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What to Expect

Other than lounging or swimming at the beaches, if you like to carve out time to experience Bermuda, you need to carefully plan out your tours. It can be a self guided island tour which can be done on public transports like bus, ferry, taxi to visit historic sites, parks, caves, aquarium, museums etc, or a guided group tour on a minibus. 
There are some excellent boating and sailing tours catering to various interests like glass bottom view to see amazing corals, fish and marine life, sunset & cocktail sailing cruises, catamaran tours combined with water sport activities like snorkel or kayak, adventure & eco tours etc etc. You can even see Bermuda from the sky on a small aircraft. You can join all such tours in a group, or charter one. There are numerous operators to cater to all your needs. 

Best Tours in Bermuda

  • Lovely Beaches, Historic Forts and Caves Tour: A full day self guided tour on public transport to visit wonderful beaches in St. George including Achilley's Bay, Tobacco Bay followed by historic forts including Fort St. Catherine which is also a great museum showcasing British military exhibits, and then visit to Crystal & Fantasy caves in Hamilton parish. 
  • Exploring Hamilton City: Take a half day self guided tour of the capital city Hamilton and visit the many landmarks including churches, parks, historic buildings, Hamilton fort and then end with shopping and dinner. 
  • Exploring Heritage Town of St. George : Half day self guided tour (ideal to walk) and visit historic sites, churches, museums, beaches in St. George which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alternatively take a train trolley ride to see various attractions while listening to an audio commentary. 
  • Explore the hidden Gems: A half day guided tour to explore Tom Moore's jungle, the only real forest in Bermuda full with hidden grottos & caves, lush vegetation, a large natural pool and of course great views of Castle harbor. You will also visit Cooper's Island Nature reserve and several other attractions. 
  • Sightseeing or Sunset boat tour: Take a sailing tour to view sunset on Bermuda's water or a boat tour to view the picturesque shoreline and homes of the famous. 
  • Glass Bottom boat tour: Experience amazing glass bottom view of corals & marine life, feed the fish and also see an 18th century shipwreck. 
  • Snorkel tours: Take a boat tour to snorkel in offshore waters in Bermuda and see some amazing marine life, corals or even shipwrecks. The tours usually last for 2 hours. 
  • Island tour in minibus: Get a glimpse of the best of Bermuda in a group minibus tour that lasts for about 5 hours and shows you almost all parts of the island. 
  • Take a flexible island tour on a taxi: Enjoy the privacy and time flexibility, take a taxi with a driver who is also a certified tour guide, hire it for few hours and experience what you want. 
  • Take a walking or cycling tour of the Railway Trail: This is one of the best nature trails in Bermuda and there are several sections across various parishes spanning for about 18 miles. Plan to hike or cycle as long as you want. 
  • Explore the coastline & islets: Rent a small boat and explore the many tiny islands, secluded island beaches and have an exclusive picnic. 
  • Take a guided kayak tour: How about a clear bottom kayak fitted with LEDs so that you can see the marine life below as it starts getting dark... awesome. 
  • Take a Jet Ski Tour: Glide under the smallest drawbridge of the world and get into the beautiful Ely's harbor and if lucky, see a school of turtles. 
  • Experience Helmet Diving: You don't need to know swimming. All you need is an interest in seeing colorful marine life and corals. You will be guided underwater with helmets, be able to breathe normally, and be among the most fascinating fish, marine life and corals. 

    Tours by Category

    You can take tours on land to visit historic & scenic sites, on water to see marine life & colorful corals, or fly in a small aircraft to get an aerial view of Bermuda. Here are the different ways to explore the island: 
    Self Guided Tours by Public Transports 
    Bermuda after all is a tiny island. If you want to explore and visit the places of interest on your own, you can use the convenient & regular public transports like the bus and ferry services to easily get around the island. This is one of the cheapest ways of touring. 
    Go through This Self Guided Tours to know about several such tours (some half day, some full day) on various combinations of beaches, forts and caves, parklands and reserves, beautiful landscapes, historical buildings & museums, cities and towns etc etc. 
    Boating & Sailing Tours 
    The glass bottom boat tours show you stunning corals, shipwrecks and spectacular marine life. Some also combine offshore snorkeling and other water sports along with sightseeing. You can also sail in a yacht or catamaran. There are options like sunset sailing, dinner cruises, cocktail cruises and those that show you famous homes & hideaways along the shoreline. You can also charter a boat or yacht. Visit Boating & Sailing Tours to know about our favorite boating & sailing tours, the well known operators, contact info etc. 
    Tours by Minibus, Vans, Train Trolley 
    Private minibus or van tours are great if you are looking to join a small group and leave the rest to the operator. There are various such set tours (half or full day) exploring the parishes, beaches, attractions including forts, caves, historical buildings & monuments etc with ample opportunity to take pictures and learn about the island. 
    A minibus can typically take up to 15 persons in a group, while vans are smaller. Larger buses can accommodate up to 30. They usually have guides on board, or the driver himself may be the guide. While most operate on per person rates, you can also charter and take a private tour on a minibus or van, and then you can also customize your tour. Check out Island Tours by Minibus, Van for complete info. 
    Taxi Tours 
    You can hire a taxi and take a tour of the island. It can be a great option if you are in a small group. Bermuda taxis can accommodate 4 to 7 persons depending on their size. While most taxi drivers are knowledgeable about the main landmarks, some taxi drivers are government certified tour guides and specialize on island tours. They are known as Blue Flag Certified Drivers and their taxis would have a blue flag fluttering on the bonnet or have its insignia.  
    All taxi drivers operate tours on hourly rate as per government guidelines. Rate doesn't include entry fees or food. Considering per person cost for such tours and time flexibility, it can be a great option for exploring the island. A great advantage of a taxi tour is that it can be customized the way you like. Visit Taxi Tours for complete info on tours by taxi including the rates, how to take such tours, great taxi drivers who are also guides and more. 
    Train Trolley Tours 
    There are also train trolleys that run on wheels, takes you around the Dockyard, Hamilton City and St George with a running audio commentary. Visit Train Trolley Tours for full info. 
    Walking Tours & Hiking 
    If you love to walk, that's probably the best way to enjoy Bermuda's nature, the nooks & crannies, the landscapes, the coastline, reserves & parks, and also to explore the culture & history of the island. Check out Walking Tours to know about my select walking trails and tours in Bermuda, some of which are guided tours, but mostly self guided. 
    Horse Carriage Tours 
    horse carriage ride is a romantic way of touring and exploring historical sites, culture, architecture, beaches & gardens, forts and other places. There are stables that offer tours around the Dockyard area (Kings wharf), Hamilton City and the historic town of St George. Check out Horse Carriage Tours for details. 
    Eco & Adventure Tours 
    There are eco-friendly organized tours where you hike, kayak, or cycle on trails and explore the best kept secrets that few get to experience. Check out Eco & Adventure Tours for details. 
    Flying Tours - Aerial Views X No longer in operation 
    You can now hover over Bermuda and enjoy the lovely aerial views of coastlines, beaches, shipwreck sites, historic forts, important cities & towns of the island, golf courses and spectacular landscapes from the sky in a 4-seater Cesna. The small aircraft is smooth and can fly low at reduced speed for great views. Check out Fly to see Bermuda from the sky for the tour information. 

    Find & Book Tours in Bermuda

    Select and book from a range of guided tours using World's #1 online service (Viator) at low prices. 
    Rates by Viator 
    Raj is an avid traveler and a full-time travel blogger. He has traveled to numerous countries across the world and loves to keep travelling. His mission here is to help viewers like you visiting Bermuda or seeking insights into related matters with the most comprehensive content. Since years now he has been helping countless viewers by posting quality articles on this website, answering questions and sharing experiences. Launched in 2008, this website is Bermuda's leading source of online information since many years. 

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    Visitors' Reviews & Comments

    Alex Pacheco (March 2018) 
    looking for guided tour. I am handicapped, somewhat can walk with cane. Their is only me and my wife would like to go, don't mind others in taxi or bus. Coming in week of July 13 to 20th. Would like to take full island tour. Cost for this tour. Thanks you for your time please advise. 
    Raj( March 2018 
    You can look into 'Bermuda Island Wrap Around Tour' - a minibus tour offered by the company Bermuda Island Tours (Email: [email protected]) - you can choose from a 5-hour or 6.5 hour tour. Other than drives across the island and along south shore & Hamilton harbor, it covers several other attractions. Cost is $69 or $87 per person depending the tour you choose. The cost doesn't cover any entry fees though. 
    Susanna (July 2017) 
    I'm writing you because me and my boyfriend will be in Bermuda for two days (17 and 18 August) through Oceania Cruise (Ship Insignia). For us is the first time in Bermuda and we are an Italian couple. So Id like to know if at the pier there is the possibility to book some excursions to see the best of the island and if there are some excursions with Italian speaking tour leader. Otherwise, from the pier, there are some buses or any public transportation to reach the best points of the isle and the main little picturesque towns? Thank you in advance for your help, Ill be waiting for your kindly reply, Have a nice day. 
    Raj( July 2017 
    Hello, Insignia docks at Pennos Wharf at St. George located at the eastern end of the island. Suggest you walk down to the Visitors Information Center (VIC) at Kings Square to work out your island tours or tour of the historic town of St. George itself. Italian tour guide is difficult to get if not impossible. Minibus shuttles are available at Kings Square taking you to several attractions at the outskirts of St. Georges town such as Tobacco Bay Beach, Fort St. Catherine etc. You can also walk down to the bus stop and get to Hamilton City in about 1 hour (bus #10 or 11) which is the main commercial hub and capital of Bermuda. There is a VIC there as well near the ferry terminal. The main beaches are on the south shore (Southampton and Warwick) for which you need to transfer to another bus (#7) from Hamilton (will take about 30 minutes from Hamilton). 
    Terrie Konik (April 2016) 
    Coming back to beautiful Bermuda via Anthem of the Sea. Wanting to go see the caves, forts and sun bath on a less crowded beach before returning to the dockyard ( Kings Wharf) . Do you have any suggestion for local private or semi- private tours or doing it on our own. Thanks. 
    Raj( April 2016 
    You can do it on your own at a far lesser cost. Take a ferry to Hamilton and then a bus to the caves. From caves continue on the bus to St. George (Kings Square). Take the beach minibus there (buy day ticket from the Visitors Information Center at Kings Square) and get off at Tobacco Bay beach. There are couple of other great beaches within walking distance - Achilles Bay and St. Catherine's beach (on either side of St. Catherine's Fort). Visit the fort. Hop on to the mini bus and visit Alexandra Battery on Barry road and Gates Fort at a short distance away on Cut road, then board the minibus and get back to Kings Square. You can then take a direct ferry back to dockyard (check the ferry timing). The beach minibus also serves the St. Georges ferry dock. 
    Betty (April 2016) 
    Hi Raj Great website!!!! We are arriving by cruise ship Monday April 11th-13th/2016. We have not booked a Island tour through the ship, and are hoping to be able to get something when we arrive or do we have to book ahead of time. We are not traveling with a group(just the two of us). Would we see a lot of the Island in approximate three hours? Thank you!!! 
    Raj( April 2016 
    Hi, you can book the tour on your arrival. There are plenty of operators as well as taxi drivers who are certified guides. Set minibus tours would usually show you one end of the island in about 3 hours. If you take a taxi by the hour, you can ask the driver to drive you around and try to cover west end, south shore, Hamilton and St. George. You can then see a lot. But in such short island tours you can't spend much time on the sites (for example swimming on a beach or climbing up the stairs of lighthouse, entering the caves etc). While you can see many sites, you can't do much due to lack of time. 
    Bernard & Flavia Remedios (February 2016) 
    Hi Raj, Are there "Hop on Hop off" buses in Bermuda. We are arriving by cruise on 30th May at 9 am and leave Kings Wharf on Tue 31st May at 5 p.m. My wife and I would like to see highlights other than museums/forts of Bermuda by cheapest means. Long walks is out of question. Therefore we want to tour by bus or mini van. Can you give us some info as to who to contact to book on line before we arrive. Any suggestions is most welcome. Anything 'fairly' cheap and reliable. Thanks 
    Raj( February 2016 
    Hi, there is no hop-on hop-off bus that tours all across the island. However there are minibuses that cover parts of the island. For example in St. George there is hop-on hop-off beach minibus that takes you around the beaches and forts at the eastern part, another one covers St. Davids. Round trip beach shuttles operate from dockyard for Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton. If you want to cover the highlights of entire island, there are two options relatively economical than the rest, but Bermuda is far from cheap, so a real cheap option is non existent in the island in anything you do: 1) Take a taxi by the hour @ $50 per hour for a 4-seater (minimum 3 hours required). Ask the driver to show you the highlights, better though, go through my site and shortlist the places you want to visit and ask the driver to cover in 3-4 hours. 2) Take a group (shared) minibus tour of the island. You can consider Affordable Rides or Ricky's Minibus Tours. They have set tours of the island (half day/full day). Visit their sites and book. But I don't think this would be any cheaper for two than the first option. 
    Deb Van Pelt (November 2015) 
    Hi Raj, We are thinking of booking a tour with Hidden Gems summer tour which includes the caves, an ice cream, the light house etc (but they are very expensive - about $350 for two of us for the day)...I was just wondering if you'd be able to give me a referral for one of the types of tours that we see on other islands. Such as a person who owns a van - approaches you on the pier and says - we'll show you all over XXX island - anywhere you want to go - anything you want to do for $20 per person and you don't pay us until we return - and you are happy. We did that in the Caribbean and it was a fantastic tour. Do you know if people even do that in Bermuda? If so, can we feel safe with them and will they keep their word? Or do you have any other ideas? We are arriving in May 2016 and will be coming in on a Sunday the 22nd...and hopefully most everything will not be closed on Sunday (shops etc)???? I value your opinion...and thank you in advance for any ideas you may have that aren't that expensive! 
    Raj( November 2015 
    Hi, you won't find group tours in Bermuda @ $20 per person ... Bermuda is far more expensive than most of Caribbean and the US. Typically an island wide tour of about 5 hours will cost about $100 per person in minibus or van. Alternatively you can take a taxi by the hour and get around the island. For 3 hours, it'll cost you a total of $150. If you can pair up with another couple, your cost would be halved. 
    Carrie (July 2015) 
    I love your website! I've researched and found that we can save lots of money by planning our own excursions. My husband is skeptical of the drivers who will be taking us to our destinations. If we plan our own things would the bus transporting us be a different bus from if we booked through the cruise ship? How reliable is the ferry and buses and their drivers? 
    Raj( July 2015 
    Hi, the cruise lines usually engage a private tour operator with a minibus for the shore excursions. The public buses and ferry are different, and are operated by Bermuda Government. They are very reliable as well as comfortable (all are air conditioned and offer extensive services). You can also take group tours offered by many tour operators on minibuses and vans. They are also reliable. You can book through Island Tour Center online or at the dockyard kiosk. You will save plenty if you plan your own tours rather than going through the cruise ship. 
    Darlene (June 2014) 
    Thank you. We are going to go on our own on our Tuesday to Horseshoe Bay and plan to ride the bus by ourselves. On our last day, the cruise line offers snorkeling at Devil's Isle Cruise Beach or Bermuda Triangle Shipwreck Snorkel where you snorkel two difference places. I have only been snorkeling on one other vacation so I am new at this. Everything I read, says snorkeling is great at Devil's Isle more so than visiting a shipwreck. Can you give me some advise here. These are through the cruise ship and expensive so I want to do something to remember. The ride around the island to Devil's Isle seems interesting also. Can you give me some advice here. Thank you. 
    Raj( June 2014 
    Hi, Bermuda itself is known as Devil's Isle and there is no separate place in Bermuda with that name. The cruise ships coin such terms and actually offer such tours through local operators. You will save big time if you go directly through a local operator in Bermuda. There are plenty of good ones offering snorkeling trips from the cruise port (dockyard). Go through Snorkel tours
    Tayloe Francisco (August 2013) 
    Hi Raj, I love your website. You have so much great information. That being said and reading that the Swizzle Pub is the home of the rum swizzle, isn't there another pub that claims to be the original home of the dark and stormy? Can you also tell me if there are tours available at Goslings? I read about the Gosling cruises but would enjoy a tour of the distillery if it is indeed on the islands. Thanks for all you do for Bermuda! We are going on the 25th cruise and will be there on the 27th for the standard 3 days. If you are inclined and have time I would love your idea of the things not to be missed. I have been to Bermuda before and love the blockade runner history and the home tours in St. George's town. Thanks again I going to keep reading and creating my itinerary! 
    Raj( August 2013 
    Hi, Dark n' Stormy is actually a trademarked cocktail of Gosling's. It's a mix of Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer over ice. It's available in several pubs in Bermuda. Gosling's has no rum distillery in the island. They are blenders and have a bottling unit in Hamilton. However if you want, you can take a tour of the Dockyard Brewery who make hand crafted beer. The tour is guided by a brew master and includes food & beer tasting. You will find more details here: Dockyard Brewery 
    Sally Wilson (August 2013) 
    Coming to Bermuda on the Norweigan Dawn, leaving Boston on Friday, 10/18/13. I have read a lot of great information on your site about getting around via public transportation, but just wanted to ask...are there local folks there that will act as private tour guides for our group of 6 adults? Also, if you only had these three days to see Bermuda, what would you pick? Thanks Sally 
    Raj( August 2013 
    Hi, Most tour guides in Bermuda specialize on specific areas or theme. However a good option is the Blue Flag Taxi Drivers who double up as tour guides and certified by the Bermuda Government. You can hire a taxi by the hour (minimum 3 hours) and take a half day or  even a full day tour of the island. It usually takes about 5 hours to tour the entire island by taxi and see almost all major attractions with some short breaks in between for lunch or snacks. Take a 6-passenger taxi and that would be one of the most economical and convenient ways of touring the island. One such Blue Flag taxi driver who has earned good name for himself is Lewis Foggo. Write to him ([email protected]) and he will answer all your questions. He is a very knowledgeable person. Although the 6-passenger taxis charge $55.50 per hour, the Blue Flag Certified drivers may charge a little higher. 
    I have discussed and suggested many itineraries in Bermuda. You too should be able to make a plan for yourself from these. If you still have any specific questions, please feel free to get back, and I'll try to help. 
    Kathy Perricone (July 2013) 
    What is the most reasonably priced way for 4 adults to tour the island in 3 or 4 hours? We are arriving on a cruise and have not booked a tour excursion. 
    Raj( July 2013 
    Hi, for a small group, a good economical way to tour Bermuda is by booking a taxi (with a blue flag fluttering in front) by the hour. Blue flag taxis have drivers who are also government certified tour guides. Tell him your plans, where you want to go and he will take you around and plan out the day properly. Approximate rate is $45-50 per hour and you need to book for a minimum of 3 hours. One of the great taxi drivers in the island is Lewis Foggo (email: [email protected]). You can write to him and make advance reservation. 
    Kathleen Catalano (January 2013) 
    I have been reviewing your site (great information!) and I am a first time traveler to Bermuda. I will be bringing my 91 year old mother with me on a trip that she has wanted to do for many years and would like to make this trip memorable. Obviously there are some restrictions that I have to deal with due to her age. She is mobile but walking a great deal can be an issue. I saw where you list some carriage rides that might be a great 
    option to show her around the island. We will be one Royal Caribbean and I believe we will be docking at Kings Wharf? Wasn't sure if there are any carriage rides in this particular area that I can go with her so she can enjoy some of the island. Any suggestions you have would be MOST appreciated. You have a great site and very good information for someone who has never visited the island. Best regards, 
    Raj( January 2013 
    Hi Kathleen, Horse carriage rides are available in the dockyard area where your cruise ship docks (as well as in Hamilton & St. George). You will need to walk a short distance from the ship pier to the carriage. Marquis Ranch offers such carriage rides - they have a 30 minute ride to take you around the historic buildings and fort areas of the dockyard and also one hour ride to additionally cover the neighborhood island areas including parks, bays and residential areas. Check out Bermuda Horse Carriage Rides for more information and contact details. 
    Couple of other options that you may consider: 
    1. Duck tour ... this is an amphibious vehicle ... a bus which also becomes a boat. so you will be able to see several areas or Bermuda Western Parishes both from land and water. The tour leaves from the dockyard area. You can book the tour from the Visitors Information Center at the dockyard. Check out Bermuda Duck Tour for details. 
    2. The Train Trolley Ride ... a mini train which runs on road and covers the dockyard & nearby area with running audio commentary. You get to know about the places you visit and the history behind them. Visit Bermuda Train Trolley Rides for details. Note: The website of the train trolley company is not working at present. So you can only buy the tickets when you reach the island. 
    Elizabeth Bryant (September 2012) 
    My husband and I will be arriving on the Norwegian Dawn on 9/9/12. We have 3 things we would like to do while visiting. We want to see the beauty of the island, we would like to spend several hours at a beach and we would like a glass bottom boat excursion. My questions are: 
    Should we book through Norwegian or are comparably priced tours available to book at the Dockyard when we dock? Is US currency accepted on the island? And…most importantly, based on your expertise…what do you recommend? Finally…This is a great site. Thank you! 
    Raj ( September 2012 
    Hi, Booking directly with a tour operator in the island should be cheaper compared to the cruise line offered excursions. However, during the high season (as in September), most of the reputed tour operators get fully booked. So try to contact them before you leave and check out the availability. 
    For boating tours, visit Bermuda Boat Tours for some of my recommended tours. Choose the one that best suits you (I have given their contact information there). For other types of tours including island tours by minibus, check out Bermuda Bus Tours
    Both Unique Vacations and Byways minibus tours are great. However Byways have recently gone through ownership change and the tour design has changed and now covers both ends of the island (east & west). U.S. Currency is accepted everywhere (except in buses). So no need to convert into Bermudian currency. 
    Georgia Merrick (March 2012) 
    We are coming in April 22-29th. I am wondering if there are any programs that offer a look at gardens or Bermuda cooking? 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    Hi, There are several options for Garden Tours in Bermuda. The Garden Club of Bermuda organizes garden tours on request. There may be a minimum group size requirement. You can write to Felicite Davidson at [email protected] to get further information. There is a free guided 90-minute tour of Botanical Garden offered on certain days of the week. Check out Botanical Garden for details. There is another guided tour available for the gardens at Waterville followed by visit to the Paget Marsh. Check out Paget Marsh for details. 
    As for Bermuda Cooking, there is a festival known as Bermuda Gourmet Getaway which is held annually in the island. Renowned International and Bermudian chefs participate and prepare exotic dishes that you can sample and taste. Over the last couple of years the timings of this festival has changed. Check out Bermuda Gourmet Getaway for details and write to them if you need further information. 
    Amy Meadows (March 2012) 
    My husband and I will be cruising to Bermuda for the first time in June. We only get one full day in Bermuda and were thinking about following one of your excursions (the one that visits two beaches, a lighthouse, and ends in Kings Warf, where we'll be docked). My main question is regarding how up to date your website is. You are very specific with the bus numbers and ferries, just wanted to make sure that your bus schedules are still accurate enough for us to follow. Being new to Bermuda and having only one day to explore, we didn't want to spend it getting lost on the islands. Thanks for your help and website. It's given us a lot of wonderful ideas and information. 
    Raj ( March 2012 
    Hi, while I try to keep my site updated, bus & ferry timings can change. However, the routes (the numbers) that I have mentioned are good. I would recommend that you check the Bermuda Government Bus & Ferry schedules to know the exact timings and also confirm the routes. You will find the government site links for bus & ferries from the following pages: 
    Tracy Maurer (March 2011) 
    Greetings, I have a group coming in May on cruise. There is a small group of 15 or so that want to take a 3 hours tour around the island ( private and not thru the cruiseline). I also have group coming on cruise in August. They are requiring a few tours on island there are 51 persons can you advise if this is something that you do, and if not can you advise who could do this. Thank you for your help 
    Raj ( March 2011 
    Hi, You can check out Bermuda Tours & Excursions to get information about the tour operators in Bermuda, both bus & boat tours. You have not mentioned what kind of tours you are looking for. By the way, we don't ourselves conduct any tours. For large groups, there are shuttle companies offering tours on buses with larger capacity. 
    We are group of 40 Indo-American Seniors visiting Bermuda by NCL cruise from 26-28 Sept,12. Is it possible to book in advance tours covering all major attractions through very reliable source at most competitive price? 
    Raj ( 
    Hi, For large group tours by bus, contact Beeline Transport. Check out the following link for some details and contacts: Bermuda Tours by Bus & Road Vehicles 
    Good morning, We are looking for a company that can offer us (around 20 people: family & friends) a bus tour with a French guide: departure from the ship at King's wharf, take us to Crystal caves(a short stop at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, no climbing). After we want also a French guided tour of St-George, see the St-Peter church, his cemetery and maybe the Fort St. Catherine. We contacted bermudatoursmanagement but it doesn't seem to be working with them...we get only questions, no suggestions, no prices.... We tried also bermudatriangletours but never got any reply. Do you have any suggestion? It would be very appreciated..... Thank you in advance for your help.  
    Raj ( 
    Hi, You can try Beeline Transport. They offer all sorts of group tours. Call them up directly and talk to them. Check out Bermuda Tours by Bus & Road Vehicles for contact info. 
    Hugh O'Donnell 
    Hi Raj, my mum and dad are visiting the island and would like to get a tour - but they are not keen to just join a taxi. plus dad is not that keen on walking - say a mile or so. Are there any scheduled tours they can join? thanks 
    Raj ( 
    Hi, There are scheduled mini bus tours organized by operators like Unique Vacations, Byways etc. They provide guides and their tour cost usually includes all admission fees. Check out Bermuda Bus Tours to get more details about these tours.