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When you visit a restaurant with your kids, the last thing that you want to see is other diners raising their eye brows or calling the waiters and whispering something into their ears with a tone of annoyance. It's true that many diners do not like kids moving around on the floor or making noises or gestures. 
And it's also true that the kids do not like such diners either. They want to be free, engaged in some activities and most importantly like to eat the food they like while you too as parents have choices to order your kind of food. so the restaurant and the staffs have a huge roll to play in such situations and must make it loud and clear in their themes and decor that they love kids and families. 
While all restaurants in the island are not geared to handle children of all ages along with families, some restaurants in Bermuda do exceptionally well in this. And the popular magazine of the island The Bermudian gives annual awards to those who are the best amongst family and kid friendly restaurants. 
Here are some of the best restaurants in Bermuda for families and kids: 
(Cuisine: Italian, Category: Budget/Mid Range) 
The restaurant is located on Washington Street in Hamilton City. They have won several awards from The Bermudian magazine for being the best family and kids friendly restaurant in the island. They serve great Italian food. Large varieties of pizzas are made in wood burning brick ovens. But why do the kids love this restaurant? 
First, it's colorfully and tastefully decorated. They have a separate kids menu having items like spaghetti with meatballs and trattoria sauce, pepperoni pizza, cheese and tomato pizza, home made chcicken tenders, cheese burgers, grilled cheese, grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, steamed vegetables and more which kids love. 
The backside of the menu card asks the kids to draw pictures. They provide the color pens and encourage the kids to paint. And most kids get busy immediately. La Trattoria serves lunch and dinner daily. 
(Cuisine: Pub fares and British, Category: Budget/Mid Range) 
This is another favorite place for families and children. The pub and restaurant is located in the old Cooperage building of Royal Naval Dockyard. When you enter the main dining room (Cooper's Room), the huge hall, high ceiling, many colorful flags fluttering around, the large candle holder hanging from the ceiling and the massive stone made fireplace make the children feel as if they are inside a castle. 
The children also enjoy traditional British pub fares such as bangers and mash, fish and chips etc, and also burgers and other dishes. Another attraction for the children here is the adjoining game room which has several play stations, pool table etc. The pub also has its own local brewery, the only one making Bermuda brewed beer. So that's an opportunity for the parents to enjoy some great beer of original Bermuda flavor. 
X Temporarily Closed 
(Cuisine: American, Category: Budget/Mid Range) 
This is located at Fairmont Southampton hotel. Kids love the pool side dining and also the kid friendly menu which includes mostly burgers and wraps. If the kids come prepared with swim suits, they can even take a dip. 
Kids menu includes Caesar salad (also served with chicken), green salad, hot dog with soft bun, crispy chicken tenders, mini beef sliders, whole wheat spaghetti etc. In desserts the kids menu offers cheese cake, fruit salad, frozen salads. While kids relish their food you can sip an island cocktail or take a wine by glass, followed by plenty of appetizers, salads and burgers and wraps. Wicket is open daily for lunch and dinner. 
(Cuisine: Italian Bermudian Sushi, Category: Budget) 
Speciality Inn is located in Smiths parish. They have received Best of the Best award from The Bermudian magazine for the great pizzas they prepare. The menu is extensive. There are 20 types of pizzas in the menu and large choices of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Although there is no separate kids menu, they will prepare the way you want. This is one of the busiest restaurants in the island and locals favorite. 
(Cuisine: Pub fares and Bermudian, Category: Budget/Mid Range) 
Although this is the most famous pub in Bermuda located in Bailey's bay near the Crystal Caves, this pub also welcomes children of all ages. They have a separate children's menu that includes nice dishes like Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese, Fish Sticks, Cheese Burger, Cheese Pizza, Ham Sandwich, Hamburger, Macaroni and Cheese etc. Kids also like the cheesecakes here as well as the milkshakes, while you can choose an island drink like Bermuda's original rum swizzle and enjoy. 
(Cuisine: Ice Cream and Snack, Category: Budget) 
This is a great place to take your children. They have homemade ice creams of many different flavors, some of which are original and can only be found here. Other cool products include frozen yogurt, fresh fruit juices, sorbets etc. They also offer fish cakes, sandwiches, chicken legs, meatball subs and others. 
X Closed 
(Cuisine: Italian, Category: Mid Range/Upscale) 
The restaurant is part of Fairmont Southampton hotel and specially designed as family friendly restaurant. The vibrant colors inside attract the children. They have a separate menu for children which includes items like salads, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken fingers and fries, choices of pizzas, fettucine alfredo, cheese cakes, fresh berries, banana split and more. You will find many families dining at the early dinner hours. The restaurant has a bar for you to relax and wine. 
(Cuisine: Bermudian and Western, Catefory: Mid Range) 
This quiet and family friendly restaurant is located in Paget and at a walking distance from Elbow Beach. The restaurant has special kids menu offering items such as pancakes, bacon, eggs etc in breakfast, and chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, wahoo bites, spaghetti and tomato sauce, grilled cheese, pizza, mini burgers etc during lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
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