Bermuda Fashion Festival

Formerly known as the 'City Fashion Festival', has been renamed to 'Bermuda Fashion Festival' from 2015. Why? Because the fashion show and the festival has grown rapidly in stature and popularity since its debut in 2011. 
And now it has become a global destination event attracting both local and global talents including designers, makeup artists, hair stylists etc. And from a modest beginning, it has become a fashion week with a week long activities which includes several runway shows along with many social and cultural events and get-togethers. Bermuda Fashion Festival is usually held in the month of July with venues spread across several places in Hamilton City. 

Typical activities during Fashion Festival

Following are some of the most popular activities and programs that take place during the event: 
Hair and Beauty Show: This is a theatrical type show where models showcase work from hair stylists and makeup artists from the island. Most of the well known salons in Bermuda participate in this show. 
The Raft Up: This represents a traditional summer day event in Bermuda with crisp ocean breeze, open bar, great food, music and a party over several hours in the day in typical Bermudian style. Entry is by invitation only or if you buy the 'Passport to Fashion' from the hosts. The passport gives entry to all shows and social events during the week. 
Local Designer Show and After Party: This is a runway show where models walk up the ramp and feature exclusive designs and future trends in the island from selected and most talented local designers of Bermuda. This is followed by an After Party where the local and international guests get an opportunity to meet with designers. 
Local Designer Trunk Show: This is one more opportunity to meet the above local designers as well as several other local designers, see their work and chat with them. 
International Designer Show: This is a runway show featuring the designs of the participating international designers. Here you will see the worlwide emerging trends and their future designs. 
Gombey Pool Party: This is an island style party by the poolside. Entry by invitation only or if you buy the Passport to Fashion from the hosting organization in Bermuda. Enjoy cocktails and meet with international guests. 
The Evolution Retail Show: This is the most popular show which has been taking place since inception of the festival. It now involves more than 150 models and retail stores from the island showcasing urban to latest fashion brands, theatrical style shows and other entertainment. More than 3,000 people come to experience the show. 

Schedule, Venue and Tickets

July 7-13, 2019 
July 8-14, 2018 
This is the 9th year of Bemuda Fashion Festival. 
  • Sunday July 8: Evolution Retail Show 
  • Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton 
  • Monday July 9: Hair and Beauty Show 
  • Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton 
  • Wednesday July 11: Float Fashion Cruise 
  • Aboard The UberVida Celebration Yacht 
  • Thursday July 12: International Designer Show 
  • Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton 
  • Friday July 13: Local Designer Show 
  • Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton 
  • Saturday July 14: Bermuda Fashion Expo 

    Contact Info and Ticketing

    Bermuda Fashion Festival 
    17 Church Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. 
    Phone: (441) 292-1234 
    You can purchase tickets online at 

    Past Fashion Festivals in Bermuda

    October 28 – November 4, 2017 
  • MASK’D Ball: Saturday October 28, The Loren at Pink Beach (Resort) 
  • Event time: 7pm – 11pm 
  • Evolution Retail Show: Sunday October 29, Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton. 
  • Show starts: 6:30pm 
  • Float Fashion Cruise: Monday October 30, Aboard The UberVida Celebration Yacht. 
  • Cruise time: 6pm – 8pm 
  • International Designer Show: Wednesday November 1, Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton. 
  • Show time: 6:30pm 
  • Local Designer Show: Friday November 3, Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton 
  • Show time: 6:30pm 
  • Bermuda Fashion Expo: Saturday November 4, Ocean Suite, Elbow Beach Hotel  
  • Event time: 11am – 4pm 
    July 10-16, 2016 
  • EVOLUTION RETAIL SHOW: City Hall Front Lawn, Hamilton. Date: July 10 | Time: 5:00pm. Price: FREE, VIP tickets: $60 (VIP includes complimentary reception 4pm– 5pm, access to private cash bar during intermission, gift bags and reserved seating) 
  • HAIR and BEAUTY SHOW: Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton. Date: July 11 | Price: $35 per person. Doors open: 6:30pm | Show time: 7:30pm 
  • INTERNATIONAL DESIGNER SHOW: Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton. Date: July 12 | Price: $40 per person. Doors open: 6:30pm | Show time: 7:30pm 
  • CELEBRITY GOLF CLASSIC: Turtle Hill Golf Club, Fairmont Southampton. Date: July 13  
  • Email [email protected] for further info. 
  • LOCAL DESIGNER SHOW: Number 1 Car Park, Hamilton | Date: July 14. Price: $40 per person | Reception: 6:30pm | Show time: 7:30pm 
  • INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT TO FASHION: Exclusively for international guests and includes Two Runway Shows, Sunset Dessert Cruise and Celebrity Cocktail Party | Price: $125 per person. 
  • Tickets are available from the City Hall and Arts Center, Hamilton. 
    2015 Bermuda Festival Schedule and Entry Fees 
    Monday July 6, Shopping Tour: Venue - Around Hamilton City; 1:30pm; Entry: Free 
    Monday July 6, Hair and Beauty Show: Venue - Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall; 7:30pm; Entry: $35 
    Tuesday July 7, The Raft Up*: Venue - Albouy’s Point, Hamilton; 12noon – 4pm; Entry: See below 
    Tuesday July 7, Clubbing in the City: Venue - Front Street; 10pm onwards; Entry: Free 
    Wednesday July, 8 Local Designer Show: Venue - TBD; 7:30pm; Entry: $40 (show only) 
    Wednesday July, 8  After Party: Venue - TBD; 9pm – Midnight; Entry: $20 (advance), $25 (at the door) 
    Thursday July 9,  Local Designer Trunk Show: Pier 6 Complex; 11am – 3pm; Entry: Free 
    Thursday July 9,  International Designer Show: Venue - TBD; 7:30pm; Entry: $40 
    Friday July 10, Gombey Pool Party*: Venue - Hamilton Princess Infinity Pool; 5pm – 9pm; Entry: See below 
    Saturday July 11, Evolution Retail Party: Venue: City Hall Car Park; 7:30pm; Entry: Free (General), $50 (VIP) 
    *Entry is by invitation only or if you buy the 'Passport to Fashion' from the hosts. It costs $250 and allows entry to all shows and social events during the Fashion Festival week including the VIP seat at the Evolution Retail Party on the final day of the week. Use the contact info below to get further details about the Passport and how to buy. 
    The First Fashion Festival in Bermuda, July 2011 
    The biggest ever fashion show the 'Evolution' was organized at the City Hall in Hamilton. The event was participated by some 190 top models of the island and attended by over 1,000 from audience. Although admission was free, there were special VIP seats that were sold from the City Hall. The finale was part of the week long event organized by the City of Hamilton. The participants walked on 150-foot runway which is the longest ever in the island. 
    The local fashion choreographer and director Dean Parris was the director of the event. The event also marked the launch of Top Model International 2012 campaign. The winner of the Top Model International 2011 was Bermudian Deandra Brangman who also helped in organizing the show. The event was overall sponsored by Evian and the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. The entire event was filmed by Top Model International. 
    There were modeling scouts from UK who announced on the night of the finale that two models will be chosen from the 13 shortlisted and then would be given the opportunity to walk the worldwide Top Model International 2012 stage. The event was a huge success. There were also retail stall set up at the City Hall car park that displayed the modern fashion designs from their stores. 
    The models showcased an array of men and women’s fashion from local boutiques and stores including Gibbons Co, Daisy’s and Daisy’s, Choices, The Edge, Secrets, Connections, Vibe and Clara Bows. The event started at 7pm with fashion show from children and then followed by an intermission and then the main adults' event began. 
    The main themes included the bold primary colors, neon, floral prints and multi-colored leather jackets and waistcoats. Each retailer that received representation had something unique and unusual to present like the fun beach vibes from Makin’ Waves and operatic drama from Perry Footwear’s collections etc. 
    The 13 models were shortlisted not only based on their beauty and style, but also on consideration of potential, attitude and work ethics. Another prominent feature of the fashion show was participation from not only regular women models, but also from men and plus size women. Brangman summed up saying that Bermuda's fashion scene does not have a specific dimension, rather its a "melting pot" of diverse talents, size and shape. This also helps designers and retailers to showcase a variety of fashion designs of different size and shape. 
    There was an after party at Pier 6 on Front Street from 11pm onwards. 
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