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What to Expect 
I have heard people saying that Bermuda's nightlife is quite sedate. But after many visits to the Island and having seen the nightclubs, bars, and live performances, I tend to believe otherwise. Bermuda does offer nightlife options like dancing to DJs' music till the wee hours, enjoying drinks while listening to live bands, watch performing arts, joining festive celebrations that continue until late at night and lot more. 
In December 2014 after a lot of debate, the casino act has been passed in Bermuda. Casinos were not allowed in the island and it has a long cultural bearing with the conservative background of Bermudians, particularly so with the churches and some sections of Bermuda Government. 
However, the Government had been debating the issue and exploring the possibility of running Casinos in Bermuda. The legislation has been finally passed with restrictions such as not more than three casinos can run at the same time in the island and they must be all part of hotels. 
Update October 2013: Under a new law, the cruise ships docked at a port in Bermuda can keep their casinos open from 9pm until 5am for their cruise ship passengers only. 
Top Bermuda Bars and Pubs 
All the bars and pubs of Bermuda that are listed below are highly rated by both locals and visitors, and most offer night time entertainment in high season like live bands.  
Price Categories: 
$ = Budget;  $$ = Mid Range;  $$$ = Upscale;  $$$$ = Expensive 
Just to give you an idea, in a budget ($) pub or a bar, you can expect to pay about $10 for a cocktail, a pint beer or a glass of white or red wine. This is the cheapest it can go in the island. 
Here is my favorite list in alphabetical order: 
Bermuda Bistro at the Beach ($, Bermudian Cuisine): This casual bar located on Front Street of Hamilton is open until 3am. They self proclaim to be "The shame of Front Street" due to their late night operations when every other bar is closed. The bar menu is quite extensive and includes some nice innovative drinks. There is a DJs music on Fridays and Saturdays, and dance nights on Sundays. There are happy hours on other days of the week starting from 4pm. 
Bonefish Bar & Grill ($$, Seafood): It's located at the dockyard in Sandys Parish near the ferry terminal. The open patio has a great view of the water and it's an excellent people watching place while you enjoy a draft beer. There is live music on some days of the week. 
Cafe Cairo, Bermuda ($$, African Cuisine): Located on Front Street in Hamilton City, Cafe Cairo is an Egyptian themed bar and a dance club in Bermuda. It also has a nice restaurant serving Middle Eastern dishes. 
Calico Jack's Pirate Ship Floating Bar ($, bar): This is one of the latest additions to the bar scene in Bermuda and definitely a new concept in the island. An old ferry has been converted into a floating bar with look & feel of a pirate ship. It's located next to the cruise pier at Royal Naval Dockyard. Offerings include 2 bars, cheap drinks and cocktails, great views of the marina and nice music. 
Docksiders Pub & Restaurant ($, British): Located on Front Street in Hamilton City, this is a long cedar bar featuring DJs, live bands, plasma TVs playing live sports plus a quieter wine bar. 
Flanagan's Irish Pub, Sports Bar & Restaurant ($$, Irish): Flanagans is the only Irish pub in Bermuda located in Hamilton with beautiful harbor view. It's also a sports bar and offers live musical entertainment during high season. 
Fresco's Wine Bar and Restaurant: ($$, Mediterranean): Located in Hamilton, it has a charming open terrace, award winning chef and a wide selection of wine. 
Frog and Onion Pub Bermuda ($$ British): This pub has a long history. Once it used to be a barrel making workshop in the dockyard. Now it's the biggest pub in the island and located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy's. It has a beer brewery of its own where it makes local beer of different flavors... very popular with locals and tourists. 
Henry VIII Restaurant and Bar ($$$, British): Henry VIII is one of the well known pub and restaurants in Southampton parish offering a relaxing ambience with night-time live entertainment. 
Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub ($$, British): This is Hamilton's oldest pub operating since 1957 and has a typical British decor. This is a favorite for locals and tourists. This cozy oak paneled bar inspired the Bull and Finch pub (Cheers Pub) in Boston. 
Newport Gastropub ($$$, Gastropub - British Style Pub & Restaurant) 
Part of hotel Fairmont Southampton, the earlier French fine dining restaurant has been converted into a combination of pub and restaurant offering wide selection of wine, beer and food. 
North Rock Brewery ($$, Bermudian): Great place to sample fresh handmade beer. My favorite is Somers Amber Ale. It's located on South road at Smith's parish. 
Pickled Onion ($$, Bermudian): This is a great mid-range pub & restaurant with its classy, fun martini-style bar. Featuring live entertainment in season, the award-winning Pickled Onion overlooks the harbor on Front Street. With friendly atmosphere, good food and music, this is one of the most popular bars in the island. 
Robin Hood Pub ($, International): Robin Hood pub in Hamilton City is extremely popular with the locals. It is also a premier sports bar in the island. 
Somerset Country Squire ($$, British): Located at the western end in Somerset Village, it has a wooden balcony having great view of the Mangrove Bay. 
Swizzle inn ($$, British &  Bermudian cuisine): Located in Hamilton Parish, this is the oldest pub in Bermuda. There are thousands of business cards and graffiti pasted all over the walls. They are the inventor of the famous island drink - The Rum Swizzle. 
The Veranda Bar and Lounge ($$$$, International): Located within Elbow Beach Hotel property in Paget, this vintage bar combines the decor of a cozy jazz club with the energy and music of the Caribbean tropics.  X Closed 
White Horse Pub and Restaurant ($$, Bermudian): White Horse Pub & restaurant in St. George Bermuda provides a great option for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with night-time entertainment. 
Top Bermuda Night Clubs 
Club Aqua: This is an open air nightclub which sets up right on the sand at Snorkel Park Beach, dockyard. It operates in summer and on few days of the week when cruise ships are on port. Great party and dance on the beach, lovely views of the water, live bands and music, nice food available till late night. 
Light Nightclub Bermuda: Located in St. George, this is a relatively new night club and is part of the White Horse Pub & Restaurant. 
Spinning Wheel Night Club: Located in Hamilton Bermuda, it features four bars, a nightclub, a sports bar and a restaurant. With classic soul, reggae and soca, the DJs keep the dance floor busy. Spinning Wheel is a locals favorite and has evolved as an evening entertainment center. 
Chewstick's Neo-Griot Lounge: The Chewstick Lounge is Bermuda's unique open-mic jam session where singers, musicians, rappers, writers and artists from all facets of life come together and perform. Anyone is welcome to participate or join as audience. X Temporarily Closed 
Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge and Nightclub 
The earlier Moon Nightclub on 95 Front Street (Hamilton) has been replaced by this new vibrant nightclub. Red carpeted stairway leads to the attractive and spacious lounge. LED panels wrap around the walls and changing patterns & colors of panel lights make an attractive ambience. A very interesting feature... a part of the roof is retractable making the starry sky visible from inside. The owner thus claims this to be the only indoor/outdoor nightclub in the island. Live band with pop, dance and soca are the key attractions. 'Flair bartending' has been introduced where you can see small shows like cocktails on fire, spinning bottles etc as the bar man pours the drink. Open 9pm to 3am (Mon-Sat). 
Ambiance Lounge 
This is a relatively new lounge located at the corner of Court Street and Angle Street in Hamilton City. It's becoming popular with tourists and locals for its nighttime offerings and entertainment. Other than a complete wraparound bar well stocked with cocktails and alcoholic beverages, the stylish lounge has sophisticated atmosphere with specialized lighting, comfortable seating, flat screen TVs, great sound system and a dance floor where you can dance the night away. 
Open: Mon–Thurs, 5pm–12am; Fri & Sat, 3pm–3am; Sun, 3pm–12am 
Lower Level,  42 Angle Street, Hamilton City. 
Phone: (441) 734-2624 or (441) 535-9662 
Ozone Nightclub Bermuda: Ozone Nightclub is located in Hamilton City. It has a rock room where rock bands from US are invited during high season to perform along with Bermuda's top local bands. X Closed 
Hubie's Jazz Bar: This has been the Mecca of Jazz in Bermuda and has showcased many local and overseas talented musicians over the years. Smooth drinks and mellowed live jazz have entertained hundreds of locals and tourists over decades. Update April 2011: Hubies, which closed down in 2010, has reopened under a new name The Loft At Hubie'sX The Loft too has closed down 
Level Nightclub: Located off Front Street at Hamilton, this is essentially music and dance club having both inside and outside space. X Closed 
LV's Piano and Jazz Lounge: The former Splash Nightclub in Bermuda has reopened as LV's Piano Jazz bar and lounge. It's located in Hamilton city and offers Jazz and other live music. X Closed 
Moon Nightclub: Located at the heart of Hamilton City on Front Street, Moon Nightclub in Bermuda offers a safe, relaxed and high end social nightclub experience. Their highlights are open air dance & music, and exceptionally good security measures. X Closed 
Festive Celebrations 
Harbour Nights: This festive celebration takes place weekly on every Wednesday in Hamilton during summer. You can have great fun with families and kids. The whole Front Street and few other major streets get closed to vehicles and become live with lights, dance, music, many vendors selling local food & snacks, art & craft, knick knacks etc. 
Bermuda Folk Club organizes musical nights usually on the first Saturday of the month. They bring in local talents as well as overseas performers. The events are open to both members and non-members including visitors. Check out the above link for details about the event. 
Bermuda Nights: Initiated by Bermuda Department of Tourism, this open-air musical and dance program features some of the best local talents from the island. It is held between June and October twice a month at Barr's Bay Park in Hamilton City, and complete with nice food offerings. Admission is free. 
Island Beach Parties: Other than beachside dinner, you can enjoy whole host of entertainment including dancing and singing contests, congo lines, limbo dancing, DJs and steel pans. 
St. George Market Nights: This celebration is held on every Tuesday evening at King Square. It includes entertainment, local arts & crafts, music and a lot more activities.  X Discontinued 
Destination Dockyard: On every Monday, Royal Naval Dockyard offers nightly festive celebrations with fun filled activities including live music, dance, cultural shows, craft work, food stalls etc.  X Discontinued 
Heritage Nights: From May-end, Heritage Night is celebrated at the dockyard on every Thursday for 18 consecutive weeks. The event showcases the traditions & heritage of the island and includes demonstrations of kite making, Bermuda's traditional game of Cricket and more. There are performances from local dancers and musicians. Vendors set up stalls for food & beverages.  X Discontinued 
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Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
Steve Morris (April 2019) 
I'm arriving on a Carnival Cruise in September. It's my first time back to Bermuda since the '80s. I understand that one of my favorite spots, the Clay House Inn burned down a while back.  Is there a similar venue near Kings Wharf? 
Raj ( April 2019 
Hi, during your visits in the 80s, Clayhouse Inn (at Devonshire) was a buzzing music club and bar that attracted many talented musicians and bands. After it was burned down in 2002, it did reopen later for a while, but could not live up to its reputation... in fact it became a notorious place and closed for good thereafter. The closest to that was Hubbie's Jazz Bar which too closed and so did Chewstick Neo Griot Lounge. Nothing quite similar exists today in the island other than several bars that offer live bands and few nightclubs mostly in Hamilton. You can take the direct ferry from Kings Wharf to Hamilton. Frog & Onion Pub at the dockyard (Kings Wharf) too offers live music when cruise ships are in port. You can also try The Aqua nightclub at the Snorkel Park in Dockyard... mostly dance & loud live music on the beach. 
Laura Milsom (June 2016) 
Hi Raj - we're cruising into Bermuda in September,  and wonder which bars offer happy hour, as beer prices on the island are a bit steep. We really only drink beer, and haven't seen a posting specifically addressing this. Cheers, appreciate your feedback! 
Raj ( June 2016 
Hi, several options for great prices on beer in happy hour - Harbourfront (5-6:30pm, mon-fri, located below BUEI in Hamilton), Bistro at the Beach, Docksider (both on Front street, Hamilton). 
Brenda A Logan (March 2016) 
Hi, Raj. My daughter, my 14 yr old granddaughter, and I are coming to Bermuda this summer. Only docking for one night but would like to check out night life. Is the 14 yr old allowed to attend the pubs with us? 
Raj ( March 2016 
Hi, legal age of drinking in Bermuda is 18. Pubs won't allow anybody below that age. But restaurants that also serve alcoholic beverages would have no such entry restrictions 
Lynn (June 2015) 
Hi, my husband and I are looking at coming to Bermuda next year, we are thinking of staying at the Newstead Belmont as it is quite reasonably priced and seems quite close to Hamilton. We are in our late 50s early 60s but do like a bit of a dance in an evening (not ballroom!) are we likely to find anything in Hamilton or should we be looking more at a hotel with evening entertainment? Kind regards. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi, there are several nightclubs (basically bars/pubs with dance floors) in Hamilton. It's mostly dance to DJ's music, live performances take place in one or two places on few days of the week. You can look into Spinning Wheels Nightclub (old one and mostly visited by locals), Cafe Cairo etc.  
Martin O'Sullivan (May 2014) 
We will arrive on June 13, 2014 at Kings Wharf at 6:30 pm. Our party is Grandparents, two granddaughters and daughter. Would like a nice evening off the ship with some local color (a pub if 16 and 18 year olds are accepted) and dinner. Any suggestions for venues and means of transportation. And thank you for one of the most interesting websites in my experience. 
Raj ( May 2014 
Here are some options: 
1) Frog & Onion Pub: It's a well known popular pub in the island, has a draught beer brewery of its own and located within the dockyard itself. From the cruise pier you can easily walk down to the pub. 
2) Swizzle Inn however is the most famous and the oldest  pub of Bermuda. The original pub is in Hamilton Parish. You can take a ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton City (20 minutes) and then a bus (#1, 3) to the pub (about 30 minutes), and same way back. Watch the timings of the ferries. On Saturdays and Sundays, you won't find a ferry to return after 6pm and the only option would be bus (#7, 8) which will take about 1 hour from Hamilton City. 
3) You can also alternatively go to the south shore branch of Swizzle Inn which is located at Warwick Parish (bus #7 from dockyard, about 35 minutes) 
4) Henry's VIII Pub & Restaurant - this is a locals' favorite and you can expect to see many locals here. It's in Southampton (about 30 minutes by bus #7). 
Norman Cotterill (January 2014) 
Hello, I arrived in Bermuda in 1983 and the Longtail bar was going strong. Many a great night up stairs. Opposite the Flag Pole and Burnaby music great fun. 
Raj ( January 2014 
For readers ... Longtail Bar does not exist any longer. Also see the comment from Barrie Noyes below, who too enjoyed the bar. 
John Weber (September 2013) 
I'm coming to Bermuda next week from Wednesday to Monday for a combination business and pleasure trip. Like the beach but im not a sun worshipper, more social in the pubs. How much should I expect to spend and where do you suggest I stay. Thanks John 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi John, If you are not a beach lover, stay in Hamilton. That's where the nightlife is. Try out the Hog Penny Pub, the oldest in Hamilton and very popular. The bar at Pickled Onion is also good. Great views of the Harbor from the balcony. Price wise both are mid-range. 
Average cost of cocktails would be $10, beer $8 and wine by glass $8. Try out Swizzle Inn one evening. Another mid range pub, the oldest in the island, inventor of Rum Swizzle and probably the most famous. It's in Hamilton Parish and not too far away. Cheers! 
Barrie Noyes (June 2013) 
Hello I visited Bermuda on several occasions as a British Navy Officer between 1959 and 1960 and am trying to trace what happened to a Bar which we used to frequent called the Longtail Bar on Front Street in Hamilton. I believe the owner was a woman called Gigi Zouro ( I may have spelt that incorrectly). 
My fellow officers and I spent many good times in the Long Tail Bar and on your beautiful Island. Have you any knowledge about what happened to the Bar as I cannot now find any recollection of it on the Web Site. Thanking you for your very kind attention in this enquiry Best Regards. Barrie Noyes. R.N. Retired 
Raj ( June 2013 
Hello, there is no trace of the Longtail Bar now. Time has taken its toll and memories are short. All I could gather is, it was known as Longtail Club, located on Front Street above Penthouse Restaurant & Bar. Open roof covered balcony overlooking Front Street and the harbor was a great casual friendly place to enjoy drinks. Both Longtail Bar and Penthouse Restaurant are non-existent today, and there is very few information about them. 
David McDonald (Boston) September 2012 
Great website chock full of very useful information. My wife and I will be cruising from Boston to Bermuda next Friday and will be at Kings Wharf from the 25th to the 27th. If you would, please name 3 pubs, not jammed with tourists (like us), where locals stop in for a pint or two. 
On all of our vacations we try to search out pubs where we can meet some local folk. Also, would it be too much of an undertaking to go from the ship to the Black Horse Tavern in St. David's for dinner? Thanks so much for your assistance! 
Raj ( September 2012 
Hi David, on your first question, Swizzle Inn is the oldest and the most popular pub in Bermuda. But for obvious reasons, that is likely to be jammed with tourists like yourselves. My favorites are Henry VIII (where you will mostly find locals), North Rock Brewery (a typical British style pub offering hand crafted fresh beer) and Hog Penny (Hamilton's oldest pub of traditional British style but likely to be a bit crowded due to its location). You will find details of all these above under the section "Top Bermuda Bars and Pubs".  
On your second question, Bermuda is really small and no distance is a big distance. Take the direct ferry from Kings Wharf to St. George (the Orange Route). It takes about 35 minutes and then take bus #6 to Black Horse Tavern. Easy! But note the Orange Route ferry timings (only few services). If that doesn't work, then take blue route ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes), then a bus (#10, 11) to St George and then change to #6 for St Davids where Black Horse Tavern is located. Have a great time in Bermuda!! 
Tina DaBella (New York) August 2012 
Hi, You have an excellent and informative site. I have a group cruise (about 8 cabins) going to Bermuda 9/23-30/2012. Do you know if the Harbor nights will still be going on this last week of Sept? Also, I am trying to put together a "pub crawl" for them do to. 
I was thinking maybe trying 3 or 4 pubs in Hamilton then heading to the Dockyard for 3 or 4 pubs (their ship will be docked at the dockyard so wanted to end them there. Do you have recommendations for pubs in those areas that I might map out an itinerary for them? I'm looking to keep it easy...walking in each area with either ferry, bus or taxi from Hamilton to Dockyard.  I would love any recommendations you could give. Thank you for your time. 
Raj ( August 2012 
Hi Tina, Harbor nights in 2012 is scheduled from April 25 for 20 consecutive weeks. So going with this plan, the last harbor night for the year should take place in the last week of September.  
There are plenty of good pubs & bars in Hamilton, and they are all mostly within walking distance. Here are some that I like: Hog Penny, Docksiders, Robinhood (10 mins walk from Front Street), Flanagans, Pickled Onion, etc. In Dockyard area try Frog n' Onion, Bonefish bar & grill. Some of the best pubs of Bermuda are in other parishes (not in Hamilton or Dockyard area), like Swizzle Inn, North Rock Brewery, Henry VIII etc. See if you can accommodate one of them in your 'Pub Crawl'. 
One question though... having consumed drink in so many pubs in your 'pub crawl' plan, do you think your guests would be in a position to walk up and board the cruise ship finally, or crawl up? :-D. Would appreciate if you let me know how it goes. I would like to create a separate section on my website based on your experience. Thanks,