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Hi there, First, let me tell you what a wonderful service you have provided to everyone by creating this incredible website about Bermuda. My girlfriend and I are taking a cruise there next week and will be on the island for 4 days. The information you have shared on this website is literally what is going to turn my vacation from good to unforgettable, so thank you! 
Now on to my questions. First, do you know what the best beach for shelling all around would be (especially conch shells if they wash up in Bermuda)? Whenever I visit an island I try to take back a shell with me as a memento, and I enjoy looking at shells on the beach in general. 
Second, a friend of mine told me when he visited Bermuda a few years ago he found a great beach for snorkeling that had a cove with very high rocky cliffs and a lot of craggy rock formations. He said that under the water, he could see lots of interesting rock formations further out, including holes that took you right through the cove (under the water) out to the other side (he said he could see light coming through and all sorts of fish and it was an incredible experience). Do you know what beach he might have been talking about? Thank you so much for everything you have done to make Bermuda vacations great for everyone! Sincerely, James Rosado 
On your first question, although I'm not a keen shell collector, don't think Bermuda is too well known for seashells. In fact the chances of finding unbroken seashells on the south shore beaches are quite low. Sometimes you will find broken shells and that too of small sizes (like that of a quarter). This is due to the continuous wave actions that break and grind the shells between the reef-line located offshore and the surfs. I understand that chances of finding shells at the reefs can be high, some of which are quite close to the shore and in shallow waters. 
Having said that, call it luck or whatever, we did find some great seashells in few of the beaches in Bermuda. The first is Hog Bay Beach located in Sandys which can be accessed from the Middle Road. This is a beach in low tide and will almost completely disappear during the high tides. It also requires some hike through the Hog Bay Park to reach the beach. 
Another place is the Shelly Bay Beach. If you go along the western edge of the coast line, you will see rock formations where we have seen seashells being washed up. 
Please note that under the law of Bermuda, collection of many types of shells are prohibited, for example Queen Conch and Harbor Conch shells are strictly prohibited as they are considered endangered species. I would strongly suggest that you contact Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo and get to understand the restrictions before you make an attempt on shelling. Otherwise there may be high chances that they would be confiscated by the Customs. 
However, if you are interested in Bermuda Sea Glasses, then that's a different story and I have reviewed in details about the best beaches in Bermuda for Sea Glass and how to get to those beaches. 
Coming to your second question, from the description it seems to be the Tobacco Bay Beach located at St. George's at the eastern end. The water there has many reef structures that are great for snorkeling, and you see lots of fish and marine life as well. 
Have a great time in Bermuda. 
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