Bermuda's Main Events & Festivals

There are plenty of events and traditional festivals in Bermuda that take place round the year and are of great appeal and excitement to both locals and tourists. Many of them attract overseas participation as well. There are cultural events, sports, social, musical events, performing arts, food and festive celebrations and more. 

Annual Events and Festivals by month

Note that several events are held on multiple days on a month or may span across two or more months. All such events are listed below under the month when they usually begin. 


Formerly known as the Bermuda International Race Weekend, runners from all over the world along with locals participate in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. 
Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament 
X Temporarily Closed 
Looking for a great Bridge Vacation? This is the opportunity. The bridge tournament organized by Bermuda Regional is scheduled to take place at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Discounted and attractive Bridge Rates are offered for rooms at Fairmont Southampton which includes afternoon tea, evening coffee, snacks, cocktail parties etc. There will be games for beginners, intermediate and expert players. Other than many international participants, there will be many entries from the Bermuda Bridge Club. If you come alone, the Partnership Desk will help you find a partner. 
Other than bridge games, entertainment (mostly free) includes panel shows, lectures by expert bridge players, Bermuda Rum Swizzle Party, visit a market of local wares, possible garden and golf tours, prize giving on the final evening followed by dancing to live band etc. Table fee is $16 per person per session. Gold points available. 
During this period, many local restaurants participate and offer special three course dinner at fixed and attractive price. Many out of them offer Bermuda inspired pre-set meals and source the ingredients from local farmers. This is a great opportunity for the tourists as well as locals to experience authentic Bermuda cuisine. 
The event started in 1976 and since then it has been a major hub of cultural exchange showcasing diverse range of performing arts. It is held on different dates between the months of January and March. 


Love Month in Bermuda (Discontinued
Following cancellation of Bermuda International Love Festival, the tourism department (and now Bermuda Tourism Authority) runs the Love Month program in February. So instead of just couple of days of program in Valentine's week in earlier love festival, now a month long program runs hosting series of events and activities meant for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway. Special fly-in packages are offered for couples that includes flight tickets, romantic resort accommodations, and a number of romantic activities for a few nights. 
Annual Frog Race (Discontinued
(not live frogs though). This is essentially a fund raising event to support the Bermuda Art Center located at Dockyard. The event is held in the evening at Frog and Onion Pub at the dockyard. Artists from the Art Center use thin boards, then shape and paint them to create colorful frogs. Each frog has a jockey who rolls and runs the frog by rolling a string over a bamboo stick. The frogs are initially silently auctioned and the owners actually decide on their own jockey. The fund raised goes to Bermuda Art Center. The frog race is increasing in its popularity every year. This year the auction starts at 6pm and the race at 6:30pm on the bar floor of Frog and Onion Pub. 
Romance can't go any further than the International Love Festival of Bermuda. Plan for a unique experience during Valentines week. Update 2011: Love festival is no longer held in the island. Those who experienced it until 2010, would keep cherishing the unforgettable memories, knowing that this may not be held ever again. 


An annual event in celebration of the beautiful beaches of Bermuda. The central attraction of the event is artists using rakes and creating amazing artwork on the sandy beaches across the island. But the artworks last only until the next high tide washes it away. 
Prizes are given away for the best art. Other activities like music and dance, on beach yoga, water sport instructions are also included as part of the festival. 
Palm Sunday Walk 
(Usually starts at 2pm from Berkley Institute Parking, Pembroke) 
This is an annual walk organized by Bermuda National Trust. The walk typically covers about 5 miles and takes around 2.5 hours to complete. The route is chalked out in such a way that you get to see places which is not usually seen by the public. Scenic views (like beaches, water bodies, landscapes etc) and historical places including forts and heritage buildings are usually part of the route. Both locals and visitors are welcome to participate. There is no fee. Donations accepted. 
Launched in 1997, Bermuda International Film Festival or BIFF has gone a long way. It is now the qualifying festival for Short Film Academy Award. Know about the background and current details of the film festival. 
Annual Kite Making Workshop  
Phoenix Stores organizes this free annual workshop. Many families with children participate. The participants can bring the kite making items like sticks, paper, glue, strings etc or buy them at the Phoenix outlet where the workshop takes place. While the venue may change, it's usually held for about 3 hours at the Annex Toys section of Phoenix Center in Hamilton City and also at Collectors Hill Apothecary. Call the Annex Toys at (441) 279-5450 for further info. 
Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship 
This is a pro-amateur invitational golf tournament organized by Turtle Hill Golf Club (at Fairmont Southampton). Professional and qualified golfers from Bermuda and abroad participate. 
Phone (for further info): +1 (441) 238-8000 


April is the month when one of the most popular weekly street festivals Harbor Nights begins and it usually continues through September. The street festival is held on every Wednesday during the summer season and sets up on Front Street at Hamilton between 7pm to 10pm. Numerous vendors setup temporary stalls on the street and sell local snacks & food, art & craft, trinkets and many different kinds of items. Local music and dance performers including Gombeys perform on the street. Thousands of locals and tourists gather here during the festival. 
Bermuda Golf Classic 
This is an individual 36-hole stroke play held at the Port Royal Golf Course. This is followed by a Pro-Am team tournament where amateurs can also participate. The event ends with a party. Spectators can watch the event free. Email (for further info): [email protected] 
Also known as AG Show and Annual Agricultural Exhibition, it has evolved into a grand country fare and a cultural festive celebration. Over 20,000 people gather here over the 3 days. It usually takes place at the Botanical Gardens located in Paget. 
(Venue: King’s Square, St. George’s) 
Bermuda Peppercorn Ceremony is a strange event held since 1816 at St. George, complete with bands and parade from Bermuda Regiment. This was the day when Bermuda's capital moved to Hamilton city from St. George, and the Old State House was given out on an annual rent of just one peppercorn to freemasons. 
(On Good Friday) 
Hundreds of Bermudians and visitors celebrate the Good Friday at the Horseshoe Bay Beach flying kites of different shapes and colors. They make the kites at home and bring them to the beach. A kite competition is held and prizes are given away after the competition. The Festival is also celebrated with live music and entertainment and other activities like tug-o-war etc... 
Bermuda Yoga Festival  
Yoga festival (first introduced in 2015 in Bermuda) comprises of yoga, chants and meditation. The 3-day event is organized by the island's Kirtan group. Several international and eminent yoga and meditation specialists deliver speeches and yoga lessons over 3-days of packed schedule which also includes guided walks. There are several sessions with duration of 2 hours each, some of them are meant for beginners as well. The 3-day event is being held at Grotto Bay Beach Resort where special deals are available for yoga festival. So if yoga is of interest to you, then start planning a visit to Bermuda during this time. There are day passes available (1day, 2 day, 3day, and even half day etc). 
For further info, contact (email): [email protected] 
Bermuda Grand Prix is an international bicycle racing competition. 


The End to End is an annual event in Bermuda where the participants walk, run, cycle, swim, row, ride and even wheelchair across the island from one end (St. George) to the other (Dockyard). The huge funds raised in this event go to the local charities. 
Yes it's about real onions which once made enormous impact to the lives of Bermudians. It was the main crop in the island and a prized item for exports. This annual event is organized to recognize and cherish that heritage. 
Portuguese Festival 
Portuguese community in Bermuda organizes an annual festival (Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres) to celebrate the Holy Christ and also with an objective of raising funds for the Portuguese School of Bermuda. This is a tradition which started in Azores more than a century back. The community gathers, enjoys food, music and dance, and also holds a parade. Traditional Portuguese food is also made available. 
Bermuda Day is a public holiday. Many events including Parades, races and Marathons are held in the island to mark the beginning of summer. It is held on the last Friday of the month of May. 
Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Race is an extremely popular sail boat race to both locals and visitors. The yacht clubs of Bermuda participate in this. The race takes place on St. George's Harbor. 


(June - October, Twice a month on Saturdays) X Discontinued 
This is an initiative from Bermuda Department of tourism to expose the residents and visitors with the best of dance and musical talents of Bermuda. This free evening cultural program is complemented with nice food offerings. 
Find out about the Queens Birthday parade and celebration in Bermuda. This is no longer an official public holiday in the island. 
(Held Biennially) 
This is an old tradition of celebrating Bermuda's ancestral connections with the Native Americans. 
Canada Day is celebrated as a grand beach party in Bermuda. The Association of Canada organizes this in the island. Find out all about it. 
A carnival style festival which centers around celebrating the real heroes of Bermuda, and organizes a series of musical events in Hamilton area pulling a large crowd from all across the island and even abroad. 
Held at various places in the island between May to October, this is an elaborate event with colorful parade and bands. It simulates the 17th century old tradition when drummers would remind the army personnel to get back to barracks once the night falls. 
(held once in every two years) 
This is a 635-mile sail boat race from Newport to Bermuda on challenging Atlantic conditions. 
(Biennial on odd-numbered years) 
This is an open ocean yacht race where even amateur skippers can also participate. The race starts from Marion of Massachusetts and ends at St. David's Head in Bermuda covering a distance of 645 nautical miles.  


Formerly 'City Fashion Festival' has been re-branded as Bermuda Fashion Festival after it has grown in popularity since its inception in 2011. This is a week long festival which includes several runway shows and social events and parties. Large number of models, island based makeup artists, hair stylists, salons, retail stores, local and international designers etc participate in the shows. Thousands from the island and many visitors join the festival events. 
This is an open fishing tournament having three legs. The boat accumulating maximum points out of all the three legs becomes the winner. 
The beach festival is held on the Emancipation day (first day of the Cup Match) on a beach (usually the Horseshoe Beach). It's a great family event where many types of beach games and fun activities are held including netball, beach volleyball, tug-o-war, swimming race and lot more. Cash bars and food and beverages stalls are set up. Many local and international talents perform on the beach stage. This is the largest beach party in the island and joined by thousands.  


Find out about Cup match in Bermuda. The game of Cricket is played over two public holidays (Emancipation Day and Somer's Day) and the island virtually shuts down. These two days coincide with Thursday and Friday that immediately precede the first Monday in August. 
This is the after party following the cup match where a performance battle takes place between Soca and Reggae DJs and performers. The musical event that takes place at night on the second day of cup match and is attended by thousands including locals and visitors. 
This funny and hilarious event is held at Mangrove Bay where local families and even tourists craft their own strange looking vessels and try to sail on them or stay afloat. These vessels that are unfit for seafaring, are made of strange things including tables, floats and even oil drums. 
The beach tennis tournament is held at the Horseshoe Bay Beach. This is an ITF (International Tennis Federation) event and participated by both local and international participants and watched by many spectators. 
Annual Junior Fishing Tournament 
Kids 16 years and under can participate in this tournament which is held by Bermuda Anglers Club. One can fish from shore or boat, use rod and reel or hand-line. Prizes for different categories are given away at Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. 
Email (for further info): [email protected] 


Bermuda sand sculpture and castle competition is an annual event held at Horseshoe Bay Beach. Teams participate in various categories (entry is free) and create wonderful sand sculptures. Prizes are given away in each category. 
Bermuda Music Festival X Discontinued 
One of the most popular musical events in Bermuda, this was earlier known as the Bermuda Jazz festival. This is held in September/October over three days. The event features great performances from international stars who are joined by local talents. 


The festival held in Hamilton City is a combination of several events that includes competition among the top chefs of Bermuda, tasting of finest quality red and white wine, and culminating into a Street Festival where dozens of top of the line restaurants and bars, food vendors and caterers of the island showcase their special dishes and cocktails. And of course the ticket holders can sample all of those including the Chefs creations during the competition. 
This annual festival is held to showcase the traditional folk art of Gombey dance. It is also accompanied by performances by stilt walkers, Gombey crafts, face paintings, food stalls and lot more interesting offerings. 
The King Edward VII Gold Cup is one of the greatest yacht racing events in the world. It's currently sponsored by the Argo Group and also therefore known as the Argo Group Gold Cup. 
PGA Grand Slam of Golf moved to Bermuda in 2007. Over the years, it has grown from a 1-day 18 hole event to a 2-day 36 hole major showdown. The winner of this event is called the year's Champion of the Champions. 
Several popular food trucks participate in the event offering hot and fresh local food from the trucks. This is a great opportunity to eat Bermudian food like jerk chicken, fish cakes, fish sandwich, shark hash and lot more along with homemade beverages and island cocktails. 
This is a self guided walking tour in St. George to explore the various artworks created by the local artists of all types. It's a festival like event where many store front galleries, retailers and area restaurants stay open till late, display artworks from local artists while food vendors and bakeries offer snacks and beverages. Talents of all forms showcase their work like pottery, paintings, weaving, woodcraft, live performances like singing and dancing, kids craft and lot more. 


Find out about how World Rugby Classic is held in Bermuda, what goes on in the island other than the game itself, and more… 
On Bermuda Remembrance Day, a Parade is held and wreaths are laid to pay tribute to the World War heroes who fought for Bermuda. 
Tree Lighting Ceremony 
This is the evening when Santa Claus arrives. The Tree Lighting ceremony usually takes place in front of City Hall in Hamilton City. Large number of residents along with their children gather here for an enjoyable evening. The ceremony usually starts at 5:30pm when a large tree covered with lights is illuminated. This is followed by appearance of Santa who would normally interact with the children. Then there are performances by school choirs, Bermuda Regiment Band, Bermuda Island Pipe Band etc. The celebration is joined by the Town Crier, Deputy Mayor of Hamilton etc among others. 
Santa Claus Parade in Hamilton 
This annual parade passes through the streets of Hamilton. Many dace groups, clubs, gombeys, cartoon characters, marching bands and of course Santa Claus participate in this festive parade. Hundreds of islanders and even tourists line up along both sides of the streets, many even sit on the foot paths to witness the parade and the performances. 
Carter House Christmas Evening 
A family evening is held at Carter House, one of the oldest houses in Bermuda and a museum located in St. Davids. Other than decorating the house in period style using cedar and palm leaves, fruits, foliage etc and adding to the charm by lighting candles and fireplaces, local food and drinks are also offered. Santa visits with a bag full of gifts for the children. The event is free. 
Visit the above link for information about events taking place during this time. 


Goodwill Golf Tournament 
This is world's oldest Pro-Am golf tournament and hosted by some of the best golf courses of Bermuda like Port Royal, Mid Ocean, Tuckers Point, Riddells Bay etc. Participating teams come from the US, UK and Canada. Email (for further info): [email protected]; Phone: (441) 295-4640 
Christmas Walkabout in St. George's 
This walk is organized by Bermuda National Trust that takes you to several historic homes in St. Georges that are lavishly decorated. The walk is complete with live music and special performances. 
(Held once in two years) 
The boat parade is a spectacular event held biennially on Hamilton Harbor. Boats and yachts of all types and sizes participate in this event. The boats are gorgeously decked up with lights and parade amongst roaring cheers from thousands who watch this spectacle from the shoreline. 
(Not Scheduled) 
The international open chess tournament in Bermuda is held after the Grandmasters championship. It started way back in 1980s. 
A series of events and festivals take place in the island during the Christmas period. It's a great time to visit the island and be part of some of these activities that take place in St. George and Hamilton. 
Elbow Beach Festival 
Large number of expatriates staying in the island and tourists gather at Elbow Beach in Paget parish on the morning of Christmas Day (December 25) every year to celebrate the occasion. It's complete with food, music on the beach and wine. 

Weekly/Recurring Events

Harbor Nights is a street festival held on Front Street of Hamilton Bermuda. It takes place every Wednesdays during summer months (usually starting in May). Local vendors sell art and crafts, homemade food and there are many entertainers and performers on the street including Gombey dancers. It's a huge attraction for tourists to be part of the festival and experience the island vibe. 
On Mondays, Kings Wharf or the Naval Dockyard in Bermuda offers nightly festival celebrations with fun filled activities in the summer months starting in May. The event is known as Destination Dockyard. 
(November to June, Every Saturday, 8am - 12noon) 
Started in 2002, erstwhile City Market (now known as Farmers Market) is held every Saturday morning usually from November to June. Local agricultural, farming and handmade products including jewelry, bags, art and craft etc are on sale giving a great opportunity to both tourists and locals to get the best of Bermudian produce at reasonable cost. Although it was held in Hamilton City earlier (and hence the former name), it's now held at a building at Botanical Gardens in Paget. 
(Weekly or Last Sunday, April - November) X Discontinued 
This is a street market where vendors put up temporary stalls and sell all kinds of items including fish, vegetables, fish, farm produce etc. Another feature of this market is performances from street performers. 
Uptown Market X Discontinued 
(on every Saturday)  
After the City Market shifted to Botanical Gardens in Paget, a new street market was getting due at Hamilton. The Uptown Market is being introduced by Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) starting May 23, 2015 and will run every Saturday between 11am to 4pm. It will be held at the Car Park of Jamaican Grill Restaurant on Court Street, Hamilton City. So what can you expect? Many local vendors with peddlers license will set up temporary stalls selling all kinds of items like homemade food, bakery items, fruits, garden fresh vegetables, handmade jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, T-shirts, bags, caps, gift items, knick knacks etc. And there will be musical entertainment, fun castles and lots of family fun activities. It's a great opportunity to interact with the locals and buy local products at reasonable prices. For more info, email [email protected] or call (441) 292-5570. 
(May to August, Weekly) X No longer held 
Market nights at St. George is held on every Tuesday evening at King Square, St George. It includes entertainment, local arts and crafts, music and more. It is like a traditional fare where many vendors set up stalls in an illuminated festive atmosphere. 
People's Market Bermuda X Discontinued 
(On Saturdays, all through the year) 
This is an open area market where vendors sell all kinds of items in an affordable price and in an atmosphere which is family friendly and inviting. It's a great place to pick up traditional Bermudian items like art and craft from local artists, food items, clothes, books including used ones, jewelry, bags and shoes and lot more. The market is held more like a community event where you can meet many locals. There is also free live music and dance shows that take place. The weekly theme changes. There is no entry fee. It is held at Cedar Bridge Academy School campus in Devonshire parish. 

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Reviews and Comments

Raj ( July 2019 
St George's Seaside Market: A new seaside market has been launched in the Town of St. George's on certain Sundays of the month, the first one having opened its gates this July 7th from 5-8pm. This is aimed at attracting visitors, especially the cruise ship passengers and dates for the market are announced accordingly.  The market will be a sort of culmination of the best that Bermuda has to offer in the form of products, entertainment and experience. 
Some of the famous business houses in the town like Salt Spray Soap, Sweet Saak Bakery, and Kelly Diel Sea Glass showcase their products here. You can shop for a lot of locally made goods within a single premise. You will also find live entertainment and performances making it a fun filled evening. There will also be a local body who can advise you on how to go about touring the town. The market is set in a picturesque location right by the edge of the water at Penno's Wharf, outside of the World Heritage Center
Elizabeth Molinaro (December 27, 2014) 
Hello, we are a family of 5 (kids ages 16, 15, 11) and we just arrived in Bermuda today. Do you have any suggestions for what we can do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? look forward to your reply. Thanks 
Raj ( December 27, 2014 
Hi, you can consider joining the New Year's Eve celebrations at Kings Square, St. Georges (9pm to 1am). Lots of music, live entertainment, food vendors, fireworks, face painting, fun castles and more. MC Ed Cristopher is a great entertainer himself and the Town Crier from Hamilton City. Admission is free to all. Need to organize your transport though, although it's likely that public bus service would be made available until late at night. Otherwise taxis will be available. 
The group Off Level is organizing a NYE party from 10pm onwards at the City Hall . Inside there will be LED laser shows, DJs and music. Outside there will be couple of bars where you can socialize and dance. Other attractions here includes photo booth and professional photography, Johnnie Walker tasting table, door prizes etc. Regular entry fee is $40 per person which includes party favors and desserts for ladies. Early bird tickets ($30) are available at several outlets in Hamilton including Sports Locker, Docksiders etc. 
Ciroc NYE party will be held at Waterfront Complex (Front Street, Hamilton, Pier 6). Entry at 9pm. Includes DJs, live band from Canada, bars etc. Entry ticket $75, available online at 
Several luxury hotels are offering gala dinner with DJ/Live music such as Waterlot Inn at Fairmonth Southampton Hotel (Southampton), Cafe Lido at Elbow Beach Hotel (Paget), or The Reefs (Southampton). 
Nothing much on the New Year Day (Jan 1st) after a long night. Expect a sedate day. You can go for a new year's day family brunch at Beau Rivage at Newstead, 27 Harbour Road, Paget. There will be food from all over the world. You can also visit Masterworks Art Gallery at the Botanical Gardens (Paget) and Bermuda Art Center at the dockyard.