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About Transports in Bermuda

Bermuda offers a number of public transportation modes including bus, ferry, taxi, mini bus etc to get around the island. The most popular are the government operated public bus and ferry services. 
You can also rent a scooter, an electric mini car or a bicycle and be on your own. Usual motor car rental is however not possible in Bermuda
While ferry docks are limited and connect several important points in the island, the ferry service (known as SeaExpress) is fast. It allows one to get across between ferry docks very quickly and comfortably. 
Most ferries are fast catamarans and have air-conditioned cabins as well as open decks. 
The pink public buses (known as Breeze bus) on the other hand have extensive network. Bus services let you reach out to virtually every corner of the island. 
A bus in St. George heading for Hamilton 
Bermuda bus in St. George 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
The bus service is efficient and quite frequent. All public buses in Bermuda are also air-conditioned and comfortable. But unfortunately, most are not wheelchair accessible. 
Taxi service is also quite efficient and popular in the island. Although expensive, it provides lots of flexibility and privacy. In fact for airport transfers and even local island tours, taxis are the widely used mode of transport. 
The privately minibus services are quite convenient for transfers between places that are not served by regular buses. Many minibus operators also offer island group tours which operate in per person rates. You can also charter a minibus for a private group tour. 
If you are comfortable with left hand drive, you can also rent a scooter or an electric minicar and be on your own. This will give you all the flexibility to explore the nooks and crannies of the island where public transports can not reach. 
You can also rent a bicycle. And in some places, even the old fashioned horse drawn carriage could be a great way to explore the island. 

Bus Service

There are 11 bus routes in Bermuda and all except one operate from Hamilton City (Central Bus Terminal) connecting almost all corners of the island (including St. George, areas around Hamilton, and the west end Dockyard). 
Bus parked at Hamilton bus terminal 
Bermuda Breeze Bus 
There are bus zones (total 14 of them). Bus fares are of two types and that depend on the number of zones you travel (3-zone fare or all-zone fare). 
You can buy a transport pass for unlimited use of public bus as well as ferry services all across the island. Alternatively, you can tender your bus fare by exact change in cash, or using a token or tickets (available in form of booklets of 15). 
You can purchase passes and tokens from Visitors Service Centers, Hamilton ferry and bus terminals (where you can also get booklet of tickets), Post Offices (booklets of tickets only), etc. Note that you can not buy passes, tickets, tokens, etc online. 
Frequency of bus service depends on the route and day of the week (lesser services at late evenings and also on week-ends and public holidays). 
All bus stops have a pole in front. A Blue pole means the bus will be on its way out of Hamilton and a Pink pole means it will be returning to Hamilton. The final destination is of course displayed in front of the bus. 
Visit Bermuda Bus Services for complete information on bus service including routes, timings, bus zones, fares, bus schedule, transfers and more. 

Ferry Service

Fast catamarans operate on most ferry routes. There are four ferry routes in total and each ferry route is identified by a unique color. 
Two ferry routes are mainly used by the cruise ship passengers docking at Royal Naval Dockyard. One is the Blue Route Ferry for a quick transfer from the Dockyard to Hamilton in just 20 minutes. 
Bermuda Ferry 
Photo: kansasphoto, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The other is the Orange Route Ferry to get across to St. George in just 35 minutes while enjoying the lovely view of Hamilton harbor and the north shore. The Orange Route however operates only on certain days of the week in summer. 
There are two other ferry routes that connect various ferry docks across the island such as docks in Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget etc. These ferries are mostly used by locals and office goers (as well as tourists staying in hotels and B&Bs). 
All the four ferry routes originate and return to Hamilton ferry terminal. And like buses you can use a pass, token, ticket or exact change to ride a ferry. 
Visit Bermuda Ferry Services and Schedule for full info on ferry service including routes, timings, fares and more. 

Taxi Service

Taxis aren't cheap in Bermuda, but convenient. For airport transfers, taxi is one of the best options. All taxis are metered. There are two types of taxis - 4 passenger and 7 passenger taxis and they have different fare rates. 
Bermuda Taxi 
While you can take a taxi for point to point transfer within the island, you can also hire one by the hour to get around the island and enjoy a private taxi tour. There is a fixed hourly rate. However, a minimum of 3-hour booking is required for island tours by taxi.  
Many taxi drivers are certified tour guides and can double up as a great tour guide for sightseeing. These taxis are Blue Flag Taxis and the drivers are endorsed by the tourism department as Blue Flag Certified tour guides. 
There are several taxi stands all across the island. You can reach a stand and take a taxi, or call one from a taxi company over the phone (your hotel or restaurant can also help). 
Go through Taxi Service to get complete information about taxi service in Bermuda, fare structure, taxi stands, taxi companies, and more. 

Scooter Rentals

Scooter is the easiest way to get around the island at your own pace. Beware that it's a left hand drive here and many roads are quite narrow and winding. 
You can easily rent scooters in Bermuda as a tourist and you do not need a license for that. You need to however show a Photo ID as age proof (minimum age is 18 years to drive a scooter in Bermuda). 
Bermuda Scooter Rental 
Photo: Andrew Currie, cc by-sa 3.0 
There are several scooter rental companies in the island. One at the dockyard is convenient for cruise passengers. Several others have outlets throughout the island including in Hamilton and St. George. You can rent a scooter for a day or several days. 
Most rental companies will give you instructions, a practice session, required gears like helmet, basket with lock etc, full tank fuel which you need to refill when you return the scooter. Most companies also offer breakdown services. 
Visit Bermuda Scooter Rentals for full information about the best rental companies, indicative rates and other details. 

Minicar Rentals

3 or 4-wheel battery operated miniature cars are now available on rent in Bermuda. You can rent them through your hotel (only some hotels have this facility) or directly through the rental companies. Charging points are available at various places across the island. 
Renault Twizy Minicar in Bermuda 
Renault Twizy 
Photo: Stephen Gostick, Shutterstock 
Two persons can ride these all-electric eco-friendly tiny cars... this is an excellent substitute for scooter rentals in case you are not comfortable riding a 2-wheeler in Bermuda. 

Minibus and Van Service

Minibuses can be quite convenient and necessary when the public buses can not reach you to certain places or when they run full. There are several operators that offer minibus / van services in Bermuda where the rates are regulated by the government. 
These minibuses can usually seat up to 15 persons. Some minibuses have larger capacity of up to 25. The vans have smaller capacity. 
Ricky’s Minibus Bermuda 
Photo: Ricky's Minibus Tours 
The minibus/van operators provide both shuttle services as well as island tours. These tours operate on per person rates as well as on private charters. 
A popular minibus shuttle service is the beach shuttles that operate between Royal Naval Dockyard and Horseshoe Bay Beach when the cruise ships are in port. 
There is another popular minibus shuttle service in St. George that operates between Kings Square and Tobacco Bay Beach. 
There are several small private operators who are drivers and owners themselves, and offer half as well as full day island sightseeing tours. Many such small operators also offer shuttle and transfer services between various points in the island. 
Check out Minibus and Mini Van Service for full info including services, routes, rates etc. 

Bicycle Rentals

Renting bicycles or pedal bikes in Bermuda can give you all the mobility you need in the island. The 18km Bermuda Railway Trail is an excellent and probably the best cycling trail in the island which you can enter and exit at various points. 
Bicycle rentals are available at several places in Bermuda including Dockyard, Paget and Hamilton. Other than normal pedal cycles, you can get electric bikes as well as mountain bikes on rent. Guided bicycle tours are also available. 
Check out Bermuda Cycle Rentals for full information including rental companies, rates, great cycling trails, bicycle tours etc. 

Horse Carriage

A ride on a Horse drawn carriage in Bermuda can be one a romantic way of enjoying the countryside, the scenic landscapes and historic sites. There are single or double horse drawn carriages. You can hire it for 30 minutes, an hour or more. 
Photo: Bronco Stables, Bermuda 
There are also set tours on horse carriages in dockyard, Hamilton and St. George. Visit Bermuda Horse Drawn Carriage to know about operators, locations, rates, etc. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Melanie (November 2022) 
Hello, We are traveling to Bermuda from US the week before Christmas and we always travel with our small 7lb dog, Teddie. He sits quietly in a backpack, most people don't even know he's in there until we get out. Can I bring my small dog in the backpack on the bus? It's a normal size backpack that can fit in my lap. Are the ferries pet friendly for a small 7lb quiet dog in a regular size backpack? Also, we plan to use the bus all week (a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 teens ages 15 and 17). Is there a week bus pass for us? Thanks! 
Raj ( November 2022 
Hello, Bermuda's legislation related to carrying pets on public transport is unclear. The bus drivers in Bermuda usually do not allow one to board a bus with a pet if they notice (even if it's a small dog or cat in a backpack). However, you should be able to carry your small dog on a ferry (but not inside the cabin)... you will need to take an open-deck seat. Most taxis won't allow any pets. 
1, 2, 3, 4, or 7-day transport passes are available for individuals... adult or child fares will apply depending on age. Suggest you go through Transport Passes for details. 
Melanie (November 2022) 
Oh wow, okay thanks for letting me know. That sure puts a damper on things. We normally can bring him anywhere without any issue. To ride a ferry we need to get to the ferry terminal and I was hoping the bus would be fine. Should we rent a Bermi a day or Teo instead? Or just try the bus and see what happens? I don't think a driver would even notice him in the backpack to be honest. There's a small mesh window but nobody ever notices him. Thanks, 
Raj ( November 2022 
Renting an electric minicar would have been okay, but it has a capacity of only two while you are a family of four. If your dog remains quiet in the bus and nobody notices it, you can slip through... but I can not comment on whether you should take your chances. 
Melanie (November 2022) 
Ok thank you Raj. I'm emailing now with someone about renting a Bermi. I'm asking if a dog can join us. But they sure are expensive so we'd only do that for 1 day and then will chance it for the bus the other days. I just hope we can get from the airport to the condo by taxi by slipping through with our pup:) Thanks so much for your help. 
Maria (March 2022) 
Hi Raj, We are on the NCL ship arriving mid April. We will have our 7 month old with us. We would love to take him around the island and we're wondering what our options are for rentals with him. Thank you in advanced. 
Raj ( March 2022 
Hi Maria, you can not rent a conventional car in Bermuda... this is mainly due to the narrow and winding roads on the island where driving on the 'wrong' side (i.e. left-hand drive) isn't always easy particularly given the busy traffic on the roads. You can, however, rent an Electric Minicar (PEV) like a Twizzy, but these are strictly 2-passenger vehicles and you can not carry a baby on your lap. 
So, the best option to get around the island with privacy is to hire a taxi... you can actually hire a taxi at an hourly rate (minimum for 3 hours). There are Blueflag Taxis whose drivers are certified tour guides and they are knowledgeable about the island's history, culture and people. Blueflag taxi rates are the same as normal taxis. You can customize your tour the way you want. 
Note that there is no need to use a baby seat or a car seat in public transports in Bermuda such as in Taxis, Buses, Ferries etc. 
You can go through Taxi Tours in Bermuda to get details about getting around the island by a taxi and know about some of the best taxi drivers and operators who you can contact to book one in advance. 
If you find the taxis expensive, then public buses and even ferries are good options to get around the island. Suggest, you take a folding stroller with you. Folding strollers are allowed in buses, taxis and ferries without extra charges. Most buses have few seats in the front that are reserved for elderly persons, persons with physical challenges or those having folding strollers. 
Maria (March 2022) 
Thank you, and are we able to get a taxi at the royal naval dockyard? Do we call or is there a place we go? 
Raj ( March 2022 
There is a taxi stand within a short walking distance from the cruise berths at Royal Naval Dockyard. You can go down to the stand and take a taxi. But if you specifically want a Blueflag taxi, you may not always get that at the stand, you should ideally book one in advance... the driver will come and wait for you at the stand. 
Brigitte (July 2019) 
Good afternoon, If I go from King's Wharf to Crystal caves. Then once I'm done at Crystal caves want to go to Fort St-Catherine and then go back to the wharf. What is the most economical way to travel? 
Raj ( July 2019 
Hi, take a ferry from the dockyard (Kings Wharf) to Hamilton, walk down to the bus terminal and take bus #1 or 3 to the caves. From there continue on the same bus route (#1 or 3) to St. George's town. From there you can walk to Fort St. Catherine (about 25 minutes) or take a private minibus shuttle. Same way back. Buy a one-day pass from the Visitors Service Center at the dockyard... allows you unlimited rides on public buses and ferries (but not on private minibus). 
Missie (April 2018) 
Good morning! My daughter and I will be visiting in May on Royal Caribbean. We would really like to rent something so we could see as much as possible. I do not feel comfortable renting a scooter. I had thought at one time I saw where I could rent an electric car? If so, do you recommend a place? If not, are taxi driver ok to hire for the day? 
Raj (, April 2018) 
You can book a battery operated minicar online (your pick up and drop would be at Hotel Hamilton Princess). If this is your first trip to Bermuda, a better option is to hire a taxi for few hours... look for a Blue Flag Certified Taxi driver (there will be a blue flag insignia on the taxi). They are government certified tour guides. You can book one in advance by contacting one of them... check out taxi tours in Bermuda
Joanne (January 2018) 
I plan on purchasing the transportation pass ($33/pp) when I get off of my ship. Then I would like to take the free NCL ferry to St. George.  Could I then use my transportation pass to get to Tobacco Bay Beach and then over to Hamilton for lunch at Swizzle Inn? If so, what bus(es) do I take?  thank you. 
Raj (, January 2018) 
Hi, there are privately operated minibuses that operate between St. George and Tobacco Bay Beach and the transportation pass won't work in such minibuses. You need to pay for a separate ticket (unless you want to walk ... about 25 minutes). However you can take a public bus (#1, 3, 10 or 11) from St. George to get to Swizzle Inn in Hamilton Parish, and then continue on one of these buses to Hamilton City and then take a ferry back to Royal Naval Dockyard... and you can use the transportation pass in these buses and ferry. 
Pat LaSalle (August 2017) 
Hi Raj, In July I saw a three wheel scooter/mini car parked in Hamilton. What do you know about them? Are they something new available for rent? As usual, thanks. 
Raj (, August 2017) 
Pat, the legislation on 3-wheel scooters for visitors came into effect only in April this year. So I would guess that the one you saw would be for trial. Expected by next year visitors should be able to freely rent them from the licensed rental companies. 
Update September 2017: Minicars are now available on rent through several hotels. This gives a great self-drive option to explore the island like with scooters but with much more safety features. Visit the section on Minicars in Bermuda for more details. 
Roxanne (August 2017) 
Hello ~ I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to travel on the island when we land there for out cruise.  We have a family of 6 adults and 5 children.  We will begin our travel from the Naval boat yard and plan to go to the beach in the morning for 3 days and go into Hamilton at least one of the evenings (we are still trying to figure out our plans for the other night).  Should we get a Pass, or buy a book of tickets?  And also, what is the ferry cost to go to Hamilton?  Is it the same cost as it would be to take the bus.  Thank you! 
Raj (, August 2017) 
Hi, the bus/ferry tickets are available at Hamilton (bus and ferry terminals) and post offices, but not in dockyard. Depending on number of bus/ferry journeys you plan to undertake, you need to calculate between passes and tickets to figure out which would be more economical. Apparently from your plans it seems tickets would be the way to go for your group. An adult one-way fare from dockyard to Hamilton is $4.50 by token or $5 by cash (same fare for both ferry and bus, but ferry would be a lot faster). 
Nabeel (July 2017) 
I'm planning to visit Bermuda via cruise on a Monday and Tuesday in October. I'm travelling with a 3 year old and a 6 year old. I am wondering if buses and ferries are usually packed, if there's a preferable non-busy time during the day to travel on the bus, and if it's usually easy to find a seat on the bus/ferry. I hope to visit Crystal Caves, Blue Hole Park, and a beach (quiet, pink sands, and close to Kings Wharf). Thank you. I've really gotten great ideas from your posts. 
Raj (, July 2017) 
Hi, public buses are usually packed during office open/close hours on weekdays (e.g. 8:30am - 9:30am and 5pm - 6pm). Unless there is a long queue of cruise passengers waiting for a bus at the cruise terminal, you should not have problems getting seats. Ferries from Dockyard to Hamilton has frequent schedules... so that should not be a problem although most cruise passengers leave for sightseeing in the morning hours when there can be queues.  
Thomas (July 2017) 
I will be visiting Bermuda for three days during the first week of July 2017.  I plan to get a one day ferry/bus pass to be able to see more of the islands.  I can walk short distances but have trouble with more than just a few steps.  Are the ferries and busses disability accessible?  
Raj (, July 2017) 
Hi, ferries between Royal Naval Dockyard and Hamilton/St. George can take wheelchairs at the lower deck. Most buses do not have ramps and are not accessible with wheelchairs (there are few buses that have opening in the middle with ramps, in such cases the wheelchair needs to be of folding type requiring small space). 
John C (April 2017) 
I have tickets left over from my last visit to Bermuda.  They are yellow, with "14 ZONE" in red and "ADULT" in black.  I purchased them in 2016.  Are they still valid?  Thanks! 
Raj (, April 2017) 
Yes, they would be valid. The ones with 3-zones are green with '3 ZONE' written in red. 
Tanya Jones (February 2017) 
I want to go to bamz in may (24th, holiday?), 2017. There are 2 adults and 2 children. Could we take the ferry from shipyard to Hamilton and get a transfer for the bus? Or, do we have to pay the ferry and then pay the bus? I am trying to find the most economical way to get there. Thanks! 
Raj (, February 2017) 
You need to pay separately for ferry and bus. Free transfers are applicable only between bus connections. So if you take a bus to Hamilton then you can transfer to the next bus going to BAMZ. But that'll take a long time to reach (1 hr to Hamilton + 20 minutes to BAMZ + transfer time). 
Tina C. (September 2016) 
Hi Raj,  My family of 4 (2 adults/2 kids) is traveling to Bermuda via cruise ship and will be docked there for 3 days. The first day we plan to  visit the Crystal Caves and BAMZ.  I know we would take the ferry to Hamilton then hop on bus 1 or 3 to the Caves. How would we get from the Caves to BAMZ? Or would you suggest starting with BAMZ and ending at the Caves?   
My next questions is the fares. I can't seem to wrap my head around this. I read on your site that the VC no longer offers tokens or the 2-day pass (which is what I was planning on buying) so should I buy the 1 day pass or deal with change? I'm not sure if it's beneficial to buy the pass but I cannot seem to figure out the fares. I'm probably overthinking it. Please help. 
Raj (, September 2016) 
From Crystal Caves, walk up to the Blue Hole Circle (2-3 minute walk between the two bus stops). Here you will get bus #10 and 11 to visit BAMZ. You can do either one first, but if you also plan to visit St. George, then it makes sense to start with BAMZ, then caves ad then St. George. The 1-day pass would be convenient for the first day. Once you reach Hamilton by ferry, you can purchase book of tickets for the second day to reduce travel cost for your family. 
Martha (August 2016) 
Hello, we will be travelling to Bermuda on a cruise ship in September and will be docking there for 2.5 days. We are planning to take bus and ferry to go places. We will be travelling with 2 young children (ages 2 and 4) and will have strollers with us. Can we take strollers on the bus and ferry rides? Also, if we purchase booklet of tickets of 15. Can we use them for both Ferry and Bus rides? Or are there a different sets of booklet (one for bus and one for ferry)? Can we buy the booklet of tickets at the dockyard? Thank you so much. 
Raj (, August 2016) 
Buses and ferries won't allow strollers, unless they fold up real small (watch the width). For example umbrella strollers would be allowed in buses. Tickets can be used in both buses and ferries (purchase all-zone tickets). Tickets are not available at dockyard. You can take a ferry to Hamilton, pay in cash and purchase ticket booklets at Hamilton ferry terminal. 
Patrick vito (May 2016) 
Hello,  I am writing in regards to a cruise I am going to be on at the end of may. I will be at the dock yard on Sunday and Monday. I read on your web site that the ferry and bus service is reduced Sundays. Do they make any exceptions / modifications if there is a cruise ship in port? Thank you. 
Raj (, May 2016) 
Hi, nope, usually they don't make exceptions. In fact they have stopped issuing multi-day passes and even tokens at dockyard to discourage cruise passengers from taking public buses and ferries, and instead avail taxis and private mini buses. 
Deanna (April 2016) 
Since we are coming in via cruise ship and the tours offered don't meet the desires of the things we would like to do and see (Crystal Caves, Lighthouse, shopping, beach, historical sites, possibly Aquarium), the public transportation seems like the way to go. Question is do they accept US currency for fares? Are there schedules available? 
Raj (, April 2016) 
Yes public transports like bus and ferry accept US currency but in exact change (only coins, no bills). You will get the schedules from any Visitors Information Centers (including at dockyard). 
Patti Martin (August 2014) 
Hi, we are coming on Oct on a cruise ship. We are wondering how late the buses run if we take them over to Hamilton to go to the bars? If not the buses later in evening how would we return to ship? Via taxi? And how much would that cost? How far is it on foot? Thanks. 
Raj (, August 2014) 
The last buses from Hamilton leaving for dockyard: Bus#7 at 9:15pm (except Sunday); Bus#8 at 10:45pm. But note that the frequency of bus service reduces in late evenings. So get the bus time table from a Visitors Information Center at Dockyard or Hamilton City. Last ferry from Hamilton to Dockyard is at 8:30pm on weekdays (on Harbor nights, ferries are available until 10:30pm on Wednesdays). You can also take a taxi back to the dockyard ... taxi fare from Hamilton to Dockyard will be approximately $56 + Tips (4 passenger cab). 
Dave Groves (July 2014) 
Hi Raj, I bought your books. They are great. Can you help me please? We arrive via NCL on a Sunday at 11:00 and want to go to Hamilton. I would like to buy a three day pass. Is that good for buses and water taxis both? Where do I buy the three day pass and then catch the fastest ride to Hamilton and back?  
On Monday we catch the 10:00 trip on the Hat Trick for snorkeling at Somerset and then would like to go to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and Horseshoe Bay Beach and ride back to the ship. What is the best way to get to those places, in that order. Tuesday we go to St Georges and paddle with Kayak Bermuda and have to be back for a 5:30 disembarkment. Again, advise please on how to get to St George's the fastest and back. Thanks again. You make Bermuda easier! 
Raj (, July 2014) 
Hi Dave, Thanks for buying the ebooks. It helps immensely in sustaining the website. You can buy the passes at the Visitors Information Center near the cruise ship pier. There are three such centers in the dockyard. In case you see a long queue, walk across to the next one. Passes work in buses and public ferries (and not in water taxis). Public ferries are mostly air-conditioned catamarans. Take the Blue Route ferry to Hamilton (takes 20 minutes) and same way back. The ferry will take you to Front Street ferry terminal which is located at the main hub of Hamilton. 
On Monday, take bus #7 or #8 from dockyard to Somerset. From Somerset take Bus#7 along South Road (towards east) for Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. From South Road walk along Lighthouse road and then St Anne's road, and you will see the lighthouse. It's about 300 meters walk from South Road. From Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, walk back to South Road and take Bus#7 for Horseshoe Bay Beach (towards east). Actually the beach is at a walking distance from the lighthouse (about 1.2miles) ... there is a nice route through the Turtle Hill golf course of hotel Fairmont Southampton. Once you reach the horseshoe beach bus stop, you will need to walk downhill to get to the beach. If walking back up to the main road is a problem, you will get a shuttle below which will reach you up to the bus stop for a small charge. On your return, take Bus #7 back to the dockyard (about 35 minutes). 
On Tuesday, take the Orange route ferry to St George (about 35 minutes) and same way back. But unfortunately the number of runs are limited. Note the Tuesday timings (as per 2014 summer schedule) of Orange route ferry below: 
Leaves dockyard at 9:15, 11:15 and 1:15. Leaves St George at 10:15, 12:15 and 2:15. If you want to get back later, the only other option is bus (#10, 11) to Hamilton (about 52 minutes) and then Blue Route Ferry back to dockyard (20 minutes).  
Brenda Leake (October 2013) 
I lived in Bermuda on St George 1961 when my dad was in the Air Force. I wanted to find the house we lived in on St George next to the big graveyard on the hill above town. We arrive on a Princess vruise at 8AM. I had hoped we could catch the Ferry to St George, a taxi up to the where I think the house is. I then wanted to visit some in St George before catching the ferry back to West End. I saw one note that stated no Ferry from West End to St George after October. Is that true? Other option is to get to Hamilton-taxi to St George and back to Hamilton for Ferry back to West End (dock). Can you advise what is the best way to do this. We leave for the cruise on 10/22. Thank you very much for your help. 
Raj (, October 2013) 
Hi, Dockyard-St George ferry will operate until November 3rd (as per this year's summer schedule). But it has limited runs (3 to 4 round trips depending on the day of the week). So check out the timings. You can alternatively get to Hamilton by ferry (20 minutes) and take bus #10 or 11 for St George (about 50 minutes). You will get taxis in St George for local sightseeing. 
Liz Moseley (September 2013) 
Hello - will be flying home from the Navy Yard and was wondering how much time to plan on - and what is the quickest route to the airport in St Georges? 
Raj (, September 2013) 
Hi, Ferry takes 20 minutes to Hamilton and then a taxi from there to the airport would take about 30 minutes. But considering that you will need to time your ferry, and then from Hamilton ferry terminal walk down to the nearest stand to take a taxi for the airport, and assuming that you will immediately get a taxi (which may not always be the case), it will probably take the same time or little more. Of course you can save on some cost if you take the ferry, but will involve some logistics to deal with. Another option is to take the Orange route ferry from the dockyard directly to St George (takes 35 minutes) and then take a short taxi ride to the airport. But this ferry service is infrequent (only three services on Tuesdays - 9:15, 11:15, 13:15). If it happens to match with your flight timings, then that would be the quickest. Buses are ruled out because they won't let you board with luggage. Regards, 
Liz Moseley (September 2013) 
Hi Raj, Many, many thanks - looks like the Orange Line Ferry will work for us. Will let you know how it all works out. Thanks so much, Liz 
Burt (June 2013) 
We are a group of 15 arriving on the NCL Breakaway and want to get to the Tuckers Point Beach Club. This is a mixed age group (50th Anniversary). What are the options or best way to do this? 
Raj (, June 2013) 
Hi, the best way to reach Tuckers Point Club for a private group like yours would be to take a mini bus or van that can accommodate 15 persons. Although this would be a bit more expensive than taking public transport like Buses/Ferries etc, but for such special occasion I would recommend a private van/mini bus. See Minibus and Van Services where I have discussed all such options. Write to all of them with your exact requirement including pick up and drop time, place etc, and see who offers the best price :) 
Robert Cournoyer (April 2013) 
Hello, my wife an I would like to do the Goslings Rum cruise which I believe is at the dockyard at sunset. We will be staying at St. Georges, will the buses still be running after the cruise? If so which would be the best way to go? Thanks Rob.  
Raj (, April 2013) 
Hi Rob, Gosling's Rum Cruise by Fantasea operates from the Dockyard. Once back, you can take the direct blue route ferry from dockyard ferry stop to Hamilton (takes 20 minutes). The last ferry leaves at 10pm on a weekday. However on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays the last ferry is at 6:30pm and you won't be able to catch that. In that case take bus #7 or 8 from Dockyard and reach the Central Bus Station of Hamilton (takes about an hour). 
From there transfer to either Bus #10 or 11 for St George (one hour). If you come by ferry to Hamilton, just walk down to the Bus Stand. Bus #8 and 11 operate until late night. Another way to get to St. George is of course to take a taxi. You will get ample taxis at both dockyard and Hamilton city. Have a great time! 
Joan Fazio-Cohen 
We spent 5/23-5/25 in port at King's Warf. We purchased 3day bus/ferry passes and were very pleased with the transportation system. The buses ran frequently, the system was easy to understand and navigate and the drivers very patient with questions. In particular, our driver on 5/25 at 9:20am gave us a tour as we traveled from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay. 
He also was willing to suggest when we should start back for the day so we did not miss our ship's 4:30 departure. Having done extensive research on the various types of beaches, we were able to maximize the transportation system and get to every venue we'd planned.--Just watch out for the one hour time change.  We had to set alarm to be sure we were up and out early!  LOL  
John Houck 
Hello: Could you please tell me what is the current retail price of gas in Bermuda, per liter? Thanks. 
$2.12 per liter (in March, 2012).