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What to Expect

Bermuda is not about just sunning and swimming at the beaches, or eating burgers and sandwiches. There are numerous water based or land based exciting activities and tours, and you must experience few of them. There are all kinds of organized watersport activities including snorkeling boat trips, jet and water Skiing, kayaking, helmet diving, scuba diving for reefs and wrecks, parasailing, paddle boarding, windsurfing... 
Boating, sailing and island tours are very popular in Bermuda as well. The water around Bermuda offers amazing marine life and colorful corals. There are numerous sites of interest on the island like museums, aquarium, caves, churches, historical buildings, traditional homes with lovely architecture, parks and gardens, forts, lighthouses etc. 
Bermuda has some of the prettiest golf courses in the world, some with sweeping views of the ocean. The anglers too find a paradise here with great options of shore, reef and deep sea fishing. And the hikers of course love this island because of its lovely nature trails through villages, lush landscapes and beaches. 
Several top class equestrian centers offer horse riding. The island also offers a range of high class spas in serene ambience. The national sports center is open to all including tourists offering great tracks and swimming pools.  
There are excellent nature reserves and even a forest in this tiny island which are ideal for bird watching. Bermuda has so many native and migratory birds, as well as unique flora and fauna which you can keep exploring for days. 
NOTE: If you are planning some downtown activities in the evenings in places like Hamilton City, be aware that all stores and retail outlets close by 5pm Monday through Saturday, and remain closed on Sundays and public holidays. So on a weekday after 5pm or anytime on Sundays, you will likely find the places deserted. An exception is Harbor Night festival which takes place on Front Street (Hamilton) on Wednesdays during summer season. This is when the on-street activities continue until late hours and most stores on and around Front Street remain open until 9:30pm. 

Activities by month

Month-wise availability of activity in Bermuda 
  • Snorkeling: Can be done during summer (May to October when the average water temperature ranges from low 70s to 80s). It can be done in other months as well, but requires wetsuit. 
  • Sunset and Sightseeing Cruises, Sailing and Boat Rentals: Can be availed round the year. However during low season (November to April), several operators close down operations. Some do it on advanced bookings. 
  • Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Jetskiing, Parasailing, Flyboarding: Can be done round the year. During winter (November to April), limited operators are available. 
  • Kitesurfing: Can be done between December and May. 
  • Golf, Tennis, Spa: Available round the year. Winter is a great time for golfing and tee time availability is higher. 
  • Fishing: Reef and Shore fishing can be done round the year. Deep sea fishing can be done between May to October. Note that the season for wahoo, yellowfin tuna, marlin is June-July. Spiny Lobster season is from September to March and you can dive with the locals for the catch. 
  • Hiking and Cycling: Can be done round the year and the well known Bermuda Railway Trail remains accessible. However in summer (June to October) the air temperature can easily reach 80s during the day and humidity over 80%, so it can get quite uncomfortable. 
  • Horseback Riding: Can be done throughout the year. However beach rides are allowed only during low season (November to April, but trail rides are always open). 
  • Scuba Diving: Can be done round the year. However in winter (November to April) while the water visibility is much higher, the average water temperature remains in 60s and will require a wetsuit. 
  • Helmet Diving: Can be done during summer (May to October when the average water temperature ranges from low 70s to 80s). 
  • Whale Watching: Can be done in March and April. This is the migration season of humpback whales. 
  • Bird Watching: Different kinds of birds can be seen in different seasons. However the rare Cahow (which is the national bird of Bermuda) can be seen between December to February. 
  • Glow Worm Cruises: Available between May to November, once a month (2-3 nights after full moon). 
  • Cliff Jumping and Rock Climbing (Soloing): Can be done during summer (May to October) when average water temperature ranges between low 70s to 80s. 

    Water Sport Activities

    Here is a list of water sport activities. To book an activity using world's #1 service, go to this section
  • Swimming: Some great beaches for swimming includes Elbow Beach (in Paget), Shelly Bay Beach (in Hamilton Parish), Tobacco Bay Beach (in St. George), Horseshoe Bay Beach (in Southampton), John Smith's Bay Beach (in Smith's parish), Clearwater Beach (in St. Davids), Warwick Long Bay Beach (in St. Davids)... More Info 
  • Snorkeling: You can snorkel from a beach, or better take a snorkel boat tour to get to an offshore water area and see some amazing corals, fish and even wrecks. Some great snorkel beaches include Tobacco Bay Beach (in St George, corals, fish and marine life), Church Bay (in Southampton, fish and marine life), Daniel's Head Beach (In Sandys, reefs and shallows are great to view fish), Jobson's Cove (in Warwick , fish at the reefs). There are many snorkel boat trips that leave from Royal Naval Dockyard area during tourist season (summer). The tours usually last for 2 hours and include snorkel gears and even underwater cameras to take pictures... More Info 
  • Kayaking: Several operators organize group Kayak tours. Some well known names are Somerset Bridge Watersports, Crystal Clear Kayaks, Fantasy, Just Add Water, Bluehole Water Sport etc. While some operate in Sandys and offer transports from Royal Naval Dockyard, some are available in Hamilton and St. George. There are single as well as double kayaks, and some even have glass bottom views with LEDs fitted so that you can watch corals and marine life after sunset... More Info 
  • Jet Skiing: You can zip through or ride at your own place to explore various water areas in Bermuda on Jet Ski. There are guided group tours available. KS Watersports, Snorkel Park etc operate from the dockyard, Sea Venture Watersports operate from Southampton... More Info 
  • Helmet Diving: Hartley's is a very credible operator who organizes Helmet dive from Royal Naval Dockyard. You can join a group, take a boat ride, go underwater with a helmet that will let you breathe normally, and be among wonderful fish, colorful corals and many strange marine life... More Info 
  • Scuba Diving: Bermuda is a paradise for scuba divers who love to explore north Atlantic reefs and the many shipwrecks that have sunk because of these treacherous reefs. Cristobal Colon, Montana, Constellation are few of the many wrecks that are highly popular with divers. There are several PADI certified dive centers in Bermuda, some operate from dockyard, and others from various other parts offering one or two tank dives and also diving instructions to beginners. More Info 
  • Parasailing: Parasailing is available in Royal Naval Dockyard (offered by KS Watersports) and also in St. George. You  get lovely view of the water and surrounding areas as you are launched in the sky from a boat... More Info 
  • Paddleboarding: There are organized group tours on paddle boarding. Some like Fantasy operate from dockyard and transport you to a water area in Somerset, SurfSup is on Daniel's Head in Sandys,  More Info 
  • Windsurfing and Kitesurfing: Shelly Bay Beach (in Hamilton Parish) and Achilley's Bay in St. George are the best beaches for Windsurfing. There are several operators including SurfSup (in Daniel's Head, Sandys), Pompano Beach Watersports (in Southampton), Blue Hole Watersports (in Grottobay Beach Resort in Hamilton Parish) and few others. Elbow Beach in Paget and Somerset Long Bay are great for Kitesurfing. The operator Island Winds in Warwick offers Kitesurfing gears... More Info 
  • Flyboarding: You are propelled several feet above water with water jet as you stand on a platform. The operator Coconut Rocks located in dockyard has introduced this watersport in Bermuda. More Info 
  • Sailing and Yachting: There are several sailing operators in Bermuda. You can join a group sailing for sightseeing or sunset views, or charter a crewed yacht or catamaran and customize your sail which you can combine with activities like snorkeling or kayaking. ... More Info 
  • Boat Rentals: You can rent a boat, explore the coastline, discover tiny islands in the western water or Castle Harbor on the east, and have an exclusive picnic on an island beach... More Info 

    Walking and Hiking

    There are great nature trails through beaches, parks, villages and landscapes that offer you great hikes and awesome views. The most popular is Bermuda Railway Trail which spans across the island passing by coastline, nature reserves, forests etc. Some take the self guided walking tour of the historic town of St. George, many love the hike on South Shore Park. There are many more. Check out Bermuda Walks and Hikes to choose the ones you like. 

    Island Tours and Excursions

    In a short island vacation, you would like to plan out your days carefully. If you like to visit the lovely beaches, sights and attractions, enjoy the nature and spectacular landscapes, or explore the culture and history of the island, a good idea is to take a well designed tour... it could be a self guided island tour by bus, or a guided tour by taxi or minibus, or a boating/sailing tour, or even a walking tour... the options are plenty. Here are the Best Tours in Bermuda 

    Boating and Sailing Tours

    If you are not the kind to swim or snorkel, rather like to take a relaxed boat tour to get lovely view of the coast line from Bermuda's waters, or see the fascinating marine life and corals through a glass bottom view from a boat, take a boat tour. You can even see turtles if you are lucky and even partially submerged shipwrecks. 
    There are boating tours that also offer sunset and cocktail cruises, dinner cruises, and also those that show you famous homes and hideaways along the coastline. Check out Boating and Sailing Tours to know all about such cruises. 
    If you are in a small group and looking for privacy and flexibility, Boat Charters would be the way to go. You can sail in the east, get into the Castle Harbor and see the small islets that are home to many Bermuda's British fortifications, or explore the west end by going below the world's smallest drawbridge called the Somerset Bridge and then into the picturesque Ely's Harbor, explore the bays and see the Royal Naval Dockyard. Charter boats give you many other options including BBQ on board, coolers, snorkeling stops, sunset views and lot more. 


    Bermuda golf courses offer spectacular ocean views and lush green expanses that you will rarely find anywhere in the world. While there are courses that are regular venues for PGA Grand Slam and take pride to host top golfers in the world, there is also golf academy and even 18-hole fun mini golf course. Visitors can easily book tee time online on most of these courses. 
    Here are the top golf courses in the island: 
  • Port Royal Golf Course (Southampton Parish, 18 holes, 6842 yards, par 71) 
  • Turtle Hill Golf Course (Southampton Parish, 18 holes, 2684 yards, par 54) 
  • Riddell's Bay Golf and Country Club (Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 5800 yards, par 70) 
  • Belmont Hills Golf Club (Warwick Parish, 18 holes, 6017 yards, par 70) 
  • Ocean View Golf Course (Devonshire Parish, 9 holes, 2940 yards, par 35) 
  • Mid Ocean Golf Club (St. George's parish, 18 holes, 6548 yards, par 71) 
  • Tuckers Point Golf Club (St. George's parish, 18 holes, 6361 yards, par 70) 
    Find out all about the Bermuda Golf Courses Here 


    Fishing in Bermuda can be of three types: Shore Fishing, Reef Fishing (along reef lines) and Deep Sea Fishing (beyond the reef line and in open ocean). Shore or line fishing is usually done from the rocky shores or sometimes even from the bridges. The other two require you to avail a fishing boat (in group or charter). Visit Bermuda Fishing for a complete guide to know the best fishing locations, the common catches and the best fishing boat operators. 

    Horseback Riding

    You can ride all throughout the year in Bermuda, along the coastline, on the old railway trails or through the lush hilly landscapes. Several riding centers in the island offer guided trail rides. Check out Horseback Riding for details. 

    Whale Watching

    Spring time (i.e. March to April) is the best season for watching the migrating humpback whales in Bermuda. This is when these awesome mammals migrate from the Caribbean mating zones to the north Atlantic feeding zone. There are some great whale watching boat tours that let you see the whales looping on the water surface from a close distance. You can also spot whales from several places on the shore. Check out Whale Watching to know all about this increasingly popular activity in Bermuda. 

    Great Spas

    The island boasts of its wonderful array of spas many of which are resort spas but accessible to outside guests as well. Several of them are ranked within the first top five hotel spas in the whole of Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas. Most spas are full service and offer a range of body treatments, massages, facials, manicure and pedicure and salon services. Their therapeutic treatments use fresh herbal and organic ingredients and oil. Some spas are ocean facing with great views of the water, while several are in serene tranquil environment in lush garden settings, and there is one in a natural cave by the side of a lake. Check out Top Bermuda Spas to know about the great spas in the island.  

    More Activities...

    Kids and Families 
    There are plenty of activities that you can plan in Bermuda specifically for your family and kids including visits to great playgrounds, family beaches, water sports etc. Check out Bermuda for Kids and Families for details. 
    Bird Watching 
    There are many species of birds, both migratory and land birds that can be seen in Bermuda. Bermuda's national bird is Cahow which is under conservation as they returned from near extinction. Here is a guide that tells you about the different kinds of birds in Bermuda by season and the best locations for bird watching: Bermuda Birds 
    Animals and Wildlife 
    Well, I don't think one often visits Bermuda only to explore its wildlife. That's probably because there isn't much that you can expect in an island that itself has a size of 21 square miles. Having said that, there does exist some unique wildlife in Bermuda that can amaze animal lovers. And some animals are endemic and can only be found in this island. Visit Bermuda Animals and Wildlife to know about the various animals including birds and fish of Bermuda. 
    Cliff Jumping 
    Imagine yourself jumping off a cliff as you swerve through the air in free gravity and then splash into the turquoise blue water. And in some places you can swim through underwater caves before coming out of water. Some of the most popular cliff jumping sites are Admiralty House Park (located on north shore at the outskirts of Hamilton) and several cliff tops (not all) at Horseshoe Bay Beach. Visit Cliff Jumping for details. 
    Rock climbing 
    The island of Bermuda itself is a large rock and therefore it's no surprise that there would be numerous rock faces to climb. In fact there are over 50 rock routes for sports climbing and over 250 for Deep Water Soloing. More routes are coming up as the sport is becoming increasingly popular in the island. Visit Rock Climbing for details. 
    There are countless island made items that can serve as excellent souvenirs or gifts, or to add to your own collections of jewelry, accessories and fashion. Bermuda cedar items, banana dolls, charms made with natural pink sands, or even Bermuda's unique rum cakes are few of the many great buys. Visit Bermuda Shopping for full information. 
    Although Bermuda may not be listed in the world's biggest hot spots for nightlife, it does offer plenty including Night Clubs, Bars and Pubs, Live Performances, Festive Celebrations etc. Other than a night out for enjoyment, they are great places to meet the locals and know them. Check out Bermuda Nightlife 
    Movie Theaters 
    There are several movie theaters in Bermuda that screen mostly latest Hollywood movies as well as European and Caribbean cinemas. Check out Bermuda Movie Theaters for location and other information. 
    Clubs and Associations 
    Bermuda has numerous sports clubs, fitness centers, yacht clubs, social clubs (like Rotary and Lions) etc that are scattered throughout the island. Check out Bermuda Clubs and Associations for details. 
    Activities in Dockyard and Sandys 
    There are operators and outfitters offering plenty of watersports and other activities in the dockyard area and surrounding Sandys parish. They are ideal for the cruise ship passengers docking at the Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf. Activities include boating, Jet ski, offshore snorkeling cruises, diving, parasailing, flyboarding and more. Check out Dockyard and Sandys Activities to get complete details along with contacts. 
    Activities in Hamilton City 
    Hamilton City being the capital and commercial center of the island, has a huge tourist influx and has become a major hub of recreational activities as well. Check out Hamilton Activities to get complete information about all the sporting and recreational activities offered in the city. 

    Find and Book Activities in Bermuda

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    Hi, Lawn bowling was available at Coral Beach and Tennis Club. But it has been sold out to a New York based company in last December. Since then it's not in operation yet. Don't think there is any other place in the island that offers lawn bowling facility now.