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About Ferry Service

Bermuda ferry service (known as Sea Express) is operated by Bermuda Government's Department of Marine and Ports Services. 
This is a public ferry service that operates a number of ferries over several routes. The ferries are mostly air-conditioned high speed catamarans. The boats are modern and comfortable, with a capacity of 200 or more passengers. 
The main hub of ferry service is the Hamilton Ferry Terminal located in Hamilton City and accessible from Front Street. This is from where all the ferry routes originate, connect to various ferry docks across the island and return. 
Although you may not be able to reach out to every corner of the island by ferry, it is a formidable part of Bermuda's Public Transport System
Bermuda Ferry 
Photo: kansasphoto, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Depending on your starting point and destination, a ferry service can be more convenient and faster than the bus or even taxis, and of course more scenic. 
So, if you are planning to get around the island using public transports, you should first figure out if your destination is reachable by ferry. If so then try to avail the ferry service if the timings are suitable. 
All ferries that are fast catamarans, have a restroom/washroom at one end of the cabin-deck. Other than toilet facilities, the washroom usually has a small sink at one corner with a mirror, a hair dryer, etc. 

Bermuda Ferry Routes & Map

A ferry route does not necessarily connect just two points. Depending on the route, it may go through several legs of journey connecting several points before returning to Hamilton. 
But all ferry routes start from Hamilton Ferry Terminal and return (with the exception of Orange Route ferry which operates between Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George). 
Bermuda Ferry Route Map 
Bermuda Ferry Routes 
The best way to understand the Bermuda public ferry routes is by first knowing the location of ferry docks in the island. Hamilton Ferry Terminal, which is the main hub of all ferry routes is located centrally in Hamilton City and on Front Street. 
There is a ferry dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard which is located at the western tip of the island. The ferry dock at the dockyard is 5-minute walk from cruise berths and mostly used by the cruise ship passengers. The Blue Route ferry operates between this dockyard ferry point and Hamilton ferry terminal. 
There are a few other ferry docks at the western side of the island. Watford Bridge and Cavello Bay docks are in Sandys Parish (in Somerset area) while Rockaway is in Southampton. These docks are used by both residents and tourists staying in those areas, and are serviced by the Green Route ferry. 
Ferry boat leaving Dockyard, Bermuda 
Ferry at Bermuda Dockyard 
Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
There are several small ferry docks in Warwick and Paget across Hamilton Harbor such as Belmont Ferry, Darell's Wharf, Salt Kettle, Hodson's Ferry and Lower Ferry. 
These small docks are all at short distances from Hamilton ferry and are catered by a common ferry route called the Pink Route. This is a much shorter route compared to the others and therefore the fare along this route is also lower. 
The Pink route is mostly used by daily commuters. Ferry dock at the eastern end is located at St. George's Town. It's at a walking distance from Kings Square. 
NOTE: There is no direct ferry connections between Hamilton City and St. George... one needs to take a ferry to Dockyard and then to St. George. There is however bus service between Hamilton and St. George which takes about 1 hour each way. 
There are four ferry lines or routes that connect various ferry docks in Bermuda. They are identified by their respective colors (Blue, Pink, Green and Orange). High-speed catamarans operate on the longer routes (i.e. Blue, Orange and Green routes). 


This is a direct ferry route operating between Hamilton and Dockyard and is lot faster than the bus or any other transport for travelling between these two points. 
It only takes 20 minutes between Dockyard and Hamilton by ferry compared to about an hour by bus and about 40 minutes by taxi.  
Ferry on its way out from Hamilton 
Photo: slgckgc, flickr 
The route originates from Hamilton ferry terminal located on Front Street, goes through the Hamilton harbor and eventually enters the Great Sound water area before reaching the Dockyard ferry dock. The service is reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
Earlier, scooters and motorbikes were permitted on Blue Route at an extra charge. However, effective 2022, they are no longer allowed on this ferry route. 


This route operates between Dockyard and St. George along the northern shoreline. It takes 35 minutes each way. This ferry line operates during the summer season only (i.e. usually from second week of April to first week of November... schedule changes). 
The service is available only on specific weekdays (no service on the weekends). It offers a great scenic cruise along the north-shore with magnificent views of the shoreline. Motor bikes and scooters are also not allowed on this route. 


This route connects Hamilton with ferry docks of western parishes. The ferry docks serviced are Watford Bridge Ferry, Cavello Bay and Rockaway. Depending on time of the day, the sequence in which the ferry visits these docks changes.  
There is no Green route service on Saturday and Sunday. Scooters and motorbikes are not allowed on Watford Bridge and Cavello Bay docks on Green route. 


This is a short ferry service from Hamilton City to several small docks in Warwick and Paget parishes. The points covered in the route are Lower Ferry, Hodson's Ferry, Salt Kettle (Paget), Darrell's Wharf (Warwick) and Belmont Ferry Stop (Warwick). 
The service is reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Scooters and motorbikes are not allowed on this route. This ferry service is mainly used by daily commuters and students for getting to Hamilton and to return. 

Bermuda Ferry Schedule 2024

Bermuda Government publishes separate Summer Schedule and Winter Schedule every year for ferry services. The Summer Schedule remains in effect usually between May to October. The Winter Schedule usually comes into effect from November to April-end. 
However, ferry operating days and schedules go through some changes almost every year. The upcoming schedule is usually published only a few days before it takes effect. 
During summer, the ferry services are much more frequent on most routes compared to winter due to higher tourist demand. The service however gets reduced on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
You will notice that in the Summer Ferry Schedule, the Orange Route ferry that connects Royal Naval Dockyard with St. George does not run everyday, in fact, specific operating dates and times for this ferry route are mentioned separately on the schedule. 
There is no Orange route ferry on the weekends (i.e. on any Saturday and Sunday). The authorities try to optimize the Orange Route ferry runs by operating them on the days when the regular contracted cruise ships are in port. 
Also, the Orange route ferry service is available only during summer when the cruise ships are in port, and not during the winter. 
NOTE: NCL cruiseline runs a private ferry boat service of its own between Dockyard and St. George. It exclusively caters to NCL passengers and is complimentary. It has 2-3 runs a day when an NCL cruise ship is in port. It's a catamaran with a capacity of 400. 
It leaves from a point near the cruise berths. The schedule of this private ferry boat is provided by NCL to its passengers. The public Orange route ferry might not be in service when an NCL cruise ship is berthed at Dockyard. 
In Summer Ferry Schedule, a special late evening ferry service is provided on Wednesdays for the Blue Route that connects Royal Naval Dockyard with Hamilton (these late evening services are marked in Red on the schedule). These are meant for cruise ship passengers visiting and returning from the Harbor Nights in Hamilton

Ferry Fares

You can use tokens, tickets or Transport Pass, or pay cash (by exact change) in ferries. The pass is convenient and gives you unlimited hop on and off access to both buses and ferries. 
You can buy the passes or tokens at Hamilton ferry or bus terminals, as well as at designated Visitors Information Centers. Book of 15 tickets are available only in the main ferry and bus terminals in Hamilton, and also in designated post offices. 

Transport Pass Fares

(passes are valid in all ferry & bus routes) 
  • Adult 1-Day $19.00, Child 1-Day $9.50 
  • Adult 2-Day $31.50, Child 2-Day $16.00 
  • Adult 3-Day $44.00, Child 3-Day $22.00 
  • Adult 4-Day $48.50, Child 4-Day $24.50 
  • Adult 7-Day $62.00, Child 7-Day $31.00 
  • Monthly Pass $69.00 
  • 3-Month Pass $169.00 

    Fares for Blue, Green and Orange Routes

  • Cash: Adult $5.00, Child (Age 5 - 15) $2.75 
  • Tokens: Adult $4.50, Child (Age 5 - 15) $2.75 
  • Motor Cycles: If paid by Cash or Token $4.50, If paid by Pass Free 
  • Tickets (Booklet of 15) $37.50 
  • Child under age 5: Free 
  • Holders of Special Persons Pass (Including Bermuda Seniors): Free 

    Fares for Pink Route

  • Cash: Adult $3.50, Child (Age 5 - 15) $2.75 
  • Tokens: Adult $2.75, Child (Age 5 - 15) $2.75 
  • Tickets (Booklet of 15) $25.00 
  • Child under age 5: Free 
  • Holders of Special Persons Pass (Including Bermuda Seniors): Free 

    Motor Cycles / Scooters on Ferries

    The catamarans can carry scooters, motor cycles, bicycles etc only in designated routes as mentioned under the section on 'Ferry Routes'. 
    You need to pay an additional cost of $5.00 if the ferry fare is paid by cash or token. But if you have a transport pass, you can take your two wheeler for free where allowed. 
    Check out Bermuda Passes, Tickets, Tokens and Fares to know about all the mode of payments, fares, places to get pass/token/tickets, and other useful information. 

    Wheelchair Access in Ferries

    While most catamaran ferries are wheelchair accessible (lower deck only), unfortunately not all ferry points or docks have proper ramps for wheelchairs. 
    Ferry docks that are wheelchair accessible includes Hamilton, Dockyard (i.e. ferry dock for Kings Wharf), Rockaway in Southampton and only limited size wheelchairs at St. George. 

    Hamilton Ferry Terminal

    This is the main ferry terminal in Bermuda where all ferry routes originate and return, except for the Orange ferry route that operates between Royal Naval Dockyard and St. George. 
    Hamilton Ferry Terminal is located at the western end of Front Street next to HSBC Bank. Address: 8 Front Street, Hamilton City.  
    You can purchase pass, tokens and booklet of tickets at Hamilton Ferry Terminal for rides in both ferry and public buses. You can pay only in cash (no cards accepted here). 
    Phone: (441) 295-4506 (you can contact for any information on Bermuda ferry services). 
    Open Hours: 
    Monday - Friday: 7am - 7:00pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 8:30am - 6:00pm 
    Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
    Raj, a seasoned travel writer and Bermuda destination expert, has extensive global travel experience. This website reflects his profound insights, garnered over nearly two decades of dedicated findings and research on the island. Raj has assisted countless Bermuda-bound visitors by providing direct, personalized responses to their queries and imparting his wealth of knowledge through this platform. This site serves as an indispensable guide for those seeking informed and reliable insights into Bermuda's treasures. 
    Know more about Raj Bhattacharya 

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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Larry Blinn (May 2023) 
    Hi Raj, We will be in Bermuda on June 28th, my wife uses a scooter and wants to come on the ferry from the dockyard to St George. 
    I have heard different things, can she get on the ferry with a scooter? And if so, can the dock in St George be able to handle the scooter. Thank you in advance. 
    Raj ( May 2023 
    Hi, Bermuda's official ferry schedule indicates that scooters are not permitted on the Orange route ferry between Dockyard and St. George. However, the ferry (a catamaran) as well as the dock at St. George can handle scooters. 
    So, if there is not much rush, they can allow it at an extra cost of $5 (if one has a transport pass, the extra cost is not applicable). 
    Kris (March 2023) 
    We will be in Bermuda soon for 2 days (April 18 & April 19) with our cruise ship. Will the Ferry Schedule still be the Winter Schedule at that time or will it be Summer Schedule? We're trying to plan our days but it depends on the ferry schedule. 
    Raj ( March 2023 
    Last year (in 2022), the summer ferry schedule was in effect from May 2nd. In 2023, the summer schedule is yet to be published. The ferry schedule depends largely on cruise ship calls at the Royal Naval dockyard. 
    In 2023, there are a lot more planned cruise calls in April compared to 2022, so there is a fair possibility that the summer ferry schedule may be advanced to April. The dates will be known once the official schedule is published, which is usually done only a few days before it takes effect. 
    Jonalen (September 2022) 
    Hi there! Your site is a great source for Bermuda trip planning. We are going to be there in early November when our cruise docks at Royal Naval Dockyard. Does the ferry to St. George run in November? If so, is it on reduced schedule? I'd like to know how early and late it runs. Thank you! 
    Raj ( September 2022 
    Hi, the ferry between Dockyard and St. George does not operate in winter. It is not scheduled to operate in November 2022. In order to visit St. George in November, you need to take the ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes) and then take bus #10 or 11 to St. George (around 55 minutes) 
    Eileen Goff (August 2022) 
    Hi, Does the Ferry Service run in November, 2022 from the Royal Dockyards to Hamilton.  When I went to the Ferry Schedule it specifically states the Orange Line operates from May to October but did not mention the blue, green and pink routes.  I wanted to go from the Royal Dockyards to the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo at the end of November.  Can you recommend the best way to travel there. Thank you for your help. 
    Raj ( August 2022 
    Hi, in winters, the Blue Route ferry (between Dockyard and Hamilton) operates at a reduced frequency. At present, the summer ferry schedule is in effect. 
    The winter ferry schedule usually takes effect from early November and remains valid until April next year. It gets published only a few days before it takes effect. So, once the winter schedule is published, you will get to know the ferry timetable for all the routes (the Orange route does not operate in winter). 
    The best way to travel to the Aquarium from Dockyard is to take the Blue route ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes), walk down to Central Bus Terminal on Washington Street (6-7 minutes) and then take bus #10 or 11. The bus takes about 20 minutes and stops right in front of BAMZ. 
    Alice (May 2022) 
    Hello, Raj, I see from a much earlier post that pedal bikes are allowed on most ferries, but not on the pink routes serving the Warwick area. Does that mean that electric bikes, which are pedal bikes with small motors, are allowed on the ferries that permit non-electric pedal bikes? 
    I am most concerned about these routes: orange (Dockyard - St. George's), blue (Dockyard - Hamilton) and green (Watford Bridge - Hamilton). 
    Raj ( May 2022 
    Hello Alice, in 2022 summer, they have disallowed motorbikes and scooters on all ferry routes and I doubt they will allow electric or usual pedal bikes on any ferry route either. This is mainly due to reduced ferry frequency on all routes which is likely to result in more rush in the ferries and leaving hardly any space for bikes and scooters. 
    Roland (April 2022) 
    The orange route schedule is optimized for cruise days however the timetable indicates otherwise. I was particularly looking at August 12. Thanks 
    Raj ( April 2022 
    If you are on an NCL cruise on that day, then NCL cruiseline has an exclusive ferry boat service of their own and it is complimentary for the cruise passengers. NCL's ferry boat provides a shuttle service between Dockyard and St. George and follows a specific schedule. 
    If you are on a non-contracted cruise like Queen Elizabeth, then you are out of luck. The public ferry schedule seems to have been optimized for the contracted cruises (except NCL) that have several visits scheduled in the year. 
    Yogesh Patel (April 2022) 
    Hi Raj, we are group of 21 people and will be in Bermuda on 20th and 21st June, 2022. We plan to hire a charter bus for 20th for approximately 6 hours. However, ideally, we would like to let the charter bus drop us in Hamilton, spend some time at our own in Hamilton and then take Ferry from Hamilton to cruise port (either 5PM one or 6.30 PM). 
    Question- is there a possibility that Ferry can be sold out during those times? Anything we can do to reserve in advance? Let's say if we are near Hamilton Ferry Terminal around 1PM, can we purchase ticket that time for evening Ferry that will secure our seat in Ferry? (sorry, I know I am being extra conservative. That's because lot of people are old in group). 
    Raj ( April 2022 
    Hi, seats in public ferries and buses can not be reserved in advance. The tickets are issued as booklets of 15 and you can use them on ferries and buses as long as they last... tickets and even tokens are not issued for a specific ferry run. Before the ferry leaves, you need to queue up and take seats on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
    Although there can be a rush, the Blue Route Ferry that runs between Hamilton and Dockyard has a large capacity (of over 200), which is usually enough to accommodate all. However, since you are a large group with many aged persons, it is advisable to reach the Hamilton Ferry Terminal well in advance so that you are ahead in the queue. 
    Sue Harrison (December 2019) 
    Hi there, we are arriving on a cruise ship into kings wharf in May 2020. we want to get the ferry to st Georges, have a look around there, then get the bus to the Fantasy/crystal caves, spend time there and then the bus to Hamilton - spend some time there and get the ferry or bus (depending on time) back to dockyard/kings wharf. 
    Is all of this feasible in the one day?? and how to we pay for each bus ferry - do we just pay as we go or is there a cheaper way to do this from dockyard. Thanks. 
    Raj ( December 2019 
    Hi, yes that's quite doable and many do that. The easiest way is to buy a Transportation Pass for a day ($19 - 1day pass) that gives unlimited rides on buses and ferries during its validity period. You can purchase the pass from the Visitors Service Center at dockyard.  
    O. Rouleau (March 2019) 
    Hello:  I am not finding the special schedule on the site for the ferry to the Harbour Nights Festival.  Would you please tell me:    
    1.  What that schedule is for that night? 
    2.  Is the fare different than other nights, of $4.50 per person, each way? 
    3.  Should I purchase the tickets in advance? 
    Thanks, so much! We are celebrating my in-law's 60th anniversary so I am trying to gather as much information ahead of time to make it easier for their mobility. 
    Raj ( March 2019 
    Hi, the summer ferry schedule for 2019 is not yet published, so you can not get Harbor night ferry schedules until then. Fare remains the same as any other day. You can buy a token or pass while on the island or use cash to pay on the ferry. 
    Brian Brewer (October 2018) 
    My wife and I are cruising to Bermuda next week. We plan to use the ferry once from the Dockyard to Hamilton. I've read that you must have exact change. Can I pay with a $5 bill or do I have to have $5 in coin? If so, can it be US quarters? 
    Raj ( October 2018 
    US quarters are accepted. However ferries also accept $5 bill. 
    Hal Hoffman (September 2018) 
    The date today is Sept. 8th,  2018. And they still have not published the new winter ferry schedule which begins October 29th! We are coming on the Carnival Ecstasy scheduled to arrive in Bermuda at 5 PM at Kings Wharf on November 5th!  
    So if you follow last winters schedule, the last ferry to Hamilton will have already left at 4:30 PM! So a ship with over 3,000 passengers will have no recourse but to use either the Buses, or very expensive Taxi's to get around anywhere!  But we still do not know for sure what the schedule actually is! 
    And to have the last ferry leave at 4:30???  I think it is time to get into the 21st Century Bermuda! Plus, if you use a wheel chair or a mobility scooter, the ferry is the only way you can get to and from Hamilton reliably! Unlike the UK, Bermuda is not handicap friendly!  NOT AT ALL! 
    George (July 2018)  
    The information here says the orange ferry route runs until October 29. In another line it says probably until the first Week of November. Which is correct. Does it stop on October 29th which is the summer schedule or does it actually run until the first week of November. 
    Raj ( July 2018 
    Please follow the dates as mentioned in the schedule. The other line says 'usually' and not 'probably', and that is to get an idea how it has usually worked historically and can be used as a broad guideline when the schedule is yet to be published. 
    Pat Aversa (June 2018) 
    Hi,  I am cruising to Bermuda and renting a boat in Hamilton.  I need to take the ferry over.   
    My question is; does the ferry follow a prompt schedule, or do we need to allow some extra time? Thank you! 
    Raj ( June 2018 
    Hi, usually the ferries are on schedule unless there is a long queue of passengers delaying the boarding. 
    Karen Marx (June 2018) 
    Hi Raj, We have a party of four that are arriving on a Monday in July, and since the cruise ship will port at 1pm, the first ferry for Hamilton leaves at 2:15 or 14:15, then the next ferry at 15:45. Do the ferries sell out of tickets when cruise ships port. Is it best to reserve or buy tickets before arrival to guarantee a spot aboard for one of these ferry times?  Are there other ferry operators. Thanks! 
    Raj ( June 2018 
    Hi, all ferries in Bermuda are operated by 'Sea Express' which is part of Bermuda Marine and Ports Department. You can not buy ferry tickets/passes in advance unless your cruise ship pre-stocks. Once you purchase tickets / tokens / or pass at the cruise port (payment can also be made to the ferry staff by cash in exact change), you need to queue up at the ferry dock and wait for the ferry to arrive. Usually the ferry can accommodate all who are on the queue. 
    Joyce Reidy (May 2018) 
    My husband is disabled and uses a power scooter. Is it possible to travel on the Orange ferry line from the Dockyards to St George?  If it is not possible to disembark with power scooter, can we remain onboard and return (as we would be taking the ferry trip to enjoy the scenery). Many thanks. 
    Raj ( May 2018 
    Hello, normal scooter is not allowed on Orange Ferry. So it' quite unlikely that they will let you board with a power scooter. You need to check with the crew at the ferry dock and try your luck. 
    Maureen oconnell (May 2018) 
    We got in line for the 5:15 ferry at the dockyard and didn't depart until almost 6 pm. Then the man? loading the boat? Left all the people who got on first take seats in the back and we were forced to go all the way to the front of the ship. We showed up for the 7:30 ferry about 2 minutes late and it was gone? Couldn't even see it anymore. Now there is a ferry sitting in front of us with the motor running (it's 7:55) and he said he can't leave until 9 pm. Also, I tried to buy a 15 ticket booklet at the dockyard and was told I needed to go into Hamilton to purchase those. Those rides would have been $2.50 each way so I got screwed out of $30!  I guess if you're on a cruise your ferry service figured we can afford it. I've heard horrible things about the recent ferry service. We were here 5 years ago and the service was excellent and the people polite. I guess not anymore. Won't do that again!  Since there are vans, taxis and minivans we'll use one of those services instead. The man at the ferry suggested if we were unhappy we should go to the website and complain. So here you go! 
    Doug Clark (October 2017) 
    Hi Raj, When will the 2018 Schedule be out?  We arrive at King's Wharf on April 19,2018. Looking at the 2017 Schedule, it appears that the ferries might still be on Winter Schedule when we arrive in 2018? Thanks. 
    Raj (, October 2017) 
    Hi Doug, the winter ferry schedule is effective from October 30, 2017. One gets to know about the end date of winter schedule once the summer schedule is published. A schedule gets published only few days before it takes effect. So you won't know the span of winter schedule until summer schedule is published in April 2018. There are good chances that ferries will be on winter schedule when you visit. 
    Kathy and Tom Love (September 2017) 
    The people running the ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton and back and those at the ferry terminal were WONDERFUL in helping our daughter who is in a wheelchair. 
    F White (September 2017) 
    Hi Raj:  We would like to take the ferry from St George to Dockyard on our arrival from Canada. Is it possible to buy a seat for the luggage if no storage space is available ?  We are staying in Somerset and would prefer to travel by ferry rather than cab.  We will of course be using taxis from the airport to St Georges and then from Dock yard to the house. 
    Raj (, September 2017) 
    Hi, unlike in buses, there is as such no restriction of carrying luggage in ferries. However note that Orange ferry has restricted operations and therefore you need to time it right. 
    Judi (May 2017) 
    Hi Raj...I will be arriving by cruise ship to the Dockyard the first week in August.  Would like to go to St Peters Church by Ferry to St. George's. I take the Orange line to there correct? And it is a short walk to the church off the ferry correct? How much is the fare one way cash? and am I able to take a transport chair onto the ferry for My Mom? Thank you so much :) 
    Raj (, May 2017) 
    Hi, your plans are correct. Cash fare for each ride is $5 per person. Limited size wheelchairs are okay for St. George. A transport chair should be okay ... just talk to the crew before you board. 
    Mary Barry (September 2016) 
    Just wondering if the orange route ferry traveling between the Dockyard and St. George has restroom facilities. 
    Raj (, September 2016) 
    Yes, ferries have toilets/restrooms. The restroom also has a small sink at one corner, a small mirror, hand dryer etc. 
    Iris (May 2016) 
    We will be arriving on the Celebrity Summit and want to go to the Festival on Wednesday June 1st. Can you tell me how we can pick up the Ferry, the cost (we are senior citizens) and the time the Ferry runs.  Any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 
    Raj (, May 2016) 
    Ferry dock is only 4-5 minutes walk from the cruise pier. There is a direct ferry to Hamilton. You can buy a day pass from the visitors information center ($19) located near the cruise pier or pay by cash ($5 one way). On Wednesdays, ferry timings are extended until 10:30pm (from Hamilton). 
    Jennie Frey (April 2016) 
    I just read that the Visitor Information Center at the Dockyard will no longer sell tokens or multi-day passes. Can we use cash to take the ferry to Hamilton and then buy tickets there? We will be there in two weeks and then again on May 4th for three days on Celebrity Summit. I appreciate any guidance you can give. 
    Raj (, April 2016) 
    Hi, yes you can pay cash in ferry (in exact change in coins), go down to Hamilton and buy tickets. 
    Chris (October 2015) 
    It says No Scooters or Mopeds; But Can Pedal Bikes be carried on the boats on the Orange Route? 
    Raj (, October 2015) 
    Pedal bikes are also not permitted in Orange route. 
    Joseph DeMartini (October 2015) 
    Since the ferries only hold around 200 people do you have more than one ferry going to Hamilton at each departure time? With a limitation of 200 passengers, you may not get on and would have to wait a full hour for another ferry?? 
    Raj (, October 2015) 
    There is only one ferry per departure time. 
    James Wright (September 2015) 
    Raj, do the ferries have a orange, blue, pink banner to designate where they are going or are they clearly marked with destinations i.e St Georges, thanks. 
    Raj (, September 2015) 
    The new fast ferries do not have boards in front or on the sides displaying destinations, however they would have their main origin (like 'Hamilton') printed at the backside below their names, for example 'Resolute, Hamilton' or 'Serenity, Hamilton'. But you can't see that when you board a ferry at the dock. The older ferries in early 2000s used to have small boards on the sides showing the destination (like Dockyard, Somerset). The colors of the ferries also do not signify anything. You will know the ferry route and destination by the timings and of course there will be staff at the ferry docks to guide you. You won't go wrong. 
    William H Ernst (September 2015) 
    Hi Raj, Will be visiting week of September 20th. I was looking for some info on parking at either the Rockaway or the 
    Belmont docks and I'm not able to find any info on that. Can you park your moped nearby and take the ferry? Could you please help. Thanks 
    Raj (, September 2015) 
    Hi, There is enough parking for both cars and scooters at the end of Tribe Road 5 and just outside Rockaway Ferry. At Belmont Ferry, there is also a small parking area on the other side of Harbour road. But that's actually meant for Belmont Hills Golf Club and Blu Bar and Grill guests. But nobody will drive you out if you park your scooter there. You can then cross over the harbor road and a stairway leads down to the small Belmont ferry dock below. 
    Eris (July 2015) 
    I read on another site that Tickets for 3 and 14 Zones sold in Booklets of 15 are honored on buses only. Is this true? We can't use these tickets on ferries? Thanks. 
    Raj (, July 2015) 
    If you go through the official ferry schedule, under 'Fare Information' you can see that ticket fares are also mentioned for ferries along with passes and tokens. So tickets are accepted in ferries as well. 14-zone tickets are applicable for all but Pink route and 3-zone ticket for Pink route. 
    Melinda Lang (April 2015) 
    Is there a ferry stop at/near the Somerset Bridge? I have seen designation on several maps and then not on others. I am wondering if some of the maps I am looking at are outdated. If there is still a ferry that services Somerset Bridge what is the routing, please. Does it go to Dockyard or to Hamilton? I will be in Bermuda May 16-20. Thank you! 
    Raj (, April 2015) 
    Hi, Ferry dock nearest to Somerset Bridge is Cavello Bay (in Somerset area, Sandys). The ferry goes to Hamilton via Watford Bridge ferry dock or Rockway depending on time. 
    Lisa Shire (April 2015) 
    My family, along with my parents, will be traveling to your beautiful island in May via the Celebrity Summit. My question is, my parents are in their late seventies/early eighties: 1) how far of a walk is the ferry dock from the Summit, 2) the ferry dock to the center of Hamilton, and 3) the ferry dock to the center of St. George? Also, is an Orange Schedule going to be available soon? Lastly, if we plan on two days of ferry riding--one day to St. George and the other to Hamilton--we should buy a 15 ride 14 zone booklet, is that correct? Thank you so much for your insight, I really do appreciate it! 
    Raj (, April 2015) 
    Hi, Ferry dock at the dockyard is only 4-5 minutes walk from the cruise pier. Ferry to Hamilton takes 20 minutes and St George 35 minutes. Orange ferry schedule should get published soon, certainly well within April. Yes you will need 14-zone tickets for both rides, so buy a booklet of 15 tickets of 14-zone rides. Note that one ticket can be used for a one-way ride only. So calculate the total number of tickets you require for your group and accordingly buy the booklets. 
    Lisa Shire (April 2015) 
    Hi Raj, Thank you so much for the info. Would you please let me know the walking distance once we get off the ferry in both Hamilton and St. George to where the main action/sites are. This information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and we look forward to our visit! 
    Raj (, April 2015) 
    In Hamilton, the Ferry Terminal is on Front Street which is the heart of the city. As you come out of the ferry dock, you will be right where all actions are... just cross over to the other side of street and walk along ... lot's of shops, restaurants and bars. In St. George as well, come out of the ferry dock, walk over the short bridge and you are right at Kings Square which is the town square of St. George. 
    Robert Smith (January 2015) 
    Need to know if the schedule for the Orange ferry route is published yet. We arrive by cruise ship on April 24th and your schedule states that the new route times will be published in April. Can you help. 
    Raj (, January 2015) 
    Hi, 2015 summer ferry schedule has not been published yet. It's likely to be published only in April. And this is the problem with Bermuda's Marine and Ports Department. They fail to understand that unless they publish the schedule well in advance, tourists can't plan their vacation. Just to give you some ideas on the Orange ferry based on schedules of previous years, the ferry runs on Monday-Friday. It makes 3 or 4 round trips from Dockyard to St George depending on the day of the week. Last year it started operating from April 28th. So unless they start earlier this year, you can not perhaps plan on it. In that case, take the blue ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes) an then a bus (#10 or 11, 50 minutes) to St George. In case you are able to get the orange ferry, here are the timings of last year: Mon/Wed/Thu: Leaves dockyard at 9:30/11:30/2:00/4:30; Returns 10:30/1:00/3:30/5:30; Tue/Fri: 9:15/11:15/1:15; Returns 10:15/12:15/2:15. The orange ferry timings remained more or less the same over the past few years. 
    Catherine (September 2013) 
    My mom and I dock on RC Grandeur Of The Seas at Dock Yard 3pm (November 4). We would like to Ferry to St George early next morning, but I see no schedules as of yet. Do you know when they might be posted. Also, it looks like the cost to take a scooter on certain ferries is about $4.00 one way, plus the per person charge. Is that accurate? Thank you. 
    Raj (, September 2013) 
    Hi, Winter ferry schedule (starting November 4, 2013) is likely to be posted by October week 4. But note that Orange Route Ferry between Dockyard and St George does not usually ply in winter and you won't get one after November 3rd. If you buy a transport pass, then there is no extra charge to take a scooter on ferry, otherwise you pay an additional cost of $4 one way. 
    Stacey Koleba (September 2013) 
    Love your website. My husband and I will be coming in on the Breakaway on October 2 and are wondering if there is any ferry service from the dockyard to Waterford Bridge as we are renting pedal bikes and would like a safe way to get to the start of the railway in Somerset. Many thanks. 
    Raj (, September 2013) 
    Hi, There is no direct ferry between Dockyard and Watford Bridge. There is no problem as such biking up to the railway trail point from dockyard. Just keep to left. 
    Suzy Benjamin (August 2013) 
    Hello, We are on Oceania's regatta , will be in St George Nov 1st and 2nd, 2013.A group of us would like to take a Ferry Tour. What is the schedule, for how long, and how much. We have not been in Bermuda for over 50, years and look forward to our visit. Thank you 
    Raj (, August 2013) 
    2013 summer schedule for ferry ends on November 3rd. So you are  lucky that you will just about get the regular ferry services. However, from St George only one ferry route (Orange Route) operates and it runs between Dockyard and St George. 1st Nov is a Friday, and the Orange route ferry timings from St George are 10:15, 12:15 and 2:15. There is no ferry on Saturday (2nd Nov) or Sunday from St George. It takes 35 minutes to reach dockyard (west end) from St George. From the dockyard you can take the Blue Route ferry to reach Hamilton City (20 minutes). If you are looking for a sightseeing tour on a boat, then visit Bermuda Boat Tours 
    Dennis Doty (July 2013) 
    We will be in Bermuda next April 10 and 11. Will the ferry's be on summer or winter schedule then? I am guessing they go on summer the start of that week but not sure. Thanks 
    Raj (, July 2013) 
    This year (2013) the summer ferry schedule started effective April 15th, last year from April 16. So likely it'll be on winter schedule when you arrive. 
    Pam (May 2013) 
    We will be in Bermuda on June 29, 2013 aboard the Explorer of the Seas. Will there be ferry service to St George? When we were there several years ago the printed ferry schedule did not show service on the weekends, however, we were pleasantly surprised to find ferries running for the cruise ships. 
    Raj (, May 2013) 
    Yes there will be ferry service to St George (Orange Route) but only 3-4 round trips a day and no scheduled service on week ends. 
    John Friesen (March 2013) 
    Hi, we will be in Bermuda on April 9th, 10th, and 11th, and am wondering if this is the winter schedule or summer schedule? We are on a cruise ship, and want to purchase a 3 day pass. Can we do this on line, or do we have to wait till we get to Bermuda? Thanks 
    Raj (, March 2013) 
    Hi, Summer ferry schedule starts from 8th April in 2013. So it'll be summer schedule for you which is not yet published. You can't purchase the passes online. They are sold only in Bermuda. 
    Joan Ferretti (January 2013) 
    Is the ferry wheelchair accessible? Is there a restroom aboard? 
    Raj (, January 2013) 
    Hi, the lower decks of the fast ferries (catamarans) are wheel chair accessible. However only the Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Dockyard and Rockaway (Southampton) ferry docks have proper wheel chair access to the ferries, the other ferry docks have risks associated while boarding on a wheel chair. Ferries have restrooms/ bathrooms. The main ferry terminals like Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George also have washrooms. Regards, 
    Mary Anne Edwards (September 2012) 
    Hello, Do the ferries and buses run 24 hours a day seven days a week? We are arriving by cruise ship at King's Wharf. We want to go to the Hog Penny in Hamilton for dinner at 7:00. We would like to go both ways by ferry. Is that possible? Thank you for you help. Best regards, 
    Raj (, September 2012) 
    Hi Mary, Ferries operate all through the week but less frequently on the week ends. However they ply for certain hours between morning to evening. The current summer ferry schedule is valid from April 16 to November 4, after which the winter schedule starts and the ferries become far less frequent. Presently the last ferry from Hamilton to dockyard is at 8:30pm, and the last one from dockyard to Hamilton is at 9pm. 
    I suggest that you visit Bermuda Ferry Schedule and down load the PDF file from the government ferry site that has detailed ferry timings for all routes. Also note that for bus schedule, visit Bermuda Bus Schedule and Info 
    Update April 2013: The recent summer ferry schedule has last ferry from Hamilton to dockyard at 9:30pm (Blue Route) and starts back from dockyard at 10pm during the week days. On Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, operation ceases much earlier. 
    Jim Steff (June 2012) 
    Hi there, my wife, son and I are docking at Kings Wharf on the NCL Dawn on Sunday, June 17th. We would like to go to Saint George that same day. From the information that I have read it is not clear that there is Ferry Service that day. Is that right? If there is no Ferry service do you have a suggestion for the best way to get to Saint George on Sunday. thanks, Jim 
    Raj ( June 2012 
    Hi Jim, The Ferry (Orange Route) that connects Dockyard (Kings Wharf) with St. George operates from Monday to Friday. So on a weekend, your best option is to take a ferry to Hamilton City (Blue Route which takes 20 minutes) and then take a bus (#1, 3, 10 or 11, about 1 hour). Note: bus routes #10, 11 to St. George are shorter. Also note that the ferry services on weekends are limited. The last ferry from Hamilton for dockyard leaves at 6pm on Sunday. So check out the timings at a ferry stop before planning your day.