Somerset Village in Sandys
Half Day Itinerary in Bermuda

If you like to spend half a day exploring Bermuda's beautiful country side in the west end, this itinerary covering Somerset Village in Sandys can be a great experience. Take bus #7 or 8 in the morning and reach the Somerset bridge at Sandys. Both these buses operate between Hamilton City and Dockyard. 
Somerset bridge is the world's smallest draw bridge. On removing the timber block on the bridge, it allows only the mast of a sailing boat to pass through. Built in the early 17th century, this tiny bridge is an amazing little wonder to see. The view of the Ely's Harbor from here is spectacular. 
Shortly after Somerset Bridge (moving west towards dockyard), take the Bermuda Railway Trail. There is no rail track now. It's a lovely walking and cycling trail. Once there used to be a 22 mile railway track between the eastern and the western ends of Bermuda. 
After the railways was closed down in Bermuda in 1948, the track was later converted into a walking trail. The part of the railway trail that passes through Sandys is magnificent. It goes from Somerset up to the Evan's Bay to the east. 
As you follow the Railway Trail to the west, after a short walk of 0.8 mile, you will reach Fort Scaur. This fort was built by the British in the 1870s at a time when they had a strained relationship with America. The fort was designed to protect the crossing at Somerset Bridge and possible attacks on the Dockyard. The fort has 22 acres of beautiful parklands around it. You can get a lovely view of the Great Sound and Dockyard. You can also use a free telescope to see Fort St. Catherine at the eastern end in St George. 
From the Fort Scaur, take the steep trail through the woods and continue on the Railway Trail along the shore and towards west for 0.6 mile. You will reach Heydon Trust park and chapel. Created in early 1600's, this property has one of the largest scenic parks in Bermuda and many old buildings. You will see the smallest church of Bermuda here where Gregorian chants used to be once held. 
From Heydon's Trust, take the Railway Trail towards Somerset Village, a small sleepy and picturesque community that hugs the Mangrove Bay. In the picture you can see the bay area of Somerset Village. 
Somerset Village 
Somerset Village Bermuda 
Photo: Cangul, flickr, cc by 2.0 
If you want to come directly to Somerset Village, take bus #7 or 8. There is a bus stop here. The closest ferry stop is at Watford Bridge. Mangrove Bay Road passes through Somerset Village and goes right up to the dockyard. 
Walk over to the Mangrove Bay Beach. The water is crystal clear and perfect for a quick dip. Or you can just enjoy a stroll on the beach. There are also a few nice eateries around. Try out the Somerset Country Squire Pub and Restaurant for lunch before you end the tour. 
Road Map: Mangrove Bay 
Check out Sandys Map to get all the directions. 
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