that exist in Bermuda? Thank you so much for your reply! 
    Raj ( July 2016 
    A taxi can drop you at the car park of Horseshoe bay beach. The beach is a short walk from there on compact sand and there is a beach cafe (also selling alcoholic beverages) and beach rental. 
    Jeff Sega (April 2016) 
    We walked from Warwick long bay past rocks towards Astwood. Is it possible to get there by walking on the beach or were we between Warwick and Astwood? Thanks for your help. I compiled a list of beaches we were on and didn't know about Astwood. We did enjoy Tabacco, St Catherines, Horseshoe (and the tiny beach/cove on the right), Warwick, Jobson's, Stonehole, Chaplin, Elbow and Coral in the two times (4 days) we visited your beautiful Island. 
    Raj ( April 2016 
    Hi, it's not possible to reach Astwood cove from Warwick long bay by walking along the beach. You were somewhere in-between. 
    Benjamin (September 2015) 
    Year 1988 my family lived there for Canadian army purpose. It was called the Canadian beach. Me and my brother used to throw at each other this floating translucid gello-like matter. Would like to know could it be dead jelly fish or some corral residue. It was always about size of soccer ball. And just for fun: does :-) the beach with huge waves still exist? Vacation next year. Thank you. 
    Raj ( September 2015 
    It was likely the creature named Portuguese-Man-of-War that looks like jellyfish. Sometimes they get washed up ashore during storms or strong waves. Although they look dead, often they are not and you would be lucky not to get a painful sting. Visit this page for some more info and picture. The Chaplin Bay Beach on South Shore is often called the Canadian Beach because this is where the annual Canada Day is usually celebrated. 
    Pastor Rick Powers, Jr. (July 2015) wife and I are leaving for Bermuda on a cruise in a couple days. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. If you had your choice as a married couple wanting to see a beautiful beach but also have some privacy would you go to Warwick Longbay beach or Horseshoe Bay Beach? We only have one day to go to the beach, so what would be time well spent? Would taking Bus #7 be the best option or take a ferry to Hamilton first and then catching bus #7? Our ship will be in King's Wharf dockyard.....thanks so much for your great site on Bermuda by the way! 
    Raj ( July 2015 
    Hi, Warwick long bay would be certainly much quieter than Horseshoe. But if you had never seen horseshoe before, you can't miss that either. Take bus #7 from dockyard and get off at Warwick long bay entrance, come down to the beach and start walking towards west (i.e. right as you face the water). While Warwick long bay itself is a beautiful beach and you can find a secluded piece of sandy area to lounge, there are several other lovely coves like Jobson's Cove, Stonehole bay etc along the way. Lounge wherever you like but continue to stroll. You will need to wade around rocky formations and water areas if you walk along the beaches, there is also a separate trail. You will finally reach Horseshoe Bay beach... a total of about 1.25miles walk. Once you come up to the main road, take bus #7 back to the dockyard. 
    Tom Corrente (August 2014) 
    My family and I will be in Bermuda last week in august we will be docked for two days. We would like to go to at least one maybe two of the beaches. We are not into the crowds and after reading we are thinking of going to Hog Bay, West Whale Bay and or possibly somerset long bay. A little off the beaten path but much less time to get to and from the dockyard. I have read at least Hog Bay andáWhale Bay are only accessible at low tide which I believe will be right around 3:30pm bermuda time. Which if any do you recommend of the three. Do you have any suggestions as well. Any tips or information is much appreciated!!!! 
    Raj ( August 2014 
    You can visit Daniel's Head Beach. It's a fairly long walk though from Somerset bus stop ... it can be a bit tiring in the heat. Scooter or taxi would be ideal. There is a small snack andábeverages bar there and the operator SurfSup offering kayaks, paddle boards etc. Otherwise you could choose any of the ones you mentioned. Hog Bay requires a hike through the park. You should note the low tide timings. 
    Larry (June 2014) 
    Is Alcohol allowed on the beach at horseshoe bay? If so can you buy it on the beach? 
    Raj ( June 2014 
    Hi, Alcohol in general is allowed on public beaches in Bermuda. You can carry your own bottles if you want. But you are required to stay at one place on the beach and not walk around while drinking. There is no alcohol available at the beach cafe of Horseshoe bay. 
    Neil Buckley (February 2014) 
    Are there parking areas for scooters at most of the beaches, both the bigger public ones as well as those somewhat off the beaten track. 
    Raj ( February 2014 
    Yes, you can park your scooter at most beaches. 
    Karen Revis (September 2013) 
    I love your website! I am curious what beach you would recommend for us? We are arriving by cruise ship at kings wharf. In our party is me and my husband (in our 40's), my 72 yr old mother, and my children ages 21 down to 11.... A scooter is out of the question as I have 3 kids under 16. We are interested in pink sand, swimming, hopefully some snorkeling plus would like restrooms and maybe a place near to grab lunch? Thank you so much! 
    Raj ( September 2013 
    Hi, While Horseshoe Bay Beach is undoubtedly the best beach in the island and has all the amenities you require, the only down side is it's likely to be very crowded, particularly so during the high season. Another great option is Tobacco Bay Beach in St George which has concession stand renting snorkels, chairs, umbrellas etc and also a cafe offering nice food andádrinks. This beach is great for snorkeling as well. However you won't get pink sands in Tobacco bay beach though. You can take the orange ferry from the dockyard for St George (35 minutes) and then a minibus from St George (Kings Square) to the beach (5-6 minutes). Note the timing of the Orange ferry which does not have frequent services like the other ferry routes. Another good option is Elbow Beach in Paget. You will get bus #7 and also private mini buses serving the beach. Mickey's Bistro is a beach bar andárestaurant located right on the beach. A concession stand rents snorkel gears as well (in summer). Regards, 
    Karen Oresto (June 2013) 
    We are arriving in Bermuda on 6/26/13 on the breakaway. Our first trip to Bermuda was with another couple last July and we loved the island so much we wanted to come back with our children and grandchildren. Three days sounds like so much; but, it really isn't. My grand daughters are 22 months, 3 and almost 11. Then my children are 29 and 24. told my children they have to see the caves with the oldest and my husband and i would take the youngest to the beach. With these ages in mind what would be the top 2 beaches after horseshoe bay which is a definite. My cousin twisted my arm to try a pub she likes-swizzle.... I'm so excited and can't wait. Please help. Thanks. 
    Raj ( June 2013 
    Hi, Here are the two other beaches that I suggest keeping in mind your age and the accompanying kids plus proximity to dockyard where Breakaway docks (Heritage Wharf). Both beaches are in Warwick Parish. 
    Take a taxi or a bus (#7) and come down to Warwick Long Bay Beach along South Road. By bus it takes about 40 minutes (by taxi about 35 minutes) from the dockyard. From the South Road a sandy pathway (about 25 meters) leads down to the beach. If you don't want to walk, there is also a paved road from the western end of the beach (towards right as you face the water). Taxis can access this road and drop you right at the beach. This is one of the most beautiful and relatively secluded beaches in the island with a half a mile long stretch of lovely sand.  
    The reefs on the water and the rocks along the shore make it look picturesque. Often you can see parrot fish feeding along the shore. Although this beach is great for swimming and snorkeling, the water here is not very calm. In fact there is a sharpish drop off close to the beach, so I would not recommend that small kids are let loose for swims here. At one end of the beach is the Warwick Long Bay Playground, an excellent children's park which the kids will thoroughly enjoy. The park has slides, swings, ropes and even wooden forts. You can see many different types of birds here as well. Warwick long bay beach has a concession stall and toilet facilities. 
    From Warwick Beach there is a sandy trail towards west that leads to the adjacent Jobson's Cove. It's only a short 200 meters walk. The cove and the beach here is picture perfect. In fact if you had taken the taxi down the paved road, Jobson's cove is at a short distance from the car park towards west. The cove is 70% covered by high rocks around its boundary and the remaining is the sandy beach. The water here is shallow, calm with soft sandy bottom. This is ideal for swimming and the kids would love it. 
    If you plan to take Rum Swizzle, the famous island drink of Bermuda, then Swizzle Inn is the best place who invented the drink. They have a branch in Warwick Parish (Swizzle inn South Shore, 87 South Road). It's a short bus/taxi ride from the beaches. 
    Sylvia Gordon (June 2012) 
    I love Turtle Beach, an escape from the cruise passengers! Would you have any better ideas for 2 seniors at a nice beach nearer to Kings port where our ship will be docked in September. 
    Raj ( June 2013 
    Hi, there are several beaches close to Kings wharf. The closest is Snorkel Park located within the dockyard complex and about 5 minutes walk from the cruise pier. But this is a commercialized man made beach (with an entry fee) and certainly not one of the most beautiful ones. If you take bus #7, then you can easily reach one of the several pink south shore beaches within 35-40 minutes like the horseshoe bay beach. But if you like to avoid tourists, then visit Daniels Head Beach. It's a small andálovely secluded beach in the same parish (Sandys) where your cruise ship would dock, but very few tourists know about it. They all head for Horse Shoe. Daniel's Head is about 10 minutes by bus and then a short walk. Here is the link for more information: Daniels' Head Beach 
    Melody Fontaine 
    Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information and pictures of the beaches in Bermuda. My husband and I are going on a cruise in late April with our family and found your information to be a big help. I'm planning on taking the family to a bunch of different beaches and your descriptions helped me to narrow my choices so I could pick the best beaches to suit our needs. Thank you again for your amazing site!! I'll let you know how the research worked out once I get back from our cruise. Sincerely, 
    Hello Raj, Please point to walking distance beaches from Dockyard. I know about Snorkel Park. Is there anything else? Thanks,  
    Raj ( 
    Hi Michael, There is no other beach within a short walking distance. But if you love to walk, then try Somerset Long Bay and our favorite Daniel's Head (beware, there are no side-walks for most part of the road). Best is to take a short (10 minutes) bus ride to Somerset (bus #7 or 8) and then both beaches are at easy walking distance. Another one is Black Bay andáSea Glass Beach which is well known for its sea glasses. It's at a shorter distance from the dockyard... about 20 minutes walk.