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When we came to Bermuda for the first time, we noticed that there was not a single car rental or a hire service on the island. There is none even till date. Don't get a shock! That's because car rental in the island is not allowed by the Bermuda Government. 
Well, that sounds absurd and frustrating, isn't it? So how do you then get around the island with some privacy and flexibility? Well, initially we too reacted with thorough dissatisfaction as we repeatedly searched for a private car hire service in Bermuda. And we were repeatedly told we won't get it. 
So why did the Government disallow the car rentals in Bermuda in the first place? 
Well this tiny 21 square mile island by itself has around 65,000 residents. And every year, the visiting tourists swell this population by about 10 times. Which means that about 600,000 tourists visit Bermuda every year. So imagine if most of them had rented a car. Would there be space left to move around? What would be the level of pollution? The roads in Bermuda are quite narrow and winding, and often take sharp bends. What would be the risk to others on the road? 
As we kept coming to Bermuda over and over again, we have come to realize that having no rental cars in Bermuda is actually a blessing in disguise. 

So no Bermuda Car Rentals? Then what are the next best options?

Here are all the best alternatives: 
1) After the legislation was passed in April 2017, battery operated all-electric minicars are now available for rent in Bermuda. These 4-wheel vehicles are quite safe and offer an excellent option to those who are not comfortable with scooters. Two persons can sit in a mini car (one behind the other). Once fully charged, the battery lasts for 55+ miles allowing you to cover the entire island which is only 21 miles end to end. The rates are also comparable with that of a scooter. Visit minicars in Bermuda for details
2) If you can ride a moped or a scooter, this can give you all the freedom you are looking for. You will find these two wheelers for rent virtually at every corner. Some scooter rental agencies can also deliver the scooters or mopeds at your cruise ship or hotel. Check out my section on Bermuda Scooter Rentals to know about the best agencies. 
3) If scooter is not for you, there are fairly large number of taxis that are available for private transportation. But quite interestingly, taxis in Bermuda are allowed to do island tours on an hourly rate. And, there are Blue Flag taxis in Bermuda whose drivers are tourism department certified tour guides. While taxis can not substitute a car rental where you enjoy privacy with your dear ones and take the pleasure of driving yourself, a guided taxi tour can be much more efficient in time and informative at the same time? Check out my section on Island tours by taxi
4) There are operators who provide guided group tours on minibuses that operate on a per person rate. Many also offer their minibuses on charter, but your group size in general need to be six or more (the capacity of most minibuses being 15). Check out minibus group tours to know about such options. 
5) Well if you don't care much for privacy, bus service in Bermuda is excellent and quite comfortable. There are 11 bus routes that virtually cover all the nooks and crannies of the island. And you can buy transport passes (1-day, 2-day etc) to hop on and off any bus any number of times. Get all the details from Bus Service
6) There are several important places you can reach more conveniently and faster by a public ferry rather than by any other transport. There are ferry routes that connect several places of the island with Hamilton City. And the same transport passes (as in case of buses) hold good for the ferries as well. Ferries not only provide a convenient way to move from one place to the other, the rides along the harbor and other water areas are scenic and offer a great view of the shorelines. Find out what does ferry offer
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Visitors' Reviews &Comments

Tammy Wallace (July 2018) 
Hello, my daughter and I are coming to Bermuda by cruise ship. We would like someone /local to pick us up and drive us to our desired locations for the day. Who or which company would you recommend? Thank you for any information you can provide. 
Raj ( July 2018 
Hello, self or chauffeur driven car rentals are not available in Bermuda. Your best option is to take a taxi tour. There are several taxi drivers in the island who are also certified tour guides and are excellent in knowledge and behavior. 
Go through the page Island Tours in Taxi where I have discussed such options (also go through the comments given by visitors at the bottom of the page).