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Here you will know about the self-guided tours of Bermuda that can be easily done using public buses, ferries, taxi or even rental scooter or electric minicar. If you don't want to take organized set tours offered by operators that are often quite expensive, and rather be on your own, then this is one of the most economical and convenient ways of touring the island. In the section below, you will know about tours that cover various aspects and areas of interest in the island including great beaches, caves, forts, parks and nature reserves, gardens, history and culture, villages and lot more. 
To avail bus and ferry, get a Transportation Pass. The pass allows unlimited access to both public buses and ferries so that you can hop on and hop off. You can also pay the fares by tickets, tokens or cash. Rental scooters offer flexibility and you can explore the side roads and lanes easily where bus service is not available. You can alternatively hire a taxi by the hour (minimum 4 hours) and undertake the tours below. In some, there will be walks involved as well. 

Self Guided Tours

Some of the tours below are half-day and some full-day tours. You can also combine two half day tours to make a full day of exploration. Wherever possible, I have also mentioned the best places to take your lunch or dinner. 
(Full Day) 
This is a full day tour which starts from St. George's. You can walk or take the minibus and hop on and off at various landmarks along a round trip. Having covered some lovely beaches (including a sea glass beach) and several forts built in British time, you will come back to town square at St. George for lunch. It will be followed by visit to the famous Crystal and Fantasy caves in Hamilton parish and John Smith's Bay beach at Smith's. The self guided tour would end either with some shopping at Hamilton City or by taking a scenic bus ride along south shore road back to the dockyard. 
(Half Day) 
Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. This self guided tour explores the key landmarks in Hamilton that lock in the history, heritage, administrative policies and life that are central to Bermuda. You will visit sites like Bermuda's National Library, Perot's post Office - the first one in the island and still functional, City Hall and Arts Center - a center of culture and heritage, Victoria Park, Cathedral of the most Holy Trinity - the main church in the city, Cabinet House where the cabinet sessions take place, Hamilton fort - a historical fortification and lot more. This is typically a walking tour and some landmarks are very close to each other. However you will get public buses between several points as well. 
(Half Day) 
Tour the UNESCO World Heritage town of St George and visit the historic sites. You can imagine yourself back to the 17th century as you walk along the narrow lanes and alleyways looking at names that are retained since the first settlement in Bermuda.Best is to do this tour on foot, you can also use minibus services between several points. 
(Full Day) 
You will spend some great time in two of the top Bermuda beaches, visit Gibbs Hill lighthouse, smallest church with a lovely park, followed by several attractions in Royal Naval Dockyard complex, and then finally wind down at a nice pub with local beer or island drinks. 
(Half Day) 
This itinerary Somerset village in Sandys parish includes visit to the world's smallest draw bridge over Ely's harbor, the beautiful Somerset village, Fort Scaur, smallest chapel, and Mangrove Bay Beach. 
(Half Day) 
The western Bermuda is just fabulous. Starting from the Dockyard in Sandys to great beaches and parks, this is a great itinerary. 
(Half Day) 
South Shore park is part of a nature reserve and has some of the most beautiful pink beaches and coves. It connects Southampton and Warwick. There is a lovely sandy trail that starts from Horseshoe Bay Beach and goes all the way up to Warwick Long Bay Beach. This trail of about 1.25 miles goes alongside the cliff and you get spectacular view of bays and beaches from above as you walk. You can also walk along the beaches but will need to wade around waters and rocks. 
(Half/Full Day) 
And end to end self guided tour on scooter or by bus/taxi to cover all attractions of Sandys including lovely beaches, historical forts, parklands, nature reserves, smallest drawbridge in the world etc. 
(Half/Full Day) 
Southampton has many gems that Bermuda is proud of like lovely pink sandy beaches including the world famous Horseshoe bay beach, one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world offering stunning views from the top, parks and reserves, forts, great restaurants and bars and lot more. This self guided tour will take you through all the main attractions of the parish. You can use a rental scooter or public transports like bus or a taxi (hired by hour) to complete your tour. 
(Half/Full Day) 
Warwick is full of lovely pink south shore beaches that are some of the best in the island. The parish also has historical churches, wonderful nature reserves, parklands, great restaurants and bars, and several other attractions. Rent a scooter, or take a bus or hire a taxi and explore the parish and all its main attractions. 
(Half Day) 
Walk along the scenic Ferry Road in St. George's parish with great water views. At the end of Ferry Road is Ferry Reach Park which is the second largest parkland in Bermuda. You can explore the wonderful flora and fauna, three historic forts, a lake, a bay with a lovely little snorkeling beach, and a walking trail that goes through the leafy tunnels and then along the coastline. At the western tip of the park, there is Ferry Island which you can access by Bermuda's one of the oldest wooden footbridge. There used to be a ferry dock here. In 1600s and for over 250 years thereafter, ferry was the only transport that connected St. George to the main island of Bermuda across the water area here. 
(Half Day) 
You can have a great half day itinerary in Bermuda by combining nature walks at Spittal pond and Paget Marsh, followed by BUEI. You can combine the Hamilton City Tour in the 2nd half and make it a full day compact program. 
(Full Day) 
A series of monuments and museums spread across the island that capture the vivid memories of the black slavery in Bermuda that lasted for over 200 years. 
X Discontinued 
Access several great fortifications, museums and historical sites at the east end of Bermuda using a Culture Passport. The passport also enables you to avail several special tours organized by participating establishments. 

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